KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Sent Violently Away


A frightening whistling sound could be heard as Su Yu suddenly felt his left arm uncontrollably flying forward, dragging his body together with it.


An explosive sound rang out as the Golden Gnome King let out a miserable shrill cry, with the might of the ‘Rending Storm’ after absorbing all the energy within heaven and earth, its arm which was squarely hit was immediately minced up.

This blow from Su Yu had previously blown up a large pile of boulders, although the Golden Gnome King’s body was very tough, it was not tougher than stone and this outstretched left arm was immediately shredded, its body was sent flying away as it smashed into the Savage Bull Demon that was rushing forward, sending the two huge bodies tumbling away.

A single blow had shredded the left arm of the Golden Gnome King and sent it flying away together with the Savage Bull Demon, Su Yu continued forward and suddenly found himself alone by the side of the Golden Mother Earth.

The Golden Mother Earth was currently in a very bad state, its body had mostly been destroyed and the blazing red flame within it was continually becoming dimmer, it was clearly not far away from death.

Further away, various monsters were still rushing forward, Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others could only stare at this scene from a distance, although the area filled with monsters was a great chance for them to promote, it was clearly not the best option to rush in now.

With their current strength, if they were drawn into the mess, they would all die miserably on the spot.

After knocking aside the Golden Gnome King, Su Yu stood dazed for a moment before coming to his senses, he realised that even the Golden Goblin which was the closest was over three metres away, he stretched his right hand and easily grabbed hold of the bubbling Golden Blood.

“Roar!” The Golden Goblin’s face contorted, its heart was clearly filled with anxiousness and anger as it frantically rushed forward, however, it was still too late. It could only stare as Su Yu grabbed the Golden Blood, as for the Golden Gnome King, it was currently shaking its head as it roared and struggled to its feet.

All the monsters were too late and could only stare at Su Yu as he stretched his right hand and grabbed the Golden Blood.

The Golden Blood which seemed like a small golden dragon as it boiled, upon contact with Su Yu’s palm it instantly became thin golden streaks which twined around the fingers of his hand, seeming like agile little snakes.

Su Yu stared at his right hand in shock as he saw the Golden Blood enter through the skin of his right hand, swiftly disappearing. Thereafter, his right hand began to contort and swell.

“Aaahhh!” Su Yu let out a miserable cry, in an instant, his right hand seemed to have been put into a blazing fire as every inch of skin and flesh on his arm began to twist and contort, the amount of pain he suffered was immense.

The Golden Mother Earth which was already on its last breath suddenly sent out a large amount of white mist after the Golden Blood was taken away, within the white mist, tens of thousands of little ‘jellyfishes’ wildly shot forth in all directions.

“Roar!” The surrounding monsters that had all been dazed suddenly came awake as they saw the sky filled with the ‘jellyfish’ seeds, in the blink of an eye it had all of them surrounded.

Qin Jia Gui and the others were slightly further away but at this point they all panicked as they swiftly fled.

The seeds of the Golden Mother Earth contained a weird energy that could instantly kill anyone it landed on.

“Su Yu!” Jade shouted shrilly as she suddenly rushed forward.

“Shit!” Zhang Zhong Mou shouted as he attempted to pull Jade back, he was too slow and could only watch as the small ‘jellyfishes’ landed on Jade’s body.

Within the white mist, the roars of the Golden Gnome King could be heard but the most frightening sound within the mist were Su Yu’s miserable cries, thereafter a loud “Kaboom!” “Kaboom!” could be heard as a Savage Bull Demon cried out.

The others like Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye, Zhao Shi Chang and the remainder felt their hair stand on end, their expressions were ugly as they saw Jade’s body covered in little ‘jellyfishes’, she did not immediately fall but rather continued to shrilly cry out Su Yu’s name.

Based on the strength of the little ‘jellyfishes’, the amount on Jade’s body should have been sufficient to immediately kill her, Qin Jia Gui’s mind was churning swiftly and he noticed that after the little ‘jellyfishes’ landed, they actually immediately withered. He suddenly had an understanding that these little ‘jellyfishes’ had lost their previous frightening ability.

At this moment, Zhang Zhong Mou had already rushed forward and pulled Jade as he shouted fiercely: “What are you doing?! Su Yu will be fine!” As he struggled to pull Jade back.

The group looked at Jade as the little ‘jellyfishes’ on her body slowly withered and fell off, they did not have the power to pierce through her clothing and enter her body.

The white mist that filled the sky swiftly dissipated but the scene was still a mess, the floor was littered with corpses as though a large tank had been through the area.

The floor was covered in corpses and only Su Yu remained in the centre of them as he continued to howl madly.

“Su Yu……” In the distance, Jade, Ma Zi Ye and the others finally saw Su Yu and they were all speechless with shock written on their faces.

Su Yu’s entire body was covered in fresh blood, it was impossible to tell if the blood was his own or that of monsters, he was bent and kneeling on the ground, his right arm had become extremely big as it smashed on the ground while his left arm was like a melted pile of meat, the flesh on it continued to wriggle and the scene was stunning.

“Roar!” Suddenly, within the floor littered with corpses a Savage Bull Demon climbed up, its two hands grabbed its horns as it shot out the Beheading Cyclone.
“Huok, Huok” sounds rang out as the two horns were like two streaks of black light that instantly chopped towards Su Yu who was still knelt on the ground, howling.

“Pa! Pa!”

Suddenly, before the Beheading Cyclone even got near to Su Yu, his right arm that was currently like a lump of contorted flesh shot out something that seemed like a tentacle, causing explosive sounds that immediately sent the Beheading Cyclone away, Su Yu continued to yell as his body bent over.

Tentacles exploded from his right arm which instantly wrapped around the Savage Bull Demon, crushing and mincing it, by the time Su Yu had gone past it, the powerful Savage Bull Demon no longer had a single intact piece of its body.

Su Yu seemed crazed as his left arm continually pressed on his right arm as though he wanted to control this right arm that had gone out of control. However, his right arm continued to uncontrollably flail about, the tentacles continued to destroy as flesh and blood splattered, the entire scene was extremely gory and frightening.

“Retreat, let’s back away first……” Qin Jia Gui saw this from a distance and his facial expression had changed, the others could see that Su Yu had obtained a certain frightening ability but seemed unable to control it, thus entering into this berserk state. Under these circumstances, the group chose to retreat far away to avoid being caught in the mess.

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    • not completely there fault, the author only lets the group meet things that will challenge su yu, so they never have a chance!

      • Yeah, it’s starting to become a bit silly. They’re basically there just to swoon in awe of the MC at this point. Presumably, one of them will eventually do something foolhardy to try to level up and get killed, but that’s pretty the only choice they have, given the way the author is setting things up.

        Given how easy it would be for him to help the group power-level, and how useful that would be to him, it’s idiotic that he’s not doing that.

    • At least, Qin Jia and Ma Zi Ye are usefull, and I liked the pragmatic guy that took the food of his friend when he died

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