STH Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Bewitchingly moving

In a time when the supreme ultimate mandated heaven and earth, and before the world splintered off. The yuan qi mixed and became one. Since the beginning, the great one dictated that all living things would return to the soil, including the supreme ultimate.

All this was recorded within ancient texts, the supreme ultimate was a manifestation of the Dao, since the beginning of time, from nothingness to the creation of tens of thousands of living creatures, all this was the supreme ultimate.

The most mysterious ancient text within ancient China, ‘Classic of Changes’ had long ago expounded on the Supreme ultimate, it was recorded: “Changes included the supreme ultimate, the beginning gave life to Yin and Yang ……”

Within the mountainous region outside the Wei City, before a clear blue pristine lake, Ye Fan moved silently and forcefully, alternating between the two, one moment he was still yet moving, moving yet still. Sometimes he stood erect like a pine tree, sometimes he was supple like the river waters swirling about, slowly releasing his body as he used his mortal shell to feel the formless sound of the Dao.

Ye Fan was not a god, he could not possibly create a martial art for forging the physical body instantly, he could only slowly feel his way, his body was like a bolt of lightning when he was forceful, gentle like a passing breeze when he was gentle, forceful and gentle, there were the natural feelings of the Dao contained within his movements.

Half a month passed, he realised the difficulty of his endeavour, sometimes merely having an idea was simply insufficient, one needed to make it a reality.

Currently, forging the physical body could only be a supplementary method, he was merely a cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm, it was simply impossible for him to create an astonishing cultivating art, all this required time to create.

Under the current circumstances, it was important for him to continue cultivating the Wheel and Sea, followed by the Dao Palace and other mysterious realms, these were tested and proven cultivation methods which had seen countless ages, forged and baptised by time, they were perfected pieces of cultivation arts.

“I will cultivate the Wheel and Sea, Dao Palace and other mysterious realms to build up my spirit while cultivating martial arts to strengthen the body, the two elements will complement each other, and I will have divine abilities and primitive combat power at the same time.” Ye Fan was extremely excited at the prospect of becoming stronger.

“I believe that the collected wisdom of ancient China will surely be able to give the techniques of this world a run for their money.”

Ye Fan had already stayed two months within the Wei State, besides cultivating, he was constantly thinking of ways to traverse the void. He did not have any good methods to break through the Wheel and Sea realm, his understanding of the Dao was limited and could not congeal heavenly influence to form a door which would allow him to traverse the void, thinking about it, he could only rely on a stronger power.

Within Wei City, the area was flourishing with the hustle and bustle of carts and people, Ye Fan inadvertently saw a familiar figure, dressed in taoist robes with a purple gold hat, he did not have the feel of a monk, his waist was thick with a rosy complexion, this was the unscrupulous cultivator Duan De.

“The life of this damned fatty is really tough, corpses were piled high like mountains at the demonic emperor’s burial mound and blood flowed like rivers, he was forced into the Yin Tomb by the five powerful figures yet he managed to stay alive……” Ye Fan felt that the fat cultivator was definitely not simple, he was certainly not good-natured like his appearance. This was a ruthless individual, Ye Fan did not dare to draw closer.

Currently, his divine sense was extremely strong, his consciousness had formed into a vast golden lake, an actual form was beginning to materialise, coagulating between his brow, he could follow from a distance without worry of being spotted. The unscrupulous cultivator climbed a flight of stairs within a restaurant as he began to have a feast, eating meat and drinking large bowls of wine without any restraint, acting completely different from a monk.

It was only an hour later before he left Wei City with a body full of the musk of alcohol, swaying as he moved towards the mountains.

“This damned fatty, after having his full of meat and wine, he actually goes directly into the depths of the mountains, what is he up to?” Ye Fan was curious as he followed from far behind, he was alarmed that with his powerful divine sense, he actually felt an unfathomable feeling coming from Duan De.

The speed of the unscrupulous cultivator was extremely fast as he crested mountains and traversed valleys, his speed was not much slower than flying as he swiftly arrived before the gate of a sect. Ye Fan knew that this was a small sect within the Wei State, even smaller than the Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary.

Duan De snaked his way in as he delved deeper, Ye Fan did not dare to enter but rather quietly waited outside, half a minute passed before the fat cultivator snuck back out as he swiftly fled.

Not long after, shouts could be heard from within the sect, Ye Fan could faintly discern that the sect seemed to have lost something of importance.

