STH Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Re-establishing the Sect

This night, Ye Fan sat at the apex of the desolate peak, his powerful divine sense that came from the golden lake between his brows shot forth, continually searching the mountain. It was a pity that he did not detect any abnormalities, if this main peak was a scripture, it was simply inconceivable as he could not detect its presence.

The night was dark and quiet, up ahead the Star Peak was vibrant and dazzling, starlight bathed the area causing it to glow pure white, as though the first fall of snow was swirling in the air, allowing one to feel the immense power of the stars.


Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air, such a legacy was simply too mysterious, the power of the stars had coalesced there causing the area to glow, being nourished in it for a long period of time would definitely have unfathomable effects for the physical body.

This made him feel tempted, such a cultivation method was certainly unique, it was no wonder that the Tai Xuan sect was able to remain for tens of thousands of years, the hundred and eight main peaks were definitely exceptional.

Ye Fan discarded such thoughts as he began to cultivate the Dao Scripture, he needed to constantly improve his cultivation and did not have the time to waste.

His heart gradually became calm, the Dao Scripture was a top-notch soul technique for cultivating the Wheel and Sea realm, within the Eastern Badlands there was no ancient scripture that could surpass it.

It was only in the afternoon that he finally stopped to rest as she muttered: “Once I finish cultivating the Wheel and Sea realm, I will need to prepare to cultivate the Dao Palace, I wonder when I will finally be able to reach the Jade Lake Sacred Ground.”

He did not have much expectations for the Void Scripture, it was rumoured that the ancient scripture contained within the Jade Lake Sacred Ground was the strongest soul technique for the Dao Palace realm, he really wished to acquire that technique.

Ye Fan’s mind was calm as he entered into slumberland. The moonlight spilled down as he rested on top of a limestone, and thin mist enveloped him. All this appeared serene and immortal-like.

There was a benefit to joining the desolate peak, this peak only had Li Ruyu and he simply could not be bothered to investigate the past of Ye Fan. If he had joined some other main peak, his identity would be exposed like clear water.

The second day, Ye Fan began to search the mountain, combing through the entire area without finding a single spiritual medicine, this was simply no different from a wild mountain region.

“Flap, flap!”

A few inauspicious crows were loudly cawing as they flew from within the desolate forest making this area seem even more dead.

He found it difficult to imagine that such a desolate place was actually one of the main peaks within the Tai Xuan sect, it actually represented a powerful legacy.

In the afternoon, he finally returned to the mountain top, the dilapidated pavilion was surrounded by overgrown grass, a wild rabbit leapt out making him feel speechless.


He picked up a piece of rock and tossed it, the wild rabbit made a noise as it fell, a fire was lit as the sweet aroma of meat filled the air, the rabbit meat was roasted to a golden brown as fatty oil dripped from the meat causing ‘Chi Chi’ noises in the fire.

“Desolate peak, dried up vines, and dead trees with old crows perched atop them. Old temple halls with hares scuttling about. This truly……” Ye Fan muttered.

In the distance, within the dilapidated pavilion, elder Li Ruyi glanced over at him but did not pay too much attention, closing his eyes as he silently meditated within the still forest.

At this moment, someone ridiculed: “One hundred and eight main peaks represent the one hundred and eight powerful legacies contained within the Tai Xuan sect. At the apex of each main peak, it is extremely pristine, a sacred ground of the legacy. However, nowadays the earth is scorched, the stench of coarse meat in the air, this is indeed the unique desolate peak.”

A youth wearing a ocean blue dress with an arrogant look on his face rode on a mystical rainbow as he descended, his head was raised high as he frowned while looking at the fire pit.

“What’s the matter? Are you hungry?” Ye Fan spoke gently with a mocking expression on his face.

The youth dressed in blue did not expect a disciple which had just joined the sect would actually talk back to him as his face grew dark: “Such gall, the apex of a main peak, how could it be desecrated by you, do you recognise the error of your ways?”

“Who are you? Which hole did you crawl out from? Ridiculous.” Ye Fan was indifferent and did not bother looking at the person as he continued to roast his rabbit.

“Don’t you understand what I’ve just said?” The youth dressed in blue continued to move forward as he looked down at Ye Fan: “How could you start a fire on a main peak? Allowing the stench of coarse meat to……”

Ye Fan was casual as he continued to roast the rabbit meat while continuing to retort: “Such delicious smelling rabbit meat, if it really is a stench, then what about your soft skin and tender flesh, is it foul mortal flesh?”

The youth dressed in blue was merely ridiculing out of habit, he did not have any other intentions but did not expect Ye Fan to be completely indifferent to him, constantly retorting. He immediately grew angry as he exclaimed: “This is the sacred area of our sect, how could you profane it!”

