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Chapter 101: Might of the Cauldron

Ye Fan did not show any mercy to Han Fei YU as he continually slapped, only when his hand felt tired did he finally throw him to the ground before standing up and headed over to the other people, miserable cries resounded again.

“Ye Fan, don’t beat them anymore, they may die.” Zhang Wen Chang had a nervous expression on his face.

“Don’t worry, they are able to handle this much.”

Half a minute later, the entire area was silent, everyone had fainted.

Ye Fan looked at the lifeless old man within the tavern and at the other taverns before stopping and saying in a low voice: “The old people within the taverns……”

“The people who open taverns here are similar to me, they do not have any talent and wasted their youth, even till old they did not make any progress but also did not wish to leave……” Zhang Wen Chang sighed.

Ye Fan nodded before saying in a low voice: “Tell me the situation of all these people, let me see if I can help you prevent any repercussions.”

“You……. don’t have to do this, you really don’t have to!” Zhang Wen Chang was alarmed as he shook his head vehemently.

Looking at this simple and unsophisticated old classmate, Ye Fan sighed as he lightly patted his shoulder: “I won’t be reckless, just tell it to me in detail, otherwise, how are we going to deal with the consequences?”

Ye Fan listened carefully before smiling coldly: “Only having a sister at the Spring of Life realm yet he dares to act so boisterously, bullying and humiliating his sect mates……”

Zhang Wen Chang sighed: “If there’s light there will be darkness, if there is white there will be black. It’s the same everywhere, there can’t only be good people nor can there only be evil people. Kindness and evil can’t be separated from each other, even if you’re not used to it one can only bear with it……”

Ye Fan’s emotions were unsteady as he said: “I’ll handle all of them before taking care of Cheng Feng’s sister, seeing you bullied by them, my heart cannot be at peace.

Hearing these words, Zhang Wen Chang felt touched yet frightened as he prevented him from continuing while looking left and right: “Don’t cause trouble, you don’t understand cultivation and it’s only because you’ve eaten the divine fruit that your physique is exceptionally strong, allowing you to beat these people. However, you have no idea how frightening cultivators of the Spring of Life realm are…….”

Ye Fan laughed: “Relax, I won’t cause trouble here.”

Zhang Wen Chang’s expression changed as he said: “Hurry and leave, if they wake up and that woman comes, that would be troublesome. Even if Yi Yi comes out from her secluded meditation she won’t be able to help.”

“If I left like this, they would vent all their frustrations on you.”

“No problem, they won’t dare to kill me. Killing a sect mate without any valid reason they would have to pay with their lives, don’t worry about me and hurry to leave this place!” Zhang Wen Chang nervously pushed Ye Fan as he egged him on to flee.

At this moment, Ye Fan could feel that Han Fei Yu and Chen Feng had woken up and he immediately said in a loud voice: “Good, since that’s the case I’ll immediately leave this place.”

Having said this, he heavily stepped on the faces of Han Fei Yu and Chen Feng, the two people on the ground bore with the intense pain and did not shout, pretending to be unconscious as they readied themselves to immediately request for people to kill him once he left.

“Quickly leave.” Zhang Wen Chang hurried him with a panicked and nervous expression: There’s a river outside the main gate, I remember you’re quite good in water, just jump into the river and swim away, make sure you hide inside the water otherwise, that woman who can fly will quickly find you.”

“Okay, I know what to do.” Ye Fan said loudly before turning and leaving with Zhang Wen Chang in tow.

The two people had just left when Chen Feng suddenly sat up as he grit his teeth: “You wish to run……. It’s not going to be that easy. I’m going to grind you into dust!”

At the same time, Han Fei Yu also bore with the pain from the fractures in his body as he climbed back up, his eyes were filled with killing intent as he said: “Brother Chen, hurry and make a request to your sister to capture him, we have to catch him and skin him alive, otherwise we won’t be able to get rid of the hatred in our hearts!”

Ye Fan reached the main gate and looked back at Zhao Wen Chang: “Don’t worry, there won’t be any problem. Go back.”

“Hurry and leave, look after yourself!” Zhang Wen Chang continued to hurry him, his face an expression of panic.

“Alright, see you again!” Ye Fan turned before taking big strides and leaving.

The river before the main gate of the Yu Ding Immortal Sanctuary was very wide and rapid, Ye Fan swam slowly along with the current, he was not in a hurry to escape and actually chose to slowly move along, he was waiting for the people to chase.

Right now, he was most confident in his speed, each time he put his all into flying, his golden sea of bitterness would have waves which rushed to the sky accompanied by flashing lightning and roaring thunder, his body would be shrouded in a golden light and lightning, with wind and thunder in his wake, his speed would then become phenomenal.

