STH Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Yan Ruyu

Above the mountain range, vegetation was lush and abundant, green mist swirled as the entire area seemed to be flowing with a luxuriant light, as though they were carved from jadeite, giving the entire area an otherworldly feel.

Three years had gone by and this mysterious lady seemed even more divine and otherworldly, elegant like an immortal that did not eat the food of mortals, as though she would ride the winds and ascend to the nine heavens at any moment.

She stood within the pavilion, her white dress fluttering and her black hair dancing, her eyes were watery and seemed to be filled with a watery mist, giving one a mesmerizing feeling, glancing down as she gazed at Ye Fan, she had an expression of curiosity: “It’s you.”

Qin Yao was a woman who had an alluring sex appeal, a gentle figure with a smile that will befuddle any man. All who see her would greet her and pay their respects to the lady of this mountain range.

Ye Fan could not help but admit, this lady was definitely perfect without any blemishes, there was simply no mark on her body, near perfection. Amongst all the women that he knew, only the Celestial Rotating Jade sacred woman within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land could compete.

“It’s me, we meet again.”

Qin Yao and the others heard this as expressions of shock appeared on their faces, they did not know that the two parties knew each other and could not help but measure Ye Fan a few times before looking back to the mysterious woman. “Your highness, this youth was sent by Daoist Duan, it’s as he said, it’s a priceless body that could be considered a sacred artifact.” Qin Jia reported to the perfect lady.

Ye Fan felt stunned, from the way they were addressing her, the perfect lady was definitely the descendent of the demon emperor, at this same time, he felt weird at being referred to as a sacred artifact: “You people…… what do you mean?”

“Don’t worry, if you are chosen, there will be phenomenal benefits for you.”

The blemishless lady in the pavilion spoke in a moving voice: “How could it be him…….”

“I never expected to meet under such circumstances, could this fairy please tell me where Pang Bo resides? How is he and can I meet up with him?”

Below the mountain range, the ten odd demon race females had expressions of curiosity, they did not understand how Ye Fan was acquainted with Pang Bo, naming him to request a meet.

“I’m afraid I can’t grant your wish.” The voice of the beautiful woman was very gentle.


“He’s currently in closed meditation, within two years it is impossible for him to appear.”

Ye Fan felt concern in his heart as he loudly questioned: “I’m concerned for his safety, can you tell me if he is still the original Pang Bo?”

The woman in the pavilion did not say anything, her expression was calm as she nodded once before shaking her head once.

“What is your meaning?” Ye Fan did not feel comforted.

By the side, the woman with the red birthmark smiled seductively: “Don’t worry, there are some things which our highness cannot directly divulge to you. However, please set your heart at ease. Our demon race has it’s own ethics and will not harm anyone without reason, you will definitely be able to meet your friend in the future.”

“My gut tells me that you’re not being completely honest.” Ye Fan looked at Qin Yao as he continued: “Please tell me, what’s the matter with Pang Bo?”

“Right now, no one can say clearly. Everything will be revealed once he comes out from his closed meditation.” Having said this, Qin Yao turned to bow towards the flawless lady: “Your highness, this physical body is really phenomenally strong, it can be considered a priceless body and is very suitable for being a sacred artifact.”

Atop the mountain range, sparkling flower petals were floating in a dance, fragrance permeated the air, the perfect lady was bathed within the glow of the flower rain as she raised her brow: “How could it be him……”

“He isn’t suitable?” Qin Yao was puzzled.

“His blood qi is vigorous and vitality is strong, however, if the one who is in closed meditation feels his presence, his mind will not be tranquil and changes might occur.”

“A sacred artifact? For what purpose?” Ye Fan was filled with confusion.

The lady in the pavilion glanced at Ye Fan: “Take him away for now.”

A few moving demonic alluring women laughed as they came over, taking Ye Fan outside the valley. Qin Yao did not leave as her red lips parted to ask: “Your highness, are you thinking too much?”

“There are some things which you don’t understand, if something goes wrong, the outcome will be disastrous.”

“If we don’t consider other factors, how does highness feel about this treasured body?” Qin Yao questioned.

“It’s naturally strong enough, it really is worthy of picking.” Atop the mountain range, the lady in the white dress was like a jade tree, her eyes misty as she said softly: “The one who is in closed meditation previously mentioned that Ye Fan and Pang Bo had both ingested the sacred medicine, if a demon king were to acquire their mortal shells, it is very possible for their physical bodies to become emperors.

Far away, Ye Fan’s mind trembled, although the distance was far, his divine sense was exceptionally strong and could clearly hear the words.

“Both these people……..” Qin Yao had an expression of amazement on her face: “It’s no wonder the mysterious Daoist Duan De said that this kid’s talent was phenomenal and his body was strong to an inconceivable level, this is the reason.” Thereafter, she exposed an expression of excitement: “Isn’t that even better? The one in closed meditation has already chosen a mortal shell, this new acquisition is perfect as a sacred artifact.”

Ye Fan who had already walked to the periphery of the valley felt his heart tremble, he was worried for Pang Bo and it seemed that the situation was grim and difficult to determine. The perfect lady within the pavilion shook her head: “The one within closed meditation doesn’t even know if he can extend his life, it is difficult to say who will fulfill whom.”


