STH Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Deep and Unmeasurable

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, the other party had not come into contact with his sea of bitterness, how did he manage to see through his constitution.

“The primordial ancient divine body is indeed extraordinary, a golden sea of bitterness intermingled with flashes of lightning, this is something that I have never heard or seen in my life.” Li Ruyu calmly said.

However, Ye Fan was extremely disturbed upon hearing these words, he felt as though the sky had fallen on him, he was unsure what other secrets the other party had discovered. The aurichalcite could not see the light of day, the qi of all living things and the golden Dao Scripture were also exceptional, none of it could be leaked.

“Don’t be nervous, I don’t have any ill intentions.” As though he had read his mind, Li Ruyu’s wrinkled face had an expression of laughter and friendliness.

Ye Fan felt that the other party was simply too mysterious, after acquiring the real legacy of the Desolate Peak, it was even harder to read him as he questioned: “Senior…… how did you see it?”

“Earlier, you and I were one with the Desolate Peak, the great Dao was flowing, naturally I could feel it.” Li Ruyu smiled.

The primordial ancient divine body was exceptional, if one wanted to hide it, it was almost impossible to see through it. A while back, the legacy of the Desolate Peak had activated, the natural great Dao had circulated and the two were merged within, Ye Fan guessed that it was really true, his aura had been let loose and the other party had felt it.

“I hope that senior can keep this secret for me.” Ye Fan was unsure of the attitude that the elder had towards him, although they were amiable, the time they had spent together was too short for him to have a true understanding.

“You can put your mind at ease.”

In reality, even if the primordial ancient divine body was discovered, it did not mean much. The current world only paid attention to the eastern badlands divine body. However, if people realised that Ye Fan could cultivate without any obstructions, that would be problematic.

“Truly not easy, you actually managed to cultivate the primordial ancient divine body to the Spiritual Bridge realm.” Li Ruyu nodded.

Ye Fan had butterflies in his stomach, this was the basis for his worry, having a primordial ancient divine body and being able to cultivate so successfully, if this was found out by others, they would surely investigate. He felt that the old man had seen even more things and that the other party was like the Desolate Peak, seemingly ordinary yet extremely profound.

“Try not to be found out by any sacred grounds or ancient aristocratic families.” Li Ruyu kindly advised.

“They……” Ye Fan felt alarmed, the sacred ground and ancient aristocratic families had legacies that dated back to the primordial era, they would definitely know many secrets.

“There’s no need to be overly alarmed, with the passing of time, the divine body has already been viewed as crippled, many legacies from the primordial times are no longer viewed heavily, the people of the world have forgotten about these physiques.”

Back then, the primordial ancient divine body was a brilliant existence. Today, everyone knows that the divine body cannot be cultivated.

“Does senior know the reason why the divine body can’t be cultivated?” Ye Fan questioned.

“Exactly why this is the case, too much time has passed and few people know the answer.” Li Ruyu looked towards Ye Fan: “The primordial ancient divine body, it doesn’t seem like it is impeding your cultivation, there is always a way within the world……”

Ye Fan nodded as he heard this, in reality he did not face any obstructions in his cultivation, since stepping onto the path of immortals, it had been smooth.

“As long as you firmly believe that you are able to cultivate, there isn’t much that will be able to stop you.” Li Ruyu sighed: “My physique is extremely normal and my aptitude is ordinary, however, I have always persevered and finally succeeded.”

“Congratulations senior, gaining the legacy of the Desolate Peak and having a great leap in your cultivation.” Ye Fan went forward to congratulate him.

“Cultivating must be done one step at a time, a powerful technique doesn’t mean everything, no matter how profound the art, it still requires one to comprehend it.”

Li Ruyu seemed as though he was instructing Ye Fan as he continued: “Back then, I was clueless, only by cultivating here for tens of years did I suddenly feel as though I had awoken from a dream, finally understanding the true meaning of the Desolate Peak.”

Based on what the old man was saying, it was only in the past hundred years that he finally calmed his mind, slowly becoming one with the Desolate Peak, comprehending the state of the previous powerful exponent, allowing him to understand the Dao of the Desolate Peak.

Before receiving the legacy, besides the powerful mysterious techniques, he had already understood the wondrous Truth left behind by his predecessors, becoming one with the Desolate Peak.

Ye Fan heard this and felt stunned, this old man was indeed rather impressive, far from ordinary, his physique was ordinary and could even be said to be bad, but when it came to comprehending the Dao and feeling nature, he had managed to comprehend the supreme truth.

Today, after the activation of the legacy, Li Ruyu had merely verified the supreme truth, he was definitely an extraordinary person, having great wisdom with regards to cultivation.

“One’s physique isn’t really everything, a person with a divine body isn’t peerless under heaven.” Li Ruyu spoke to Ye Fan as though he were encouraging him.

“Your physique is extraordinary, people of the world regard it as a crippled body, however, i feel that extraordinary people are a result of ordinary people, you may be able to successfully cultivate your divine body.” Li Ruyu gazed over at him: “Are you willing to join the Desolate Peak?”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, the old man’s words were very tastefully chosen, he was hesitant for a moment, unsure of how to reply.

