STH Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Looking for teeth all over the ground

Zhang Wen Chang who was lying on the table lifted his head and hurriedly used his sleeve to wipe the tear stains on his face as he hid the sadness and grief on his face with a smile: “Sorry everyone, I’ve drank too much and was thinking of things in the past causing me to lose control of my emotions.”

Ye Fan sighed in his heart, this old classmate of his had really been living a bitter life, letting his wife down, never seeing his child, he was unable to restrain his emotions and had bawled his heart out but had been ridiculed by this bunch of people. He then had to hide his grief and apologise to these people, what was he feeling right now?

Zhang Wen Chang was currently greying at the temples, his two eyes were swollen and the tear stains had not dried up, the sorrow and grief he hid in his heart could be clearly felt by others, Ye Fan’s heart felt an aching pain, the life of this old classmate was really difficult, he was a simple and unsophisticated guy but had actually fallen to such straits.

“Half crippled old man, we really can’t be bothered with your sort, even if you cry it really doesn’t concern us. However, the words of your friend are really quite abrasive and we would really like to get to know him better.”

The few people had mocking expression on their faces as they came before the table, looking down on Ye Fan and Zhang Wen Chang from their high horse. Han Fei Yu had a cold smile on his face as he stared at Ye Fan: “It really is a small world, I always thought they you had died within that piece of ruins, who knew that we would actually meet here, over two years have gone by and every moment I have been thinking of getting closer to you.”

Ye Fan calmly sat down as he poured a glass of wine for himself, unhurried and unbothered as he lifted the wine glass and gulped it down: “It is a small world…… I’m actually hearing these same words again, the previous person who said this wanted to harm others but ended up harming himself, I wonder if this will happen again.” He thought of elder Han and hearing these same words from Han Fei Yu’s mouth, he felt strange.

“You seem unflustered, don’t pretend to be calm, no one will be able to save you today, I will carve out your flesh!” Having said this, Han Fei Yu’s eyebrows raised as his eyes seemed cold and his face became ferocious, he could not forget the previous brutal beating he had suffered and this had always been a thorn within his heart.

“Junior brother Han, what grievance do you have with him? Just leave it to us, we’ll just cripple him, there’s nothing to really be concerned about here.”

“This wastrel’s words were very abrasive, even if he did not provoke junior brother Han in the past we would definitely not let him go.”

The few people had cold smiles on their faces as they prepared to act.

Zhang Wen Chang hurriedly stood up as he spoke: “Senior and junior brothers, don’t be like this, he is merely an ordinary person, don’t do reckless things.”

“Half crippled old man, just wait by the side, there’s nothing to be concerned here.” One of the youths had disdain written on his face, seemingly very impatient as he pushed Zhang Wen Chang aside, causing him to stumble and almost fall.

“When you first entered the sect, elder Ma Yun treated you like a treasure but what was the outcome? You were only fortunate to establish your sea of bitterness but what use does that have? Time has passed and you have been thoroughly knocked back to your original form……”

“Half crippled old man, don’t bother us anymore, if it weren’t for Liu Yi Yi constantly protecting you…… Hmph!” The person who spoke had a cold smile on his face and although he did not finish his sentence, anyone could tell what he meant.

“My fellow sect mates, I’ve already apologised to you, if you aren’t satisfied you can come at me, don’t make things difficult for my friend.” Zhang Wen Chang stretched his hand to block the group, shielding Ye Fan behind him.

“Half crippled old man, you really think you’re an important person now? Think about it carefully, what are you even worth?” One of the people amongst them was very unhappy as he gazed at him with contempt before heavily pushing him and shouting: “Scram!”

Ye Fan supported Zhang Weng Chang as his gaze swept past the few people: “Then what are you people worth?”
“Ye Fan, don’t be like this……” Zhang Wen Chang hurriedly tried to stop Ye Fan, preventing him from continuing his sentence before walking forward: “Sect members, I’m really sorry, my friend is only an ordinary human being, don’t mind him. If you’re feeling angry you can come at me, don’t make things difficult for him.”

The youth who was in the lead was already very restless and could bear it no longer as he grabbed Zhang Wen Chang’s collar: “You really believe that just because Liu Yi Yi is backing you it will be enough to protect you? If you don’t want to die you better scam!”

“Let him go!” Ye Fan continued to sit there without moving as he lifted his wine glass and splashed at the person’s face. “You’re looking for death!” The male who was in the lead had a sinister look on his face as he pushed Zhang Wen Chang aside before slapping with his palm towards Ye Fan’s face.

Ye Fan sat there without moving as he stretched his hand to grab that palm which was slapping towards him, twisting downwards a loud ‘Crack!” could be heard as the other party’s wrist was instantly snapped and became the shape of a fishing hook. Thereafter he slapped towards the person’s face as the palm landed heavily.


It was a very crisp slap and one could clearly see the shape of the face warp before his teeth started flying out, blood splattered out as his entire person was sent flying seven to eight metres like a puppet before heavily falling to the ground.

No one could have expected this outcome, that person struggled on the ground for a while but could not climb back up as a ringing sound resounded in his hears, his head was heavy and dizzy and it felt as though his head had almost been slapped off as he shouted: “Kill him!”

Han Fei Yu had a better understanding of Ye Fan and immediately retreated as he reminded the others: “Be careful, this wastrel has a unique physique that contains immense strength, don’t be caught by him and attack from a distance. Send your weapons out and chop him into meat chunks!”

His words were too slow and Ye Fan’s speed was too fast as he instantly grabbed a male and slapped him twice, causing the person to become dizzy as blood and spittle spewed from his mouth, it seemed as though Ye Fan was holding onto a strawman and wielding him like a weapon.
“Bang! Bang!”

