STH Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Slave Owner

Ji Ziyue’s large eyes blinked: “There’s no need to crack your head, just let me go and there won’t be any trouble.”

“Really troublesome…….” He did not wish to kill her nor could he let her go, Ye Fan continued to rub his temples.

Ji Ziyue was unsatisfied: “Hey hey hey, who’s a problem? Such a brilliant and beautiful future immortal, how could I possibly be associated with the word ‘problem’?”

“How do you think I should deal with you?”

“We’ve been through thick and thin together, braving the bronze immortal palace, we can be considered buddies. You can’t treat a friend in this manner.” Ji Ziyue scrunched her nose as she continued: “Let me go, I promise I won’t harm you.”

Ye Fan sat below the ancient tree as he glanced at her: “Your promises and guarantees, I don’t dare to accept them.”

Ji Ziyue was not angry as she spoke in a crystal clear voice like pearls dropping into a jade bowl, dripping with enticement as she attempted to persuade Ye Fan.

“I know how to cultivate the bright moon over the sea…….”

“Experts of the ancient past had techniques that were incredible, however there is a secret that they wish to keep hidden…… ”

“There’s actually a big secret contained within the Ancient Formless Scripture……”

“The seven forbidden areas within the Eastern Badlands has…….”

Ji Ziyue’s little mouth continued to speak as she attempted to persuade and entice, only stopping when she finally ran out of ideas. However, although Ye Fan listened intently, he did not indicate anything else.

She was incensed once again as she glared at Ye Fan: “Did you hear everything that I just said?”

“Naturally, however, you haven’t been speaking the full truth, each time you’ve only spoken halfway. What secret or secrets they wish to keep hidden, they’ve all been abruptly cut short, I’m prepared to listen to the next portion.

“Are you letting me go?”

“Nope!” Ye Fan firmly declined.

“You…… I’ve said so much yet this is the only reply I get? Why didn’t you say so earlier, damn, even my throat is parched.” Ji Ziyue felt that her mouth and tongue was dry.

“Continue talking, I’m more than willing to listen.”

Ji Ziyue was fuming as she glared at him: “If you don’t let me go earlier, my sect will surely find this place. By then, you will definitely be in big trouble!”

“That’s right, this is indeed troublesome.” Ye Fan leaned against the tree, his right hand massaging his chin as he teased: “How about this, I’ll take this loss and marry you. We’ll live here in seclusion for a period of time and after a few years we’ll bring a group of little kids to visit your sect.”

“Little kid Ye Fan, if you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Are you doubting me?” ye Fan laughed as he stood up.

Ji Ziyue immediately began to bawl, finally, Ye Fan acquired another portion of the Ancient Formless Scripture as he began to earnestly study it.

Two days later, a dark emerald green bird that seemed to be carved from jadeite appeared by the lake, its eyes were a scarlet red, as though two red beans had been plastered there.

“Quick, catch it!” Ji Ziyue suddenly exclaimed.

“Why?” Ye Fan stopped his cultivation to look over at her.

Ji Ziyue’s face had an expression of fear as she continued: “Quickly, don’t let it escape, otherwise, we’re both dead.” Ye Fan flew into the air, acting like a bolt of lightning as he grabbed towards the little emerald bird.

However, this emerald bird had long gained spiritual awareness and was exceptionally fast, turning in a streak of green as it disappeared with a flash into the distance.

Ye Fan sent the bronze eight trigrams mirror flying out, the mirror was like a full moon as it shot a beam of light emitting a ‘Chi!’ noise, the emerald bird instantly turned into a wisp of green smoke.

“What’s going on? What’s the story behind that emerald bird?”

“That’s one of the many pets my cousin keeps.”

Ji Ziyue seemed anxious: “Quickly let go of me, otherwise, we’ll really be in danger.”

Ye Fan felt stunned, had the people of the Ji Family found them? At the same time, he also felt that something was amiss: “Your cousin is coming yet you seem rather frightening, it seems like she will act against you, why is that?”

“You don’t understand……” Ji Ziyue did not wish to explain: “Quickly, release my restrictions. Otherwise, she won’t only kill me, she’ll also kill you to get rid of any witnesses.”

“From the same family yet she actually wants to kill you……” Ye Fan was stunned.

“Don’t waste anymore time, time’s running out!” Ji Ziyue’s face was filled with fright as she continually pressed.

“If I let you go, I may immediately lose my life.” Ye Fan swiftly lifted Ji Ziyue as he prepared to fly off.

At this moment, a clear laughter could be heard: “Miss Ziyue, who knew that I would find you in such a place.” A mesmerizing female wearing a green dress gently flew over, appearing by the lakeside as she blocked Ye Fan’s exit.

“Ji Xia, it’s you. Is big sister Biyue here as well?” Ji Ziyue questioned.

“Miss Biyue hasn’t arrived, this servant has some matters to attend to and happened to pass by this area, who knew that I would actually discover traces of Miss Ziyue.” Although the lady in the green dress was a servant within the Ji Family, she appeared very arrogant as she smiled: “Eh, Miss Ziyue actually wants to fly wing to wing with someone*.”
[T/N* couple inseparable]

“Ji Xia, you have the audacity!” Ji Ziyue nudged Ye Fan, signalling to him to release the seal.

Ji Xia continued to measure Ye Fan before laughing: “It’s merely a young lad who’s barely fourteen, Miss Ziyue, your taste is rather poor.” Her words were extremely disrespectful, mocking Ji Ziyue without any concern for Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was startled, the people of the Ji Family had arrived here too quickly, this far surpassed his expectations and this lady clearly had ill intent.

Ji Xia looked to be about twenty five, although she was rather pretty, she could not simply could not compare with the beauty of Ji Ziyue, she had a fake smile plastered on her face: “Miss Ziyue, are you ill? Why does it seem like your movements are light without any strength, how about this servant help you out.”

“Ji Xia, you’re too arrogant, have you come here looking for me?”

“Miss Ziyue, you’ve disappeared for such a long period of time, the elders within the family are very worried, they were mistaken to think that you had fallen into the hands of the demon race, raiding many places in order to look for you. Who knew that while we were so concerned for you, you were actually living a blissful life here as a couple……” Ji Xia was becoming more obnoxious, simply not treating Ji Ziyue as a young master as she mocked.

Ji Ziyue did not get angry but rather calmly replied: “Ji Xia, you were commanded by my sister Biyue to look for me, then take care of me right?”

Ji Xia let out a bell-like laughter: “Miss Biyue is kind and compassionate, she definitely won’t do something like that. However, this servant does not really have much to worry about, I’m really thinking about sending Miss Ziyue on her way.”

“If you wish to kill me, just do it.” Ji Ziyue nimbly walked forward.

Ji Xia was alarmed as she retreated two steps before looking towards Ye Fan: “Little lad, not bad. Who knows what methods you used to actually subdue Miss Ziyue……” She was extremely cautious, clearly wanting to get a feel for whether Ji Ziyue was currently sealed.

“Ji Xia, you’ve followed sister Biyue for many years and have actually gotten her disease, you’re overly cautious, till now you still don’t dare to act?” Ji Ziyue had a faint smile.

The more relaxed Ji Ziyue seemed the more suspicious Ji Xia became as she swiftly flew to the sky: “Sister Ziyue, come up here for a battle.” Ji Ziyue cried bitterly in her heart, she really wanted to bite Ye Fan.

“Hahaha……” Ji Xia’s eyebrows twitched as she laughed: “It seems that I’ve been overly cautious.” Having said this, she gently waved her hand as a blue bolt of lightning streaked through the air, shooting directly towards Ji Ziyue.


Ye Fan rushed over as he pulled Ji Ziyue to the send, ‘Kaboom!’, ancient trees were struck by the lightning as they instantly disintegrated, leaving behind their burnt remains.

“Miss Ziyue, so you’ve really been been held captive, however, this little lad doesn’t seem all that strong, how did he do it?” She threw out some coloured sand, covering the skies with glitter, and soon it formed a nebula that went forth to envelop them. “Quickly leave, you aren’t her match.” Ji Ziyue softly whispered to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan lifted Ji Ziyue before moving swiftly, rushing into the lake. He did not dare to fly outside, if his whereabouts were exposed, he would simply not have a chance to live.

“Quickly release my seal!” Under the water, Ji Ziyue forcefully shook Ye Fan’s shoulders, a faint light shrouded the two as they continued to descend.

“Hahaha……” The laughter of Ji Xia could be heard, she was shrouded by a green light as she moved swiftly through the water, it looked as though she would catch up in the blink of an eye. However, she was still cautious not to directly kill Ji Ziyue, she was afraid that the mark within her would rush out, creating an immense trouble for her. Ye Fan continued to rush towards the bottom of the lake, he wanted to make use of the profound earth essence which was as heavy as a mountain.

“Little lad, based on your energy fluctuations, you are merely at the Spiritual Bridge realm, how did you manage to capture miss Ziyue?” Ji Xia transmitted: “I’m guessing someone else must have done it and you’re merely here to keep watch right?”

