STH Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Gateway of all mysteries*

T/L*: From the opening lines of the “Scripture of the Way”

Is it really the blood of Immortals? Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue could not help but have such thoughts.

Fresh blood glistened, the marking on the bronze wall formed an enormous ‘Immortal’ word, it was at least nine metres high, lights shone in all directions exceptionally dazzling, as though it were formed from ruby.

“Is the secret to becoming an immortal in this place?” Ji Ziyue’s eyes were lively as she tilted her head to glance over.

The resplendent bloody letters gave Ye Fan a strange feeling, he silently indulged in it, focusing his attention in hopes of discovering something.

Primordial chaos surged within the large palace, Yin and Yang energies entwined, the dazzling ‘Immortal’ word had a mysterious aura about it that was difficult to describe. Unknowingly, the two had a feeling of enlightenment, as though they had grasped some concept that was extremely difficult to understand.

The area ahead was gradually becoming mistier, making it seem like a dreamscape, giving one a feeling a surreality. Heaven and earth was desolate before suddenly flourishing, evolving then perishing. The great Dao within the emptiness, serene yet unpredictable, achieving nirvana.

Varied unique and strange scenes began to show themselves, causing one to be drunk it in, dazed before finally entering an unconscious state. The two people stretched their hands forward as they attempted to grab on to that mysterious feeling.

“Named, the mother of all things. Heaven and earth have their fixed place, Yin and Yang contain both hard and soft, combining together to nourish and create all living things.”

“Nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth. Without shape or form, stemmed from nothingness, flowing unendingly, like a gossamer thread, without a trail, never waning. The origin of the world has its roots in the Dao.”

Suddenly, a sound seemed to reverberate throughout the large palace, mesmerizing one to walk forward and explore the roots of the earth, creating the Gateway of all mysteries.

This was a great enticement, as though the possibility of becoming an immortal was right before their eyes, the sounds continued to resound within the large palace, like the chimes of a giant bell, causing one to be fully immersed within.

Although Ji Ziyue’s divine energy was sealed, she had regained her freedom in this moment, there was an enraptured expression on her face as she continued to slowly move forward.

Ye Fan was also in a similar situation, there seemed to be a bright lantern highing high in the sky, releasing endless amounts of charm as it guided him forward. The heavenly sound seemed to continued the Truth, countless numbers of techniques flashed before him as the great divine Dao appeared beneath his feet.

An enticement that was impossible to resist, unknowingly walking forward, the two people seemed extremely devout, as though they had received a summons and were being slowly guided forward.

At this moment, within their eyes, springs sprouted out from the earth, golden lotuses descend from the heavens, Luans* and phoenixes fluttering about, auspicious colours in the thousands of Dao, forming tens of thousands of divine rainbows. These brilliant rainbows of seven colours illuminated various kinds of auspicious vibes, unceasingly in motion.

*Mythical bird

Suddenly, the waves surged to the sky within Ye Fan’s golden sea of bitterness, thunder and lightning roared as his physical body began to emit a blazing golden light. In this moment, all the auspicious signs began to blur, the surroundings also became blurry as he felt as though he had dived within a deep pond, like entering into the depths of hell, extremely cold as cold sweat poured.

The surroundings were impossible to discern, endless amounts of mists shrouded him, a dense killing intent filled the area, completely enveloping him within.

He could feel the cold sweat covering his body, he had a feeling that he had been a mere step away from death, the great Dao and the chimes had all been a mirage, that had all been an illusion, far from reality.

At the same time, Ji Ziyue’s slender body began to release a misty light, her pristine jade-like body began to glow as she seemed to have been struck by lightning, suddenly stopping her movements.


The aurichalcite within Ye Fan’s spring of life began to gently tremble, he could feel his divine sense become clear as he thoroughly recovered. The mist gradually faded away as he discovered that he had returned to the bronze wall, only several steps away from the blood red ‘Immortal’ word.

As for Ji Ziyue, her jade hand was already stretched forth, merely an inch away from the ‘Immortal’ word that was dripping with blood.

He hurriedly pulled at the purple clothed young lady before swiftly retreating, creating a sufficient distance from that area. The vision of the two people were no longer obscured as they began to see everything in their surroundings clearly.

Looking forward again, the nine metre tall ‘Immortal’ character was as frightening as the asura of hell, dripping with blood, making one feel endless killing intent.

Various unique scenes and endless chimes of the great Dao completely vanished, the profound sounds of dao was gone and only terror and fear were left behind.

“This is……”

The two people shivered, cold sweat flowed steadily down their backs, if they had taken a few more steps, they would likely have already passed on.

