STH Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Golden Lotus within Sea of Bitterness

Crystalline waves surged high within the emerald sea, a pristine bright moon hung in the air as it gently rotated, the moonlight was gentle like water as it bathed everything under it in a dim glow.


Many surrounding cultivators of the demon race began to miserably cry as they disintegrated, even though it was merely small specks and droplets from the spillover, it was not something that they could withstand.

Bright moon over a sea, this was rarely seen within the world, even powerful spiritual artifacts simply could not resist, no one could match him and in the chaotic battle, countless corpses from the demon race fell to the ground, all that were illuminated by the moonlight were killed.

Yan Ruyu defended head on, she was illuminated by the dazzling moonlight and felt an enormous pressure, the pristine glow was like a thin mist which had her shrouded.


Yan Ruyu was dreamy like an immortal, behind her was a unique scene, the sea and sky was of one colour, the sky was sapphire, the waves were like a mirror, golden lotuses came pouring out from within the sea, each dazzling and glowing with a vibrant life essence.

A gentle breeze blew past as the emerald sea undulated, golden lotuses bloomed and released a dense life essence, giving one a feeling of the beginning of time, with aura of primordial chaos filling the air.

The Ji Family had many experts in the surroundings, they did not manage to react before being shrouded by this dense vitality, causing them to dissipate into the most basic spiritual qi, dying without knowing how they died.

The gentle rays from the moon were completely blocked by the golden lotuses causing ringing noises to sound out, dazzling lights shot forth in all directions as Yan Ruyu stood peacefully within like a fairy.

Golden lotus within the Sea of Bitterness and Bright moon above the sea were of the same tier, unique scenes that were had by experts of the ancient past, few people were able to cultivate them.

Ji Haoyue’s expression changed, walking through the air as he swiftly drew nearer, causing the bright moon to descend, pressing down towards Yan Ruyu.

The gentle rays from the moon could easily destroy an expert from the demon race, with the entire body pressing down, one could only imagine the frightening amount of power contained within.

Yan Ruyu’s body flashed, she seemed transcendental as the golden lotuses behind her swayed, filled with the vibrance of life as a strange wind was released, releasing an aroma that shook the heart, the petals of the golden lotuses rushed to the sky, flashing with a brilliance as they instantly drowned the moon within.

The two people were like deities descended on earth, their clothes fluttered appearing otherworldly, calm without any emotion as though they were faced with a poem or painting, however, the others at the scene did not feel that way.

Everyone was swiftly retreating, although the centre of the immense battle as peaceful, the surroundings were in turmoil as they were sent violently hurtling away.

The hazy moonlight clashed with the golden lights released by the lotuses, they surged in all directions like waves, nothing could obstruct their path as several people miserably cried, instantly fading to ash with nothing left behind.

An extremely terrifying battle!

These were the unique prowess held by those with unique Wheel and Seas, ordinary cultivators simply could not stand against it!

Ji Haoyue’s eyes seemed to burn with an purple light, eerily demonic as the emerald sea behind him rose to the sky, a true fire emerged as the bright moon began to spin, causing an even more fearsome divine energy to gather.

Yan Ruyu seemed to be from another plane, her jade like body was hidden within the golden lotuses, she seemed extremely nimble as a vigorous life essence expanded, lotuses began to fly out from the water as they rushed towards the purple sky.

In this moment, the entire region trembled and flashed as a moon descended from the purple sky while golden lotuses seemed to pierce towards the universe.

Everyone was swiftly retreating as a small number of cultivators from the demon race managed to escape the encirclement during the chaos. A while later, within the epicentre of the clash, the bright moon shattered as golden lotuses withered, vast bodies of water devastated revealing a frightening scene.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Regardless of how fast everyone retreated, they simply could not move faster than the dazzling rays of light as several people were pierced, falling within the blazing rays of light as fresh blood dyed the ground red, leaving only corpses behind.

At the centre of the battle, when everything finally calmed down, Ji Haoyue’s purple clothes were disheveled with a small corner torn off, Yan Ruyu seemed unscathed as she gently floated to the ground, both parties glaring at each other.

“Your highness, run away! Don’t bother to delay time for us!” Three old women shouted in panic, sending forth their spiritual treasures as they blocked her body, hoping to get her to retreat.

The Ji Family had five experts who sent forth their weapons, assisting to protect Ji Haoyue, towards the divine body, they were nervously protecting it like a priceless treasure, no mistakes would be accepted.

“You guys, leave!” Yan Ruyu exclaimed as the three old women swiftly retreated.


Above Ji Haoyue, an ancient mirror was slowly descending as it sent out beams of primordial chaos, gently trembling as it instantly killed the three experts of the demon race even though they were separated by a large distance. The three people instantly disintegrated, turning into a bloody mist.

The power of the ancient mirror was simply incredible!

Yan Ruyu had failed to block it, the divine lights within her jade body shot forth as a light seemed to fall within her palm, a dazzling eye-piercing rainbow glow that was simply impossible to see clearly, rushed forward.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The experts who were assisting with the formation had been protected by the primordial chaos energy from the ancient mirror but failed to escape as they were pierced, instantly dying.

