STH Index

Chapter 1: A Bronze Coffin in the Sky

Chapter 2: Basic Question

Chapter 3: Past and Present

Chapter 4: Ancient Engraved Copper

Chapter 5: Li Xiao Man

Chapter 6: The land of Fengshan Sacrifice

Chapter 7: Five Coloured Earthen Altar

Chapter 8: Ancient Route Among the Stars

Chapter 9: The Thirtieth person within the Bronze Coffin

Chapter 10: The Broad and Vast Land

Chapter 11: The Source of Light

Chapter 12: Shimmering Planet

Chapter 13: Remains of a Heavenly Palace

Chapter 14: Great Lei Yin Temple

Chapter 15: Bodhi

Chapter 16: God descends on Earth

Chapter 17: Life and Death

Chapter 18: Opposition

Chapter 19: Calmness

Chapter 20: Ancestors of the Crocodile

Chapter 21: Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 22: Bronze Coffin Repels the Demon

Chapter 23: Within the Coffin

Chapter 24: Confrontation and Choices

Chapter 25: The Bell Sounds of Heaven

Chapter 26: The Ancient Star Chart

Chapter 27: Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land

Chapter 28: The Mysterious Fruit

Chapter 29: Fury

Chapter 30: Tom, Dick and Harry

Chapter 31: Thrown Into The Tiger’s Den

Chapter 32: The Aging of Youths in a Flash

Chapter 33: The White Haired Youths

Chapter 34: The Legend Of The Desolates

Chapter 35: The Workings of this World

Chapter 36: Primordial Divine Body

Chapter 37: Ling Xu Sanctuary

Chapter 38: What is Cultivation

Chapter 39: Wheel of Life

Chapter 40: Dao Scripture

Chapter 41: Establishing the Sea of Bitterness

Chapter 42: A Disastrous Setback

Chapter 43: Divine Symbol

Chapter 44: Celestial Sprout

Chapter 45: Hundred Plants Extract

Chapter 46: Golden Sea of Bitterness

Chapter 47: Challenging

Chapter 48: The scripture not belonging to this world

Chapter 49: Good and Bad Entwined

Chapter 50: Jade Snake Orchid

Chapter 51: A day apart seems like three years

Chapter 52: Deep and Unmeasurable

Chapter 53: Elder Han

Chapter 54: Ancient Palace Hall

Chapter 55: Demon Emperor’s Burial Mound

Chapter 56: Emotionally Moved

Chapter 57: The Golden Book with a Single Page

Chapter 58: Golden Book sways the Sea of Bitterness

Chapter 59: Heart of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 60: Clouds come from all directions

Chapter 61: Lady of Perfection

Chapter 62: Fracturing of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb

Chapter 63 Unscrupulous Dao Practitioner

Chapter 64: Most Precious Treasure of the Scheming Demonic Race

Chapter 65: The Mysterious Aurichalcite

Chapter 66: Yang Tomb and Ying Grave

Chapter 67: Desolate Pagoda and Aurichalcite

Chapter 68: Obsidian Gold Ape

Chapter 69: The Start of a Massacre

Chapter 70: Departure

Chapter 71: Staying behind

Chapter 72: Hope within the Heart

Chapter 73: Relying on the Bodhi to observe the Dao Scriptures

Chapter 74: Four Great Stages

Chapter 75: Seemingly Bottomless Pit

Chapter 76: Seething in Anger

Chapter 77: Treasure of Ancient China

Chapter 78: Resolved

Chapter 79: Copying the engravings of the Dao Inscriptions

Chapter 80: Seizing the Roots

Chapter 81: Looking for Surnamed Jiang

Chapter 82: Ancient Aristocratic Jiang Family

Chapter 83: Who could possibly block?

Chapter 84: Strength

Chapter 85: Danger Approaches

Chapter 86: Life and Death Situation

Chapter 87: Encountering Li Xiao Man

Chapter 88: Treated Indifferently

Chapter 89: Purple Sun Immortal Sanctuary

Chapter 90: Leaving without looking back

Chapter 91: It’s a Small World

Chapter 92: Primary Medicine

Chapter 93: Refining One Into Medicine

Chapter 94: The Ancients did not Deceive

Chapter 95: A Splendid and Magnificent Scenery

Chapter 96: Greatest Regret in Life

Chapter 97: Rising to the Spring of Life Realm

Chapter 98: A Single Artifact Breaks Thousands of Techniques

Chapter 99: Birds of a feather flock together

Chapter 100: Looking for teeth all over the ground

Chapter 101: Might of the Cauldron

Chapter 102: Prophecy comes True

Chapter 103: Reappearance of the Large Bronze Coffin

Chapter 104: People from Six Thousand Years Ago within the Forbidden Area

Chapter 105: Smacking the face of a Cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge Realm

Chapter 106: Unblockable

Chapter 107: Scaling a Sacred Mountain

Chapter 108: Sacred Woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade