STH Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Bronze Immortal Palace

The few elders were expressionless as they slowly walked through the sky, like giant mountains as they pressed forward, making it difficult for one to breathe.

The four old women of the demon race had killed their way out of the heavy encirclement, they were filled with fatigue and injuries, faced with seven elders who were not any weaker than them, a battle would not have any meaning.

“Don’t need to kill them, just capture them alive……” The purple clothed female laughed as she daintily danced, her clothes fluttering as though she were a sprite.

The few old women of the demon race sighed, they knew that there was simply no hope of victory, if they continued to fight, they would only die without changing the result. They had all experienced the ravages of time and were not rigid, dying here would be pointless, thus, they decided to attempt to create a gap in the encirclement.

The four people used methods to perish together with the enemy, extremely vicious as they continued fighting through their myriad of injuries, burning their vitality as they killed their way out before finally leaving Ye Fan behind.

The seven elders wanted to chase but were prevented by the girl in the purple clothing as she frowned: “Forget it, I do not wish to see blood spill, we are not here to battle in the first place, let the rest handle it.”

Having said this, she walked around Ye Fan as she measured him: “What are you? As a human cultivator, why are you together with the demon race?”

Ye Fan was calm as he went forward to express his thanks: “Many thanks to the few of you for saving me, I was a roaming cultivator and had accidentally entered into the immortal sanctuary of the demon race, I was then kidnapped, it is lucky that you people acted.”

“Lies!” The young lady flicked her hair before suddenly smiling as she stared at him: “You are clearly comrades with those from the demon race, you actually dare to lie to me, if you do not tell me the truth, I will personally capture you.”

“Ai, it’s really quite a long story, I simply didn’t have any other option. This is how things went down……” Ye Fan began to craft a story, he could not expose the heart of the demon emperor, if he did so, the people there would definitely forcibly access his sea of bitterness to steal the sacred heart.

The purple clothed female walked forward as she pinched Ye Fan’s cheeks while laughing with ill intent: “Little brother, you’re really playful, if you don’t speak the truth don’t blame this sister for acting out.”

This lady looked merely seventeen to eighteen years of age, Ye Fan’s actual age was already past twenty and being addressed as such made him speechless.

“Why aren’t you talking?” The dimple on her left cheek could be seen as a mischievous light shined through her eyes while she continued to pinch Ye Fan’s face: “I’m actually very kindhearted, even if you continue to lie I will not kill you. At most, I will merely carve a turtle on your left cheek and a frog on your right.”

“I have nothing much to hide really…….” Ye Fan attempted to delay time, allowing himself to think of a method to extricate himself from the current situation, he needed to leave as soon as possible, there were simply too many mysteries within his sea of bitterness and if he were to fall into the hands of the Ji Family, they would all be revealed.

In the sky, golden lotuses shot forth resplendant streaks of light, a slender celestial form turned into a streak of light before stopping, this was Yan Ruyu, seeing the scene before her, she immediately waved her hands as the golden lotuses bloomed causing the seven elders to immediately disintegrate.

However, the purple clothed female did not fall but merely spat out blood as she flew away, a brilliant glow was shrouding her body, blocking the golden lotuses.

Yan Ruyu acted again, the unique scene of the golden lotuses within the sea of bitterness appeared again, permeating the air with a gentle fragrance as a blazing golden light drowned everything below it.

Yan Ruyu looked back as she transmitted her voice to Ye Fan: “I’m currently being chased, if you travel together with me, we are likely to die, you can only rely on yourself.”

Having said this, she rushed off into the distance, disappearing over the horizon. Although she was the descendant of the great demon emperor, tens of thousands of years had passed, her power was a far cry from those descendants in the past, she could only choose to flee and hope to find true experts of the demon race.

“Cough……”Below, within a fractured valley, lights flashed as the purple clothed lady struggled up muttering: “That perfect lady is simply too frightening.”

