STH Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Broad and Vast Land

The people within the dark confines of the outer bronze coffin were filled with fear as they looked at the smaller bronze coffin.

The smaller bronze coffin was also dotted with rust and one wondered who or what was kept within?

“All this should be related to the five coloured stone altar on Mount Tai.”

After a long time people started to converse softly among themselves wondering why did these events transpire.

“It should have something to do with the five coloured ancient altars and the altars somehow attracted the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin.”

All that had happened thus far was too unreal that everyone was left pondering. The five coloured altars that were constructed by their ancestors were so mysterious. Ye Fan was also pondering: “Could there be more secrets from the ancient era that are still hidden?”

Everyone started to calm down and analyse the situation in front of them as there was no immediate danger apparent.

“Perhaps, the nine dragons and bronze coffin were summoned by our ancient ancestors.” When these words were said, someone immediately refuted: “Our ancestors have long passed away, how could it be?”

“What I mean to say is the nine dragons and bronze coffin were summoned by our ancestors but were late and only appeared now.”

When the female student said her piece, everyone fell into contemplation. A summoning by their ancient ancestors that led to a late arrival of over thousands of years, this was unbelievable!

“What the truth is we will never know, we can only guess as the possibilities are endless.”

“It’s true, it could be related to our ancient ancestors but at the same time it could also have come on it’s own.”

“Have you guys seen the engravings on the bronze coffin? There is a depiction of our ancestors of old as well as ancient gods and many of the characters are carved with tears making one feel their desolation and sorrow as though the engravings are trying to tell as a story of old.”

“Perhaps it’s true, nine dragons pulling a bronze coffin breaking through the natural boundaries and returning to Earth! A bloody and tear stained past……”

Could it be that the ancient ancestors had some special methods to explore places that were far away and unknown? Nine dragon corpses and a bronze coffin, alive when they first left and only returning back as wrapped corpses.

In the midst of the conversations everyone’s fears gradually subsided as they discussed about the different possibilities. Nobody was willing to step near the smaller bronze coffin to open it.

“I think the rescue workers should already be climbing Mount Tai and will be arriving in no time at all.”

“Hopefully there are no other accidents and we will be safely rescued.”

Nobody had a way to leave the larger bronze coffin, it was eight to nine metres in height and was sealed tightly with a lid making it nigh impossible to escape.

As everyone was looking forward to getting rescued, the larger bronze coffin started to tremble violently causing many people to fall onto the floor.

“What’s going on? What’s happening?” Everyone was filled with uncertainty. Some female students started to cry again hugging the people by their sides.

“Have the rescue workers arrived? Are they trying to free us?”

In the midst of their worries and fears the larger bronze coffin trembled more violently causing everyone to fall to the ground putting them in close contact with the cold bronze coffin.


Another intense tremor ran through the coffin; it felt as though they were in a plane currently encountering turbulence as it continually trembled.


There was a final violent collision that sounded like thunder that could disintegrate everything. It was obvious that the large bronze coffin had a large collision with something.

At this moment, within the pitch black bronze coffin, the engravings within started to give off a faint hue and dissipated any forces from the impact.

Everyone was shocked; one minute they felt as though the sky was going to fall and the next moment, everything was peaceful.

“It can’t be, there was such a strong force from the impact previously, how could it be peaceful so suddenly?”

“We aren’t delusional, the bronze coffin had definitely made a large collision with something and had turned over a few times however we are unaffected.”

At this moment the group realised that the small bronze coffin was on the ceiling and it was stuck there without any indication of falling.

“The larger bronze coffin has already fallen upside down and the smaller bronze coffin must have been firmly cast to the bottom of the large coffin. This is why it seems as though the smaller bronze coffin is on the ceiling because we are actually upside down.”

It could be imagined how terrifying the force would have been if not for the engravings on the bronze coffin that negated any forces. This was simply inconceivable.

“Light, there’s light coming in from the outside!” Li Xiao Man exclaimed.

Everyone turned their heads to the direction that Li Xiao Man was looking at and faint rays of light could be seen shining in.

“Now that the larger bronze coffin has been overturned, the coffin lid is at a slant revealing a small opening, we have finally escaped danger!”

The opening left by the slanted coffin lid was big enough for two people to walk out however it was dark outside and the light streaming in was minimal.

Everyone started to cheer and rush towards the opening, nobody was willing to stay a second longer in this pitch black and scary environment.

As people rushed out of the bronze coffin they became rigid like statues.

The ground seemed to have been dyed in a blood red, reddish brown colour that looked cold and desolate. As far as the eye could see it was empty and desolate with huge rocks scattered over the ground looking like large tombstones. It seemed like an evening shrouded in black fog with a deathly aura coupled with dim lighting.

Everyone stood transfixed, this place was definitely not the summit of Mount Tai!

An endless red-brown earth that seemed to be void of life, this was a place that none of them had ever encountered.

Nobody had ever seen or heard of this place before, this was a totally unfamiliar and mysterious place!

“This is…… Where is this? Have we already left Mount Tai?” Someone spoke while trembling.

“Have the rescue workers placed us in an area without humans for fear that the nine dragon corpses could cause us harm?” The person who said these words doubtfully had trouble believing himself.

Everybody had a feeling of unease that something terribly bad had happened to them. At this instant many people started to take out their handphones to try to make calls but there was no signal.

“If this isn’t Mount Tai then where are we?” Many people had panicked expressions. There was no longer any joy from leaving the confines of the coffin and only fear remained.

From being trapped in the bronze coffin till finally escaping took no longer than fifteen minutes however the scenery in front of their eyes had totally changed. The towering and imposing Mount Tai was no longer there and all that was left in front of them was a gentle undulating terrain of rocks and barren desert.

Ye Fan silently looked at the surrounding area and felt that the unease he felt earlier had actually became a reality. He had a bad feeling since the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams appeared in the sky and formed the portal leading to the unknown. Although they were within the coffin and did not see the nine dragon corpses pulling the bronze coffin into the portal, the scene in front of their eyes made it clear that this was no longer Mount Tai or any place on Earth.

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