STH Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Universal Great Dao

Atop the desolate peak, the Nine Steps to Heaven continued to grow bigger, becoming nine platforms that were shining with brilliance, mist swirled, making it seem hazy. Li Ruyu slowly climbed up as he was drawn by a power, entering into the faintly discernable palace.

The apex of the desolate peak was truly empty, making it seem tranquil, as though a part of the world was evolving, Dao and Logic seemed to be interweaving.

All living things are full of vitality, the cycle comes to a full circle, in perpetual motion. The flourishing beginning had bright green leaves that had a desire for water. Yet in the end, the leaves wilted and withered away, returning back to their origin.

Ye Fan stood atop the desolate peak unmoving, his pupils seemed to go from resplendent to dim, from light to darkness, as though he had experienced a period of prosperity before waning away.

The world seemed to have mysterious traces appearing, forming a profound and abstruse rule and order, giving birth to mysterious Dao veins and patterns.

The desolate peak, returning to its natural state, evolving Dao and Logic, the entire desolate peak was a Dao Scripture, it required an understanding of its nature in order for one to capture the mysteries contained within.

Ye Fan was not Li Ruyu, he had merely been here for half a month, he did not know the essence or roots of the mountain, it was simply too difficult to come to a consensus with the peak. However, he had the Bodhi Seed in his bosom, it was acquired from the Great Lei Yin Temple, it’s Dao picture as well as its evolution was all natural, allowing his heart to be extremely calm.

The Bodhi was the sacred tree of comprehension written in legends, it was also known as the tree of wisdom, it could release the divinity in a person, for comprehending the Dao of the world, it was definitely the best option.

Ye Fan received the help from the Bodhi Seed, entering into this natural state of being one with the Dao, easily becoming one with the lush greenery.

“A great achievement that seems flawed, great fullness that seems empty, great intelligence that seems foolish……”

A mysterious sound was resounding, Li Ruyu was motionless before the palace, silent like a boulder as he listened to the mysterious sound of heaven and earth.

The desolate peak which had declined for five hundred years, mystical techniques appeared once again as the doorway of the dao opened wide, the brilliant and varied truth. There was no heavenly spring bubbling forth from the earth, no auspicious rainbows descending from the heavens. Only a simple legacy, a dao charm was in motion.

Ye Fan was at peace, merging as one with the desolate peak, everything that Li Ruyu was experiencing, he was also going through, the Bodhi seed was slightly hot while he was silent and calm. Initially, there was no celestial legacy but rather it was the original soul technique of the desolate peak. The nine mysterious techniques were not cultivating techniques but rather a sort of secret skill that can be integrated into soul techniques, bestowing all sorts of unfathomable powers.

The soul technique legacy of the desolate peak was the foundation of this vein, only by cultivating with this technique would one’s personal strength become great enough to utilise the secret skill.

One of the nine mysterious techniques, magnificent and exceptional, if one utilised it, they could bring forth several times their ordinary combat prowess, it was something that would cause all the Sacred Grounds and ancient aristocratic families to see red.

Without the soul technique and methods of usage, with just barely one secret skill among the nine, one could exchange for a few ancient scriptures within the Eastern Badlands, it could be seen how priceless it was.

The foundation of the desolate peak was its soul technique and it was indeed unique, it was no wonder that it could be considered one of the strongest legacies within the Tai Xuan sect, the leader of this legacy had been able to battle with a venerated elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, dying together was a sufficient testament to its prowess.

Although it could not be compared with the Dao Scripture, it was considered exceptional and Ye Fan gained much as he remained in this tranquil state. Of course, the most important thing was still the nine secret skills, he really wished to acquire it and its draw was even greater than the Ancient Void Scripture of the Ji Family, if one could multiply their battle prowess by several times when faced with an enemy, that would be an insane killing tool!

One could imagine that if he was successful in allowing the origin qi of the profound earth to cover his fists together with the secret skill, it would definitely be frightening, regardless of how many treasure you had or abilities you possessed, a single fist from Ye Fan would be sufficient to break through it all.