“I clearly heard the chimes of the great Dao, how could it all suddenly disappear without a trace, there aren’t even the unique scenes of immortality anymore……” Ji Ziyue was extremely confused.

Ye Fan felt stunned, he had initially felt as though he were exploring the endless Truth, it was difficult to believe that he had finally been led into an endless abyss, towards the path of death. This made him feel shivers down his spine.

At the most crucial moment, if it were not for the waves within his sea of bitterness surging to the sky, the aurichalcite trembling, he would likely have fallen within the pool of blood, no longer residing within this world. He was also shocked that Ji Ziyue actually had a unique physique, at the most crucial moment she had managed to stop herself, although she was saved by him pulling her back, it was sufficient to show how far from ordinary she was.

Looking at the few skeletal remains within the large palace, Ye Fan felt shivers throughout his body. They had come here in search of the secrets of immortality, but had turned to dust, lying here forever. This was the bloody reality of the situation.

The imaginary and illusory visions were gone, the mist had dissipated and all that was left behind was killing intent causing the two to feel chills.

“What does this mean? Could it be that the end of cultivation is an endless abyss? It is hell and we can’t possibly become immortals?”

“Throughout the ancient history of the Eastern Badlands, several peerless experts have searched for the traces of immortals, could that merely be a dead end? Having walked to the end, one would merely be faced with an endless abyss.”

If this was really the outcome, one could only feel the chills. This blotted out the hopes of cultivators, destroying the very reason for cultivating.

“The end of the path of Dao, are there any immortals?” Ji Ziyue was puzzled, within the ancient history of the Eastern Badlands, there were several rumoured to have reached immortality, however, did they really manage to take that last step?

“Could it be that there really aren’t any immortals within the world?”

“Could this only be a broken road that suddenly ends without completion?”

In this moment, she recalled the words of that nameless cultivator.

“Dare I ask heaven, are there really immortals?”

A resonance arose in Ji Ziyue’s heart, one that was filled with sorrow.

Ye Fan was also contemplating this question, he had seen the nine dragons pulling a coffin, even someone as powerful as that had fallen, the nine dragons had also lost their lives.

He had been into the Great Lei Yin Temple, that temple of legends had fallen into disrepair, the so-called Buddha was nowhere to be seen, was Buddha merely a sort of realm? Was Buddha not a true immortal? These questions filled his mind, whether immortals existed within the world was simply unproven.

“No matter what, someone was able to traverse through the stars, being able to do so and opening the path to the other side of the stars…….”

What was an immortal? No one could clearly say. Whether they existed or not, there was simply no evidence for it, there were only endless rumours surrounding the subject.

“Recorded within the ancient texts of the Eastern Badlands, there were a few who were recorded as having attained immortality, however, it seems there are discrepancies, this…….” Ji Ziyue was dazed.

“What are you pondering so much for, when you reach that realm, you can slowly contemplate further.” Ye Fan knocked her forehead causing her to come out of her stupor.

“You actually hit this Ji Ziyue’s forehead again!” Tears welled within her eyes as she continued: “You are insulting someone who will be an immortal in the future!”

“You’ve said it yourself, there are no immortals within the world.”

“If I were to become an immortal, wouldn’t there then be immortals?” Ji Ziyue’s brilliant white teeth ground themselves together: “If you knock me again, I won’t let you off in the future!”

Ye Fan laughed as he pinched her sharp nose: “Such narcissism…….”

“This is self confidence!” Ji Ziyue moved backwards as she grit her teeth: “You better not rile up the anger of a future immortal.”

Although the killing intent was still present, the two people had retreated sufficiently far away to not be affected by it. Even so, the blood red words was still terrifying.

“More profound than profound, a thick qi that gives rise to sages….”

A formless and indistinct fluctuation could be felt from the word dripping with blood, enticing one to move forward to find the Truth.

It wasn’t a sound nor was it the transmission of divine sense, it was a mysterious sort of aura that circulated, making one want to find the Truth within the great Dao.

Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue exchanged glances, it was truly frightening. It was akin to sound or a transmission of divine sense, there was an unfathomable Way regarding cultivation contained within, however, they simply did not dare to move forward. It was an endless abyss ahead of them, although the scenery along the path was beautiful, each step forward could be a step that they could no longer recover from.

“Ridding all emotions and desire, observe the profound that is beyond profound, in the Dao there is immortality, the gateway of all mysteries will now be opened.”

An even more profound and obscure fluctuation was transmitted, the ‘Immortal’ character had actually begun to tremble before splitting into two, opening a mysterious door with four ancient words: Gateway of all mysteries!

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