Ye Fan’s strength and speed were very frightening as he wielded the male who was in his grasp, sending him flying towards three cultivators who were pouncing towards him, sounds of bone cracking could be heard.

“Quick, retreat! Don’t go near him!” Han Fei Yu shouted.

At this point, no one needed any reminders, it was clear that the delicate youth before them was like a human shaped ferocious beast, simply too wild, using a living person like a toothpick and smashing him into the others causing them all to tumble to the ground.

“Junior brother Han, didn’t you say he was a wastrel?”

“How could this wastrel have such divine strength?”

The remaining people had lingering fear in their hearts as they questioned Han Fei Yu.

“He really is a wastrel, he can’t cultivate but his strength is quite immense. Don’t go near him and killing him will be easy.” Han Fei Yu had a ferocious cold smile on his face.

Everyone sent their weapons flying out as lights flashed, Azure Wood Seal, Cold Steel Ruler, Crimson Blood Spear and other weapons all floated in the air as they aimed at Ye Fan.

“If you want him dead, all of you should just send out all your weapons. I don’t mind using him as a human meat shield.” Ye Fan waved the person he was holding in his hand as he spoke indifferently, fighting against cultivators of the Sea of Bitterness realm, he did not need to showcase any of his real abilities.

“Don’t! Everyone let’s calm down.” Zhang Wen Chang walked forward and panic could be seen on his face as he stood in front of Ye Fan and shouted at the group: “He’s not only my friend, he’s also Liu Yi Yi’s friend, you people can’t treat him like this……”

“Half crippled old man, you better scam. Whoever you mention is also useless, if I don’t kill him I won’t be able to get rid of the hatred in my heart!” The male who was the first to be sent flying with a slap by Ye Fan held his swollen face as he stood up, a cold light flashed in his eyes: “Is Liu Yi Yi very impressive? If she dares to to criticize our actions, there will be someone to take care of her!”

Looking at this classmate who had been living such a bitter life, Ye Fan lightly sighed as he patted his shoulder and said in a low voice: “Retreat, they can’t deal with me.” Having said this, Ye Fan grabbed Zhang Wen Chang’s arm as he sent him flying backwards.

“What are all of you standing there dazed for, slice him into pieces!” The leading male angrily shouted.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Sounds of streaking resounded as the Azure Wood Seal, Cold Steel Ruler, Crimson Blood Spear and other weapons swiftly chopped towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was calm and composed as he wielded the human meat shield to continually block.

“Aaahhhh……. You guys……. are chopping towards my body!”

The male who was still within Ye Fan’s grasp had finally come to his senses as he screamed miserably while he cursed angrily. If it weren’t for the other people stopping their attacks in time, this cultivator would have already been chopped into pieces.

“Attack together, I don’t believe he can block all of us, I will chop him up!” The leading male had a sinister look as he commanded everyone to attack together.

“Chen Feng, don’t do it! I’ll die because of you!” The cultivator who was still within Ye Fan’s grasp shouted in fear as he was smashed by the Azure Wood Seal and immediately fainted.

The people in the surroundings listened the Chen Feng’s orders as they all sent their weapons chopping forward, although they were very careful, streaks of blood began to spurt from the wounds of the human meat shield.

Ye Fan did not want to continue wasting time with them, he had already reached the Spring of Life realm and killing a cultivator at the Sea of Bitterness realm was as easy as squashing an ant. He lifted the cultivator in his grasp before him to block as he became a streak of green light, instantly rushing before Chen Feng and grabbed him before the other party could even react.

“Aaaahhh!” Chen Feng screamed miserably, he was currently being used as a human meat shield and multiple wounds appeared on his body.

The people in the surroundings had a feeling of not acting against an evil so as to prevent harm to the innocent, Ye Fan was like lightning as he swiftly ran, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” continually resounded as the people were all smashed to the ground.

Only Han Fei Yu continued to struggled as he sent the Azure Wood Seal flying out, smashing towards Ye Fan wanting to crush him to death. However, he was terrified to find out that the Azure Wood Treasure Seal which had already become the size of a millstone had been grabbed by Ye Fan without being able to move a single inch.


Han Fei Yu was frightened to the point that his soul felt as though it would leave his body, his Azure Wood Treasure Seal had been easily grabbed by Ye Fan before being smacked away like a fly, at this moment, he really felt like he was simply a fly.


It was unknown how many bones of Han Fei Yu’s ribcage had shattered as he spat blood and tumbled to the ground, no longer able to move.

Before the bar was a floor covered with injured people who were moaning in pain, no one was able to stand and Zhang Wen Chang could barely believe his eyes: “This……”

Ye Fan picked these people up one by one as he threw them to a corner and slapped them one after another: “Just you few and you want to bully us? This wastrel who can’t cultivate will still be able to cause all of you to look for your fallen teeth on the ground.”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Ye Fan’s two hands swiftly moved as slap after slap landed, these people continually spat out saliva and blood as blood splattered in all directions mixed with teeth.

All the people screamed miserably as they pleaded for mercy.

Ye Fan’s focus was mainly on Han Fei Yu and Chen Feng and treated them like dogs as he placed them together and continually rained slaps on them, the crisp sounds continually resounding.

“You…….” Han Fei Yu had blood dripping from his mouth and nose as his eyes filled with hatred.


Ye Fan sent a slap flying over before lifting him up: “It really is a small world……”

Hearing these words, Han Fei Yu was incensed to the point of spitting a large mouthful of blood, his entire body was trembling and he wanted to die.

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