STH Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: The Source of Light

“Where are we? I miss home……” Some female students could not control themselves and started crying.

“Another five coloured altar……” Pang Bo and Ye fan stood looking at each other shaking their heads. They had been best friends since university and often met after graduation and understood each other well. They both understood that the situation looked grim and everyone was in peril and the future was filled with unknown variables.

At this moment the others retreated their gaze from the horizon and started to look at their surroundings in panic.

The large bronze coffin was behind them and it was situated on top of another five coloured stone altar. This altar was very similar to the one on Mount Tai and was also composed of five different coloured rocks.

The five coloured stone altar took up a huge plot of land and it could be imagined the magnitude of construction when it took place. With the passing of time the monstrously large altar that should have been standing high above the ground was actually covered with red-brown gravel such that it was flush with the ground.

The nine dragons and bronze coffin had crashed heavily into the ground dislodging the surrounding surrounding gravel and revealing the outline of the altar. All nine dragons and the bronze coffin were on top of the altar and one could only imagine how the size of the altar.

“We are…… lost, there’s no way to go back.” A frail looking female student cried out, her body swayed and if no one was there to support her she would have fallen to the ground.

Several people were ghastly pale and everyone was thinking of all the possibilities to refute that they were in another strange and alien world. Although no one was willing to accept it, Mount Tai was gone and the empty desert in front of their eyes made them sink into silence.

“Let’s not panic or fear, there must be a way to get out of this situation.” Ye Fan loudly shouted.
“How are we going to solve this problem? How are we going to go back? How are we going to leave this strange and alien world?” The one’s who voiced these questions were males and their voices were trembling as well. It could be seen that they were filled with intense emotions of fear and uneasiness.

When faced with the unknown, some people would feel reverence and fear towards it while others would have the desire to explore it.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo walked away from the dragon corpses and proceeded onward to to get a feel of their surroundings.

Not far away, Li Xiao Man stood hugging herself seemingly quite cold. Her face was a pasty white but she seemed rather calm, like an elegant lotus blooming in the twilight. As Ye Fan walked by he took off his shirt and handed it over to Li Xiao Man but she shook her head while saying her thanks.

Ye Fan was not trying to salvage their relationship and only felt concern. He did not persuade any further and wore his shirt before venturing forward with Pang Bo. Bypassing the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin, they saw Carter also surveying the nearby area, occasionally gasps of “God……” could be heard.

There was a large rock sitting not far from the altar, it was approximately 20 metres in height and could be easily scaled as the slope was gentle.

Ye Fan was about 1.79 metres and although he looked gentle on the outside, his body was actually very robust. Back in university he was one of the main players for the soccer team and was known as the barbarian of the soccer field.

Just like his name, Pang Bo had a “bulky”* physique but he was not fat, in fact he was a hulking meathead whose neck was the size of a man’s thigh.

[T/N* a pun on Pang Bo’s name]

The two people had very athletic physiques and quickly ran up the large rock without bothering to climb safely. Standing atop the huge rock and looking off into the distance, it was surprising to them that they could see faint flashing lights in the distant darkness.

“Most of us will not be able to make it back.” regarding his best friend Pang Bo, there was nothing that could not be said, Ye fan continued by sharing his speculations: “This place is definitely not the same piece of time and space as where we came from.”

“This place certainly isn’t the same time and space as that on Earth.” Pang bo said seriously. Although Pang Bo often joked around, when it came to serious matters he was all business and as he looked at the lights far away he frowned and said: “Do you think there are really gods in this world?”

Ye Fan also glanced up at the distant flashing lights and said: “We’ve already seen dragon corpses, even if I were to see a living god in front of our eyes I would not be surprised.”

“A living and breathing god appearing in front of our eyes…… I wonder what sort of scene that would be.” Pang Bo said in a low voice.

There was a noise from behind them, Carter who was 1.90 metres in height had also climbed up the giant rock. Carter gasped as he saw the distant flashing lights.

“All praise be unto the merciful lord, I see the light!” Carter said with broken chinese then turned around and waved towards Li Xiao Man and the group shouting: “ I see it! I see the light!” Thereafter he leapt off the rock and ran towards Li Xiao Man.

Carter’s shouts created chaos in the group and a number of people came running over to take a look.

Pang Bo looked at the not too distant Li Xiao Man and Carter while saying to Ye Fan: “Is that American Li Xiao Man’s boyfriend?”

“How would I know?”

“Are you really just going to give up like this?” Pang Bo glanced at Ye Fan.

“There are some things in life that you can go back to but it will never be the same as before. Although it people may meet at two different points in their lives the feeling would never be the same as that initial meeting. All things that have happened are in the past and as humans we can only progress forwards.” Ye Fan shook his head as he seemed to think of something amusing and said: “It would be better to be you Pang Bo, handsome and suave leading such a frivolous nightlife.”
“I really despise you, how can my life be compared to yours?” Pang Bo looked at Ye fan then looked at the not too distant Li Xiao Man and said: “With a man’s intuition I feel that you and Li Xiao Man will start something again.”

“Don’t spoil my reputation.” Ye Fan laughed and said: “You have the same sixth sense as women?”

At this instant the two of them seemed to be the only ones still able to laugh, they were optimistic people and would seldom be seen with a frown.

Not long after, several people also climbed up the huge rock. Gazing into the distance, faint lights could be seen like fireflies flickering the in distant darkness. That light was not bright but it had ignited the hopes of the group and many female students started to cheer.

Although it was unknown what was ahead, the lights in front made them want to advance. This may be a human’s natural instinct, fear of darkness and always heading towards the light.

“Please don’t let us be disappointed.”

“Please let there be a miracle.”

Everyone started to climb down the huge rock and gathered at the large altar to discuss their next course of action.

“Everything here is alien to us, although there is a light ahead, I feel we should be cautious in our advancement.” Wang Zi Wen quickly suggested as he was a prudent person.

Zhou Yi who was steadfast throughout also nodded and said: “That’s right, we should select a few people to explore the road ahead. The lights ahead don’t seem to be that far and it would be safer this way.”

The others voiced their agreements as well. Nobody could predict what would happen in the alien environment ahead and it was better to be careful.

Suddenly, a trembling sound could be heard and the bronze coffin on top of the large altar let out a metallic ringing sound.

“What happened?”

“I seem to hear noises coming from within the coffin.” A female student who was nearest to the bronze coffin said palely.

Hearing this, everyone’s faces drained of colour, within the large coffin there was only a small bronze coffin that was possibly storing a corpse.

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