KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Chaotic Battle, Struggle for the Golden Blood

Amongst all the monsters, the Golden Gnome King was the strongest and it had already reached the third tier beast soldier stage, following it was the Golden Goblin and these two monsters that had a sliver of Golden Blood within them were the fastest.

Two blades protruded from the arms of the Golden Goblin as it pounced, the stolons that came near it were all sliced apart, failing to hinder it even in the slightest.

The Golden Gnome King was even stronger than the Golden Goblin, using its two hands it could tear apart all the stolons which were rushing towards it, it was even faster than the Golden Goblin as its claw slashed onto the skin of the lantern that was located on the outside of the Golden Mother Earth.

‘Chi!” The skin was sliced apart as its claw continued towards the drop of effervescent Golden Blood.

The Golden Goblin was only slightly slower than the Golden Gnome King, seeing that it was about to acquire it, a pair of steel blades appeared from within the arm of the Golden Goblin as they were sent flying.

“Huok Huok”

Two crisp sounds rang out as the steel blades pierced into the outstretched arm of the Golden Gnome King.

There was a miserable cry as the arm of the Golden Gnome King which was harder than metal was actually pierced by the frightening steel blades. The Golden Gnome King had actually reacted swiftly as it hurriedly retracted its arm, otherwise, its entire arm would have been chopped into three portions by the steel blades.

The Golden Gnome King had retracted its hand and failed to acquire the Golden Blood, at the same time, the Golden Mother Earth which had been seriously injured exploded forth with a frightening clamor like that of a tsunami, its entire body lifted from the ground as it suddenly rushed into the air.

This impetus was extremely frightening, the Golden Gnome King, Golden Goblin as well as two Savage Bull Demons which had just reached the strange flower were all sent flying away by the strong force.

At the back, Su Yu howled and arrived like a demonic god, the scales on his body raised as steam shot out from under them, using the force generated from this, Su Yu was like an artillery shell as he flew towards the Golden Mother Earth which was rising into the air.

The ‘Rending Storm’ activated as churning sounds of meat being ground could be heard, large amounts of steam shot out and formed a hurricane causing the large body of the Golden Mother Earth to tremble, it had barely lifted off the ground before heavily falling to the ground, Su Yu stretched his right hand forward and grabbed the Golden Blood which was still boiling within.

“Roar!” Suddenly, a shrill sound pierced the air as the Golden Gnome King turned and plucked the four golden bone spikes protruding from its back, these four golden bone spikes were entwined together and went through a strange transformation, instantly becoming a bone spike wheel.

Roaring, the bone spikes which had formed into the wheel was sent flying, hissing in the air as it sliced towards the right arm of Su Yu which had just stretched out.

Even before the wheel reached, Su Yu’s right hand could feel a piercing pain, if he did not retract his hand, this wheel would definitely slice through his hand and the wound would certainly not be light, even possibly slicing into his body.

Su Yu could not help but give up on the Golden Blood that was before him as he turned, falling to the ground from the body of this Golden Mother Earth, the wheel missed as it flew back from where it came from.

The Golden Gnome King was already like a golden artillery shell as it rushed forward, its right hand grabbing the wheel as it carried it and pounced towards the Golden Mother Earth

The Golden Goblin on the other side was still silent, its blades lifted as it rushed towards the Golden Gnome King from the back, the four remaining Savage Bull Demons were also utilising the Beheading Cyclone.

The surviving Gnome Rider was also attacking the Savage Bull Demons from the back.

The scene was an absolute mess, Ma Zi Ye and the others who wanted to make use of the chaos to kill some monsters to advance, they realised that this was a golden opportunity but they did not dare to move recklessly, even a single Gnome Rider was already a tier two beast soldier, much stronger than them and if they were careless, they would simply die a pitiful death.

Night had already come, within this empty area most of the big trees had already withered and fallen, borrowing the moonlight, one could faintly see the drop of Golden Blood within the Golden Mother Earth, it was still boiling as it flashed with a golden light, causing everyone’s eyes to go wide, anyone could see that this Golden Blood was definitely a priceless treasure.

The area was filled with frightening monsters surround the Golden Mother Earth and Golden Blood, killing wantonly, nobody dared to move recklessly for fear of being sent to their deaths.

The Golden Gnome King once again pounced at the Golden Mother Earth but immediately suffered from the frightening attack of the Golden Goblin, Su Yu utilised the Fang Bullet Burst, ‘Pu! Pu! Pu!’, striking the Golden Gnome King but failing to deliver any fatal blows, merely causing its body to become slightly more rigid and decreasing its speed.

With the Golden Gnome King delayed, the Golden Goblin and Su Yu both pounced from the left and right.

The Beheading Cyclone which the Savage Bull Demons sent flying were in the air and Su Yu smashed backwards with his left arm.


A piercing sound rang out as the Beheading Cyclone was actually blocked by the black scales covering Su Yu’s left arm, failing to injure it and was even sent flying away, creating a dilemma for the Savage Bull Demon, unsure if it should run to pick up the horn or continue rushing towards the Golden Mother Earth and Golden Blood.

The Golden Goblin had also suffered from the attack of the Beheading Cyclone, it could not handle this attack as easily as Su Yu and had to stop, using the blades on its two arms to block the Beheading Cyclone.

The Savage Bull Demon which shot the Beheading Cyclone reached its hand out to grab the returning horn while its other hand took its other horn and violently smashed it towards the Golden Gnome King which was blocking it.

Su Yu sent the Beheading Cyclone which was slicing towards him flying away before continuing towards the Golden Mother Earth, reaching at almost the same time as the Golden Gnome King.

The Golden Gnome King let out a frightening roar from its mouth as its right hand lifted the wheel-like weapon as it began to attack Su Yu. Its other hand stretched out as it attempted to grab the Golden Blood from the already scattered and smashed lantern.

Who knew that a Savage Bull Demon would rush at it with its horn at this point, the Golden Gnome King did not wish to give up on this perfect chance and used the wheel in its right hand to forcefully block the rushing Savage Bull Demon while it continued to grab towards the Golden Blood with its left hand.

Su Yu had already rushed forward from the other side, looking at the left hand of the Golden Gnome King which was about to grab the Golden Blood, all the strange energy within his body suddenly began to violently surge, the ten odd unique holes within his body began to wildly gather all the energy within the heavens and earth, converting it into strange energy.

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