Her face was pale as she continued to cough blood, only her large eyes remained active, her body swayed as she slowly stood up.

Ye Fan knew deeply about Yan Ruyu’s prowess, the elders of the Ji Family had failed to block that single blow from the golden lotuses, the young lady had actually managed to do so without dying, this was simply stunning.

In the distance, fluctuations of divine sense could be felt causing Ye Fan to feel startled, this was definitely an exceptional expert, it was likely the cultivators who were chasing Yan Ruyu and were combing the mountains to search for her. Ye Fan hastily hid within the valley below. The purple clothed lady was stunned as she asked: “What are you doing?” Ye Fan acted from a distance, sending out his cauldron to press towards the young lady.

The purple clothed lady struggled, she was seriously injured and even standing up was a difficulty, swaying as she stood there, being able to live after the prowess of the golden lotus was already a miracle, she simply could not withstand the cauldron which was pressing down.

“You…… stop right now!” The purple clothed lady was alarmed and angry.

That cauldron was simple and unadorned, increasing in size till it was five metres tall before pressing down, forcing the purple clothed lady beneath it, causing her to be totally immobile.

Ye Fan swiftly moved forward as he continued to attack, streaks of divine light continued to seal the sea of bitterness of the purple clothed lady, for fear of any accidents occurring.

“What are you planning to do?” The purple clothed lady blinked, she was not panicky but rather glanced over at him.

“I’ll have to trouble you to escort me out.” Ye Fan knew that with the experts of the demon race protecting him while they broke through the encirclement, the experts of the Ji Family would have noticed and if he were to be found, it would be difficult to escape. This young lady was clearly not of ordinary background, keeping her was an insurance against any threats.

Suddenly, Ye Fan could heard the sound of flowing water within the valley, his divine sense was extremely strong and the golden lake between his brows shot forth a golden light, shooting towards the fissure within the darkness.

“There’s actually a hidden river underground……” Ye Fan turned to lift the young lady before jumping into the dark fissure.

“Hey hey hey, I’m afraid of the dark, don’t jump! I swear that the people of the Ji Family will not act against you, go back up!” The purple clothed girl was panicking, if she was kidnapped by someone, it was difficult to be assured that nothing untoward would occur to her.

“I’m used to having everything within my grasp, I don’t wish to place my life in the hands of others.” Ye Fan calmly replied: “Under the current circumstances, I still don’t need to use you yet, my life saving charm.

Ye Fan’s divine sense was really extremely powerful, it had reached an unfathomable level and the golden lake between his brows was like a third eye as it flashed, the dark surroundings were as clear as daylight as he felt everything around him.

They had gone down for four to five hundred metres before nearing the underground river, the water flowed rapidly and was bone-chillingly cold, it was unknown where it flowed to.


Ye Fan carried the young lady as he jumped straight in, following the flow of the river.

“You’re crazy!” The purple clothed lady was shocked, her lively eyes were wide open and her lashes continued to trembled: “The underground river is extremely dangerous, it may be days or even months before we see the light of day again, who knows where it may flow to, it may even lead us to some demonic area.”

“That would also be better than ending up in the hands of your Ji Family.” Ye Fan indifferently replied.

The purple clothed lady had a demure smile on her face, her dimples made her all the more alluring as she spoke with a sweet voice laden with temptation: “Little brother you have to believe me, as long as we get out, I can guarantee your safety. You have to know, I even let those old women of the demon race go.”

“Who are you to the Ji Family? What relationship does Ji Haoyue have with you?” Ye Fan was unmoved as he continued to question.

“He’s my seventh brother, as long as you let me go, you will reap many benefits. I can ask him to teach you how to cultivate the bright moon over the sea.” Her eyes were watery and filled with kindness.


Ye Fan took in a breath of cold air, this lady whom he had captured had quite the background, she was actually the little sister of Ji Hao Yue who had a divine body. He muttered: “It seems that I’ve gotten lucky and plucked a fresh flower.”

