KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Strange Faint Smiles in Death

Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye hid themselves as they silently moved forward for about seven to eight metres, pushing aside the leaves and branches in their way, suddenly, the two people stood there rigidly as they saw a scene in front of them that left them stunned.

Several metres from the wild grass, there were seven Gnomes wearing leather armour lying there. The sounds of falling objects earlier were made by them.

What made Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye feel irked to the extent that their goosebump stood was the fact that there were no noticeable wounds on the bodies of the Gnomes but they were currently lying immobile on the ground. Absolutely lifeless, they were all dead and on their ugly wrinkled faces was a smile, as though they were strangely contented and satisfied.

Looking at the group of Gnomes which seemed unscatched yet rigidly laid there with blissful smiles on their faces, Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye exchanged glances, both feeling that something was definitely strange.

“Everyone come over quickly.” Su Yu said in a barely perceptible voice, Qin Jia Gui and the others who were hidden behind all came rushing forward from the wild grass.

Ma Zi Ye walked beside the corpses of these Gnomes as she prepared to kick but Su Yu hurriedly spoke up: “Don’t touch them, the way these Gnomes died is too strange, let’s not touch them in case of any weird situation.”

Ma Zi Ye looked at Su Yu as she retracted her leg.

Qin Jia Gui and the others reached and saw the corpses of the Gnomes, their feelings were mutual with Su Yu and felt that something strange was going on.

The corpses of the Gnomes on the ground were nothing special but strangely enough they had smiles on their faces. Also, they were clearly alive just moment before until roughly ten odd metres from the group before suddenly dying one after another, this was certainly too peculiar.

“What’s the meaning of this? They all died with smiles on their faces?” Zhang Zhong Mou had a bewildered expression on his face.

Qin Jia Gui was more cautious as he said in a serious voice: “Everyone, don’t touch these corpses under any circumstances. My guess is they have been poisoned, I’m sure you’ve all heard before that some poisons can cause people to have weird smiling expressions on their face as they die.”

Hearing his words, the group suddenly understood as they suddenly felt nervous, if all these Gnomes had really been killed by poison, then this poison was definitely more scary than the monsters, there was no way to guard against it.

Zhao Shi Chang then spoke up: “If they were really poisoned to death, what was this poison? Where did it come from? Is there any poisonous substance nearby? Is it a poisonous bug, snake or even gas?

Su Yu was decisive: “Let’s ignore how they died, we should immediately leave this area and loop around, the further we leave this area the better.”

The group nodded and did not dare to ponder further as they immediately retreated back into the wild grass, swiftly moving in the opposite direction hoping to leave these corpses as far away as possible.

The more one could not understand something the more frightening it was, the death of this group of Gnomes was too strange and an unknown feeling of terror welled in the hearts of the group.

They increased their speed as the bone blade on Zhao Shi Chang’s right arm continually swung, chopping aside any branches or objects in the way. Amongst the group, Zhao Shi Chang’s bone blade was the most suited for clearing the frontage.

Branches were swiftly chopped away by Zhao Shi Chang as they group moved swiftly through the dense forest for over a hundred metres, leaving the corpses of the Gnomes far behind.

“Aaaahhh!” Suddenly, Zhao Shi Chang shouted as he stopped.

Lei Rui who was following closely behind him was stunned and knocked into his back, gasping, she stretched her head to look past Zhao Shi Chang and saw two large green coloured monsters lying not far away.

“Greater Goblins……” Zhao Shi Chang sucked in cold air.

Su Yu swiftly went forward as he gazed, two large corpses of the Greater Goblins were lying there without any wounds on their bodies, their faces also had a strange satisfied smile on it, their face was rigidly set as their eyes were wide open, as though they had seen something beautiful before they died. This expression, however, was extremely frightening and strange to Su Yu and the group.

“Let’s walk another way.” Su Yu immediately retreated as he pointed in another direction.

“Let’s go.” Qin Jia Gui also did not want to tarry, they had met a group of Gnomes and two Greater Goblins who had died in the same way, their hearts were gripped with fear as they changed a direction and swiftly fled.

“Quick, we must quickly leave this area.” Qin Jia Gui’s heart was beating fast as he continually willed the group to move faster.

Su Yu did not say a word as his face held a stern expression. The strange energy within his left arm was continually circulating as all the muscles in his body tensed, if there was even the slightest feeling that something was wrong he would immediately rush forward with the ‘Rending Storm’ to get through any dangers.

“Ah, this is……”

In no time, Zhao Shi Chang, Li Dong and the others once again felt shock, there were several smiling corpses before them, five Gnomes, one Greater Goblin and one human.

This time, the group stopped as they carefully looked the corpse of the human. This was a male in his twenties, his clothes were in tatters, his face yellow and body emaciated as though he had starved for many days. At this moment he was lying on the ground without any indication of wounds on his body but his face also had the strange blissful smile.

Be it human or monster, they had all died in the same manner.

“Go.” Qin Jia Gui inspected for a moment before growling, everyone had a bad feeling yet no one spoke. They did not have the time to ponder on who this male was or how he came to be here because their most pressing concern was to leave this area, this place was simply too strange.

Everything that followed made the group feel even more fear and terror.

No matter which direction they chose to run in, no matter how they ran, the road would always have corpses that carried that particular strange smile on their face. These corpses consisted of Gnomes, Gnome Riders, Greater Goblins and even humans. There were all kinds of humans, male or female, old or young, ugly or handsome, each had a similar thing in death and that was they had a rigid smile on their face.

Suddenly, Su Yu stopped moving.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Jia Gui panted as he asked.

“Since we can’t run away, there’s no need to continue fleeing. Every direction is the same, Qin Jia Gui, I think we should continue moving north. Whether it be fortune or calamity, we can’t dodge it.” Su Yu answered before taking big strides towards the north, his left hand was covered in black scales which seemed to occasionally become hidden, extremely mysterious.

Zhang Zhong Mou trusted in Su Yu and followed him without a word.

Qin Jia Gui only hesitated for a second before hurriedly waving his hand: “Everyone, follow him. There are corpses everywhere, since that’s the case, let’s stick to our original plan and head north.”

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