STH Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Ten Great Disciples

“Han Yishui, what is the meaning of this?” Elder Wu Qingfeng’s face was grim.

“I believe that I’ve made myself very clear.” Han Yishui’s complexion was white like snow, his eyes were very slender and his lips were thin, he gave off a treacherous feeling as he lifted a tea cup from the stone table and gently sipped: “Elder Wu, Why do you have to act in this manner?”

Elder Wu Qingfeng took several big strides forward as he said in a heavy voice: “Han Yishui, don’t take things too far!”

“Don’t you feel that I’m merely stating facts? He’s an ordinary mortal yet he dares to come and demand for spiritual artifacts from our Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary, those are items that our disciple Pang Bo has left behind. They have simply no relation to him.” Han Yishui continued to be calm while sipping the fragrant tea, coldly glancing at Ye Fan as he continued: “Leave, this isn’t a place where you should remain.”


Elder Wu Qingfeng could not bear it any longer as he smashed the wooden table: “Han Yishui, you’re too much! Since you don’t want to speak reason, let’s use our strength to talk!”

There were two elders by the side and one of them attempted to mediate: “Elder Han, let’s not kick up a fuss, it’s only a few broken artifacts, there’s nothing much to research, return them to the child and forget about this matter.”

As for the other elder, he stood by Han Yishui’s side: “Your words are lacking, although the bronze artifacts are damaged, they are still frightening weapons that used to contain divine will ,if we are to scrutinise it carefully, we will still be able to gain from it.”

Han Yishui’s expression was grim as he looked over at Ye Fan: “You really wish to obtain these items?”

“Items that belong to me, why can’t I get them back?” Ye Fan was unafraid, he was also a cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge Realm, he was simply unafraid of Han Yishui’s threats.

“Hahaha!” Han Yishui suddenly laughed: “Very good, you’ve got guts, you remind me of myself when I was younger. It’s okay, I won’t make things difficult for you, child get the stuff out, also give him the precious stones.”

Not far away, the child nodded before disappearing into the depths of the valley.

At this moment, Han Yishui had a smile on his face as he cupped his hands together to apologise: “You should know my temper, if I see a spiritual treasure I will always want to thoroughly research and understand it, since it’s really difficult to discover anything, I will return it to him. We’ve already been acquainted for over ten years, there’s no need to get so angry over this small matter.”

Elder Wu Qingfeng’s face regained it’s calm as he sat on a stone seat by the side, a child carried a stone table over and brought teacups, the earlier altercation had already passed by.

Not long after, a child brought the Great Lei Yin Temple plaque, bronze lamp, rosary beads and golden vajra over, besides these items, there were also several clothings and precious stones.

“Many thanks Elder Han.” Ye Fun cupped his hands in respect.

“This Wu will make his leave, let’s catch up another day.”

Elder Wu Qingfeng stood up as he brought Ye Fan out of the valley, the other two elders stood up as they said their goodbyes.

A young man of about twenty seven years of age walked into the pavilion and asked: “Teacher, didn’t you mention that those damaged bronze artifacts were exceptional with extraordinary history? Why did we hand it over to that ordinary human?”

“Could it be that you wish to see me fight against Wu Qingfeng?” Elder Han swept his gaze at him as he sipped his tea and said indifferently: “You’ve already said, he is merely an ordinary mortal.”

“Teacher, your intention is……” The young man seemed to have light flash through his eyes: “I understand, I’ll assign this task to Li Yun and Li Lin, there won’t be any traces, Elder Wu Qingfeng will be left in the dark.”

Han Yishui did not say anything, his expression was calm as he continued to sip his tea, enjoying the scenery outside the pavilion.

The young man bowed in respect before turning to leave, not much time had passed before this young man hurried back with Li Yun and Li Lin in tow.

“Teacher, there seems to be a problem with that ordinary mortal.”

Looking at Li Yun’s swollen face and Li LIn’s pale complexion, Han Yishui seemed to sense that something was wrong as he asked: “You two fought with someone?”

Li Lin and Li Yun’s faces were red, as they recounted the events that had occurred earlier in shame.

Han Yishui listened to everything and stood up vigorously as he grit his teeth: “He was the one who killed my grandson!”

“Killed by him?!” The three people by the side had expressions of shock on their faces.

