STH Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Prophecy comes True

The crazed old man continued to laugh and cry as he ran about within the area, his clothing was very strange and did not seem like it was from their current era.

Not far away, Ye Fan had an expression of disbelief on his face, could this be someone from over six thousand years ago? This was simply too astonishing and his emotions were in a mess.

Ye Fan had previously lived within the Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary for a period of time and already a certain understanding of the sect, the oldest venerated elder within the sect was merely several hundred years old but was already one of the few remaining great persons around.

If this crazed old man was a person from six thousand years ago, that would simply be too frightening! What did such an old age signify? Surpassing past endless eras, going through dark times and good times, a living history book that was simply impossible to imagine.

On the other side, that old woman also made one feel shocked, she could recognise the crazed old man and was most likely from the same era as that person. She did not look any different from an old woman within a village but her actual age would make one feel faint, this was a kind of shocking and strange feeling.

Ye Fan was still out of sorts but he suddenly felt stunned, that old woman had disappeared without a trace, he could not see any movement but she had already disappeared as though she had never appeared before.

“Dead, all dead!” That crazed old man slowly ran off into the distance.

At this moment, many people rushed towards the small town by the outskirts of the mountainous region, they were all panicky but Ye Fan did not understand why, merely deciding to follow them to see what the fuss was about.

“The Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family are finally entering the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land!”

Ye Fan learnt of this from the discussion of all the people, the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family were preparing to enter the mountainous region, they were now gathering their people and if anyone was willing to join them, they would be able to obtain a spiritual medicine which could be used to fend off the curse.

Outside the small town, a large number of cultivators were gathered and they were waiting for the two powerful sects to give out spiritual medicines, a full hour passed before loud rumbling noises transmitted out of the small town, as though a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses were rushing.

Several hundred horsemen sat on various mystical beasts, their killing intent surged and their battle hunger could be felt as they rushed out of the small town. All the unique beasts had divine glows flashing and their scales were awe-inspiring. They did not traverse on the ground and were three chinese feet above it, galloping in the air and roaring forward like a tsunami.

A vast pressure emanated in all directions, the several hundred horsemen were covered in divine metal armour and only their eyes were exposed, they rode on their beasts as they slowly rose into the sky, leaving the ground further and further away. Heaven and earth seemed to be shaking and a solemn atmosphere shrouded the entire region of the small town.


Behind the several hundred strong horsemen appeared fifty bronze war vehicles covered in stains and spots, filled with blade scars and sword marks, accounting for their gloriousness and releasing an ancient and desolate aura.

Fifty ancient bronze war vehicles sailed through the air, emitting thunderous rumbling noises like that of a tsunami, atop the war vehicles were cultivators that emanated an even more frightening aura than the horsemen, the sky seemed to be totally overwhelmed by them as the wheels on the vehicles churned as they slowly lifted into the sky.

Behind the ancient war vehicles, tens of mystical rainbows rushed into the sky, the cultivation of these people were clearly higher as they guarded two unique carriages.

The cries of the phoenix resounded through the horizon, nine unique bird beasts whose feathers were exceptionally dazzling, flashing with divine splendour, bright and resplendent, they had five colours on their bodies and each was over ten metres long, like the divine phoenix of legends. They were currently pulling a five coloured divine vehicle as they rose to the sky.

“Those nine unique bird beasts must have divine phoenix blood within them, they are likely the descendants of the divine bird.”

“Its the Nine Phoenixes Morning Sun Carriage of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground. It’s rumoured that only an immensely strong elder would be able to sit within it.”

“Such an elder would probably be able to exterminate all the immortal sanctuaries within the Yan State on his own.”

Outside the city, all the cultivators were in a heated discussion with astonished expressions on their faces, such a powerful formation really made one feel astounded.

Suddenly, the thunderous roar of wild beasts shook the heavens making everyone’s eardrums ring, even their souls shivered, there were nine golden mythical Ju beasts pulling a jade carriage that flashed with a divine light, soaring on clouds and riding on mist as it released thunderous sounds, rising from the small town into the sky.

[T/N*: Ju is an ape with a dog’s head]

“This is the mythical Ju Emperor’s carriage of the Jiang Family, only an exceptional elder directly related to the Jiang Family can sit on it!”

All the people could not help but exclaim, the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family were clearly heavily invested and wanted to acquire the divine medicine within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land at all costs.

At this moment, an elder who was riding on a mystical rainbow arrived above the small town as he looked down at the people below: “There is a limit to our spiritual medicine, we cannot give it out so easily. If you wish to acquire it, you must listen to our orders when we advance.”

