STH Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Aurichalcite Subdues the Sacred Heart

The crystal coffin seemed surreal as it flashed with a sparkling and translucent light, scarlet red lights swirled around the heart of the demon emperor as it shrouded the sky, making the blazing sun seem as though it had lost its colour, unable to compete with it, the surrounding cherry blossom forest was also affected as it was dyed blood red.

Qin Yao opened the coffin as a vigorous life force surged out like a vast body of water, everyone felt as though they were cleansed by a spring wind, such a strong life force would be beneficial for anyone cultivating if it was often by their side.

It was difficult to imagine how powerful the demon emperor was back in the day, tens of thousands of months had gone by, his heart which he had left behind for his descendents remained unfathomably powerful.

“The cultivation of the great emperor was too unfathomable yet he was unable to become an immortal, it really makes one wonder if there even exists immortals within the world?” An old woman sighed.

Yan Ruyu solemnly bowed towards the crystal coffin as she personally went forward, accepting an emerald case from the hands of a lady from the demonic race, the heart was atop it like a red precious stone as she brought it before the pillar of divine metal.

“Yan Ruyu……” Ye fan used his divine sense to transmit words, he wanted to say something but at this moment, the ten odd old women had walked forward as they utilised their divine arts to point towards his head.

Ye Fan felt stunned, these ten odd old people were too frightening, they could actually discover the abnormality in his divine sense, immediately sealing the golden lake within the centre of his brow, he struggled valiantly as golden lights shot from the lake but was unable to break free from the seal.

Even so, the expressions on the faces of the ten odd old women had changed as one of them spoke: “This child is really extraordinary, his divine sense is inconceivable, based on his age, his mental power shouldn’t be that strong.”

The jade case within Yan Ruyu’s hands was releasing a scarlet glow which had dots of golden light mixed within, it shrouded her entire body, her body was like jade, exceptionally pristine. She silently stared at Ye Fan for a long time before stretching a delicate jade finger to touch his cheeks, her actions were very gentle like a cool breeze blowing by. Her peerless beauty had a complicated expression on it, it was difficult to say what her feelings were but she swiftly regained her calm as she once again became composed, like a fairy of the jade lakes, otherworldly and divine.

“Your highness, please stand back, we are about to act.” An old woman went forward as she received the emerald jade case.

Yan Ruyu gently nodded as she gently retreated like a nimble sprite.

Ye Fan really did not wish to accept such arrangements, fostering the heart of the demon emperor within his body, no one knew what changes it would bring.

Suddenly, he felt an intense pain as the ten odd old women began to forcibly attack his sea of bitterness.

“Don’t be nervous, we won’t be plucking out your heart, we will only be placing the heart of the demon emperor within your spring of life, using your primordial ancient divine body’s unique divine spring to nourish the heart……”

If Ye Fan was able to shout, he would certainly do so loudly, there were too many secrets within his golden sea of bitterness which could not be exposed.

“It’s really worthy of being called a primordial ancient divine body, it’s as powerful as the few of us, ten odd people working together yet we are unable to break through, it’s as tough as divine metal, this is simply unbelievable.”

“This is the most powerful divine body of the human race, back in the day it could sweep everything away, it’s a pity that it has become a crippled body, this child is really something else, forcibly cultivating to the Spring of Life realm, who knows how he managed to do so. This is good, as long as the divine spring within his body continues to gurgle forth, that will allow the sacred heart to exist……”

“There’s actually no way to break through……” The ten odd old women were extremely shocked, they were helpless as one of them turned to speak: “Your highness, may we request to borrow the sacred weapon to break through the sea of bitterness of the primordial ancient divine body.”

Yan Ruyu calmly nodded as a dazzling divine light shot forth in all directions, exceptionally blinding, it was impossible to see what artifact was contained within due to the brilliance of the divine light, drowning her jade hand within.

An old woman received the ball of brilliant light as she gently swept it past his sea of bitterness, Ye Fan almost fainted as he felt his sea of bitterness forcibly penetrating, blazing golden lights rushed out as sounds of the howling sea emerged with waves surging to the sky.

“Heavens! It’s actually a golden sea of bitterness, this…… how could this be possible?!”

Everyone was stunned, they did not expect such a scene, a golden sea which surged to the heavens, lightning interweaved between, this seemed like the beginning of the world that was giving birth to vigorous life.

“Is this why the primordial ancient divine body is so hard to cultivate?”

A golden sea of bitterness had never been seen or heard of before, even Yan Ruyu had been affected and could not keep her calm, her beautiful countenance was filled with shock as her eyes stared over.

Ye Fan could not move, if he was able to shout, he would certainly scold all the people present, he struggled to open his mouth but was unable to do so, the intense pain almost made him faint.

“It’s rumoured that experts of the past had various profound scenes occur within their Wheel and Sea, like a brilliant moon above the sea, stars covering the morning sky, golden lotus within the sea of bitterness, each profound scene brought with it unimaginable power. This child actually has a golden sea of bitterness, this is the most powerful of images, in the future there will definitely be scenes from legends that appear within.”

“It’s a pity that in the current world, it is almost impossible to cultivate the primordial ancient divine body, him being able to cultivate to the Spiritual Bridge realm is already exceptional, he must have had a fortuitous encounter.”

The ten odd old women did not dare to tarry for fear of injuring Ye Fan’s qi, placing the heart of the demon emperor deep within the gurgling Spring of Life before hastily retreating, retrieving the sacred weapon of Yan Ruyu.