“I understand how you feel……” Li Ruyu sighed.

“Senior, I’m willing to join the Desolate Peak.”

“You don’t have to be like that.” Li Ruyu nodded before shaking his head: “Right now, you can be considered an ordinary disciple of our Desolate Peak, my Dao may not be suitable for you, you can leave anytime if you wish it.”

Ye Fan was shocked, he felt that the old man must have seen through even more, it could not possibly be as simple as what he said earlier.

“Senior, in reality, I have already acquired a portion of the Desolate Peak’s legacy.” Ye Fan was very open, he felt that the old man was definitely extraordinary and spoke directly.

“I already know this.” Li Ruyu nodded before continuing: “You’ve obtained the secret skill, you can cultivate it but don’t spread it.”

Ye Fan was beginning to feel that the old man was really exceptional, after acquiring the legacy, he had really surpassed the boundaries.

“You are a person of my Desolate Peak, follow me to receive the new disciples.” Li Ruyu did not fly but rather slowly walked down the mountain with Ye Fan in tow.

Before the sect gate, many people were gathered, there were even several elders who waited here without barging in.

The ten odd disciples from the Star Peak who had been detained on the mountain had a sour taste in their mouths, initially they had disregarded the Desolate Peak, who knew that the talented disciples of the other main peaks would actually be gathered here right now.

Ye Fan walked over, releasing the seals on their body as he allowed them to go down the mountain, however, the ten odd people were hesitant, seemingly unwilling to just leave like that.

There were rules within the various veins of the Tai Xuan sect, if one joined the other main peaks, they had the chance to choose another legacy, however, upon joining the Desolate Peak, this could not be changed. This had been the case since long ago, it could be seen how special it was to be able to join the Desolate Peak.

Li Ruyu came before the sect gate as his gaze swept across the people gathered there: “The few of you are willing to join my Desolate Peak?”

“We are willing!” Many people shouted a reply.

At this moment, Li Ruyu’s aura was not otherworldly and merely seemed like an ordinary village elder, this made several disciples suspicious.

Some elders from the other main peaks walked forward to greet Li Ruyu, they were extremely courteous. These old experts had powerful divine sense yet were unable to see through Li Ruyu, they naturally understood that his realm was already unfathomable, they were even more certain that the Desolate Peak would rise up.

“Actually, there’ no need to be like this.” Li Ruyu did not put on airs as he continued: “Every person has a different Dao, the Desolate Peak may not be suitable for them.”

“The sect leader has spoken, disciples can choose on their own.” Another aged elder nodded.

“The few of us are willing to join the Desolate Peak.” Several disciples were quick-witted as they loudly shouted, walking forward to pay their respects.

Ye Fan was speechless, originally the Desolate Peak had been totally deserted, once the legacy had been activated, so many people had swarmed over.

“Don’t block me, I’m a senior disciple of the Desolate Peak.” At this moment, a clear voice rang out. Ji Ziyue who had disappeared for several days had finally appeared, her large eyes were misty and a sweet smile was on her face.

Two small dimples appeared on Ji Ziyue’s face together with a sweet smile as she hugged Li Ruyu’s arm: “Senior Li, I’m back.”

“Good, from today onwards, you are a disciple of my Desolate Peak.” Li Ruyu nodded to her.

Ji Ziyue had passed the Nine Steps to Heaven, her aptitude was phenomenal, back then she had wanted to stay with the Desolate Peak, if it were not for the elders of Star Peak, she would also be like Ye Fan and was prepared to stay here, the old man had a very good impression of her.

“Senior, the few of us are willing to join the Desolate Peak.” A few disciples that were before the sect gate paid their respects once again.

“The few of you can attempt to comprehend below the Desolate Peak, if you are able to gain something in half a month, you can join the Desolate Peak.” Li Ruyu said this before walking back up the mountain, with a number of elders following him.

At this moment, an elder of the Star Peak transmitted to Li Ruyu: “That young lady is a disciple of the Ji Family, you definitely cannot pass the legacy to her.”

In the days that followed, young disciples flocked to the Desolate Peak, there were a number of disciples from each of the hundred and eight main peaks that rushed here.

There were now rumours within the Tai Xuan sect that Li Ruyu had already comprehended the natural great Dao, he could very well become an exponent comparable to that of the experts from the ancient past, if one were to follow such a teacher, they would certainly have phenomenal accomplishments.

One hundred and eight main peaks, several leaders of the main peaks personally visited Li Ruyu, many leaders indeed made this decision, it was not just wind from an empty cave.

Ye Fan could never have imagined that the barren and deserted Desolate Peak would suddenly become so rowdy, this made one lament, the cultivation world was like the mortal world, one had to be extremely realistic.

Ji Ziyue was depressed and unhappy, Li Ruyu had directly questioned her whether she was a disciple of the Ji Family, she had no choice but to admit it. The old man was very honest and told her in a straightforward way that he could not teach her the secret skill.