Ji Ziyue also understood Ye Fan’s intentions as she spoke: “Think of methods to guide the profound earth qi essence to shoot upwards.”

“Little kid, I seem to remember that when Xu Ruyu was being cornered, you were being protected by a few great demons, it seems that there are some mysteries surrounding you.” Ji Xia’s laughter slowly grew colder: “It seems like I’ve gotten myself a big haul today.”

Having reached the bottom of the lake, Ye Fan suddenly punched down before swiftly increasing his speed to the maximum, bringing Ji Ziyue flying away.


As though the gates of hell had been opened, a vast pressure surged upward, seeming as though it could rend apart heaven and earth.

Ji Xia had just reached and her expression changed as she shouted: “profound earth of legends!”

A single strange of profound earth was sufficient to crush an entire mountain range, such a thick amount of profound earth essence had exploded forth, it carried with it a frightening power that was simply inconceivable. She could feel all the hairs on her body stand as she retreated at full speed, no longer caring to chase Ye Fan.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Ji Xia’s miserable cry could be heard.

Far in the distance, Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue had been prepared for this and were already out of the lake, dodging far away.

The water of the lake roiled as large waves shot to the sky, profound earth surged like a huge millstone that was turning, nothing could stand against it!

The miserable cries suddenly stopped, Ji Xia had failed to rush out and it was a long while before the lake finally became calm once again. Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue stood by the shore, they were silent for a long time with mixed emotions. A long time after, Ye Fan finally spoke: “That Ji Biyue wouldn’t have tagged along, right?”

Ji Ziyue did not reply but earnestly contemplated before muttering: “I can’t go back now nor can I show my face, this situation has become complicated…….”

“It is very complicated!” At this moment, a cold voice could be heard as Ji Xia appeared like a vicious ghost beside Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue, they were merely ten odd metres apart and a green light shrouded her entire body.

“The profound earth was unable to crush you?!” Ye Fan was shocked.

Ji Ziyue’s spirited large eyes shone with a strange light: “Ji Biyue actually passed the divine light shield amulet to you?”

“That’s right, in order to find miss Ziyue, I actually brought the divine light shield amulet along, my body was like a bolt of lightning, I’ve been searching for you for many days already!” Ji Xia had a sinister look on her face as she coldly walked forward: “It’s a pity that the divine amulet was shattered after brushing with the profound earth. Miss Ziyue…… go on your way!”

Ye Fan stood in front of Ji Ziyue: “You’re a servant who’s revolting against your master…… really disgraceful.”

Ji Xia had used the divine light shield amulet to turn into a bolt of lightning, avoiding the profound earth origin qi but her injuries were not light, she hated Ye Fan to the bone as she said coldly: “I’ll take care of you first before sending miss Ziyue on her way!” Her five fingers were spread as five streaks of mystical rainbows shot forth, grabbing towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was waiting for this precise moment, he was extremely strong and was least afraid of close combat, sending his fists of gold forward immediately causing the space in front to collapse!

“You!” Ji Xia was stunned as she moved to retreat.

However, it was already too late, the two people were simply too close and Ye Fan would not give her such a chance. His first fist smashed apart the five streaks of divine light, causing the five spread fingers to immediately shatter.

“Aaaahhhh!” Ji Xia miserably cried, a light flashed within her body as she attempted to send her spiritual treasure flying forth.


Ye Fan’s second fist was already flying forward, the spiritual treasure had not made it out before it was smashed back in by the golden fist. Ji Xia’s sea of bitterness was immediately shattered! Ye Fan’s fist far exceeded that of a spiritual treasure, at such a close proximity, nothing much could stop him. Ji Xia miserably cried as her body released a brilliant light, she wanted to detonate herself in order to injure Ye Fan.

At this moment, Ye Fan sent a third fist flying forward, heavily smashing onto her chest, immediately piercing through.


Ji Xia began to shatter as she burst into pieces. She had been killed by three fists from Ye Fan.

“A cultivator of the Other Shore realm was actually beaten to death by your fists…….” Ji Ziyue was speechless: “You are practically a walking beast!”

Ye Fan’s fourth fist was already flying through the air, there was a layer of profound earth on it as he slowly withdrew his fist before it gradually disappeared.

While this made him restless, he was also pleasantly surprised, having thrown multiple fists he would occasionally be able to punch out with profound earth origin qi, if he was able to control this properly, his fists would be terrifyingly powerful.

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