STH Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Unblockable

Jiang Feng was sent flying over eighty metres away as he heavily smashed into a pile of rubble. A miserable cry could immediately be heard as the few jagged rocks almost caused his bones to snap. If it were not for his exceptional physique which exceeded that of ordinary mortals, many of his bones would have already been broken.

A clear blood red palm print appeared on his fast, it was red and extremely swollen as he struggled to get up. His eyes were icy cold as he glared at Ye Fan: “You!” He was a cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm and had never experienced such humiliation before, he was sent flying by an ordinary human and so many people had seen this, he really wished to find a hole to hide himself in.

“Is a cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm all that impressive? Didn’t you fly away from a slap from an ordinary human like myself? You don’t seem all that special.” Ye Fan had a faint smile on his face as he lightly massaged his palm, continuing to ridicule without any remorse: “

This unadulterated mocking made Jiang Feng feel anger well up within him, he was extremely sullen. A cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm was on a totally different level from that of an ordinary human, akin to a god above the clouds. The matter that had transpired today was something that he was unable to accept, this was a humiliation of a lifetime as he said in a cold voice: “You’re looking for death!”

By the side, all the cultivators could not believe their eyes. Although they spring of divine energy had dried up causing them to be unable to use their mystical abilities, cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm were not people that ordinary mortals could easily deal with.

Zhou Yi and Wang Zi Wen exchanged glances, they felt as though this was too surreal. Ye Fan who did not know how to cultivate had actually sent an expert in their eyes flying away like a housefly, this was simply too stunning.

Lin Jia’s beautiful eyes were wide and filled with shock, an expression of disbelief. Liu Yi Yi and Zhang Zi Jun were tongue tied and had expressions of anxiousness as they worried for Ye Fan. There were so many horsemen and they did not believe that Ye Fan had the ability to flee.

Li Xiao Man was staring blankly and felt that this was simply incomprehensible, looking over at the cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge Realm and then at Ye Fan, her heart found it difficult to stay calm.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

The ground trembled, although Jiang Feng could not use any abilities, his physique was exceptional and was like a ferocious beast in the form of a human as he pressed forward, a cold light seeming to flash within his eyes.

Looking at the blood red palm print on his face, Ye Fan’s laugh was very carefree: “Expert, are you looking down on me? Can’t you be more superior and arrogant in your behaviour and allow me to heavily slap the other side of your face.”

“Go to hell!” Jiang Feng’s killing intent was exposed and his right hand was like a knife as it chopped towards Ye Fan’s neck. His left hand was in the form of a dragon’s claw and was clawing towards Ye Fan’s chest, wanting to forcefully rend it apart.

“You are indeed an expert, against a mortal such as myself, every move was deadly.” A smile filled with ridicule appeared on Ye Fan’s face as his hands went forward, grabbing both hands that were flying towards him as he twisted, immediately causing bone snapping sounds to resound.

Jiang Feng’s expression was ugly as an intense pain caused cold sweat to cover his entire body.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The legs of the two people also began to collide, releasing oppressive sounds and Jiang Feng was shocked to find that both his knees had broken, he could no longer stand as he fell with a ‘Plonk!’ and kneeled on the ground.

This was an unbearable feeling of defeat, he was extremely infuriated, a cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm actually had a body that was inferior to that of an ordinary mortal, he was simply in disbelief.

“Men have gold beneath their knees*, kneeling in such a fashion before me is really making me feel undeserving of such honor, why don’t you get up?” Ye Fan retreated a step before forcefully throwing a slap and heavily smashing the other side of his face, leaving another clear blood red palm print.
[T/N* Refers to the pride of men to never kneel before another easily, like the preciousness of gold]

Blood spurted out of Jiang Feng’s mouth as he instantly tumbled away, once again falling into the pile of rubble. He could no longer get up as he grit his teeth and stared at Ye Fan in anger: “Little bastard!”

