STH Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Invincible before everything

The blazing sky was high in the sky but the fallen mountain in the distance was experiencing night, the emerald ocean surged forward then receded, a bright moon was high in the sky giving one a feeling of emptiness, although there was the sound of the howling sea, there seemed to be a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Bright moon above the sea! The unique scene within the Wheel and Sea of experts in the past, this scene stunned everyone, such a scene was truly rare in the current era.

The seventh young master of the Ji Family, Ji Haoyue, at the initial stages of the divine body, the first time he acted gave everyone an immense shock.

It was rumoured that each unique scene carried with it a mysterious might, totally different from the normal strength that one would usually cultivate, there was simply no way to measure this. As for the bright moon above the sea, this unique scene was famous throughout the ancient times, several experts back then had managed to cultivate such a unique scene, causing its fame to spread far and wide.

Ye Fan could not remain calm, this was the first time he had encountered an exceptional Wheel and Sea, he could not help but continually compare his own golden sea of bitterness to it.

How could there be a bright moon that was hanging in the sky, what was the cause for it? He simply could not comprehend this. His golden sea of bitterness was exceptional but definitely could not compare with the other party, such a majestic scene had never appeared before him.

Ye Fan was not dismayed, he had merely cultivated for three years and his current cultivation was already very astonishing, he only needed more time to bring out the potential of his divine body.

“Only when one fully cultivates two to three mysterious realms would there be a possibility for unique scenes to appear, allowing one to circulate a fearsome power. This fellow is indeed frightening.” An elder from the demon race sighed: “The Ji Family has hidden him for many years, it’s likely that he has been nurtured since birth, twenty years must have gone by before his cultivation had a breakthrough, allowing him to be seen by the world. It is clear that his strength is immeasurable.”

The experts of the demon race knew that in these twenty years, the Ji Family must have spent endless amounts of resources to nurture this person, an ancient aristocratic family using all their resources to nurture Ji Haoyue, no one could tell what realm he had reached.

Ye Fan felt stunned after hearing the discussions, his divine body was not even at the small success stage and simply could not compare with the other party, Ji Haoyue was at the small success stage and even the experts from the demon race were worried. “Leave the divine weapon of the demon emperor, I will allow the rest of you to leave.” Ji Haoyue was calm like a breeze, like flowing clouds above the fallen mountain, waves crested and troughed but he remained exceptionally calm.

“Do you really believe that you are able to block us?” An expert of the demon race had a cold expression as he glared at Ji Haoyue.

“I know your plans, you wish to carve Dao Inscriptions to form heavenly formations, opening the door to travel through space.” Ji Haoyue calmly spoke of the demon race’s plans while continuing: “It’s a pity that you don’t realise, this area is really strange. It’s an ancient battleground left behind from ages past, it is almost impossible to open a door here.”

“Ji Family……” The elder from the demon race said coldly: “The divine weapon of the demon emperor, how could it possibly be handed over to you? Even if you are successful today, aren’t you afraid of the other experts from the demon race attacking your Ji Family? Do you really believe that an ancient aristocratic family is invincible?”

“That is our concern, none of your business.” Ji Haoyue’s expression was indifferent, as though nothing of concern was taking place. A bright moon hung above his head as he stood atop the fallen mountain, appearing graceful and natural.

“In that case, let this old woman experience the might of a divine body.” The elder moved forward from the crowd as she flew forward.

In the distance, figures flashed as three experts appeared atop the fallen mountain.

“You people are really careful, if you’re afraid of the divine body being damaged, why let him out in the first place?” The elder mocked.

“We will not act, we will only be here observing the battle.” The three elders from the Ji Family said this but it was clear that they were worried.

Ji Haoyue laughed as his clothes fluttered, moving forward as he distanced himself from the three elders: “Attack however you want.”

Even though the other party was very young, he had a divine body. Cultivation was not a matter of age and the elder from the demon race did not dare to take things lightly, an emerald jadeite mountain appeared above the palm of her hand, swiftly growing bigger as it pressed down.

The jadeite mountain continued to become bigger, every inch it pressed down caused the air to violently tremble, a frightening pressure caused the fallen mountain to sway.

Even so, as the jadeite mountain descended onto the emerald sea, it was as though it had fallen into quicksand, becoming exceptionally slow, actually being trapped.

“Descend!” The elder exclaimed.

The jadeite mountain seemed to cover the sky, its presence was immense, green lights filled the sky, affecting the peace of the emerald sea.

Ji Haoyue was extremely calm, waves crested and troughed behind him as a roaring sea surged, instantly submerging the jadeite mountain, causing it to thoroughly vanish into the vast body of water.

The youth of the Ji Family had not made any movements, he was calm and indifferent, relying solely on the uniqueness of the Wheel and Sea to directly take away the precious treasure of the elder.

“This……” The expression of the elder of the demon race had changed, she had lost her connection with her weapon, no longer being able to detect it in the slightest.

“You aren’t my match.”

“You…….” The elder of the demon race was caught in a dilemma, she could not advance nor retreat.

Yan Ruyu exclaimed from the back: “Su Yun!”

The elder decisively backed away, she knew that she simply wasn’t a match for the azure clothed male, the other party was simply unfathomable.

“Since you’ve already come, don’t go.” Ji Haoyue finally acted, he moved from the fallen mountain, stepping on the air as he reached her within several steps, the emerald sea rushed to the sky as it instantly covered the elder.

