KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Golden Mother Earth

Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others did not dare to rush forward like Su Yu but they placed the bags of food they were carrying on the ground before climbing up as they looked at the frantic scene before them, they were filled with nervousness and excitement but the group remained very cautious and did not dare to go too close.

A thought filled the minds of Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others, to take advantage of the situation for personal gain.

All the monsters seemed to have become crazed as they rushed towards the strange flower, all the monsters ignored them and this presented a huge opportunity for them.

At this moment, the strange flower within the centre could feel the threat of death and its reaction was very violent as each stolon in the ground stabbed out of the ground as they wildly attacked the surrounding monsters.

“Bang! Bang!”

Explosive sounds rang out as a Savage Bull Demon which was too hasty was suddenly pierced by the stolons, the originally greedy expression on the face of the Savage Bull Demon immediately became that of happiness and laughter, giving up on the strange flower as it swayed while walking away from it, looking at its poise it seemed that it would fall down at any moment.

The Savage Bull Demon was a tier two beast soldier, killing one would definitely allow one to promote from a tier one to a tier two dark iron warrior. This thought immediately flashed through the heads of all the people who were currently at the tier one stage within the group.

As the saying goes, wealth and honour come with risk and this world was also similar, just that one did not get wealth and honour but rather strength.

Almost at the same time, Ma Zi Ye and the three others who were at the tier one stage rushed towards this Savage Bull Demon which had left the pack of monsters, swaying as it clutched its chest.

Zhou Bi Rong was even faster than them as she took out her pistol and aimed at the Savage Bull Demon from a distance, wanting to immediately kill it with a shot to the head. However, the body of this Savage Bull Demon was constantly swaying and Zhou Bi Rong felt that it would be difficult to get a good shot, Zhou Bi Rong felt anxious but she had no choice but to keep her pistol as her right arm transformed into a black claw as she also pounced, at this point she was slower than Ma Zi Ye and the three others.

The chest of this Savage Bull Demon was pierced by the strange flower and from its wound were boils, coming out from these boils were small white translucent ‘jellyfishes’. The Savage Bull Demon’s satisfied and happy expression as it touched the ‘jellyfishes’ was like a pregnant woman caressing her pregnant belly, filled with contentment.

Ma Zi Ye and the others had just reached and each of them used their strongest abilities, wanting to kill the Savage Bull in a single blow to advance to the next tier. Suddenly, the Savage Bull Demon actually smiled as it took a single step towards them before falling to the ground, from its wound appeared many boils which had large amounts of ‘jellyfishes’ that immediately rushed surged towards the group.

“Quick, run!” Qin Jia Gui explosively yelled, the few there were staring at the ‘jellyfishes’ in fright, afraid of being infected. They immediately began to retreat at a speed even greater than when they rushed forward, their hearts beating wildly within their chest.

Ma Zi Ye who had charged forward the fastest, actually end up with a single jellyfish on her trouser, on her left leg

“Aaahhhh!” Ma Zi Ye screamed as she reacted swiftly, using strength as she forcefully tore, ‘Chi!’ tearing off a portion of her trousers as she quickly ran away.

When the torn off piece of clothing landed on the ground, it had already been pierced by the thin thorns which the little jellyfish transformed into.

Dangerous, it was way too dangerous, if one wanted to live, they needed to become stronger but the way to become stronger was simply too dangerous, life and death hung in the balance.

Ma Zi Ye ran far away and felt her entire body become weak as she almost fell to the ground, the moment earlier had been too dangerous and her face was currently pale white like a piece of paper.

The others were all silent and speechless, Qin Jia Gui and the few who had run like her felt their hearts palpitating.

Su Yu swiftly moved forward as black scales covered his left arm and chest, immediately entering into his transformed state.


A loud sound rang out as a thick stolon viciously smashed downwards, Su Yu kicked with his two legs as he leapt and landed beside a Savage Bull Demon. The ‘Rending Storm’ activated as the sound of a steam whistle rang out, his left arm pierced into the body of the Savage Bull Demon and moved, this Savage Bull Demon was instantly separated in half at the waist.

After killing the Savage Bull Demon, Su Yu noticed that killed a tier two beast soldier no longer had that much of an effect in raising the amount of his strange energy.

Killing a Savage Bull Demon in the time to flip a hand, Su Yu then rushed into the big group of Gnomes. This group of Gnomes was constantly howling as stolons continually pierced into their bodies as seeds were planted within. The monsters which had these seeds planted in them had smiles on their faces as they swayed and walked away from the strange flower, the strange flower depended on this method to spread its seeds, causing them to be spread throughout all areas of the forest.

The ‘Eye of Perception’ within Su Yu’s left arm activated as he rushed before the strange flower, he wanted to snatch the golden sap which all the monsters were scrambling to get but he wanted to find out more about the strange flower and what exactly was the golden sap. How could it be used?

Their distance was much closer and the ‘Eye of Perception’ was able to capture the information regarding the strange flower.

Name: Golden Mother Earth

Information: A third type of being between that of a plant and an animal, its numbers are extremely scarce and only after maturing for a thousand years under the soil will a Golden Mother Earth mature. The mature Golden Mother Earth will emerge from the soil and propagate seeds, the mature Golden Mother Earth will also produce Golden Blood, ordinary beast races which acquire this Golden Blood will be able to gain the blood heritage of the Golden Race, beasts which already have the blood heritage of the Golden Race will increase the amount of blood heritage within their bodies, possibly becoming completely of the Golden Race. An extremely valuable treasure within this world.

Su Yu’s heart was wildly beating, that drop of golden sap was actually Golden Blood? Ordinary monsters that acquired it would become Golden monsters? If an ordinary goblin or gnome acquired it, they would actually be able to become a Golden Goblin or a Golden Gnome, the Golden Goblin and Golden Gnome King before him that were still in maturing would possibly be able to completely become a Golden beast upon acquiring it, in that case, what about himself?

Su Yu did not know what would possibly happen after a human took the Golden Blood but he instinctively rushed forward.

The strange energy within his body surged violently as though there were an ancient primordial beast within him, at this moment the ancient primordial beast which had always been sleeping seemed to have noticed the smell of the Golden Blood as it woke up, roaring within Su Yu’s body causing him to be filled with an impossible to resist attraction. At this moment, he understood why the strange flower could cause the group of monsters to become so crazed.

Golden Blood, was it the blood of the Golden Race?

Su Yu roared as he rushed forward.

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