In this moment, the golden sea of bitterness was even more extraordinary, the vast body of water rumbled as lightning interweaved giving birth to endless life force, it swiftly healed itself without revealing any strange effects.

Everyone was in a tense state before finally releasing a long breath of relief.

Ye Fan experienced an intense pain before everything finally calmed down, he was thinking about the words of the old women, back in the primitive era the Wheel and Sea had various strange scenes? Bright moon over the sea, stars within the morning sky, golden lotus within the sea of bitterness……. Hearing the names already suggested the scenes and this made him look forward to the future.

“Talking about it, those Sacred Grounds and ancient aristocratic families are really something else, it’s rumoured that the Ji family has raised someone with a divine body, his cultivation has been successful and the news has thus been spread, it’s rumoured that there are various strange scenes within his sea of bitterness, extremely terrifying.”

“I wonder how the divine body which resounded throughout the Eastern Badlands compares to the sacred body of the past, it’s a pity that the sacred body is already crippled without any way for comparison, otherwise, it really makes one look forward to it.”

“A divine body appeared within the Ji Family, if it doesn’t fall, they will enjoy prosperity for several thousand years, no one will be able to stop them.”

Ye Fan was shocked, there was someone with the divine body within the ancient aristocratic Ji Family, this made him feel very unsettled.

A full hour passed before Ye Fan finally recovered to normal, he was already released from his confines.

Qin Yao walked forward as she laughed: “You’ve seen that we didn’t harm you, there was no need to be so cautious, nourishing the heart of the demon emperor within you will only have benefits without any detriments.”

Ye Fan did not speak as he silently sat by the side, feeling the changes within his body. The aurichalcite was silent like a rock, erected within the eye of the spring, the old women earlier had failed to detect it.

The heart of the demon emperor was within the Spring of Life, constantly nourished by the divine spring as the vigorous life force circulated, it’s position was much better than the golden book but it was still unable to compare with the aurichalcite, forced atop the spring without being able to near the eye of the spring.

“This aurichalcite is really extraordinary……” Ye Fan was amazed, the heart of the demon emperor could only submit to it, this really made one feel shocked.

Suddenly, Ye Fan felt the heart tremble faintly before beginning to wildly absorb his qi essence of life, the Spring of Life gurgled as the divine spring became like a volcano that was erupting, gathering towards the heart.

His countenance became ugly, this was not a good sign, if the heart continued to absorb the qi essence of life like such, he would definitely be sucked dry.


At this moment, the aurichalcite within the eye of the spring suddenly trembled as the sea of bitterness immediately regained its calm, the divine spring no longer surged as everything was stilled, the heart became silent as it no longer moved.


Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air, the aurichalcite was really phenomenal, it was erected within the eye of the spring and could subdue all treasures within the sea of bitterness.

“If the aurichalcite wasn’t present, my situation would definitely be precarious, they didn’t completely seal this heart……”

Ye Fan calmed down as he pushed the cauldron which he had been forging countless times towards the dazzling heart as he muttered: “I wonder if I’m able to absorb a few drops of the sacred blood of the demon emperor.”


When the cauldron came into contact with the heart, the red heart weakly jumped as the entire golden body of water seemed to boil, thereafter the aurichalcite trembled as everything became peaceful again.

Ye Fan felt as though he had been struck by lightning, he swayed as he found a trace of blood atop his small cauldron, it transformed into endless blood light as it rushed out of his sea of bitterness, spreading throughout every part of his body.

In this moment, his physical body began to tremble as though it were being molded, releasing a dazzling light as a bloody colour shrouded his physical body.

“How could it be? The heart of the demon emperor has just entered his Spring of Life but is already nourishing his physical body, how could it be so fast?” An old woman had an expression of astonishment on her face.

The others were also puzzled with looks of confusion on their faces.

Ye Fan believed that these people did not have the intention to harm him, they believed that they had already sealed the sacred heart, however, they had not managed to completely subdue it, if it were not for the presence of the aurichalcite, it would be difficult to guess the outcome.

“Good, good, good!” An old woman said this three times: “After being nourished, the heart of the demon emperor will be able to exist for a long time, your highness can rest easy and boldly cultivate the peerless demon technique.”

Not long after, the blood red colour which dyed Ye Fan’s body retreated and he felt as though his physical body had been baptised, it had become much stronger and he sighed internally at the prowess of the sacred blood, it was merely a trace of it but already had such effects, if it was a drop, ten drops or even the entire heart, what would be the outcome?

Yan Ruyu’s expression could not maintain its calm as she stared at him while muttering: “I have to cultivate together with him?”

“This…… your highness will have to decide for yourself.”

At this moment, Ye Fan stood up as he felt exceptionally comfortable, awake and refreshed.

“Stay here temporarily, after a few days I will arrange other living quarters for you.” Yan Ruyu spoke.

Thereafter, the group of people left the cherry blossom forest.

“Fairy Yan, wait a moment.” Ye Fan called Yan Ruyu before walking forward as he measured this perfect and blemishless woman without any embarrassment, a smile could be seen on his face: “Are you really going to marry me?”

Yan Ruyu was like fairy who descended to the mortal realm, this immortal stood straight, showing her lithe body, silently looking at Ye Fan without saying anything.

By the side, Qin Yao suddenly laughed lightly: “Hey, your hand is placed at the wrong area, that is the palm of her highness.”

At the same time, Ye Fan felt as though he was riding on clouds and mist as he was sent flying away by Yan Ruyu, swiftly being placed onto the peak of a cliff within the cherry blossom forest.

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