“Do you feel that I’ve insulted you? How could this even be considered as such? Two years ago when all of you chased me in an attempt to take my life, following me to the ends of the earth, how could such a small amount of humiliation be considered much?”

Ye Fan took big strides forward as he continued: “It’s time to fulfill a promise, when you swore to kill me, I also made the decision to take your life.”

Seven to eight tall figures immediately rushed forward to block Ye Fan’s path. Several people had wanted to act earlier but had been stopped by Jiang Han Zhong, he had wanted to see how powerful Ye Fan’s physical body was.

Ye Fan did not retreat but rather continued to move forward, when the first person acted against him, he was like a bolt of lightning as he dodged, his hands swept forward as he immediately snapped the wrists of the person, immediately snatching the sharp sword within the other person’s grasp.

His hand swept again as a sword light flashed, “Chi!”, blood streaked out as a head immediately tumbled to the ground.

“Whoever blocks my path will die!” Ye Fan swept his gaze at the group as he continued to take big steps forward, the light from his eyes seemed extremely sharp.

Shuaaa, Shuaaa, Shuaaa

Several figures surrounded him, there were people wielding spears while others used swords as they all attacked Ye Fan at the same time.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Ye Fan was swift like a meteor with the strength of a river dragon as his sharp sword flashed with a dazzling light, all the weapons within the hands of the others were sent flying as the long sword continued to chop, “Chi!” another horseman was rent in two as fresh blood began to flow.


With a flick of the hand, the blood stained sword chopped again immediately sending the head of another cultivator flying ten odd metres away, the headless corpse began to spurt blood like a fountain before heavily falling to the ground.

“Who dares to block me!” Ye Fan swept his gaze at the group of horsemen as he continued to walk forward, the divine sword was stained in blood and chopped once again, a cultivator who had rushed forward was instantly chopped in two as he fell to the ground with a ‘Plonk!’.

Everyone seemed to freeze, Ye Fan was simply too powerful and his strength was too ferocious, the blood stained longsword was like heavy beyond ten thousand catties within his hands, it no longer seemed like a meer sword but rather like a lofty mountain.


Ye Fan’s sword flew out again and immediately caused another cultivator who was blocking his path to be severed, the powerful force behind the blow immediately caused the body to split apart as fresh blood splattered everywhere.

He took another stride as he came before the pile of rubble, lifting his sword as he chopped downwards.


A thunderous sound exploded forth as elder Jiang Han Zhong personally acted, using a spear to block Ye Fan’s sharp sword as he lifted Jiang Feng and retreated ten odd metres away.

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, this old fellow was indeed frightening, he could not use any abilities but his strength was not any inferior to himself, it was simply shocking. He had partaken of the divine fruit and risen to the Spring of Life realm, the strength of the medicine was gradually seeping into his body and his physical body was already at a frightening level.

“This is simply inconceivable.” Jiang Han Zhong had a cold expression as he fixed his eyes on Ye Fan: “An ordinary mortal can be so strong after partaking of the divine medicine, the divine medicine is indeed as powerful as described in legends, it’s no wonder that legends of it have been passed down since ancient times within the Eastern Badlands.”

“All of you have also started from an ordinary mortal, each and every word you speak is commenting on what a mortal is and how a mortal is. Your words are filled with loathing and arrogance. Do you really believe yourselves to be gods?” Ye Fan took a big stride forward and the divine sword that was stained in blood was dragged on the ground as he stared intently at the elder of the Jiang Family: “All your gazes on me are like looking at an ant, wishing to send me to my death and picking the divine medicine for you, do you really believe that you can control everything within the world!”

“Very good!” Jiang Han Zhong seemed to have a mysterious glint in his eyes, he was not angry but rather had a faint smile as he said: “The stronger you are, the more powerful the strength of the divine medicine. It should be sufficient to defend against the strength of the curse within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, picking the divine medicine would mean that we have an even higher probability of success.”

