KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Golden Sap

The strange flower had just spat out a mist which contained the small floating ‘jellyfishes’ which were like seeds that floated into the surrounding area, the danger had passed and the area became deathly silent, only the strange flower continued to emit noises from its expanding and contracting.

Su Yu stopped the ‘Rending Storm’ as he returned to hiding within the wild grass, they had made a huge clamor and based on that, the Golden Goblin or Golden Gnome King should have already discovered them, however, no monster bothered with them as they all stared nervously at the strange flower in the centre.

Su Yu also looked over at the strange flower and noticed that the blazing fire within seemed to have become weaker, as though after spitting out the large amount of seeds, the fire was actually gradually becoming weaker and weaker to the extent that it would totally be extinguished.

“Roar!” Almost at the same instant, the Golden Goblin, Golden Gnome King, Savage Bull Demons and remaining monsters all acted as they rushed towards the strange flower in the centre.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Explosive sounds resounded as stolons sprang out of the ground and pounced towards the rushing group of monsters.

The Savage Bull Demons plucked their horns and tossed them as they activated their ability ‘Beheading Cyclone’.

The Golden Goblin held a golden sword within its hands as it swung, immediately chopping the stolons which actually leaked red fluid like that of human blood, the strange flower in the centre began to continually tremble as though the stolons being chopped actually caused it immense pain.

This strange flower was rooted in the centre and could not move, it could only rely on its stolons to act as whips as it sent them flying, this was clearly insufficient to block the attack of so many monsters and in no time most of the stolons were already chopped, blood coloured fluid stained the entire ground.

As though it could feel the impending threat of death, the strange flower suddenly emitted a loud bellowing noise, thereafter a raging sound could be heard as the fire which was almost extinguished within the lantern began to spit flames and burn brightly again. As for the golden sap within the centre of the blazing flame, it seemed to come alive as it moved around, extremely peculiar and exceptional.

Once the blazing fire was reignited, all the monsters seemed to have had a previous arrangement as they strangely backed off in unison and returned to their original positions, the greed on their faces shining as they stared at the strange flower.

Su Yu and the others who were watching from the wild grass were speechless, they were completely bewildered as Qin Jia Gui suddenly said in a low voice: “Look, the body of that monster seems to be becoming more translucent.”

He was more observant and immediately noticed that after the strange flower reignited the flames, its body was becoming more translucent and the stolons which had been chopped off were regrowing at a speed which the naked eye could see. Its body was becoming more and more translucent and seemed that it could disappear into thin air at any moment, leaving behind that blazing fire and the golden sap which was continually moving within.

“I understand……” Ma Zi Ye suddenly said in a low voice: “Don’t you feel that those monsters are avoiding that strange flower on purpose? As though they need the strange flower to help them accomplish something? That is why they immediately pounced once the fire was about to be extinguished, forcing it to reignite it…….”

Ma Zi Ye’s analysis sounded strange at first when the group heard it, but soon they felt that it was actually quite reasonable. Su Yu’s gaze had already been fully captured by that golden sap within that blazing fire.

Su Yu could instinctively feel that the monsters who were lusting for this golden sap but for some reason they could not attain it yet, possibly it was not fully ripened. That was why these monsters were staring at it in the surroundings and the presence of this flower was clearly linked to that of the golden sap but Su Yu could not understand how at the moment.

A muffled sound of thunder once again roared as the strange flower seemed to explode from within as white mist and small ‘jellyfish’ seeds filled the sky, thereafter, the scene that had occurred previously re-enacted itself, once the fire within the strange flower began to recede, the monsters pounced again as they struggled forward forcing the strange flower to reignite the flame again before they retreated.

This occurred for several times and the group could clearly see the strange flower becoming more and more translucent, they could faintly feel that this strange flower was miserably crying in pain.

What was this strange flower? What did these groups of monsters want from it?

All these thoughts swirled in the minds of Su Yu and the others and their burning curiosity prevented them from leaving, they each wanted to see the final outcome.

As the strange flower became more and more translucent, its body finally disappeared into thin air, leaving behind that blazing fire within contained the golden sap.

The sky was gradually becoming dark and an entire afternoon had passed without them noticing, the group could feel a hunger in their bellies but they ignored it like the monsters before them as they stared at the fire and that golden sap.

Finally, after a period of time had passed the golden sap under the continual burning of the flame began to boil.

It was boiling over as water snakes seemed to form on the golden sap as it finally reached its boiling point.

Almost at the same time, the Golden Gnome King, Golden Goblin, Savage Bull Demons and all the other monsters roared as they rushed forward, this time they seemed to be putting their lives on the line, single-mindedly pouncing as they all stretched forth their limbs, seeming to want to gain the golden sap for themselves.

Su Yu also stood up as he dropped the bags of food he was carrying, his guess had been correct, these monsters wanted that golden sap and it needed to be flaring up before obtaining it.

Although Su Yu did not know the use of the golden sap, seeing the crazed behaviour of the monsters with the three strong tier three beast soldiers included, there was only one possibility, the golden sap was a priceless treasure.

Having thought of this, Qin Jia Gui and the others were naturally also able to make this deduction but their strengths were too weak and looking at the Golden Goblin as well as the group of Savage Bull Demons, although they wanted to snatch it they did not dare to move recklessly.

Su Yu’s mind was conflicted as his hands clenched, should he go forward to snatch it?

This thought had barely entered his mind before his body instinctively rushed forward.

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