“As for the youth named Ye Fan, his body is certainly extraordinary, if he is used as a sacred artifact, it is difficult to predict what will happen. The one in meditation previously mentioned that it seems that it is before the ancient times…….”

These were the final words that Ye Fan heard before he was brought out of the region into another valley, this area was filled with cherry blossoms that were tens of thousands of years old, a emerald green lake was within the centre of the cherry blossom forest and several thatched cottages were erected by the side, they blended in with the surroundings and were Ye Fan’s temporary residence.

It was only on the fifth day that the perfect lady appeared again, her real name was Yan Ruyu*, this was a title that represents the pinnacle of beauty. If someone else were given such a name, Ye Fan’s heart would definitely be indignant, however, this lady had misty eyes with jade-like skin, as though she had come out from a painting, she did not seem like someone of the real world and such a name was actually quite fitting.

[T/N* Her name in chinese means countenance like jade]

Qin Yao followed beside her, there were also two old women who gently floated to the emerald lake, earnestly and carefully inspecting Ye Fan’s body as expressions of shock appeared on their faces. “He can be used as a sacred artifact.” One of the old women spoke.

When the three people finally, left, Qin Yao walked over with a light smile on her face: “There must be many questions within your heart, relax, we are not going to harm you. You are actually going to get a great opportunity.”

Ye Fan questioned in a heavy voice: “What exactly are you planning?”

“You’ve seen the heart of the demon emperor, how was it?”

“Extremely frightening.” This was a fact, even experts of the Other Shore and past the Other Shore realm could not go near the beating heart, it would cause them to spit out blood from the vibrations, it was difficult to imagine the frightening amount of divine energy contained within.

“It’s good that you know.” Qin Yao glanced over at him as she laughed before rubbing his face: “A big opportunity will land in your lap, if you are successful, don’t forget about me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Using your physical body as a sacred artifact to foster the heart of the demon emperor, allowing it to maintain its vitality. At the same time, it will nourish your physical body, isn’t this a heaven sent opportunity?”

“This…….” Ye Fan was extremely shocked, he would never have imagined that they would use his body as an artifact to foster the heart of the demon emperor.

“You don’t have to feel worried, the heart of the demon emperor has already been sealed, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to bear it.”

“Right now, there will only be benefits for your body without a single detriment.” Having said this, Qin Yao blew a gentle gust of wind by his ear as she said sweetly: “If you are really able to foster this sacred heart, our highness will definitely marry you, this is the dream of innumerable men within the entire Eastern Badlands!”

“I don’t wish to be a sacred artifact!” Ye Fan did not want to accept unknown arrangements.

“How many people would dream to have such a chance, you actually…….” Qin Yao pressed on his head with a finger: “The sacred heart will allow you to shed your mortal skin and exchange your bones, if it weren’t for the fact that someone with such a physique is so difficult to find, do you believe such a chance would fall on you? In the future, her highness will use the sacred heart to cultivate a peerless demonic technique, she will marry you and be your wife, with such a peerless beauty as a partner, what is there to be unsatisfied with?” Using his body to foster the heart of the demon emperor and marrying the perfect lady as a wife, this made Ye Fan feel as though he were in a dream.

“A peerless beauty as a partner, I couldn’t hope for anything more, as for that heart, I thank you for your kindness but please find someone else.”

“You really dare to make demands, what sort of personage is her highness, without rhyme or reason to be by your side, wishful thinking.” Qin yao rolled her eyes as her slender jade fingers pinched his cheeks: “Fortune knocks at your door but you actually choose to reject it, I really don’t know what to say to you.”

Whether Ye Fan accepted it or not, there was no way to change this reality. Three days later, Yan Ruyu, Qin Yao and ten odd old women came into the cherry blossom forest, confining him within the thatched cottage.

A piece of divine metal as thick as a water jar engraved with various pictures of beasts suddenly emerged from within the emerald green lake, glowing as it pierced into the forest, ensnaring Ye Fan within.

Yan Ruyu seemed to be eighteen to nineteen years of age, she stood there silently watching Ye Fan.

“Yan Ruyu, future wife, can you…….” Ye Fan was speaking but suddenly became unable to, his mouth had been personally sealed by Yan Ruyu.

Within the emerald lake that was located in the cherry blossom forest, waves surged to the sky as nine golden carp that were several metres long dragged a crystal coffin out from the water, immediately releasing an endlessly vigorous vitality like that of a vast body of water that was surging.

The crystal coffin was two metres long and one metre wide, sparkling and translucent, under the rays of the sun it gave off seven divine colours, extremely exceptional. Within it was a fist sized heart, glistening bright red, it was like a scarlet jade spirit tablet, simply splendid and matchless. A powerful life force was originating from the heart of the demon emperor!

It was sealed within, a scarlet light swirled around it, dense mist floated about giving one a mesmerising feeling, bathing the crystal coffin in a blood red, releasing a dazzling glow.

Ye Fan wanted to howl but he could not make any noise, he wanted to struggle but he could not move, he was trapped by the divine metal without any way to stop all of this.

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