STH Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Molest!

“You……..” Ji Ziyue stared at him wide-eyed: “Even a cultivator at the Dao Palace realm would suffer if they appeared beside you without knowing your true strength.”

Ye Fan turned to look at Ji Ziyue: “Do you think that your cousin will appear here?”

“It’s difficult to say……” Ji Ziyue had an expression of worry as she huffed: “You’ve almost caused my death, now the situation is extremely complex, if our whereabouts are leaked, I could be in more danger than you.”

Ye Fan shook his head: “The inner workings of your Ji Family is complex and cruel……”

“You don’t understand!” Ji Ziyue rolled her eyes but did not explain as she sighed: “Ji Xia, why did you need to go to such lengths……” She found some leaves as she covered the shattered remains.

Ye Fan did not mind when suddenly, a brilliant splendour was released from within Ji Ziyue, her entire body seemed to explode with a frightening might.

“You……” Ye Fan was shocked as he turned, wanting to fly to the sky.

However, the surrounding space began to contort, as though there were ripples constantly being sent out, Ji Ziyue was like a saint, with her as the centre, a light like that from a rising moon expanded, sealing everything within.

It was only now that Ye Fan realised a piece of divine amulet was held within her hand, although it was broken, it gave off wisps of divine energy. That was what had removed the seal on Ji Ziyue.

“Divine light shield amulet, sister Biyue gave it to Ji Xia to allow her body to turn into lightning in order to look for me, wanting to do me in. Who knew that these broken remains would actually save me.”

Ji Ziyue lightly laughed, her entire person seemed to exude confidence, dazzling and resplendent as she seemed enveloped by a pristine aura.

At this moment, she was like a heap of flowers and trees on top of snow, simply fresh and clean. Like the springtime wind, graceful and lithe. If was as if the moonlight was scattered about in the skies, if someone saw her, they would lose their bearings, serene, pure and holy.

She turned to look at Ye Fan, the smile on her face widening as a small dimple appeared on her left cheek, appearing mischievous and cute at the same time.

“Someone has treated me well over these past few days, how do you think I should thank you?”

Having reached this point, Ye Fan did not have any worries as he said nonchalantly: “You can just repay the favour with your body.”

Ji Ziyue had a beautiful laughter that was extremely sweet as she slowly glided over, pinching Ye Fan’s cheeks: “Little kid, you actually dare to treat me in that manner……”

“Hey hey hey, Ji Ziyue, earlier I actually risked my life to save you, you shouldn’t repay kindness with ingratitude”

“It’s lucky you still had the heart not to throw me behind, otherwise, you would be fallen on the ground right now.” Ji Ziyue tilted her head, a sweet smile still plastered on her face.

This made Ye Fan feel his goosebumps stand up as he asked: “What are you planning to do?”

Ji Ziyue exposed a mesmerising smile: “I want to bite you!” Having said this, her pearly white teeth gnashed before finally biting down.

Having been sealed for such a long period of time, what she most wanted to do was viciously bite Ye Fan to get rid of all the indignation within her heart.

Ye Fan had been sealed by her, it was difficult for him to evade even with his divine body, there was simply no way to use his divine energy and he could only choose to bear with it as he grit his teeth: “You don’t have to be so intimate…….” Thereafter, he screamed as Ji Ziyue continued to bite down even harder.

“Guys and girls shouldn’t come into contact with each other so easily, don’t be like this……” Ye Fan continued to shout.

“Just shout as much as you want, even if your vocal cords break there will be no escape for you……” Ji Ziyue’s words made Ye Fan thoroughly speechless, how could her words make him feel so uncomfortable.

“Ji Ziyue, don’t be so heartless, I’m going to become a sieve at this rate…….”

“Little kid of barely fourteen years of age, you actually dare to bully me for so long…..” Ji Ziyue grumbled.

Ye Fan felt as though he were in an abyss of suffering, such a punishment was a first for him as he shouted: “Ji Ziyue, don’t take things too far!”

“That’s precisely what I want to achieve, I’ll bite you to death……” Her smile was still there as she continued to gnash her teeth.

“Your actions are a far cry from that of a virtuous woman, biting someone is undignified……” Ye Fan was tearing as he continued to howl.

“Shout with all your might till your vocal cords burst…….” Ji Ziyue seemed moving and beautiful but her current performance left Ye Fan thoroughly speechless.

“This is molest!” Ye Fan did not wish to say it but he had no other choice.

“Pei, you’re so young, what would you know about molestation?” Ji Ziyue continued to pinch his cheek.

