STH Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Remains of a Heavenly Palace

“This is……” Although their hearts were prepared, many people had faces filled with disappointment.

Influenced by the actions of the others, the rest of the group also looked up into the sky and saw the reality of the two moons suspended in the sky.

“How could it be like this?” Many people could no longer keep it in and let out their emotions. Their last hope of returning home had been destroyed, never having a chance of seeing their family again. Many female students cried till they lost their voices and people understood that they were really far from Earth and there was no way back.

“Mars…… has two moons……similar to the moon we see on earth……” Carter said in broken Chinese and thereafter spoke rapidly in English to Li Xiao Man.

For decades several space probes had been sending information regarding Mars back to Earth. There were actually two moons orbiting Mars and these were actually extremely small objects however due to the distance from Mars and other reasons, when viewed from Mars one of the moons would seem to be half the size of that on Earth and the other would be slightly smaller.

When the information on Mars was shared, everyone felt deep disappointment. It seemed like there was certainly no road back home and now they could only find a way to go on living on Mars.

The group’s distance from the large altar was already 600 metres and it looked like they would arrive in no time. The group decided to not tarry any longer and continue moving forward.

Under the night sky, there was a cool breeze blowing.

Having travelled another hundred metres someone exclaimed. There was a collapsed building that seemed to have been an old pavilion and it had collapsed with the passing of time.

“A man made pavilion, this desolate planet should have humans. We will definitely be able to go on living.”

“Is this really Mars? How can there be man made constructions here? The air, temperature and gravity here are all so similar to that of Earth. It’s actually very similar to a desert on Earth.”

Although they were filled with disappointment, they had not fallen to despair and had many doubts.

“We’ve even seen dragon corpses, what else is impossible? Maybe we’re in some special area on Mars.”

“That is a possibility. There is a five coloured stone altar here, it’s possible that it attracted the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin. If one were to say that this place was sealed by the gods it isn’t an impossibility.”

“If our guesses are correct and this really is some special area on Mars, i’m afraid that the space that we can live in won’t be very large.”

Once these words were said everyone fell into a brooding silence.

“If this area is just a small piece of liveable land on Mars, what other options would we have to go on living?!”

Everyone felt emotionally distraught, this concerned their lives and nobody could be calm about it.

“Aaahh……” A female student suddenly screamed as her cry resounded through the night.

“What happened?!” Everybody paled as they urgently questioned.

“A skull, a human skull!”The female student trembled violently as her face lost all colour.

Not far from the collapsed pavilion, the top half of a white skull was protruding from the ground. The female student had stepped on the skull and it was not a surprise that she had been frightened.

All the male students gathered around as Pang Bo kicked the skull out of the soil. The skull was definitely that of an adult, it had seen the weathering of time and there were many cracks on it.
What made them feel surprised was that the skull actually had a smooth round hole on it’s frontal lobe. This hole had the thickness of a finger and looked as though it had been punctured by a sharp weapon. The edges of the hole were also very smooth.

“It seems that this place is filled with many unknown variables, although this is a dried up skull that has been here for a long time, we should still proceed carefully.”

In an alien environment, all these factors of uncertainty were frightening.

“What’s that up ahead?”

Under the hazy night sky, the moon light was faint and only shadows could be seen on an undulating track of cluttered rocks that were uneven and jagged.

Walking forwards, everyone was in a daze. This entire area was actually a ruins. The portion in front of them was only a small part of the entire ruins which expanded into the distance.

The ruins were a land of rubble, the floor was covered in broken tiles having been through a past that was forever lost. Under the moonlight, this place seemed particularly destitute. It seemed to have been a magnificent palace in the past but now had turned to waste.

This was a vast ruin, its foundations were solid being made up of boulders that were stacked together. One could imagine the majesty of the palace that had once stood here.

The source of light was coming from the end of the ruins behind a broken wall.

“Are we…… really on Mars? There was actually such a majestic palace here?”

“How much manpower would have been required for a construction of this magnitude?”

“What possible reasons could have caused such a large and majestic construction to turn to ruin?”

Everyone forgot their fears, the scene in front of them was far too astonishing. If this really was Mars then everything would be simply too inconceivable.

Ye Fan evenly said: “Actually this isn’t much. We’ve already experienced so many things that can’t be explained with common sense. Even if someone told me the ruins in front of us were the remains of a heavenly palace, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Pang Bo exclaimed: “ Remains of a heavenly palace…… Could this really be possible? I mean we have actually seen dragon corpses already.”

The group was startled hearing these words, saying that these were the remains of a heavenly palace really was not too absurd!

The light source was just in front, a hazy light faintly glowing behind the wall with an indefinable holiness.

“What could that possibly be?”

The light source at the end of the ruins continued to envelope the area, making the area seem especially destitute but at the same time mysterious.

“Crack!” “Crack!” “Crack!”

The group started to make their way towards the light source, the noises they made as they stepped over the rubble resounded into the night and as they walked passed several collapsed palaces they finally reached the wall. A large portion of the wall had been destroyed but it was still 4 – 5 metres in height, who knew how imposing it was back in the past.

“I’d really like to see what that light source is!”

The classmates carefully bypassed the wall and suddenly felt a very comforting feeling envelope them. It was as though there were rays of divine light that were shining onto them, filling their vision.

Everyone had already walked past the ruins and were standing past the broken wall staring clearly at the light source.

At an area 50 metres away stood an ancient temple, a green fluorescent Buddhist lamp was lit in the distance.

In front of the temple stood an imposing Bodhi tree that was bare except for a few leaves that were dangling in the air just two metres from the ground. Each leaf was translucent and was of a brilliant emerald colour that bore resemblance to a jade treasure of the gods.

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