A multiplication of combat prowess did not only apply to one’s physical body, it could be used to improve any abilities like when utilising abilities or resisting artifacts or even aiding one with their flying speed……. In Ye Fan’s eyes, the nine secret skills were certainly profound, this technique that the desolate peak had, he definitely had to obtain it.

Suddenly a indescribable dao charm circulated, it seemed exceptionally mysterious and profound, very different from the simple and plain soul technique of the desolate peak. There were no sounds or fluctuations, merely a unique heavenly charm that had appeared atop the desolate peak.

Ye Fan could sense that the Bodhi Seed within his bosom had immediately become hotter as it gently trembled, he could guess that it was likely to be one of the nine secret skills appearing, he did not bother with the original soul technique legacy of the desolate peak as he began to try to assimilate the information from the mysterious dao charm.

It had to be said that the previous powerful exponent of the desolate peak was indeed almighty, he did not leave behind a single word, merely using the entire main peak as a scripture to pass down this legacy of one of the nine secret skills, allowing it to continue into perpetuity, his methods were really extraordinary.

The entire desolate peak was overflowing with archaism, as though it had pierced through time and space, returning back to an era tens of thousands of years ago, like a desolate wild mountain that had never been explored before, even more ordinary than it currently was, but it had a natural aura that was circulating.

Atop the main peaks in the distance, several experts gazed over as they witnessed the unique changes which were occurring on the desolate peak, their faces filled with astonishment.

“No auspicious clouds filling the sky nor streaks of dazzling lights covering the area or even celestial music, it just seems so ordinary and natural, as though we have returned to a time before the legacy, however, it still gives one a strange profound feeling……”

“There was once a peerless exponent who managed to acquire the soul technique and secret skills of the desolate peak even without the legacy appearing, his power was heaven-defying and could be compared to exponents of the ancient past, incredibly powerful.”

“Could it be that Li Ruyu is also such a person who will become the second great exponent within the history of the Desolate Peak? There is indeed such a possibility, it is rumoured that the exponent of legends had an ordinary aptitude and was very lacklustre, Li Ruyu has similar characteristics as him.” The experts of the surrounding main peaks were softly discussing as they gazed at the Desolate Peak.

“A legacy that showcases itself in a plain and ordinary manner is more suited for the legacy of the desolate peak, I guess one must also be like that in order to fully understand its profoundness, like the name of the Desolate Peak, this sort of natural and ordinary state is most suited for it, that is the reason why it is so extraordinary yet appears to be so bleak.”

Many experts of the various main peaks had realised that the Desolate Peak was likely to rise up once again and it was likely that there would be a powerful exponent as well!

Li Ruyu’s aptitude was ordinary, back then it was mostly luck that allowed him to become a disciple of the Tai Xuan sect, no one thought highly of him and merely felt that he was just a seed to allow the Desolate Peak to carry on, no one felt that he had an immortal affinity or will have any extraordinary achievements.

However, under the current circumstances, it seemed that he had been overlooked. If Li Ruyu had really gotten onto the Dao path of that exponent, he would eventually become comparable to an expert of the ancient past, it was even possible that he could suppress the Ji Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground within this area.

It was not only the elders who were astonished, even the leaders of each of the main peaks gazed at the Desolate Peak, a strange light flashing in their eyes.

Not long after, the sect leader of the Tai Xuan sect as well as several venerated elders, some who were already living in secluded meditation, appeared on the clouds above.

“Li Ruyu was not really slow witted, industriousness could mend dullness, he has gotten onto the path of the Desolate Peak’s past exponent, he may really become the protector of my Tai Xuan sect.”

“If he really becomes as powerful as an exponent of the ancient past, our Tai Xuan sect’s rise to the level of a sacred ground or ancient aristocratic family would not be merely wishful thinking.”

The sect leader as well as venerated elders of the Tai Xuan sect had serious expressions on their faces.