“Ji Ziyue, you’re a future immortal, this is simply too undignified…..”

“An immortal is also a person, an immortal can also get angry, you’ve already bullied me for such a long period of time, I have to bite to my hearts content!”

“Aaahhh Aaahhhhh Aaaaahhhhhh!” Ye Fan continued to howl.

Ji Ziyue bit him one more time before backing away: “What are you yelling for?”

“I’ve been molested by an unscrupulous woman!”

Ji Ziyue’s face immediately turned red: “Little kid, your mouth is still so stubborn at this point, you’re really asking for it!”

“I give up! Don’t bite anymore, my entire body is already soft.”

“Pei, your words are really difficult to listen to.” Having finally vented her frustrations, Ji Ziyue finally felt slightly guilty.

“The two of us are even, you can let me go now right?”

“Wishful thinking, this is only the beginning” Ji Ziyue supported his jaw as a dimple appeared, smiling mesmerizingly: “Little kid, you actually wanted to acquire the ancient scripture within my family, teasing me along the way, such great guts you have.”

“What are you planning to do?” Ye Fan was incensed but powerless.

“Don’t be so dismayed, come little kid, smile for this big sister.” Ji Ziyue continued to hold Ye Fan’s jaw, her wide eyes were in the shape of crescent moons, her smile exceptionally brilliant.

“I feel that with our identities we should address each other with our names……” Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Ji Ziyue’s smile became even more brilliant: “I’ll look after you well……”

“Aaaaahhhh!” Ye Fan went back into the abyss of suffering.

It was a full half day later before Ye Fan finally got some air, his entire body was covered in teeth marks that were very neatly oredered.

“Hand me a portion of the profound earth origin qi!”

“I can’t control it, there’s no way for me to send it out.”

“Lies!” Ji Ziyue could be considered soft-hearted, she did not cruelly torture Ye Fan.

“There are many secrets contained within your body, I will slowly dig, the aurichalcite, origin qi of all living things as well as your precious body……” She tilted her head as she stared at Ye Fan: “My cousin wishes to kill me, we are now ants on the same rope, we will work together for now. If we meet up with her, I will create a chance for you to go near her, with your strength, you will surely make her eat a huge loss!”

Ye Fan immediately rolled his eyes: “If i were really strong enough, I would not have been sealed by you.”

“I have a precious treasure on my person, as long as divine energy is flowing, you won’t be able to showcase your prowess beside me.” Ji Ziyue also rolled her eyes: “My cousin won’t be cautious towards you, at that time you will definitely have the chance to act.”

“I really want to know who else is acting against me, when everything finally calms down, I will force all of them out.” Ji Ziyue could sense that it was extremely messy outside and did not want to easily expose herself, wanting to temporarily hide while observing who was acting against her. She seemed to suddenly recall something as elation could be seen within her eyes: “Now that I think about it, it’s about time the Tai Xuan sect gathers new disciples, maybe we should hide into the Tai Xuan sect.” This area was filled with endless mountains, the area where the Tai Xuan sect was located was not that far away.

The might of the Tai Xuan sect was immense, within this area, besides the Ji Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, no other sect could pressure them.

“Even our Ji Family is unwilling to easily anger the Tai Xuan sect. Within this area, the safest place would definitely be that sect. The Ji Family will not send people there to search, if we hide there we shouldn’t be in too much danger.” Two days later, Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue appeared within the mountainous region where the Tai Xuan sect was location. Up ahead, was a majestic mountain range, simply picturesque, one would say it was magnificent.

Amongst them, the hundred and eight main peaks were the most beautiful, not all could be seen by the naked eye, the ten odd that could be seen had divine cranes fluttering about and misty palace halls among the clouds, it all seemed auspicious and peaceful. They mingled in with the group that were here to become disciples, successfully entering the sect gate without any accidents.

“There are one hundred and eight main peaks here, we should choose one that is more isolated, one that would be of no interest to anyone.” There were guards maintaining order at the sect gates.

Suddenly, Ye Fan saw a familiar figure, a white dress drifting in the wind, graceful,refined, bright and beautiful, simply refined.

“She’s actually here……” Ye Fan was stunned, he had recognised that the lady was Li Xiaoman. Although he had guessed that she did not die within the forbidden area, it was still shocking to see her within the Tai Xuan sect.

“Met someone familiar?” Ji Ziyue had a mesmerizing smile: “Little kid, based on your expression it seems like something is amiss. No problem, if you have any enmity, this big sister will help you out.”

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