“Even if I can’t beat them, I can always run……”

Only half a minute had passed when the sound of streaking could be heard upstream from the river as several figures riding mystical rainbows could be seen.

“You wish to run…… it’s not going to be that easy!” A female wearing a blue dress exclaimed, her clothes were fluttering in the wind as he gently landed in front, blocking Ye Fan’s escape path.

Thereafter, three other people also flew down to the ground as they blocked off any possible retreat, thoroughly surrounding Ye Fan. The four people were all cultivators of the Spring of Life realm, two males and two females who looked to be in their twenties, their expressions were clearly filled with ill intent, clearly not viewing Ye Fan as a living person.

Ye Fan stared at the woman in blue who had slightly better features: “Are you Chen Feng’s sister?”

“That’s right!” The women in blue had a heavy expression as she coldly looked at Ye Fan: “So young yet so vicious, once you grow up who knows how many people will fall to your cruelty. Today we’ll get rid of a menace.”

Ye Fan was not angry as he replied: “What a joke, who’s vicious and who will be a menace, I’m sure you are clear in your heart.”

The woman in blue sat on her high horse as she looked down disdainfully at him: “What are you trying to say? Is there even a good reason for harming others?”

“I’m sure you know what kind of person your brother is, bossy and domineering, bullying his fellow sect mates and even bragging that he will cripple me, he was weaker than me and after being taught a lesson, actually sought for all of you to come kill me. You’re really his good sister, one can really tell you’re born from the same mother, even your characters are the same.”

“You……..are looking for death!” The woman in blue did not expect Ye Fan to rebuke her in this manner and her facial expression was very ugly.

The three people by the side did not put Ye Fan in their eyes, one of the males calmly said: “Chen Yu, you actually requested for all of us to come, aren’t you making mountain out of a molehill. There’s still no point having so many people, isn’t he just a normal ordinary mortal, he’s no different from an ant, just kill him already, don’t continue talking nonsense with him.”

“Hurry and take care of him, there’s no need to waste time here.”

“I think I’ll head back first, dealing with such an ordinary human, even a single finger would be enough to take care of him, why would we be needed.”

The other two people were more straightforward, they already viewed Ye Fan as a dead man and did not bother about him.

“Don’t kill him! Take him alive for me…….” Upstream from the river, Chen Feng was swiftly running over as he shouted.

Han Fei Yu was also holding his chest as a trickle of blood could be seen from his mouth, he was also rushing over as he grit his teeth: “We can’t let him die so easily!”

“All of you are really regarding me as a dead man?” Ye Fan looked at the four people before him and also at Chen Feng and Han Fei Yu not far away, a smile appearing on his face.

A male by the side had a mocking smile as he replied: “You really believe you can live to get away?”

The other female had contempt written all over her face as she spoke: “Acting so recklessly, to kill an ordinary mortal like you, just my spittle will do, killing you won’t be any different from killing a smelly bug.”

“Don’t be so rude and impetuous in your next life, otherwise, you will also end up with the same scenario, dying without knowing how you died.” Another male cultivator mocked.

Chen Yu’s blue dress was fluttering and the killing intent on her face slowly faded: “Killing him will really stain my hands, I’ll leave him for that little fellow surnamed Han, this will also prevent people from within the sect from saying untoward things.”

Seeing that Chen Feng and Han Fei Yu would catch up in no time, Ye Fan shook his head as he smiled and sighed: “Really struggling and fighting just to give up your lives.”

His words had bare been spoken when he suddenly acted, immediately pouncing at a male roughly three metres away as his palm heavily slapped towards him.

An ordinary human suddenly released a killing blow, no one was prepared for this and Ye Fan was too fast, he seemed like a streak of lightning as he instantly appeared before the male cultivator, his palm immediately sent the person flying and the thunderous sound caused all the people to have a ringing sound in their years.


The strength within this slap was simply too difficult to imagine!

The head of the male cultivator immediately split open as his eyes filled with indignation and fear, even in death he did not understand how a mortal could be so frightening, slapping him to death.

In this time frame, the female cultivator by the side also let out a miserable scream as Ye Fan sent the golden book which seemed to be shrouded in a golden blazing sun, rushing forward as it instantly sliced her head, fresh blood sputtered out as the corpse fell lifelessly to the ground.

All this happened in an instant and Ye Fan had already killed two cultivators of the Spring of Life realm, Chen Yu and the other male swiftly retreated as they sent their weapons flying out in front of their bodies.

“This is…….” The two people felt their bodies shiver in cold, they could never have anticipated that this delicate youth before them would be so frightening, killing two of their buddies in the time it takes to lift an arm.

