STH Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: A Bronze Coffin in the Sky

Life is the world’s greatest miracle.

Front, back, left, right, up and down, these directions can be said to make up the universe. Reality dictates that there are no fixed paths which one should pursue. From past to present it has always been known as ‘universe’. Although the universe has been continually expanding, it is unknown from whence it came.

In the limitless starry sky among the vastness of the universe, scientists have speculated that life only exists on earth.

The human species has always been lonely. Despite countless billions of stars in the far reaches of space, there have been no signs of life in other star systems thus far.

Humans have, however, never given up on the exploration of the unknown and have been sending out space probes since the last century. Voyager-II was an unmanned space probe that was sent forth in 1977 from the Kennedy Space Centre in the United States of America.

Aboard the Voyager-II was a gold plated album with the theme ‘Greetings to the Universe’ and it contained popular music as well as greetings in fifty five of earth’s spoken languages. This was done in hopes of being intercepted by an alien civilization.

Since the 1970s, the lonely Voyager-II was like an insignificant speck of dust travelling in the vastness of space. Similar space probes released in the same era had either already malfunctioned or lost their connections, becoming forever lost in the loneliness of space.

After more than 30 years, science had advanced rapidly and humans had developed advanced space technology that allowed space probes to search for other stars. In the near future, there may even be further breakthroughs as science continues to progress.

Even so, the other space probes which were released much later were still unable to catch up to the Voyager-II.

33 years have gone by and the Voyager-II is at a distance of 140 billion kilometers from the Earth.

As of this moment, it had already reached the third cosmic velocity(interstellar speed) and was unable to return to our solar system. It had become an interstellar space probe.

In the dark and cold universe lie many stars, each seemingly like diamonds embedded on a black canvas.

The Voyager-II space probe was currently travelling through space and the vastness of space made it resemble an ant crawling in the dark depths of the earth.

More than 30 years have already gone by and at this very moment, the Voyager-II had made an earth-shattering discovery!

In the lonely universe, nine enormous bodies were floating there…..


22nd May 2010, The Space Agency in the United states of America received a cryptic data message from the Voyager-II and after deciphering it with great difficulty, they were faced with something unimaginable.

At this current moment in the NASA mission control centre, shocked reactions appeared on all the faces of the personnel within. After a long while, people finally came back to their senses as the mission control centre went into a frenzy.

“Oh lord, what have I seen?”

“How can this be possible, It can’t be true!”

The Voyager-II had long lost the ability to receive instructions and could only proceed forward, after sending back the cryptic data message it continued onward into the darkness of space, continuing towards the depths of the new star system.

As that piece of space was simply too distant, even if another astonishing discovery was made, humans would be helpless in pursuing it.

This top secret information was not disclosed to the public. Shortly after, the communications with Voyager-II were cut off from the mission control centre.

This may have been an end to the story, however, things often happen out of our expectations.


Regardless of whether it was towards space observation and exploration or the study of the science of life and animals, the International Space Station was blessed with the most suitable environment.

Since the Soviet Union launched the first space station in 1971, nine other space stations have also been successfully launched.

11th June 2010, at this very moment inside the International Space Station currently orbiting the Earth, the complexions of the crew members were changing and their pupils were dilating.

On this day, the existence of God had been clearly denied, believers of a higher power were just praying to seek solace.

At this very moment, a few of the elite crew members were suffering from a great surge in emotions as they faced an inconceivable picture.

Outside the International Space Station, in the universe where coldness and darkness coexisted, nine huge monsters laid motionless. It seemed as though these monsters had been there since the beginning of time, giving one a sense of bleakness and ancientness, these monsters were actually nine dragon corpses!

These dragons were exactly the same as the dragons depicted in ancient legends.

Each dragon corpse was 100 metres in length, seemingly cast from iron and filled with vigour and strength.

The nine corpses were of the 5-clawed dragon species, besides their crystal horns giving off a purple shine, the dragon’s black lustrous scales appeared to flicker mysteriously in the darkness.

The mythical existence of dragons, similar to the existence of gods, something that laid above the laws of nature. With the constant development of Science, who would actually believe that dragons existed?

The astronauts in the International Space Station were distraught as their emotions surged due to having their ideologies challenged, the scene in front of their eyes was simply unfathomable!

In the loneliness of space, the cold corpse of the dragon was like an indestructible steel wall, one could almost sense the frightening power that was contained within the body.

Alas, they had lost their breath of life and were destined to rest in the cold depths of space forever.

“That is……”

After the intense initial shock, a few of the world class crew members had their pupils dilate once again, they were seeing another unbelievable image.

At the tail ends of the nine 100 metre dragon corpses, a 20 metre long bronze coffin was linked with thick black iron chains, simply floating in the deathly silence.

These giant chains which had withstood the test of time appeared to shimmer with light causing them to exude a cold feeling.

The bronze coffin was simplistic in design, there were old pictures engraved on it that gave off a feeling of endless time, it was impossible to guess how long it had been floating in space.

Nine dragons were dragging a coffin!

In the bleakness of space, nine dragon corpses dragging a bronze coffin was a truly breathtaking sight to behold.

After the initial shock had passed from the unbelievable scene on their monitor screens, a few of the elite astronauts immediately dispatched signals.

“Calling Earth……”

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  1. why “Calling Earth…”? no one would do that! Who’s in charge of “Earth”? who takes the call for “Earth”? It’s either Americans will say “Houston, we have a situation…” or Russians will say “Moscow, we have a problem” or something like that.

    • It’s the International Space Station, so I can imagine that astronauts are calling their respective nations, so “calling earth” is a reasonable phrase. Besides which, even lacking the specification of ‘international’ on the space station, it seems natural to say “call Earth” given that they just encountered something that makes humanity’s differences look insignificant.

  2. what? We have voyager II and then the coffin. WHICH IS MORE EARTH SHATTERING INFO? Author choose only one. IS THIS EVEN THE RIGHT FANTASY (SHrouding the heavens) I’m reading???

    Anyways, I’ll be continuing. I hope this is just the prologue (Chapter one title is misleading)

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