KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Golden Gnome King

Gnomes were monsters that were naturally born short and although the Gnome Riders were tall, this was due to the fact that they were mounted on wolves which made them become taller.

However this Gnome before them was definitely not a dwarf.

This Gnome’s body was thick and strong, approximately 1.8 metres in height, its arms were in akimbo as it stood straight like a javelin as it coldly gazed at the monsters in the area. Its body also had palm-sized golden specks and on its back were four bony spikes that protruded out.

These for spikes were dirty yellow in colour and they protruded from its back, at an initial glance it seemed as though four bayonets were stabbed into its back, extremely weird.

Su Yu willed it as he silently raised his left arm, wanting to use the ‘Eye of Perception’ to gather the information on the strange Gnome.

The group of Gnomes was the closest to where they were hiding and barely within the range of the ‘Eye of Perception’, Su Yu’s mind was immediately filled with all the information regarding this strange Gnome.

Name: Golden Gnome King

Information: When a Golden Gnome fuses with the power from the precious treasure of the Golden Race within its body, four dirty yellow bone spikes will emerge from its back, the Golden Gnome would then be promoted to the stronger Golden Gnome King. During its growth, the Golden Gnome King would be a tier three beast soldier, the four bone spikes on its back can transform into unique weapons which can be compared to the might of hidden precious weapons.

Su Yu let out a faint breath of cold, he clearly remembered that Jennifer had written about how York had killed a Golden Gnome and attained the precious treasure map. This sturdy Gnome before them was actually promoted from a Golden Gnome and became a Golden Gnome King, the bone spikes on its back were actually its unique weapons? What were hidden precious weapons? Were they items that could be acquired like his Earth Spikes Ring?

It was a pity that these queries would not be answered by the ‘Eye of Perception’, Su Yu wanted to gather the information on the strange flower in the centre but their distance was too far away and the ‘Eye of Perception’ could not capture the information.

A unique and strange flower surrounded by packs of monsters, this scene was simply too weird.

What is that strange flower? Why would so many packs of monsters appear with greed in their eyes as they stared at it? Yet they seem to be waiting for something?

Various strange thoughts flitted through Su Yu’s mind, by his side, Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the others were filled with anxiety as random thoughts filled their heads. Although the situation they were in was extremely dangerous, their curiosity was like a poison and they all hid within the wild grass, nobody wished to leave.

“This strange flower must have something exceptional about it causing all these monsters to covet it, it’s only……. We don’t know what effect the flower has…….” Qin Jia Gui muttered as his hands clenched, he found that his palms were already covered in sweat.


Suddenly, the sound of muffled thunder could be heard from the strange flower in the centre giving Su Yu and the others a shock, thereafter, they saw the strange flower fiercely retract before expanding, a dense mist released from its top. Within the mist were similar smaller strange flowers that were floating, they seemed like little jellyfishes which were swimming in the water.

This scene was simply too strange and the monsters which were gathered in the surrounds suddenly pounced, thereafter, Su Yu and the others could smell a stench like that of rotting corpses.

Su Yu inhaled the fumes and immediately felt his mind go dizzy as he began to hallucinate.

“Don’t breathe it in!” Su Yu exclaimed as the strange energy within his body circulated upon noticing the danger and the hallucination swiftly disappeared. Su Yu then noticed that not far away, the small strange flowers which were floating in the mist were actually floating towards their group.

At this moment, Su Yu could not be bothered to continue hiding, he was able to instinctively feel the danger of those translucent small flowers which were like small jellyfishes and got the group to prone on the ground while he activated the ‘Rending Storm’. Large amounts of steam seemed to shoot from within the black scales as he smashed the ground, causing a hurricane to rise, he wanted to make use of this hurricane to send the small flowers which were floating over away.

The scene at the open ground was already a complete mess, the Golden Goblin and Golden Gnome King were continually making hoarse growling noises as they attempted to restrain the monsters under them but several monsters still rushed forward to meet the floating strange flowers, their arms were spread as greed covered their expressions, as though they were looking at the most precious treasure in the world.

The small floating ‘jellyfishes’ landed on the bodies of these monsters and roots seemed to form as it burrow into the bodies of the monsters before slowly following the root into the body of the monster.

Seeing a small ‘jellyfish’ enter its body, elation was written on the faces of these monsters but their bodies swayed before suddenly falling to the ground as they lost their lives.

The monsters which had lesser small ‘jellyfishes’ land on them began to turn around and started running but the monsters slowly fell to the ground as they lost their lives, the amount of distance they could run was proportionate to the number of small ‘jellyfishes’ on their body.

The more ‘jellyfishes’ they had on their bodies, the faster they died. The monster’s which had lesser ‘jellyfishes’ on their bodies would be able to run for a longer distance before slowly dying.

All these dead monsters had a strange smile on their face, as though they were extremely satisfied without any regrets in the their death.

The group saw this scene before them and finally understood why there were so many corpses with smiles in the surrounding area.

Zhang Zhong Mou who was prone in the wild grass was alarmed as he spoke in a low voice: “Damn, that’s too weird, these monsters…… have they gone mad?”

“No, these strange flowers in the form a jellyfishes may have an irresistible attraction to these monsters, just like a poison. Didn’t you notice that Golden Goblin, it’s been growling and seems to be trying to stop the other monsters from pouncing……” Qin Jia Gui replied in a low voice as he looked at the small ‘jellyfishes’ which were floating above their heads, their hair stood on end for fear of coming into contact with these small ‘jellyfishes’.

In front of the patch of wild grass, the Golden Goblin, Golden Gnome King and Savage Bull Demons had a stronger willpower and growled as they dodged the small ‘jellyfishes’, not allowing them to land on their bodies. Even so, they still stared at the strange flower in the centre that was filled with danger without any thought of fleeing.

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