“I’ve already understood the situation, this is the only plausible explanation. Yu-er was together with several cultivators at the Spring of Life realm, that fellow was a mere mortal and did not have the ability to kill them.” Han Yishui slapped the stone table with a cold face: “I now understand that it was him, it was him!”

The young man of around twenty seven years of age exclaimed: “I’ll take revenge for Fei Yu!”

Li Yun and Li Lin had expressions of shock on their faces, they would never have imagined that Han Fei Yu and four Spring of Life cultivators were actually killed by Ye Fan a year ago.

“Kill, we must kill him!” Han Yishui’s face was cold, a sinister light could be seen in his eyes.

“This fellow really hides it well.” Li Yun felt his back cover in cold sweat, Li Lin was stunned, her complexion was pasty white as she trembled in fear.

Han Yishui walked a few rounds before stopping as he said to the young man that was around twenty seven: “Call your senior brother and the others, there’s no need to ponder any further, as long as that fellow leaves the Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary, immediately kill him!”

“Do we need to alarm my senior brother just to kill him? Bringing a few people along will be sufficient to kill him.”

Elder Han coldly glared at him: “This fellow managed to kill several cultivators at the Spring of Life realm a year ago, you haven’t broken through to the Spiritual Bridge realm, without your senior brother taking the lead, it will be difficult for me to rest easy.”

“That frightening?”

“I also hope that he is an ordinary mortal, but the reality is that this fellow is definitely far from ordinary. If it weren’t for his age, I would have suspected that he had already broken through to the Spiritual Bridge realm.”

Hearing these words, the three people by the side sucked in a breath of cold air.

Han Yishui was incensed as he finally raised his head fiercely: “Call your second senior sister out from her closed meditation.”

“What?!” The young man of twenty seven was extremely shocked: “My senior brother and second senior sister are both experts at the Spiritual Bridge realm, a single person should be sufficient, do we really need both of them?”

“Allow her to act together with your senior brother, with two experts at the Spiritual Bridge realm taking the lead, I will be able to rest easy. Not only that, all ten of you brothers go forth together!” Han Yishui’s face was exceptionally sinister, extremely terrifying as he continued: “Never look down on the enemy, a lion should use its full strength to deal with a rabbit. If we aim to kill, we must be thorough, there must be no chance for him to live!”

“All ten of us brothers will head out?” The young man was thoroughly stunned.

Han Yishui swept his gaze at him as the young man hurried to bow before leaving, swiftly rushing to invite his senior brother and sister.

“The two of you tag along to enrich yourselves.” Han Yishui looked over at Li Yun and Li Lin as he calmly spoke.

The two people hesitantly acquiesced.

Not long after, a male in his fifties and a female in her forties brought thirty odd cultivators to the pavilion as they paid their respects in unison: “Greetings teacher!”

“All of you should already know what to do, I do not want to see him alive!” Elder Han’s killing intent was overflowing.

Within Elder Wu Qingfeng’s abode, the old man advised: “Child, you shouldn’t leave first. After several days I will personally escort you out, I can’t help but worry for you.”

“You don’t need to worry about me, there won’t be a problem.”

“I also wish that nothing will happen, however……” Elder Wu Qingfeng shook his head as he suddenly stopped speaking.

Finally, Ye Fan left the old man a letter before leaving swiftly. Ye Fan walked out of the mountainous region as he took a final glance at behind him, he had decided to leave the Yan State.

“Jade Lake Sacred Ground, Genesis Ancient Mine and the Jiang Family” Ye Fan’s mind already pictured that faraway land.

Suddenly, twelve rainbows rushed out, appearing swiftly before him as they blocked his path.

“Li Lin, Li Yun, have the two of you found helpers to deal with me?” Ye Fan calmly gazed at the people in the sky.

“The two of them don’t have such influence.” The male in his fifties looked down arrogantly at him.

Ye Fan seemed to think of something as lights seemed to shine from his eyes: “Han Yishui sent the few of you!”

“It seems you aren’t that stupid.” By the side, a female in her forties coldly laughed: “What are your last words, hurry and leave them, we will then send you on your way.”

“For a few bronze artifacts he actually sent people to kill me, really vicious.” Ye Fan’s expression immediately became cold.