A ruckus was immediately created, these conditions were rather severe and several people were worried about becoming cannon fodder as they immediately left.

“Too much, I will definitely not take the medicine, I’m afraid I won’t even know how I died if I took it.”

“Let’s leave it for them to use on their own, this spiritual medicine is too costly, I don’t dare to take it.”

There was a portion of cultivators that remained who merely to mixed in with the crowd, after taking the spiritual medicine they did not listen to any orders. The elder in the sky continued to transmit his voice as the sound waves shook the heavens: “We will not use anyone as cannon fodder, we only wish everyone to advance or retreat together as a group.”

Many people found this hard to believe and voiced out their concerns, the elder in the sky patiently answered their queries. Finally, several people stayed behind but a larger majority chose to give up and chose to merely watch by the side.

An hour later, the people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family moved out into the depths of the mountains, a large number of cultivators followed closely behind but were not hoping to obtain any divine medicine. They merely wished to acquire spiritual medicines along the way. In reality, not many people wanted to enter the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land and merely wanted to scout around the outskirts, no one was willing to gamble their lives for spiritual medicines.

Although their presence within the small town was majestic, the people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Jiang Family repressed their powerful aura, attempting to be as low key as possible, they had only released their full pressure to astonish the other cultivators.

“The surroundings of the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land have several strong unique beasts, even experts within the Sacred Grounds would not necessarily defeat them, we should split into groups of seven to enter the forbidden region from different areas.

No one would have guessed that the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family would actually make such arrangements, the cultivators at the back exchanged glances, unsure of which group they wanted to join.

There were cultivators who were quick-witted: “Do we still need to consider? Wherever that Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage goes, we should just follow it.”

However, the people who had such plans were disappointed, the Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage and the Emperor’s carriage that had glorious resplendent red clouds in it’s wake, disappeared in the blink of an eye without any trace.

“The Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land is mysterious and unfathomable, any expert cultivator who enters has a possibility of being reduced to an ordinary human being, the two elders will not venture too deep and will stay on the outer regions to assist us, clearing any threatening unique beasts.”

Hearing this explanation, everyone felt disappointed.

“Entering into the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, the chance of coming out alive is very slim, let’s just watch from far away and not get involved in the mess.”

Many cultivators chose to back away as they all stopped and no longer advanced. The big group of people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family began to split up into groups of seven, flying off into the sky as they entered from various directions.

Ye Fan watched before deciding on following a group in the centre. He did not fly in the air but rather traversed on land. Although many people retreated, there were still a large number of cultivators who continued forward, Ye Fan moved slowly and only when the people in front were far ahead did he follow.

“Endless amounts of withered bone, a corpse mountain and a bloody sea, it has come again.” At this moment, the crazed old man with his flowing white hair appeared not far away from Ye Fan, he was actually also chasing the group.

“Venerated elder, is what you are saying reliable?”

“Everyone will die.” The elder muttered with a blank and foolish expression on his face.

Why did the deranged old man keep repeating the same thing? It really made one’s hair stand on end but considering that he was rather demented, Ye Fan relaxed. He could not possibly run away after hearing some words, he needed to collect as many divine medicines as possible, this was crucial to his future.

Ye Fan continued forward and left the crazed old man far behind.

Most of the cultivators ahead were flying and they moved at an extremely fast pace. In two hours they had arrived at a region two hundred miles away from the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land. Arriving at this area, the number of wild beasts were much denser but the number of cultivators were large and the unique beasts chose to avoid them, creating a path for them to proceed.

“This road has been very smooth, the people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family are likely to be within hundred miles of the forbidden region, there doesn’t seem to be any danger.”

“Maybe they will really be able to acquire the divine medicine, should we also go to the edges of the Forbidden Ancient Desolate land to try our luck?”

Many cultivators were discussing, they had followed behind but did not meet with any danger and became rather relaxed.


Suddenly, a frightening roar emanated from the depths of the primitive mountainous region, this frightening shout came from far ahead and the cultivators all swiftly retreated.

“Quick, run! The people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family are finished!”

Many cultivators rode on mystical rainbows as they ran, their faces filled with terror and they did not wish to tarry for even a single moment as they continued out of the mountainous region. “What’s going on?” Many cultivators at the back did not understand what was happening.

“A powerful unique beast appeared in front and a large number of the horsemen of the Jiang Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were swallowed as food. A single claw turned seven to eight of the ancient bronze war vehicles into dust, its roars caused all the people in its immediate vicinity to die from shock.”

