STH Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: One of Nine Secrets

Ye Fan felt as though his relation with Li Xiaoman was dull like water, they could only be said to have come from the same world to this one.

Besides that, it was difficult to feel anything else. The events of long ago had long passed, becoming fireworks that had already bloomed.

He had previously considered being friends even though they were not together and no longer had emotions for one another, however, their previous meeting left him feeling as though he was the only one feeling that way.

Ye Fan did not plan to call out to Li Xiaoman, faced with that coldness, it was better to just walk by each other like strangers.

Before coming to the Tai Xuan sect, Ji Ziyue had painted on her delicate face, nearly becoming a small kitten, only her two large eyes remained spirited, at this moment they were in the shape of crescent moons as she seemed to sense the changes in Ye Fan’s emotions.

Within the endless mountain range stood one hundred and eight main peaks, these main peaks represented a legacy, this was the reason why the Tai Xuan sect was able to exist and flourish for so long.

Although there were a number of legacies which were in decline, there were also other legacies which were on the rise, enduring the ravages of time, the Tai Xuan sect was still powerful.

With the sect, the area was vast with an unending flow of people, over ten thousand people were gathered here but it was not squeezy in the slightest, they were waiting for the selection to begin.

This was merely the first day, in the following seven days, there would be the same amount of people that flocked to this area, it was simply stunning how many people would rush here.

These people came from the ten odd vassal states in the vicinity, they definitely had talent but only a small portion of them would remain, they had to be exceptionally talented in order to succeed.

“So exaggerated?!” Before them a vast crowd had gathered, Ye Fan was stunned, this was simply even more grand than an emperor choosing a concubine.

Ji Ziyue glanced over at him: “That’s of course, the Tai Xuan sect is extremely famous, back when it was at its peak, its strength was sufficient to rank under the top one hundred sects within the Eastern Badlands, it is one of the few superpowers and its legacy has lasted for over ten thousand years.”

“Doesn’t that mean that your Ji Family is even more frightening, able to suppress such a large sect. It’s really hard for me to imagine how powerful and mighty your family really is.”

“The legacy of an ancient aristocratic family or sacred ground extends far into the past, it is simply impossible to measure how deep their reserves, even though I belong to one, I also can’t completely discern it.”

Hearing this, Ye Fan could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, he simply could not fathom how frightening such a family really was.

“Little kid, why do I feel as though you have no inkling on the few superpowers, simply clueless.”

“Don’t call me little kid.” Ye Fan felt extremely uncomfortable with this appellation.

Ji Ziyue laughed lightly before tousling his hair: “Look at yourself, you’re barely fourteen years old yet want to act mature, really……”

At this moment, from the distant main peaks flew ten odd people, there were both men and women with long flowing hair and seemed to be old immortals who were flying over.

They floated in the sky, looking down on the tens of thousands of people, one of them spoke with a deep clear voice which transmitted in all directions, allowing everyone to clearly listen.

Based on what the elder said, the preliminary test was to pass the immortal door ahead of them, if they did not have the affinity to become immortals they would not be able to pass. Only by passing through this door would they be able to travel to one of the one hundred and eight main peaks, taking a proper test and if they were found to be suitable, they could remain to become a disciple of the Tai Xuan sect.

Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue were mixed in with the crowd, following them as they came before that mysterious door. It was several thousand metres high and formed from natural mountain rock, mist abounded within and beyond it was an endless ravine.

Although countless people went in, ninety percent of them were brought back out, signifying that they did not have an affinity to become an immortal.

“This stone door is a protective barrier, it is rumoured to have been forged by their nineteenth ancestor lord, those who are not suited for cultivation won’t be able to go past it.” Several people softly discussed.

The people who were transported out were all very indignant as they continued to walk forward again, however, the outcome was unchanged.

Several young disciples of the Tai Xuan sect guarded the area, no one dared to make a fuss and the people who were sent back a few times eventually left regretfully.

When it finally came to Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue’s turn to move forward, they were not nervous as they calmly followed the hundred odd people in. Ji Ziyue managed to easily go past the gate however, a light suddenly flashed as Ye Fan was sent back out.

“This fellow’s physique is clearly powerful to a ridiculous extent……. How could he be rejected?” Ji Ziyue’s mouth was in an ‘O’ shape, a look of incredulity on her face.

Ye Fan had sealed the divine energy fluctuations within his body, causing his sea of bitterness to be absolutely still without the slightest fluctuations, this had eventually caused him to be transported out. He immediately understood this as his face became slightly red, walking forward once again while the surrounding people laughed at him while he appeared to remain nonchalant.

This time, he allowed for bits of divine energy to fluctuate, he had then managed to successfully walk through causing those who were outside laughing to suddenly become silent in shock.

“Young fellow, what happened just now?” Ji Ziyue was filled with curiosity as she questioned him: “Your physique is so unique, there must be many secrets.”

Of the tens of thousands that went, only a couple of thousand remained, they spread out as they moved to the different main peaks in search of their own destiny. There were many amongst them who would eventually fail, with only a few that would successfully make it through. Within the depths of the Tai Xuan sect, beautiful and majestic peaks abounded, the one hundred and eight main peaks were the most magnificent among them.

There were peaks that had heavenly music, misty clouds and flickering sunlight. Some peaks were full of vitality with waterfalls as long as a thousand feet. Some peaks had cranes fluttering about in the breeze with floating temples in the sky, extremely auspicious and peaceful.

“Those pavilions aren’t situated atop the peaks but rather are floating on the clouds above……” Ye Fan was stunned.

“What’s so strange about that? This is expected of a superpower, my family even has an ancient city that will never descend.”

“This…….” Ye Fan was simply flabbergasted.