“It isn’t merely the incident with the bronze artifacts, we are also accounting for you killing Han Fei Yu.”

“I wanted to peacefully leave the Yan State, it seems there will certainly be a big clamor.”

“Hahaha!” The few people in the air began to laugh loudly: “Who do you think you are? Till the end you still dream, it is simply too laughable.”

“I really don’t understand why teacher would command us to act, sending ten great experts to deal with such a worthless fellow, really…….”

“A single finger from senior brother or second senior sister will be enough to deal with him, why would all of us need to act, teacher is really making a mountain out of a molehill.”

“Two experts at the Spiritual Bridge realm together with eight cultivators at the Spring of Life realm, ten great experts sent out to kill me, you really appraise me quite highly.”

Having said this, Ye Fan glanced at Li Yun and Li Lin who were not far away as he continued: “I’ve forgotten to include the two of you as well.”

“Don’t speak anymore, let’s hurry and finish him off. Who will be the one to kill him?”

Amongst the ten great disciples of Han Yishui, several people were indifferent towards Ye Fan, looking down on him, they did not even think they would need to act.

“Sixth brother, the few of you move out and kill him, we can go back earlier.”

“Li Lin and Li Yun, the two of you go forward to assist their formation.”

The two disciples at the Spiritual Bridge realm instructed, they simply did not feel the need to personally act.

At this moment, Ye Fan spoke up: “I think all of you should act together.” Having said this, he slowly floated into the air.

“He really isn’t simple, teacher was right, everyone be careful.” A disciple amongst them reminded.

The two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm continued to be indifferent as they ordered the others to act, they did not have the intention to personally act.

Ye Fan swept his gaze the group of people as he sighed: “I really don’t wish to kill anyone.”

“Such arrogance!”

“Till the end you still dare to spout such nonsense, you really don’t know what death means!”

Ye Fan had a faint smile on his face as he shook his head and advised: “The few of you should head back, inform Han Yishui that since he wants to kill me, he should act personally, why send his ten great disciples to their deaths?”

“You!” Even the two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm were angry as large amounts of energy exploded from their bodies while they drew closer. They were prepared to send out their personal artifacts to kill Ye Fan.

“It seems that you won’t retreat no matter what I say, in that case, I will send the few of you on your way.” Ye Fan’s smile remained but the aura surrounding him had drastically changed.

“Act together to kill him!” The two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm felt that something was amiss as they commanded everyone to act together.

“It’s too late, none of you will be able to leave!” At this moment, the divine energy within Ye Fan began to swell as a golden divine fire began to blaze fiercely, his entire person became dazzling like a golden sun as thunder rang out and the roar of the howling sea could be heard.

Ye Fan seemed like a god that had worn his golden battle armour, his hair whipped about as lightning swirled about him, drowned in endless amounts of divine splendor.


Ye Fan’s body began to emit large amounts of energy fluctuations, he did not send forth his artifact but rather struck out towards the two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm with his bare hands, the frightening pressure was enough to alarm everyone causing them to act together.

The two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm were alarmed as a male sent a blood red demon blade flying out, it was body was scarlet and glistening. The blade tore through the air and exploded forth with endless blood rays like a large bloody river surging forth, as it chopped towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan rushed over with his bare hands, his entire body was flashing with a divine splendor, his flesh seemed to be forged from divine metal and his speed was inconceivably fast. “Clang!” His bare hands actually caught the blood red demon blade, gripping it within his hands as he suddenly exerted his strength.


Blood red lights filled the sky as he forcefully snapped the artifact of the cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm, the golden light surrounding his body expanded as it rushed forth, a punch was sent flying forward as the sky seemed to fill with a golden tsunami that was surging forward.


He was simply too fast, his physical body was simply too strong, the golden fist had instantly caused the male cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm to explode into pieces, fresh blood filling the air.

“Senior brother!” Everyone was shocked as they felt their bodies become drenched in cold sweat. All this had happened in the blink of an eye and no one could possibly stop them, Ye Fan’s divine splendor expanded out and the frightening golden fist could not be stopped, he had an unimaginable amount of strength contained within him.


The woman at the Spiritual Bridge realm sent a silver river dragon shears flying out, like two silver river dragons that were sealed together as it went hurtling towards Ye Fan.