“There aren’t any fairies here nor divine ladies, what have I profaned?” Ye Fan removed the golden brown rabbit meat from the fire pit as he ripped its leg off, enjoying his meal while completely ignoring the youth.

“You are simply…… audacious, and being reckless on the owner’s land, dishonoring the Tai Xuan Sect, your crime cannot be absolved!” The youth dressed in blue had a solemn expression as he moved closer, seeming as though he wanted to act.

“Don’t make me so great, what do you mean I’ve been audacious, and disgraced the Tai Xuan Sect, when did that all happen?” Ye Fan glanced over at him: “Don’t show the airs of a senior brother here.”

“I will take you down and bring you to Heaven’s Punishment Cliff!” The blue clothed male had a cold smile as his hand stretched forth towards Ye Fan.

“Wait!” Ye Fan stopped him as he glared: “Where did you come out from? Elder Li of the desolate peak is here and he hasn’t said anything, who are you to the desolate peak, actually daring to tell me what to do?”

“As a disciple of the Tai Xuan sect, naturally I have to protect the sacred lands of our sect!” The youth dressed in blue continued to stretch his hand, wanting to grab Ye Fan by the throat to take him away.

Ye Fan shouted to the dilapidated palace in the distance: “Elder Li Ruyi, the desolate peak belongs to our legacy, are the disciples of other main peaks allowed to instruct me?”

“Besides the sect leader and the venerated elders of the sect, whoever comes to our main peak will have to answer to me.” The voice of elder Li Ruyi could be heard.

“In that case, him barging in on the precious grounds of our desolate peak is committing an atrocious crime!” Ye Fan dodged to the side, avoiding the hand that was moving forward before picking up a stone and flinging it heavily forward.


The stone smashed heavily into the youth’s face, his nose began to bleed as he swayed, the intense pain caused tears to flow down his face as he almost fell to the ground.

“Barging into our precious ground, simply audacious, you have dishonored the Tai Xuan Sect, your crimes are atrocious and should be punished!” Ye Fan retorted as he turned it around, his right arm continued swinging down continuously, holding a stone in his hand as he proceeded to hit the youth’s face causing it to be thoroughly smashed, blood and saliva was splattered everywhere.

“Pa!” “Pa!”

The youth had been knocked unconscious by Ye Fan, his mouth was crooked and his eyes slanted, twitching on the ground.

Half a day later, he finally woke up as Li Ruyi walked over to ask: “What did you come here for?”

The clothed youngster was fully awake and immediately recalled what had happened earlier, his expression became ugly, he had been knocked unconscious and simply could not bear it any longer, he wanted to kill Ye Fan. Elder Li Ruyu’s face immediately fell: “Insolence!”

“Greetings senior uncle.” The blue clothed youth felt a cold shiver as he suppressed his anger, controlling his emotions as he bowed his head: “The disciples of all the main peaks will have a competition in three months, I have come to give word.” Having said this, he handed a letter over.

“I understand, you can go back now.” Li Ruyi nodded.

The blue clothed male looked over at Ye Fan, a cold light flashed in his eyes before he turned away.
“In the future, don’t make a ruckus at other main peaks, don’t pretend that you are a venerated elder.” Ye Fan mocked.

“You……” The youth was incensed as hatred filled his eyes, however, he did not dare to act before elder Li Ruyu, and could only fly into the air, heading towards the Star Peak.

Li Ruyu glanced over at Ye Fan but did not speak, doddering as he headed back within the dilapidated pavilion, closing his eyes as he went back into meditation.

“A great achievement that seems flawed, a great fullness that seems empty, a great intelligence that seems foolish……” Ye Fan muttered as he carefully pondered over the words before continuing to wander around the desolate peak.

Half a minute later, several figures descended on the mountain, surrounding Ye Fan. The blue clothed male was also amongst them.

“Who are you people, why have you barged into the precious grounds of our desolate peak.” Ye Fan swept his gaze, he immediately knew that these were people from the Star Peak.

“You really don’t know the rules, seeing your seniors shouldn’t you come and pay your respects?” One of the people coldly said.

“Who are you people? Why should I pay my respects.” Ye Fan calmly walked in front of the group.

Besides the blue clothed male whose face turned pale, the others began to boisterously laugh.

“It’s so rare for the desolate peak to have a disciple, it seems like we won’t be bored anymore, he’s quite interesting.”

“As a senior brother, let me teach you have to follow the rules. In future when you see us, make sure you bow your body and pay your respects, understand?”

A youth amongst them wanted to press Ye Fan’s head, forcing him to bow down while another kicked towards his calves, wanting to make him kneel.

“What are you guys planning to do?” Ye Fan dodged to the side: “This is a main peak that represents a legacy, people of the other main peaks cannot freely enter.”

“Hahaha……” Everyone began to laugh.