“Little kid, you really didn’t learn that secret skill? I don’t believe it!” Ji Ziyue’s large eyes stared at Ye Fan, her smile was sweet and enticing as she continued: “Back then, the legacy activated and you were on the mountain, it could be said that you had a great affinity with it, how could there be no gains at all?”

“Hmph, I learned a little of the natural great Dao.” Ye Fan laughed: “You can use the Ancient Void Scripture to exchange.”

“Looking for a beating!” Ji Ziyue scrunched her nose as she began to grind her teeth, she suddenly recalled being held captive by Ye Fan.

“Forget it, I’ll teach it to you.” Ye Fan began to speak of the natural great Dao, changing the subject. He did not dare to speak or instruct others in the secret skill, Li Ruyu had spoken to him seriously regarding this matter.

Having her identity exposed, Ji Ziyue washed her face free of everything that was on it, from a little cat she immediately transformed into a sweet, moving little lady.

Once the Tai Xuan Sect knew of her identity, they naturally had to do everything in their power to protect her, not allowing any accidents to occur. She was not afraid of Ji Biyue chasing her to this area.

In no time, the Desolate Peak had over thirty new disciples, they were personally sent here by the other elders and Li Ruyu could not help but accept them.

Ji Ziyue was very unhappy, there were several people who constantly surrounded her, following her wherever she went making her feel very annoyed. She understood that her identity must have been exposed, these people were trying to get closer to her in order to have relations with an ancient aristocratic family.

As for Ye Fan, he was avoiding her daily while comprehending the Dao Scripture as well as the newly acquired secret skill. Ji Ziyue was annoyed, she felt that this fellow was simply too strange, actually avoiding her, he was even more vexing than the people who constantly pestered her.

“Little kid, you actually dare to avoid me……” Ji Ziyue ground her teeth in threat, ill intent filling her eyes as she prepared to use Ye Fan as a meat shield.

Ye Fan naturally understood this and swiftly disappeared for the rest of the day, he did not wish to incur the enmity of the other disciples. Right now, he was beginning to have thoughts of leaving, other the past few days he had been trying to find out where the domain gate was, hoping to see if he could use it to travel through the void.

Ye Fan once again moved off from the Desolate Peak, spending a large portion of the day exploring within the Tai Xuan sect, there were several main peaks but he simply could not find the domain gate, it was unknown where it was located.

He managed to gather some information from the disciples, those that had contributed greatly to the sect or had enough ‘source’ which they could pass to the sect would be able to borrow the domain gate, to travel through the void. On the road back to the Desolate Peak, Ye Fan was spotted by Ji Ziyue as she blocked his path.

“Little kid, you’ve been behaving suspiciously these past few days, are you planning to escape?” Ji Ziyue was quick-witted and could sense that something was wrong: “Could it be that you’ve already acquired the secret skill but have been hiding it from me? Otherwise, how could you have such thoughts.”

“There isn’t such a matter!” Ye Fan quickly denied.

“If you dare to run, I will tell all your secrets to everybody, like the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart, the qi of all living things, the aurichalcite……” Ji Ziyue’s smile was sweet and her large eyes had formed two crescent moons, dimples appeared on her cheeks and she appeared very cute.

“Hold it!” Ye Fan hurriedly prevented her from speaking, if anyone heard this, his situation would be grim.

“Let’s go elsewhere to walk.” Ji Ziyue was feeling restless, she had been constantly pestered by the young disciples atop the Desolate Peak and had ran down the mountain.

“Alright, let’s just walk.” Ye Fan moved together with Ji Ziyue towards a group of mountain peaks ahead of them, moving past several majestic mountains, unwittingly arriving before the Star Peak.

At this moment, a familiar figure entered Ye Fan’s vision, Li Xiaoman was dressed in white, her black hair was like a cascading waterfall, her appearance was clean and pristine, her figure was slender and mesmerising, seemingly otherworldly. She was together with several disciples of the Star Peak and was currently walking in his direction, the two sides had inadvertently met.

Ye Fan and Li Xiaoman naturally saw each other, who knew that they would meet once again. By the side, Ji Zi yue noticed the strange atmosphere as she whispered softly to Ye Fan: “Someone you know?”

“Yup.” Ye Fan nodded.

“Is she an enemy? Want me to help you teach her a lesson?” Ji Ziyue smiled as she glanced over. She had been to the Star Peak before but there were simply too many disciples there, it was impossible for her to recognise every one of them.

“Not an enemy, don’t do anything foolish.” Ye Fan hurriedly halted her, he did not want things to get out of hand.

Li Xiaoman was currently a cultivator of the Spring of Life realm, the two parties were not for away and she could naturally hear them talking.

Ji Ziyue pulled Ye Fan as she glided forward with a sweet smile on her face: “How do I address sister?”

The few people ahead of them had already noticed Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue, Ji Ziyue was moving and could be considered an exceptional beauty, like a sprite that simply drew everyone’s attention.

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