“Do you believe that you can control me? You really believe that you are so infallible.” Ye Fan was swift like lightning as he pounced forward.

Jiang Han Zhong tossed Jiang Feng aside as he was caught by the other cultivators, his spear was sent piercing towards Ye Fan with incredible force, as though it could pierce through space itself, the tip of the spear shining with a dazzling brilliance.


Ye Fan blocked with the long sword in his hand and a frightening metallic ringing noise could be heard as though two metal mountains had collided, causing the surrounding people to feel their ears fill with ringing.

The long sword was like a rainbow as Ye Fan chopped down, it seemed like a mountain was descending and its might was phenomenal, as though it were unblockable!

The spear within Jiang Han Zhong’s hand seemed as though it could send lofty mountains flying, its might was majestic and explosive, like a streak of lightning that flew through the air.

Suddenly, Ye Fan became a streak of lightning as he rushed out, pouncing towards the group of horsemen, his aim was clearly Jiang Feng.

Several horsemen attempted to block but felt extremely sullen, they could not use their abilities and could only use the most ordinary physical combat to attempt to block the enemy, this gave them a feeling of having strength but being unable to wield it. They felt that if they could use their mystical abilities, they would have been able to deal with Ye Fan easily.


Ye Fan was extremely cold as his divine sword flew out like lightning, sending another cultivator’s head flying.


The cold brilliance of the long sword shot forth in all directions as Ye Fan chopped, splitting another cultivator in half.


The blood stained sword pierced through the heart of a cultivator as fresh blood gurgled forth.

Ye Fan was direct and simple, as though he had entered the realm of nothingness, all those who attempted to block him were killed in a single swing, blood continued to spray but no one could stop him!


Grabbing Jiang Feng, he was like a wisp of smoke as he rushed out of the group, Jiang Han Zhong’s spear pierced his mirage, missing him by a large margin, failing to even touch his clothing.

“The debt two years ago shall be returned in full today!” Ye Fan was done speaking as a loud crack resounded, Jiang Feng’s neck was cleanly snapped in two and tossed to the ground.

Jiang Feng had died aggrieved, blood continued to flow from his mouth and his eyes were wide open, a cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge realm had his neck snapped by someone who was an ordinary mortal in his eyes, the despair and grievance he felt lasted all the way till his death.

Li Xiao Man, Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the others had shocked expressions on their faces, their hearts were filled with puzzlement, they could have never imagined that Ye Fan was so powerful.

In this moment, the elders all went forth to surround Ye Fan, they were Xu Dao Ling of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, Ji Yun Feng of the Ji Family and Jiang Han Zhong of the Jiang Family.

Ye Fan was extremely calm and his divine spring continued to gurgle, it had not dried up and with such a trump card, he was not afraid of anyone.

Ji Yun Feng was the first to speak in a cold voice: “Such a powerful physique is hard to come by, killing you would be such a waste. Head up the mountain and if you are able to pick the divine medicine for us, I will leave you a whole corpse, letting you die a swift death.”

“There’s nothing to feel regretful about, destroy his consciousness and leave his physical body, we can still use it.” Jiang Han Zhong’s corners of his mouth showed traces of a sneer.

Xu Dao Ling then spoke: “It’s a pity that the divine medicine was wasted on him, if it were consumed by any of us, our strengths would surely have risen to new heights.”

“Do you people really believe that you are able to kill me?” Ye Fan smiled coldly.

Jiang Han Zhong retrieved a brocaded case and indifferently said: “Actually, killing you won’t require too much effort. I will be able to easily take care of you.”

Ye Fan’s heart began to palpitate, he could feel an aura of danger and the case was clearly far from ordinary, he was thankful that he had not easily acted, keeping his trump card hidden.

“Alright, if you help me to wipe out all the skeletons, I will go up the mountain to assist in picking the divine medicine.” Ye Fan’s mind was churning and wanted to use the strengths of the few people to help him clear the dangers on the mountain, using them to pick the divine medicine for himself.

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