“We’ll live here in secret for a period of time, I will continue to monitor from behind the scenes to see who is coming after me. I will eventually root all of them out!” Ji Ziyue glared with her large eyes before continuing: “However, since we’ve already come here, we shouldn’t make it a wasted trip. There are many mysterious ancient techniques within the Tai Xuan sect, even sacred grounds and ancient aristocratic families would kill for them.”

Ye Fan was moved: “Then what is there to hesitate? Let’s just choose a main peak that has such a legacy.”

“It’s such a pity, it’s rumoured that those ancient techniques have nearly been lost in time, they haven’t been seen for many years, we can only try our luck.” Ji Ziyue came from an ancient aristocratic family and had a wide view of the world, she had a high level of understanding with regards to the Tai Xuan sect, the two people finally walked towards an extremely desolate main peak. This main peak was not majestic, it was merely three thousand metres high, there were other peaks that were much higher than it.

It was clear that this was a legacy that had waned with time, the area was extremely peaceful with nary a person in sight, the main peak was overgrown with vegetation, wild vines were abundant and it seemed extremely desolate, as though no one had been here for a long time.

“Although it is one of the hundred and eight main peaks and represents a powerful legacy, from the looks of it, it seems as though it has thoroughly declined, this area is simply too desolate without even a single disciple to guard the sect gate.” Ye Fan felt that it was unlikely to gain much here.

Ji Ziyue massaged her pretty face, her large eyes suddenly seemed to shoot two beams of divine light that seemed to have shape and form, slowly beginning to comb the main peak before them.

“Back in the day, this main peak flourished, however, five hundred years ago, the leader of this peak had a conflict with a venerated elder within the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, dying together causing this legacy to abruptly die off.”

“Then what are we still doing here?” Ye Fan did not understand.

“The one hundred and eight legacies contained on the main peaks within the Tai Xuan sect have never truly been totally lost, each main peak is actually a naturally formed scripture. Even if it has declined for hundreds or even thousands of years, it will eventually rise up once again, the scripture will appear appear naturally and the legacy will continue once again.”

“What is it that interests you so much in this place?”

“It’s rumoured that the legacy of this peak is an immortal art with an inconceivable ability that could even cause the eyes of those sacred grounds to grow red.” Ji Ziyue’s eyes seemed to glow.

“Immortal art?”

“That’s right, it was simply too mysterious and powerful that one seemed almost immortal, it was thus given the title of immortal art.”

“What was so special about it?” Ye Fan’s curiosity was piqued, he felt that this legacy was certainly far from ordinary.

“If one manages to successfully cultivate it, after circulating it, it is rumoured to be able to increase a person’s combat ability by several times, possibly even up to ten times.” Ji Ziyue continued to move forward.

This was a mysterious legacy, when one circulated the arts recorded within, they would be able to have a combat ability that was several times that of their original power, although this could only sporadically occur and did not have a hundred percent success rate, it was still terrifying. If one happened to be successful while in battle with an enemy, they would likely be able to cause serious injury or even death to their foes.

“There are such arts?” Ye Fan was astounded.

“It’s rumoured that there was an extremely mysterious ancient scripture in the past, it did not record any profound heart sutras and only had nine mysterious techniques within, however, it was said to be on the same level as the Dao Scripture, Void Scripture and other immortal compendiums. It’s a pity that the ancient scripture was divided and finding all nine mysterious techniques is difficult, they have been spread in all directions and several of the mysterious techniques have vanished forever. It is rumoured that the immortal art on this main peak is one of the nine mysterious techniques.”

“Merely nine techniques yet it can rival with an ancient scripture found within a sacred ground……..” Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air, the legacy of this main peak was on of the nine techniques and it’s background was astonishing!

“Hopefully we are able to find this technique.” Ji Ziyue’s eyes seemed to glow.

“The Tai Xuan sect only has one of the mysterious techniques?”

Ji Ziyue nodded: “The fact that they were able to acquire one of them is already a heaven sent gift.”

At this moment, the forward area was deathly silent and the overgrown vegetation was clearly different from the other peaks. There was an ancient forest not far away and several crows squawked, fanning their wings as they flew into the air. The path on the mountain had been thoroughly covered, vegetation was everywhere and it was clear that the area had not been tidied in a long time.

At this moment, an elder who was stooped trembled and swayed as he walked out from a dilapidated pavilion towards them.

“Have you come to take the test?” His old eyes were misty as he continued: “It’s been five hundred years but the legacy has not shown itself, it has nearly completely died off, who knows when it will appear again. You people coming here is possibly a mere waste of your years.”

“We aren’t afraid, we have the time to wait.” Ji Ziyue’s smile was extremely sweet as she went forward to support the old man, her laughter was contagious and exceptionally spirited.

The three thousand metre tall main peak had several pavilions atop it, however, they were mostly fallen and vegetation had grown on them, vines crisscrossed the area and the wild grass was half the height of a man.

“This is almost like a completely wild piece of land…….”

“That’s right, if the legacy doesn’t appear, who would be willing to stay here? It’s only natural that it becomes this desolate.” The old man sighed.

At this moment, ten odd divine rainbows rushed over, flying towards the main peak in front of them. Ye Fan did not expect to see Li Xiaoman once again, she was already a cultivator at the Spring of Life realm and could ride on mystical rainbows.

“The main peak ahead is flourishing, you guys should choose that peak, it is a far cry from choosing the legacy here.” The old man advised earnestly.

“We only care about the legacy on this peak.” Ji Ziyue had a faint smile on her face.

The old man laughed as he nodded: “Good determination, you two must know that the legacy here is one of the nine mysterious techniques, hopefully you really acquire it.”

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