“This damned fatty is really unscrupulous.” Ye Fan swiftly fled, the cultivators from this sect were flying forth in all directions and if he was spotted, it would be difficult to extricate himself from the matter.

“Where do you think you’re going!” An elder actually managed to spot him. “Damned fatty, I’ll f*** your ancestors, this couldn’t possibly be premeditated to make me a scapegoat right?” Ye Fan’s heart was confused as he disappeared into the depths of the mountains in the blink of an eye.

An hour later, he managed to find traces of the unscrupulous cultivator again, he was suspicious of whether Duan De knew that someone was following him.

However, the unscrupulous cultivator did not turn to look and seemed oblivious as he hiccuped in his drunken stupor while muttering: “The Wei State meeting of cultivators is worth a look, who knows what priceless treasures will turn up.”

“So this damned fatty is actually thinking of attending some meeting.”

Duan De flew five hundred odd Li before finally descending onto a mountain. Just ahead, the clouds and mist were swirling about under a mountain peak with lush green valley. Several cultivators were riding on mystical rainbows as they entered the valley.

This was a sect and before the gate was a limestone with the words ‘Mysterious Origin’, nobody was blocking the way and anyone could freely enter, several cultivators rushed over from all directions.

Inside the mountain peak was simply gorgeous, there were pavilion halls and a waterfall flowing down. It was an extremely serene pure land, and there were already many cultivators gathered within.

Ye Fan continued to follow behind Duan De, he realised that this fellow was really an unusual person who had his unusual ways as he turned and twisted his way through, causing one to be caught off guard as he reached the rear mountain of the sect.

Up ahead, cherry blossoms bloomed revealing a pinkish red sight. The entire area was covered in cherry blossom trees like a pink gauze encompassing the place as a flowery fragrance filled the air.

Duan De stopped before a thousand year old cherry blossom tree as he crouched down, his eyes were wide and it seemed like his saliva would flow out at any moment, he seemed to be very excited over something.

Looking at him from far away, Ye Fan wondered what priceless treasure this damned fatty had spotted.

“Who goes there?!” At this moment, the delicate voice of a female could be heard.

Ye Fan looked over again but Duan De had already disappeared without a trace, he immediately realised that something was amiss as he swiftly fled. However, the surroundings of the cherry blossom forest suddenly began to rotate as pinkish flowers began dancing in the sky, a dazzling flower rain began to descend and he could no longer escape or find a way back.

Ye Fan dashed haphazardly left and right but was unable to extricate himself, he merely moved deeper into the mountainous area and finally arrived at where Duan De was previously.

It was only at this moment that he found out what Duan De had seen. Up ahead had copious amounts of flowers strewn on the floor as petals fell gently like the rain. Within the cherry blossom forest was a small lake, by the shore were endless thousand year ancient cherry blossom trees, where there were fresh clothes hung on all of them.

Cherry blossoms fluttered as the entire lake was covered in pink, the dazzling flower rain shrouded the area as a sweet fragrance wafted over, extremely mesmerising and beautiful, simply a scene worthy of immortals.

Of course, this was not the most eye-catching thing. There were ten odd beautiful ladies taking a bath, their black hair was like a waterfall, coupled with snowy lotus-like arms, their slender jade bodies flashing with a mesmerising lustre, together with the rain of flowers, it was an exceptionally moving scene.

“Damned fatty, I’ll f*** your whole family!” Ye Fan bitterly cursed, he knew that the unscrupulous cultivator must have noticed him and was purposefully trapping him. He wanted to flee but was simply unable to, cherry blossoms filled the air and they flashed with a misty light, there were clearly Dao Inscriptions carved within this area, gathering the might of the region thus forming a singular region which cut off all exits.

Laughter that were like silver bells ringing could be heard from within the cherry blossom forest, several ladies wore light gauze. Like a lotus flower breaking the surface as they glided over. Slender legs and shapely shoulders, the thin gauze was unable to obscure all this, like a sheep-fat white jade*, simply incomparable and exceptionally moving. Petals rained down in the surrounding area, their wonderful shapely figures could hardly be concealed, skin that were sparkling and translucent. All this put together had an incredible enticing power.

Ye Fan could not flee and assumed that they would actually rush over to kill him, who knew that they did not emit any killing intent but rather gently drifted over, any normal male would definitely bleed from the nose when faced with such a scene.