In the distance, three venerated elders of the Ji Family with flowing white hair and auras of immortality suddenly spoke: “The sacred weapon of the demon emperor is indeed astonishing.” The Ji Family had a deep background and the power of the ancient mirror was profound and mysterious, it was actually the weapon of the first generation master and had been handed down since ancient times, containing unfathomable amounts of power.

The sacred weapon within Yan Ruyu’s grasp also had an astonishing background, it was the weapon of the great emperor of the demon race, there was simply no need to doubt its terrifying power.

Within the entire Eastern Badlands, besides the Desolate Pagoda and treasures of similar status, the ancient mirror and sacred weapon were definitely peerless sacred objects.

Initially, the two people had been hesitant to use their ancient weapons because they were fearful of the outcome when two sacred weapons clashed, it was simply too difficult to imagine.

The copper mirror was simple and unadorned, carved with mysterious and profound inscriptions that gave one a feeling of the Dao, the mixing of the Dao and Way formed the primordial chaos, making one feel overwhelmed.

At this moment, the ancient mirror combined with the bright moon of Ji Haoyue, both objects stood high in the sky as they gently trembled, a primitive aura immediately being released.

It swiftly grew bigger as an ancient presence grew stronger, a vast pressure began to press downwards!

Yan Ruyu was like a fairy among the clouds, the net formed by the golden lotuses shrouded her within making it impossible to make out the actual appearance of the sacred weapon of the demon emperor. In this moment, her long hair was swaying and her watery eyes seemed to blaze with a divine glow, the golden lotuses surrounding her flew high into the sky as they combined with the sacred weapon, rushing towards the ancient mirror.

Neither frightening energy fluctuations nor stunning sounds were seen or heard, everything was calm like water, like a floating cloud as dots of primordial chaos slowly drifted out, as though nothing had occurred.

Even after a long time, the two people within the centre of the battle shuddered as they continually retreated, the ancient mirror flew back into the vast body of water while the golden lotus and sacred weapon fell into the emerald sea.

Soundlessly, everything in the vicinity turned to ash, like snow melting, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

This frightening scene was simply startling, everyone felt a cold within their hearts, if they had not retreated to a safe area, no one could have survived.

Yan Ruyu noticed that Ye Fan and the stone coffin were no longer in the vicinity and swiftly escaped the encirclement, she was not happy and merely sighed, her face filled with helplessness. She had not been able to save the others and was only able to achieve such a result.

Besides the unfathomable body of Ji Haoyue, she was most concerned about the peerless experts who were still high in the sky, these three people would definitely act to protect Ji Haoyue as they paid close attention to the battle, giving her a feeling of immense pressure.

Yan Ruyu was like an angel, her eyes were watery as she gazed at the remaining cultivators of the demon race who were still trapped, her red lips trembled as she shouted: “I’m sorry!”

“Your highness, there’s no need to fight for us anymore, look after yourself!” The cultivators of the demon race shouted, they knew that the situation was grim and it would be difficult to escape the slaughter that was to come.

In this moment, everyone rushed in all directions as they killed towards the cultivators of the Ji Family, crazed as they attempted to create a bloody path for Yan Ruyu.

Yan Ruyu’s gaze swept past each person, she did not say anything more as she became a rainbow which shot towards the horizon, finally escaping the encirclement. However, Ji Haoyue and the three experts had kept their sights on her and were like shadows as the chased after her.


This was a bloodbath as cultivators from the demon race continued to fall from the sky, dying in the intense battle.

Yan Ruyu was as fast as lightning as she streaked through the sky, however, she was simply unable to shirk Ji Haoyue who was following closely behind. As for the three venerated experts, they were the protectors of Ji Haoyue and closely followed behind him, although they had not acted, they were definitely a fearsome fighting force.

At this moment, Ye Fan had already fled several hundred li, he was being protected by several old women, they had managed to safely escape from the heavy encirclement. It was difficult for him to keep calm, a bright moon over the sea, golden lotuses within the sea of bitterness, personally witnessing them had made him feel their tremendous might. Right now, he had only one thought, to become stronger and successfully cultivate his primordial ancient divine body!

As for the ancient mirror and sacred weapon of the demon emperor, they had also been equally shocking for him, based on what the old women had said, the two people had merely managed to utilise a tenth of the power of the weapons yet the might had already been so awe-inspiring, this was simply stunning.

“I’m really curious why all of you are protecting a youth of the human race, breaking through the encirclement without leaving him behind.” A clear voice could be heard, like a pearl falling into a jade bowl, just in front was a seventeen to eighteen year old female who had brought several experts to block the exit.

This young woman was dressed in purple, she had a noble air but when she smiled, she revealed a flirtatious expression. Her eyes wandered about fluidly, brightening up the surrounding. On her left cheek was a tiny dimple, giving her a moving and charming vibe.

The few old women of the demon race frowned, Ji Haoyue had worn purple and this young woman’s clothing was identical in colour, it was easy for one to link the two.

The young woman dressed in purple was exceptionally beautiful, her eyes were large and her lashes were long, she had a mesmerising air about her and seemed extremely lively and attractive, giving one a mischievous feeling.

“Hand that youth over to me, I really want to see what’s so special about him.” The purple clothed female laughed sheepishly, two dimples could be seen on her face as she squinted, her eyes becoming the shape of crescent moons.

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