“No……” The old woman yelled, in this moment, her body released a five coloured divine splendour, changing into a huge bird that was as big as a mountain, slapping at the waves as she rushed towards the sky.

However, the vast emerald body of water seemed to carry a frightening majestic power which simply could not be avoided, huge waves surged, drowning the elder within, simply impossible to get free from. “Kill!” Two young girls from the demon race rushed forward at the same time, wanting to save the elder.

The two people worked together to send a precious treasure forth, a golden pair of scissors transformed into a river dragon as it rushed forward, it was nearly a hundred metres long, spitting clouds and mist as golden lights flashed around it. It was clearly unbelievably powerful and would easily mow through mountains.

However, such a powerful treasure was simply useless before Ji Haoyue, the bright moon above him emitted gentle rays of light which caused the lustre of the golden river dragon to dim, thereafter cracking noises rang out as it immediately disintegrated. Everyone was shocked, the prowess of the unique Wheel and Sea simply far exceeded that of a precious treasure, it was simply too unfathomable.

The two females wanted to retreat but felt as though they were caught in quicksand, unable to move. Thereafter, they began to swiftly sink into the emerald sea which was behind Ji Haoyue. Yan Ruyu commanded: “Nobody is to act on their own.”

Her words were rather late as five other females had flown forward, sending forth their own weapons as they attack Ji Haoyue. Clouds tumbled as the mountains swayed, five spiritual treasures transformed into divine rainbows as they streaked through the sky, like dazzling meteors as they pressed down.

“Everything is superfluous.” Ji Haoyue stood there as the rays of light from the moon bathed the five spiritual weapons, causing them to instantly grow dim before disintegrating. There was simply no way to resist as the five people descended into the emerald sea together, simply unable to do anything.

Ji Haoyue had dealt with eight experts from the demon race in the blink of an eye as though he had been taking a stroll through the park, he had not expended any effort and remained calm. The bright moon hung in the sky as the emerald sea flashed, he seemed like a god descended on earth as the glow from the moon bathed him.

“Let me repeat myself, hand over the divine weapon of the demon emperor.”

“Forget about it!” Another elder from the demon race coldly exclaimed.

“In that case, don’t blame me for starting a massacre!” Ji Haoyue’s expression grew colder as he slowly walked through the air, pressing forward as the mountains around him seemed to gently tremble.


Miserable cries could be heard from within the emerald sea as the eight experts within it fell out from the sea, dead.

“Nobody is to battle, everyone find a way out of the encirclement!” Yan Ruyu commanded.

Besides Yan Ruyu, Ye Fan was also protected by several elders, there was also a stone coffin which was surrounded by several experts. Ye Fan guessed that Pang Bo was likely to be within, however, he did not have the means to open it.

“You wish to leave, that is impossible!” Ji Haoyue walked forward as figures from the nearby mountains began to slowly tighten the encirclement.

“Kill!” In this moment, an explosive battle erupted as everyone acted.

Ji Haoyue seemed like an immortal descended on earth, no one could stop him as the bright moon killed anyone which came within its radius.


Three elders personally acted as they rushed towards him, trying to buy time for the others. Ten odd youths of the demon race also went forward as they used the various tools as their disposal, attacking Ji Haoyue.

Dazzling lights filled the sky as the entire mountain region trembled, the ground shattered as everyone acted, the entire area was abuzz as figures flashed and the sounds of battle could be killing could be heard.

Ji Haoyue seemed like a demon as his eyes flashed with a purple light, the bright moon above him continued to shine in all directions, the ten odd youths of the demon race were pierced as blood rained and corpses fell to the ground.

Although three elders had rushed forward, it was difficult to defend against the emerald sea which shrouded the skies, they were all swallowed within as the bright moon gently rotated by, three heads fell to the ground.

The demon race were an unyielding bunch, many people saw red as they rushed towards him. Ji Haoyue did not blink as he continued to stride forward, corpses fell by his feet as the surrounding air was permeated with the scent of blood.

He seemed like a god of war, nobody was his match, wherever he went, corpses would follow. The small success stage of the divine body was destined to be known throughout the Eastern Badlands.

Experts from the demon race continued to fall as corpses piled high wherever Ji Haoyue trod, blood stained the ground red, no one could match against him!

“Kill!” “Kill!”

Cries filled the sky as cultivators from the Ji Family and demon race alike began to battle, spiritual treasures filled the sky causing the surrounding mountains to shatter.

Yan Ruyu was like a bright sun rising in the morning among red clouds, luminous as streams of clear water surged out as she cut a bloody path out and ordered the others to bring coffin out of the encirclement. Thereafter, she continued to kill her way back as she attempted to save the other experts from the demon race, at this moment, she finally met with Ji Haoyue!

“Haoyue, be careful of that divine weapon!” Two experts silently appeared before Ji Haoyue as they acted against Yan Ruyu simultaneously.


The divine weapon of the demon emperor swept, mountains and rivers lost their vibrancy as the sky trembled, within Yan Ruyu’s palm, divine lights covered the sky as the two experts miserably cried before disintegrating, turning into a bloody mist as they became one with the earth.

“The divine weapon of the demon emperor does not disappoint!” Ji Haoyue’s expression was solemn but did not carry fear, above his head was an ancient mirror which emitted an aura of primordial chaos.

“The ancient mirror of the Ji Family!”

“That’s right!”

In the distance, Ye Fan’s mind was stunned, the other party was at the small success stage but had such formidable prowess, uniqueness accompanying him which gave him a powerful force, he also wished to be able to bring out the endless potential within his divine body.

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