In this moment, Ye Fan seemed as though he were surrounded by a vast golden body of water, his eyes flashed with golden lights as his divine energy surged, he did not dodge but merely smashed his golden fist to meet it.


It was like a golden river that was surging forward, as he smashed his fist, it rushed outwards and the golden fist directly collided with the silver river dragon shears, a frightening sound rang out as the silver shears was instantly crushed, splitting into ten odd pieces as they fell from the sky.


At the same time, Ye Fan became a streak of golden light as he appeared before the woman, the golden fist instantly rent her apart as a bloody mist filled the sky, scattering in all directions.

Absolute shock, an overwhelming combat power, Ye Fan was like a golden war god and had used his bare hands to kill two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm.

All this happened in an instant, no one was able to react in time. It was only now that the others began to send forth their artifacts, however, Ye Fan was already high in the sky with a golden divine glow that blazed like a fire which shrouded his body within.

He had eaten two different types of divine medicine, allowing him to shed his mortal flesh and exchange his bones twice, his mortal shell was without impurities and absolutely dazzling. It could be compared to a treasured divine weapon, inconceivably strong. He had wanted to test how powerful his mortal body was and he could actually defend against spiritual treasures with his bare hands, this was extremely satisfactory.

Everyone was dazed, two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm had been killed by Ye Fan’s bare hands, they no longer have any willpower to continue fighting, their souls were trembling and they swiftly flew off in different directions attempting to flee.

Ye Fan sent a copper mirror flying out as a purple mist filled the air. In an instant, the mirror sent a resplendent light flying forward, like a blazing sun in the sky as the purple lights shot forth in all directions.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Wisps of smoke could be seen floating outwards as one corpse after another fell to the ground.


Miserable cries rang out, not a single person was able to escape, the gap between a cultivator at the Spring of Life realm and the Spiritual Bridge realm was like the gap between heaven and earth, their strengths were simply too far apart. Two cultivators at the Spiritual Bridge realm had been killed by a single fist of Ye Fan, these other cultivators were simply too weak and could not even fend off a single attack from the copper mirror.

Including Li Lin and Li Yun, none of the twelve cultivators had managed to escape, all dying miserably.

“The copper mirror which is an artifact forged by an expert that has surpassed the Other Shore realm is really exceptional.” Ye Fan muttered as he kept the copper mirror, the golden divine fire that was shrouding his body swiftly dissipated and the golden fist gradually returned to its original colour, his immense strength gradually receding back into his body.

He had returned to being a delicate youth, like a neighbour’s oldest son, completely harmless.

“Han Yishui, you actually sent out ten great disciples to get me, if it were others they would certainly have perished. It’s a pity they ran into me.” Ye Fan muttered: “Since you wanted to kill me, then there’s no reason for me to be conservative.”

Ye Fan did not hesitate any further as he immediately rushed towards Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary, swiftly appearing before the gate of the sect. Thereafter, he took big strides in, the disciples guarding the gate recognised him and did not block his path.

“If I don’t make a fuss, it doesn’t mean I’m afraid. I was planning to peacefully leave the Yan State, Han Yishui, since you wanted to kill me, I’ll personally send myself to you today!”

At this moment, Han Yishui’s mind was in a mess, he felt that something was amiss. He had waited for a long time but none of his disciples had returned. He was beginning to feel anxious, at this moment, he could feel something strange in the air as though there were a unique aura within the valley, he fiercely lifted his head as he gazed into the distance.

Before the pavilion, there was suddenly a youth who looked to be around fourteen years of age, his snow white teeth were exposed as he showed a vibrant smile on his face.

“You!” Han Yishui retreated several large steps backward, he knew that things had gone awry, the youth before him was definitely not ordinary and was even more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

“Where are they?” Han Yishui could not help but ask.

“Are you talking about your ten great disciples? I’ve sent them on their way.”

“You!” Veins could be seen protruding from Han Yishui’s forehead.

Ye Fan had a carefree smile on his face as he continued: “I’ll send you on your way to reunite with them.”

In this moment, Ye Fan’s aura drastically changed as a vast golden body of water seemed to shroud his body, this was accompanied by endless streaks of lightning, a divine splendor blazed as a frightening energy fluctuation exploded out.

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