KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Strange Flower

This time, it was Su Yu who led the way as the strange energy within his left arm shot throughout his body, although the strange energy in the form of qi could only travel within his left arm and change, the strength provided by the strange energy could be transmitted to every portion of his body.

In no time, the group saw another pile of corpses before them.

This was a pile of Lesser Goblin corpses and they also had smiles on their faces.

“Continue.” Su Yu did not bother to look further at the corpses as he carried his bag of food and continued heading in the same direction.

Immediately behind him were Zhang Zhong Mou and Ma Zi Ye followed by Jade, Li Dong, Lei Rui and the others. This time, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhou Bi Rong and Qin Jia Gui had fallen to the back of the group.

They moved swiftly through and the corpses could be seen occasionally as they passed, most of the corpses were those of Lesser Goblins and Gnomes while occasionally they could see Gnome Riders and Greater Goblins. There were so many corpses and seeing them made their hearts fill with alarm, all of them had smiles on their faces in death as the group swiftly moved by the corpses, their hearts were filled with perplexity and fear.

Moving so swiftly for such a long period of time, Su Yu and a few others were alright but Jade, Lei Rui, Li Dong and the others who were not even tier one dark iron warriors did not have sufficient strange energy within their bodies, the bags of food they carried were heavy and they gradually felt more tired, coupled with the rough terrain, their speed slowed down considerably.

Qin Jia Gui noticed this and considered stopping to rest for a while when Su Yu who was in front suddenly stopped. Thereafter Ma Zi Ye could be heard speaking in a low voice: “Everyone stop, don’t make a sound.” As she said this she also began to prone down.

The group understood her hint as they silently proned down before slowly groping their way forward, they wanted to see what was going on. At this moment wild grass that was as tall as them grew all around them, blocking their vision. Su Yu pushed aside the wild grass as he used the gap to look toward the side.


A loud sound like that of muffled thunder suddenly emitted from the left side, the group who were prone on the ground felt it gently tremble.

In front of this patch of wild grass, tall trees had fallen to the ground and the wild grass was also flattened, the scene was in complete disorder and made a wide open space appear before them. In the centre of this wide open space was a strange dirty yellow flower, the shape of this strange flower was really similar to that of a large jellyfish or a large translucent lantern.

Under the envelopment of this ‘lantern’, one could clearly see that within the strange flower were fiery red raging flames, the raging flames were in the form of petals as they blazed, within the centre of the raging flames, a golden sap was endlessly churning within the raging flame, extremely strange and mysterious, making Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the others speechless as they could not believe their eyes.

The strange flower which was like a lantern but also like a large jellyfish burned with a fiery red raging flame, the lantern that was on the exterior gently wiggled, shrinking and opening, although it was extremely slow, each time it expanded, its body would swell to the size of a normal room, its height reached over three metres and the group which were secretly looking over could hear a strange dragging noise when the huge flower contracted.

Could this strange flower be a living creature? Just looking at the bottom part of it, one could see many tentacle like stolons deeply taking root in the soil amongst the other tall trees. It seemed to be devouring the boundless energies.

For those great trees that had their trunks penetrated by the stolons, their tree leaves could be seen wilting at a speed which the naked eye could see. Slowly becoming yellowish after being drained and finally falling leaf by leaf to the ground resulting in it being thoroughly exhausted of all life. The tree’s qi essence was completely absorbed and exhausted and in this period, the strange flower’s stolon from within the dead tree would then give a great tug. This would then cause the great tree to collapse with a loud bang and the strange flower’s stolon would then continue to creep outwards and penetrate a new tree

Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye who were concealing themselves within the weeds both did not dared to even exhale. This sort of frightening strange flower was simply outrageous, while still within this nightmare, what was more astonishing was that all around the flower were groups of monsters.

These bunch of monsters could be divided into three groups.

One of the groups contained large numbers of Lesser Goblins and Greater Goblins, they were gathered by the side and had greedy and fearful expressions as they stared at the strange flower not far away.

What made Su Yu alarmed was that within the group of Goblins, there was actually a goblin with golden speckles on it, standing in the centre.

Golden Goblin, the natural leader of the Goblin race, having a sliver of heritage from the Golden Race.

That day in front of the police station, Su Yu had previously killed a Golden Goblin and he had almost died doing so. It was killing that Golden Goblin which enabled Su Yu to promote to a tier two dark iron warrior and also where he acquired the Earth Spikes Ring. Monsters who contained the blood of the Golden Race contained precious treasures within their bodies.

A Golden Goblin which was in its growth stage would equal a tier two beast leader, Su Yu was already a tier three dark iron warrior and although he was not afraid of the Golden Goblin, suddenly seeing a Golden Goblin leading a large group of Lesser and Greater Goblins was an alarming scene.

As for Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou, Ma Zi Ye and the others, when they saw the Golden Goblin they were even more nervous and agitated than Su Yu.

They were nervous over the strange atmosphere and presence before them and the prowess of the Golden Goblin, they were agitated because whichever of them was able to kill the Golden Goblin, there was no question that they would be able to become a tier two dark iron warrior and attain a greater power.

The second group of monsters were about seven to eight large monsters and these monsters had the head of a cow and a dog’s body, there were two human hands on their backs, these monsters were actually Savage Bull Demons.

The group had previously encountered a Savage Bull Demon before and Su Yu had relied on the magic within the Earth Spikes Ring to activate the Earth Spikes Assault, allowing him to kill the Savage Bull Demon. At this moment, there were actually seven to eight of them and this was a shocking number.

Although this group of Savage Bull Demons was the smallest in number, they were all tier two beast soldiers and their strength would likely be the most frightening amongst the three groups. At this moment, they were all located in a certain direction as their bull eyes widened and glared at the huge strange flower in the centre without moving, as though they were afraid of missing out on something.

The final group of monsters was the greatest in number and consisted of Gnomes wearing leather armour and holding metal spades and wooden shields together with five to six Gnome Riders. Leading them was also a Gnome.

But this Gnome was completely different from those short Gnomes carrying metal spades and wooden shields, it was also totally different from the Gnome Riders.

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