“What you said earlier is indeed fitting for yourselves.” Ye Fan shook his head: “Dying without knowing how you died……”

Chen Yu and the other male cultivator had extremely ugly expressions on their faces, they did not speak as they flew into the air, wishing to swiftly flee.

Not far away, Chen Feng and Han Fei Yu were thoroughly stunned, they could not believe their eyes, two cultivators of the Spring of Life realm had died in an instant and their hearts shivered with cold.

“Don’t think of escaping!”

The golden book rushed back into Ye Fan’s body as a small golden cauldron flew out, it was like a streak of golden lightning as it chased the male cultivator.

“Jiang! Jiang!”

Two metallic sounds could be heard as the precious treasures of the male were instantly shattered, the small golden cauldron pierced through his head and a corpse fell to the ground.

The small golden cauldron did not stop as it swiftly chased after Chen Yu, the golden light was dazzling and seemed to be able to overcome all obstacles as it instantly destroyed three of Chen Yu’s treasures causing them to disintegrate into dust.

“No!” Chen Yu shouted in fear as she used her divine abilities, a blazing fire shot forth from her finger as it rushed towards the small golden cauldron, at the same time she constantly slashed in the air, sending several streaks of lightning to slice downwards, the entire sky was aglow.

However, nothing could stop the small cauldron as its golden light expanded becoming exceptionally dazzling, overcoming all obstacles as it instantly pierced Chen Yu’s forehead, leaving a thumb-sized hole there as another corpse fell to the ground.

The small cauldron was bright and dazzling as it flew back, exceptionally eye catching as though it were made by heaven itself.

“I really look forward to the moment where one artifact can break tens of thousands of techniques!”

A light flashed as the small cauldron returned into Ye Fan’s body, disappearing from sight.

“My golden sea of bitterness is really different, the divine energy contained within is several times greater than that of an ordinary person, it has not let me down……” Ye Fan did not feel much from this battle, when he first saw the four people he knew that he would have been able to easily kill them.

Not far away, Chen Feng and Han Fei Yu had pale expressions as they turned to run, their legs were shivering as they stumbled while they ran, the two people were simply terrified.

“Since you’ve already come, don’t leave.” Ye Fan took a few steps but was already before them, stretching his hand, he pressed down and Chen Feng instantly died as he was heavily smashed into the dirt.

Han Fei Yu shouted in fear: “Don’t kill me! I’m……”

“I don’t care who you are, your granduncle has already been killed by me.”

“What? You……” Han Fei Yu’s complexion was ashen as he shouted in despair: “No!”

“Elder Han is waiting below for you!” Ye Fan was very decisive and his finger went forward, immediately killing Han Fei Yu.

Clearing up the area, Ye Fan had just stood up when a streaking sound could be heard from the horizon, an elder with white hair but a youthful complexion brought Zhang Wen Chang flying over as they swiftly landed.

“Thank the heavens you’re alright.” Zhang Wen Chang was very agitated as he swiftly ran forward: “I’ve invited elder Ma Yun to come, he will send you off.”

Ye Fan was very touched as he smiled: “Relax, I won’t die so easily.”

“You…….” At this moment, Elder Ma Yun’s expression changed as he smelled the blood in the air before staring at Ye Fan: “You killed all of them?!”

“They wanted to kill me, I had no other choice but to do so.” Ye Fan calmly answered.

This elder knew who Ye Fan was, three years ago he had been there and had taken Liu Yi Yi and Zhang Wen Chang to the Yu Ding Immortal Sanctuary, he was also the one who had been able to tell that Ye Fan had the Primordial Divine Body.

“You…….” Although elder Ma Yun carried the air of an immortal and seemed otherworldly, at this instant he released a killing intent.

“Elder Ma Yun, I’ve also respected you, since the first time we met I’ve felt that you were a compassionate elder. I hope you won’t leave me disappointed. It’s clear who was in the right and who was in the wrong, I believe you should understand and comprehend.” Having said this, Ye Fan slowly floated into the sky, a golden divine fire seemed to blaze around his body like a god descended on earth as he continued: “With my speed, you can’t stop me.”

“You…….can actually cultivate?!” Elder Ma Yun had an expression of shock written on his face as he muttered: “You have the Primordial Divine Body, you shouldn’t be able to cultivate but you’re actually at the Spring of Life realm, could it be that the divine fruit of the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land also has this divine effect? This speed of cultivating…… is simply too frightening.”

“I was just lucky.”

“Are you willing to join our Yu DIng Immortal Sanctuary?” Yearning was written all over Elder Ma Yun’s face.

“I appreciate your kind intentions but I’ve already gotten used to my freedom, I really do not wish to join any sect.”