“Don’t act recklessly!” The purple clothed lady was frightened.

“You are an important person to the Ji Family, having been kidnapped by me, if the Ji Family were to find out, I would definitely perish. I’m sorry.”

The purple clothed female struggled: “If you wish to live, you can’t kill me. Don’t you know? Our Ji Family has a special mark left on each disciple’s body, no matter the distance, it will be transmitted back to the Ji Family.”

“Mark……. You are a special disciple of the Ji Family?” Ye Fan surmised from her way of talking.

“Don’t act recklessly, if you harm me, you won’t be able to live either.” The purple clothed lady was really afraid of Ye Fan killing her on the spot as she continued: “I was able to fend against the golden lotus of the perfect lady without instantly dying, I believe that is sufficient proof.”

Ye Fan felt that this young lady was certainly far from ordinary, however, he really wanted to know if the other party had any precious treasures on her person. He laughed as he repeated her words back at her: “I’m actually a kindhearted person, if you don’t speak the truth, I won’t kill you. At worst I’ll carve a turtle on your left cheek and a frog on your right one.”

“You……. What do you want me to talk about?” The purple clothed lady was angry and flustered, her lively eyes were wide open.

“Take out all the treasures on your person.”

“What?!” Her mouth was agape as her lashes trembled, her face an expression of disbelief: “You…… you’re robbing me?!”

“That’s right, I’m robbing you. Take out whatever you have.”

A full month went by before Ye Fan and the purple clothed lady finally left the underground river, they had fallen into an enormous lake as they felt an immense water pressure acting on their bodies, if it were a normal person, their bones would have already shattered.

The water was totally black making it impossible for the naked eye to see anything clearly, however, this had no effect on Ye Fan who used his powerful divine sense, sending golden lights shooting from his golden lake as he scouted in all directions, all the information filling his mind.

“What place is this?” He was extremely stunned, beneath the water was remnants of palaces and fallen walls, Ye Fan carefully walked through the water.

At this moment, the purple clothed lady was shrouded within his divine energy, hiding within the light as she barely saw the objects within a two to three metre radius: “My god, are these the remains from an ancient past?”

Ye Fan walked forward as his heart suddenly lurched, there was actually an immense bronze palace before them, majestic and imposing, it was almost the size of a small city and it could be considered as completely intact. The top was covered in green rust, it looked simple and unadorned yet giving off an impressive aura. It also gave off a desolate feeling. Ye Fan simply could not imagine where he had been swept to.

“Aaahhhh…..” At this moment, the purple clothed lady within the light suddenly screamed, if she was able to move she would have already fled far away.

Ye Fan was absorbed with the bronze palace and did not notice his surroundings, only now did he realise that there were ten odd corpses. As he continued to walked, the water began to churn as the corpses began to rise behind him.

Their appearance could not be made out, it seemed as though they were covered with a film of waxy grease, as though they were in a cocoon.

“Aren’t they just a couple of corpses? What’s there to be so frightened about? Which lake hasn’t seen it’s fair share of dead people.”

“This……. These are the waxed corpses from primitive times!” The purple clothed lady exclaimed, her face extremely pale: “Normally, it’s difficult to even find one of them, there are actually over ten of them here, it seems that there are even more that have not surfaced, heavens, what is this place?!”

Ye Fan was apprehensive as he carefully moved towards the bronze palace. As he neared it, the purple clothed female finally noticed the majestic bronze palace as her pace instantly became ashen white: “Bronze Immortal Palace…… How could this be? It actually exists within the world!”

“What’s the matter?” Ye Fan noticed her shocked expression and felt a sense of unease.

“Let’s leave quickly, we have to go! Otherwise, we will definitely die here!” The purple clothed lady was not afraid of much but at this moment, her expression was one of abject terror. Ye Fan felt alarmed as he hurriedly questioned: “What is this place?”

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