However, Ye Fan felt alarmed, this was definitely not a bunch of ordinary females, otherwise, how could they possibly be so gutsy as to expose their backs and shoulders without any care as they smiled while drifting over.

“Duan De, you unscrupulous cultivator, come out here right now!” He rushed towards the side as he shouted.

Light laughter drifted over as the group of ladies flocked over, their skin was smooth like jade dotted with beads of water, their clothes did little to cover their lithe bodies as they swiftly drew close.

“Little brother, you’ve really got guts to venture into the depths of my sects sacred grounds, peeking at us bathing……” A slender and elegant woman amongst them spoke, her jet black hair was dripping and a faint smile was on her face as she looked over at Ye Fan, giving one a feeling of radiant happiness.

“This is all a misunderstanding, I’m being played by a damned fatty, he’s framing me, he was the one who was peeping, this matter does not concern me.” Ye Fan was cursing the ancestors of the unscrupulous cultivator in his heart, this damned fatty was simply too immoral.

From the clear and pristine lake, all the ladies had moved to the shore, they only used a piece of white gauze to cover their bodies, their slender and mesmerising figures were exposed with nary anything covered, it was a moving sight.

Their erect breasts, jade-like white arms, tiny waists that could be held in one hand, unblemished and ramrod straight backs, gracefully moving about with their jade feet. This was a charming and gentle scene as the petals fell, these brazen women were certainly not any ordinary bunch.

There was a beautiful lady in her twenties with moist red lips, pearly white teeth and a lovely smile. She had a black outerwear draped over her snow white bosom, her voice was mesmerizing, extremely sweet-sounding: “Whether you’ve been framed or not isn’t important, since you’ve already come here, this can be considered a sort of fate.”

“I don’t need fate, fairies please let me go, this really doesn’t concern me……”

There was a red birthmark in the centre of that lady’s forehead, adding a different allure to her aura, her jade-like body was long and slender as she sauntered over, pointing towards Ye Fan with her dainty fingers as she moved closer.

Ye Fan wanted to dodge but the other party’s movements were actually faster than him, he simply had no way to escape and he felt alarmed, this was definitely an expert, this group of bewitching ladies clearly had a frightening background.

That dainty finger pinched his cheek: “I can feel the difference in your physical body, a blood qi is surging like a raging river, this definitely isn’t some ordinary body……”

Ye Fan was stunned but he smiled as he replied: “Fairies, an ordinary male would definitely have their blood raging at the sight of all of you, it isn’t my body that is special, can all of you stand further away otherwise you’ll be wasting my life away.”

A fragrance was emitted from the body of this lady as she laughed: “Don’t be afraid, we won’t kill you.”

“Fairies, are you satisfied with this precious body?” At this moment, the voice of the unscrupulous cultivator Duan De came from within the cherry blossom forest, his rosy countenance could be seen.

“Unscrupulous cultivator! You’re playing with me!” Ye Fan glared at Duan De.

“Little fellow, you dare to say that I’m messing with you…….” Duan De’s face was ugly and his emotions seemed to be riled: “Three years ago before the burial mound of the demon emperor, you really played me well, I almost died there, you little bastard almost got me good.”

“Your granddaddy! Three years ago you stole three of my spiritual artifacts, you actually dare to say that it was I who was messing with you, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning!”

“How can three spiritual artifacts be considered much? Where’s the piece of useless metal? This Daoist fought tooth and nail before finally making it out, my life was almost lost but I didn’t manage to see even a glimpse of the aurichalcite, little fellow you were messing with me……” The fat cultivator was becoming more agitated as though he wanted to carve Ye Fan alive.

“Daoist Duan, I’m very satisfied with this precious body.” At this moment, lady in her twenties faintly smiled, extremely pretty and moving. This move would cause one to be unable to resist her bewitching ability.

“Since you’re satisfied, give me a drop of the blood essence from the demon emperor.” A strange light seemed to flash within the fat cultivator’s eyes: “I believe that you people of the demonic race will not renege on your promises.”

Ye Fan was shocked, this group of females was actually a group of demons, the blood essence of the demon emperor made him think of the heart of the demon emperor which had fled, he was simply helpless as he glared at the fat cultivator: “Damned fatty, you dared to mess with me?”

The unscrupulous cultivator glanced at him furiously: “Little fellow, don’t even mention about who is messing with whom, three years ago you almost cost me my life, today I’ve merely messed with your body.”

“You’re good!” Ye Fan really wanted to leave a footprint on that chubby face.

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