“Entering the desolate peak actually requires a permission from somebody?”

“There isn’t much difference between this place and a desolate mountain, entering and exiting is freely allowed.” Two amongst them began to press towards Ye Fan’s head while another two sought to attack his legs, forcing him to his knees.

“If this was the other main peaks, would you guys dare to act like this?” Ye Fan continued to retreat: “This is really bullying!”

“Such a naive young fellow, let this senior brother teach you how to recognise strength!”

“That is what I wanted to say to all of you.” Ye Fan calmly grabbed a hand that was stretching towards him as he bent it, immediately causing a loud cracking noise to ring out.

At the same time, his right leg sweeped causing the two people who were aiming him legs to heavily fall to the ground.

The facial expression of the blue clothed youth and another within their group changed as they flew into the air, hoping to escape into the sky.


A boulder weighing about a thousand jin flew as fast as lightning, heavily smashing into them.


Miserable cries could be heard as the two people were smashed by the giant boulder, they had suffered severe injuries and the bones were smashed in several areas of their body.

Ye Fan placed the five people side by side on the ground before stepping on the blue clothed youth’s face: “You’re really incredible!”


He was sent flying away like a soccer ball before being caught by some old vines.

Thereafter, he came before two other people, stepping on their hands: “You wish to teach me a lesson, forcing me to bend my head and pay my respects, why not you demonstrate it for me to see.”


Ye Fan kicked as the two people were sent flying through the air before smashing into the trunk of the ancient trees in the distance.

“The two of you wish for me to kneel?” Ye Fan came before the final two people, his legs kicked once again caused them to fly high into the sky before falling heavily onto the ground.

“Remember, desolate peak is also a main peak, it represents a powerful legacy. If you wish to come here in future, please give an earlier notice and come through the main gate.” Ye Fan seemed filled with righteousness. At this moment Li Ruyu had silently appeared, he was already standing not far away.

“Well said, from today onwards no one should recklessly barge into desolate peak.” The elder gently said these words before disappearing into the forest.

The desolate peak was re-establishing itself, this news swiftly spread . The disciples of the star peak were incensed upon finding out that several of their brothers had been injured, feeling as though they had been wronged.

Ye Fan returned to the apex, Li Ruyu did say anything but rather handed an ancient bow to him with nine arrows, finally handing him a thin yellowed book.

“Senior Li, the people of the Star Peak have come looking for revenge!”

In the middle of the night, Ye Fan discovered that ten odd disciples from the Star Peak were in the air above the desolate peak.

“Haven’t I passed you the bow and arrows already……” Elder Li Ruyu sat within the dilapidated pavilion with his eyes closed, merely saying these words.
Ye Fan was stunned, he felt that this seemingly frail old man was not quite as simple as he appeared on the surface. He immediately shouted into the sky: “You guys are pushing it! This is the precious grounds of a main peak that has a legacy, you actually dare to fly recklessly, if this was like the other flourishing main peaks, would you dare to act as such?!” The angry cries from the ten odd disciples within the sky could immediately be heard.

Ye Fan was extremely decisive, lifting the ancient bow as a tremendous fluctuation spread out, an old crow was cawing loudly in the distance when it suddenly became a streak of black light, absorbed by the arrow within Ye Fan’s hand.

Such an outcome left Ye Fan speechless, he could feel that the arrow seemed to be like a blazing sun, containing an unfathomable amount of power. In the sky, the disciples of the Star Peak were alarmed as someone shouted: “Not good, retreat!”

Ye Fan did not dare to release this arrow, he felt that if he released it, it might actually cause a hole in the sky, the ancient bow and arrows which the elder had given to Su Yu were simply too mysterious, they contained an inconceivable might.

What made him most shocked were the nine inauspicious old crows on the desolate peak, they had actually turned in streaks of black light and entered the nine arrows that he carried. In this moment as he pulled the bow and placed the arrow, the sky in the air began to gently tremble.

“This must be a precious treasure!” Ye Fan felt that staying on this desolate peak was definitely the right decision, there were too many secrets in this place.

Ye Fan held the ancient bow, wherever he pointed, the people in that area would exclaim as they swiftly fled for their lives.

Several people came swiftly rushing from a distance, the elders from the Star Peak had arrived as they shouted: “Senior brother Li, please have mercy!”

“It’s enough to scare them off.” At this moment, the voice of Li Ruyu could be heard.

In the sky, the disciples of the Star Peak had fled in all directions, their faces were ashen, they had clearly been frightened out of their wits.

“That’s the ancient bow of legends, didn’t it disappear together with the legacy of the desolate peak, how could it suddenly appear?”

“Those nine crows, I’ve seen them often, who knew that they were so terrifying, they can actually merge with the nine arrows, what are they?!”

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