“The Desolate Peak has been forsaken for over five hundred years with no new disciples. With the legacy showing itself once again, choose some talented disciples from the various main peaks to head over to the Desolate Peak.” The sect leader of the Tai Xuan sect ordered.

Once the bigwig of the Tai Xuan sect had made a decision, the disciples of the various main peaks immediately began to discuss, many of the people who knew the history of the Desolate Peak immediately decided that they would head over. A previously waning main peak suddenly had its legacy appear, this had entered everyone’s mind and immediately became brilliant and resplendent.

As the various main peaks were making arrangements and people were filled with various thoughts, Ye Fan had already managed to capture a sliver of the mysterious dao charm.

There seemed to be strands of thread that were mixing between heaven and earth, streaks of intangible laws seemed to coalesce into order, giving birth to a profound energy, filling the air with various dao veins. Before his eyes, the Desolate Peak was constantly changing.

All living things wither away, plants and vegetation wilt, becoming the earth and returning back to its origin. Moving yet still, returning to nature seemed be a type of eternal law that was developing.

From birth to death, experiencing vibrant life and periods of extreme flourishing till the waning and eventual silence, returning back to the source, strands of Dao Veins were continually birthed and destroyed.

Ye Fan’s pupils went from dazzling to dim, from being filled with life to the endless void, changing again and again together with the profound Dao Veins, capturing their essence as he continually evolved with them.

He was stunned, the past exponent of the Desolate Peak was indeed extraordinary, he had stored the secret skill within a natural transformation, imprinting it within the entire Desolate Peak, it was simply too astounding.

It was like he was unravelling silk from a cocoon, slowly analyzing and capturing bits and pieces into his mind, this was the legacy of one of the nine secret skills which he wanted.

Ye Fan was immobile, merging with heaven and earth, and being one with the Desolate Peak, bathing in the aura of nature as though he had become a rock atop the Desolate Peak, a blade of grass, a vein, reflecting these bits and pieces of information as the endless dao charm was imprinted within his mind.

Finally, atop the Desolate Peak, all objects disappeared before him leaving behind a single seed within a patch of mud, he was like a gentle breeze that swept through the area.

The natural seed broke through the mud, plastering the area with a brilliant green. His mind was calm and unperturbed, finally, droplets of water coalesced before dripping down, permeating into the mud below.

His heart seemed as though it had thoroughly become one with this seed, becoming that splash of vibrant green, atop the Desolate Peak, it was tranquil, a green bud gave off endless vitality, becoming the only existence within the world.


Ye Fan’s heart shuddered as his eyes regained their clarity, the mysterious technique became a seed which imprinted itself within his mind, breaking through the dirt as it became an everlasting existence, the secret skill which was birthed within the natural had been obtained by him.

Looking at the Desolate Peak once again, the mountain was still a mountain, the rivers were still rivers, the plants were still plants, nothing seemed to have changed, as though nothing had occurred.

He was like a floating cloud or a gentle breeze, his mental state was empty, the profound secret skill continually appeared within his mind as it gently flowed. Ye Fan had not acquired the original soul technique of the Desolate Peak, however, he had acquired one of the nine secret skills!

Half a day later, Li Ruyu awakened as he stood up, his entire person seemed otherworldly, as though he were among the clouds, separated by an expanse of starry skies.

However, changes swiftly occurred as the clouds dissipated, he became normal once again, like an elder within a village, nothing out of the ordinary.

At this moment, the Desolate Peak was already crowded with people, however, no one barged in nor did anyone fly into the sky, they were silently waiting below the mountain, a large number of them were here to pay their respects, wishing to join in on the legacy of the Desolate Peak.

No one dared to take the Desolate Peak lightly, no one dared to treat this place like a desolate wild mountain as they entered freely.

A large majority of the people were the talented disciples of the various main peaks, there were even several heirs of the main peaks here. Li Ruyu calmly stood atop the mountain as he gazed down at the people below before looking at Ye Fan: “You have an ancient primordial divine body.”

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