Ma Yun had a regretful expression on his face as he sighed: “It was our oversight back in the day, we actually rejected you…….”

“Elder Ma Yun, how do you plan on dealing with the matter today?” Ye Fan calmed questioned.

Below, Zhang Wen Chang was dazed as he stared at Ye Fan who was shrouded in a dazzling golden light, this was simply too unbelievable.

“I know the characters of those few people.” Elder Ma Yun contemplated for a while before continuing: “You…… can leave.”

“Many thanks elder.” Ye Fan continued: “I wish to bring Wen Chang along.”

“You’re worried about him?” Elder Ma Yun shook his head: “Back then, it was I who brought Wen Chang and Yi Yi back to the sect, I haven’t been showing enough concern for them. I’ll be taking Wen Chang as my disciple today, in the future no one will dare to bully him.”

“Then I can rest easy, many thanks Elder Ma.”

Below, Zhang Wen Chang felt as though he was dreaming, everything seemed so surreal.

“I hope that elder will not disclose my secret.”

Ma Yun nodded: “I understand.”

Ye Fan landed on the ground as he came before Zhang Wen Chang: “Goodbye, in the future I’ll come looking for you again.”

After a long period of time, Zhang Wen Chang was still silently watching Ye Fan’s figure who had disappeared into the distance.

“Although you’re rather inarticulate, you have a kind heart, it is a blessing to be kind and honest……” Elder Ma Yun walked over as he patted his shoulder before looking at the direction that Ye Fan left in, it was unknown what he was thinking about.

Two days later, Ye Fan heard that the ancient aristocratic Jiang Family and the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground would be working together and will head into the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, after receiving this information he hurriedly rushed to that area.

That frightening area that was void of all life was located in the centre of the Yan State, it could be entered from various directions but due to the prior designated area which the Jiang Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground had decided to make entry from, the cultivators who got wind of this also chose to enter from this area.

Many days had passed and the experts from the Jiang Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were gathered in a small town just beyond the mountainous region, they did not seem to have the intention to move out and the other cultivators could only wait by the outskirts of the mountainous region.

Ye Fan had initially planned to enter on his own but once he understood the situation, he felt cold sweat cover his back and decided to follow the Jiang Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground.

“I’ll let them deal with the danger first, I’ll take advantage of the situation when the time comes.” The allure of the divine medicine was too great and no matter the danger, he would definitely have to acquire it. His greatest asset was that he had eaten a divine fruit before and could defend against the curse within the forbidden land.

In the outer regions of the mountainous region, each day one could see many unfamiliar faces, the cultivators of the eastern badlands continued to rush over as more and more people gather.

Ye Fan continued to wander over these few days and acquired plenty of information.

Back in the day, one of the Sacred Grounds had attempted to conquer the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, the result was that they were thoroughly extinguished, from this one could see how frightening this area was. It had a great influence on cultivators, preventing them from using all their divine abilities and energy, even some experts would merely become like ordinary mortals.

“This may be a kind of opportunity for me!” Ye Fan did not feel fear and a divine light could be seen shining within his eyes.

Half a month passed but the Jiang Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground continued to remain still as though they were waiting for something.

On this day, Ye Fan actually saw Zhou Yi, Wang Zi Wen, Lin Jia and Li Xiao Man. They were currently being protected by the many experts from the Jiang Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground as they went into the small town.

Ye Fan frowned, he knew that these two families must have known that these people had been into the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land and wanted to find out more from them, possibly even getting them to go with them.

“Dead, dead, everyone is dead…….” A crazed old man with flowing white hair was crying and laughing outside the mountainous region, continually repeating these words.

Ye Fan walked closer as he asked: “Old man, what are you saying?”

“Dead, dead, everyone is dead. As long as we walk into the forbidden land, no one can make it out alive……” He cried and laughed, completely insane: “I’ve already seen blood turn to rivers and bones pile high like mountains……”

“You……” Ye Fan looked at him in shock.

“Hurry and leave, otherwise, you will also die……” This crazed old man continued to laugh and cry: “Endless dried up bones, corpses piled high like a mountain and a bloody sea, it…….. Is coming again…….”

Ye Fan was perplexed, he did not understand.

At this moment, an old woman appeared without a sound as she stared at the crazed old man not far away as she muttered: “Could it be him? Six thousand years ago, all the experts within that unbelievably prosperous Sacred Ground were all killed within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, why am I seeing him again……”

Hearing these words, Ye Fan immediately felt a headache.

“Endless dried up bones, corpses piled high like a mountain and a bloody sea, it……. Is coming again……” The crazed old man with his flowing white hair cried at one moment then laughed the next, continually wandering about in the outer region of the mountainous area.

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