“Too frightening!”

“None of the people from the centre group of the Jiang Family or the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground made it out, they all died!”

Hearing the words of the people who managed to flee, many people felt fear in their hearts. What was this ferocious beast, it was simply too frightening and could actually exterminate everyone.

Ye Fan felt that something was amiss, based on what people said, although the outer regions of the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land had many strong unique beasts, they did not specifically target cultivators and were usually not that cruel.

Suddenly, a frightening energy fluctuation transmitted from the mountainous region far ahead and the miserable cries of many cultivators could be heard. Large amounts of cultivators continued to run away in terror.

“What’s happening?”

“A peerless unique beast has appeared, rending all the people in front, not a single person of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground or Jiang Family has made it out alive, they have all perished.”

The cultivators at the back heard this and were shocked, another group of people had been exterminated and this exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Ye Fan felt even more trepidation, they had not entered the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land but two groups of people had already been wiped out. This was not a good omen and he immediately thought of the crazed old man.

Suddenly, the sound of a phoenix’s shriek filled the air as nine unique bird beasts whose feathers were dazzling, bright and resplendent like a blazing divine sun that was burning, pulling a five coloured divine vehicle through the sky.

“The elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground has finally acted, we don’t have to run anymore. He will definitely exterminate the few ferocious beasts up ahead.” Everyone felt that this would be the case.

However, in an instant, the expressions of everyone changed because the Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage was actually fleeing!

“Heavens, that’s the Roc of legends!”

On the horizon, a large bird could be seen shrouding the sky and covering the sun. Its wingspan was several hundred metres long, its entire body bright and resplendent with a piercing divine glow, as though it were molded from gold, flashing with gold like a golden cloud, swiftly soaring as it chased the Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage.

Seeing this, Ye Fan did not hesitate as he began to run backwards, there was something weird going on in the depths of the mountains and all these strong unique beasts had appeared, even the elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground could only choose to flee, this was definitely too exceptional!

“Will what the old crazed man said come true?” Ye Fan felt shivers in his heart as he rode on a mystical rainbow to traverse through the mountains. He did not fly up high to the sky for fear of being spotted by terrifying unique beasts.

Suddenly, miserable screams could be heard from up ahead as large numbers of cultivators fled like rapids towards the depths of the mountains.

“There are ferocious beasts blocking the way, hurry and flee!”

“Too cruel, several hundred people became bloody mist in the blink of an eye!”

Ye Fan felt a brief headache, even their retreat had been sealed off by unique beasts, this was very troubling, the only thing going for him was that he had not rushed to the sky, otherwise he would have certainly encountered even greater danger.

This area of the primitive mountainous region was in a mess, frightening ferocious beasts gathered front and back and all the cultivators began flying in various directions in an attempt to escape.

Suddenly, pitiful cries could be heard as the Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage was stopped for the seventh time, the large Roc was extremely vicious and its entire body released a golden glow which filled the area, it had already rent apart two of the bird beasts that looked like phoenixes.

An angry roar could be heard as an elder rushed out from within the Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage, a scarlet red large mark flew out from his body and swiftly became larger, in the blink of an eye it became as large as a mountain as it pressed towards the Roc.

Dazzling golden lights flashed through the sky as the Roc exploded forth with a piercing light, its golden wings chopped down creating a thunderous sound in the sky, sending the large blood red mark flying away.

At the same time, a golden vortex appeared in front of the Roc like a giant whirlpool, swiftly swallowing the Nine Phoenix Morning Sun carriage as well as that elder.

The enormous golden vortex made the large mountains beneath it tremble, as though they would actually be uprooted, swallowing all manner of living things within its vicinity.
More miserable cries could be heard as the phoenix-like bird beasts were all swallowed by the golden vortex. One could clearly see the five coloured unique bird beasts being rent apart and transforming into a bloody mist, thoroughly disintegrated. As for the five coloured divine vehicle, it also instantly became dust.

All the hairs and beard of the elder floated up as unbelievable amounts of light shot out from his body, various spiritual treasures flying and chopping towards the Golden Winged Roc.

The Roc was simply too strong and the tens of thousands of golden feathers on its body released their divine glow, shooting streaks of golden light that were like sharp swords, blocking all the spiritual treasures and even destroying many of them.




Three words reverberated through the heavens like thunder, the entire primitive mountainous region was rumbling and the three words that the elder shouted seemed to have a frightening power that caused the Roc to sway.

On his forehead, a small eye actually shot out three green lights, fitting in with the three words that he yelled, on the body of the golden Roc immediately appeared three bloody holes.

A shrill bird cry filled the sky as the golden Roc extended its wings and flew higher, golden blood fell to the ground but in an instant the wounds closed up as it swiftly rushed forward.

The elder’s body swiftly grew bigger and in an instant became a giant that was even bigger than some mountains, stretching out a big hand as he grabbed towards the Roc, wanting to tear it in two.

The scarlet red large mark that had been sent flying away had returned as it pressed down, at the same time, his third eye became an enormous violet sword as it chopped.

The elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground had utilised various abilities in an attempt to suppress the Roc. However, he was thoroughly dismayed in this moment, the golden Roc became a golden sun, brilliant and blazing as the golden glow shrouded heaven and earth.

The enormous violet sword disintegrated without a sound, the large scarlet red mark broke down and the elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground was disintegrated into a bloody mist, disappearing completely.

Within the primitive mountainous region, all the cultivators felt a chill in their hearts, the way the elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground had died was simply too stunning.

“The venerated elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground was ground into dust, that Roc is simply too frightening.” Ye Fan muttered.

“The Roc is like a celestial being, it does not come from the mortal world. This is its descendant.”

Hearing these words, Ye Fan hurriedly turned his head to find the deranged old man who had suddenly appeared not far away.

Miserable cries rang out as the people who attempted to flee earlier all came running back. Frightening unique beasts appeared in all directions as they massacred the cultivators.

“The Jiang Family members of the mythical Ju Carriage are shouting in alarm”

On the horizon, nine unique beasts whose entire bodies were covered in golden scales, a divine glow swirling around them as they pulled a carriage and rushed forward, the jade carriage bright and resplendent, auspicious red clouds swirled in all directions, extremely exceptional.

“The venerated elder of the Jiang Family is also fleeing!”

“What’s going on? Why is it like this?”

Everyone was stunned, the nine golden mythical Ju beasts ran like stray dogs as they hurried and pulled the carriage through the sky, leaving rumbling sounds as it passed, an old man who was covered in blood sat atop the jade carriage as he struggled to block the ferocious beast who was chasing him.

All this was superfluous as a large beast claw slapped down like a small mountain, immediately destroyed the carriage, turning the nine mythical Ju beasts into bloody mist and rending the elder apart!

This shocking scene made everyone take a gasp of cold air, this was simply too frightening, the venerated elder of and ancient aristocratic family could not even withstand against a single blow from the ferocious beast, how powerful was the unique beast?!

Thunderous roars caused everyone’s spirits to shiver, a black mist roiled as the frightening ferocious beast exposed its real body, extremely fierce as it stood tall in the sky, a cruel bloodthirsty aura making everyone feel cold sweat run down their backs.

It was as immense as a mountain and had emanated a frightening pressure, black mist swirled in the surroundings as the immensely large figure could only be faintly seen, its figure was like a Qilin but it had nine large snake heads and seemed extremely malevolent.

At the same time from various directions came over ten domineering unique beasts, each of a different type but all extremely frightening. Some spat out a toxic mist, blocking the sun and were as big as a mountain. Others were covered in a dazzling divine glow, bright and resplendent and even more splendid than the sun. Each was clearly exceptional.

They were surrounded from all directions and all the people from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family had been exterminated!

The large number of cultivators who wanted to mix in with the crowd and follow behind had all been trapped.

Ye Fan’s heart felt stunned, the prophecy of the crazed old man seemed as though it would come true!

The oppressive pressure exploded and countless demonic glows flew down from the sky, frightening energy fluctuations caused the nearby mountains to tremble as all the unique beasts acted, working together to kill all the cultivators.

Miserable cries filled the sky as lives were continually extinguished, fresh blood stained the ground as innumerable corpses fell to the ground.

Ten odd frightening ferocious beasts, each with the ability to kill the venerated elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Jiang Family were now killing all the remaining cultivators with ease.

Only a minute had passed but the forest had already become a blood red world, a place where the Asura reigns, the miserable cries gradually became lesser and lesser as the entire region was covered in a bloody mist.

Seeing the deranged old man who was still not far away, Ye Fan swiftly rushed over as he grabbed his arm: “You are really a living ancestor!”

He did not know if he would be able to live but he held the old crazed man in a death grasp, this elder was his only hope of leaving this place alive.

The prophecy of the crazed old man had become a reality!

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