STH Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Teasing

Sounds of bird songs could be heard in the remote mountains, this area was exceptionally tranquil. The mountain peak was covered in a thin layer of mist with lush, green trees and a gently babbling brook in the background. The fishes in the creek were not at all alarmed at the presence of humans.

Li Xiaoman’s brow wrinkled for a short moment before becoming calm once again, her was posture graceful as she stood there looking over at Ji Ziyue.

By the side, the disciples of the Star Peak began to measure Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue, they were unsure of the backgrounds of the two.

Ji Ziyue was charming and beautiful, it was impossible for her to remain inconspicuous, all the male disciples were glancing over towards her.

She was exuding confidence, her brows were lifted as her purple clothes gently fluttered in the breeze while she smiled and looked over at Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman was extremely calm, she did not reply as she looked over at Ji Ziyue, there was simply no emotion on her face.

“Big sis, why aren’t you talking?” Ji Ziyue lightly smiled before stretching her delicate jade hands forward, gently moving it before Li Xiaoman as she gently caressed her face, like a hooligan harassing an innocent girl: “You have somewhat good looks, I must say you’re quite adorable.”

Li Xiaoman came from the other side of the stars, her thinking was very different from the ladies in this world, she was not frightened as she revealed a strange expression: “Little sister, do you have a problem?”

“There’s a matter, I’m already seventeen this year, fair and beautiful yet I haven’t gotten married……” Ji Ziyue continued to smile as she caressed Li Xiaoman’s face: “Today I’ve finally met someone that I fell in love at first sight, the second meeting makes me admire you wholeheartedly, the third meeting I must have you, there is nothing else I can ask for.” A beautiful lady teasing another beautiful lady, giving her heartfelt thoughts, this caused the few disciples who were there to immediately want to change their locations.

Being teased as someone caressed her face, no matter how open minded Li Xiaoman was, she still frowned as she gently moved, swiftly retreating. “Sister don’t be afraid, I’m actually a guy, an elegant son of nobility, with a youthful and jade-like appearance, I can definitely marry you.” Ji Ziyue smiled as she walked forward.

Ye Fan saw the situation as he hurriedly walked forward to pull Ji Ziyue back, this lass was too mischievous, even daring to bite him, if she really pestered Li Xiaoman, who knew what she would do.

“I’m trying to help you…….” Ji Ziyue was unsatisfied as she whispered to Ye Fan, he could hear the sound of her molars grinding. However, in the eyes of the others, this seemed very intimate, as though the two were very close.

By the side, a male disciple of the Star Peak naturally asked: “Which main peak are the two of you from?” Although the question was for two people, he only looked at Ji Ziyue.

“This junior sister, with naturally good looks, like a lotus flower breaking the surface, resembling an orchid in a remote and empty valley. You should be from the Black Steed peak ” Another disciple of the Star peak praised.

Ji Ziyue did not bother with him as she gazed over at Li Xiaoman with her large eyes. However, Ye Fan did not give her a chance to do anything as he forcefully tugged at her, placing her behind him. He did not wish to let Li Xiaoman be mistaken about anything, since everything had already passed, there was no need to cause a commotion.

He went forward as he faced Li Xiaoman: “Who knew that we would actually meet again, we haven’t met for a year, seems like everything’s still fine right?”

“Yup, still good.” Li Xiaoman retracted her gaze from Ji Ziyue as she looked over at Ye Fan: “It’s really so unexpected, who knew that we would actually meet again, you also came to the Tai Xuan sect.”

“Why do I feel that you look rather familiar?” A disciple of the Star Peak stared at Ye Fan for a moment before suddenly exclaiming: “It’s you! The bastard of Desolate Peak?!”

“Hey hey hey, watch how you’re talking.” Ji Ziyue was unhappy as she glared at him.

“This junior sister, don’t be angry, if there is any blame, it should be on this person who has a big grievance with the disciples of our Star Peak, please do not interfere.”A few disciples of the Star Peak immediately began to surround them.

Ye Fan did not move, merely looking over at Li Xiaoman.

“Seniors, what is the matter?” Li Xiaoman spoke up.

“This is the fellow on Desolate Peak who injured the disciples of our Star Peak, we have many grievances to settle with him!”

“He actually used a precious treasure to injure our disciples, we have to get back justice!”

Ye Fan did not say anything but rather calmly looked at them. Ji Ziyue’s eyes rolled but she did not speak, her gaze swept towards Li Xiaoman, wanting to see how she would act.

“This matter…… I’ve also heard about it.” Li Xiaoman frowned before looking towards Ye Fan: “You actually injured so many disciples of the Star Peak, you are certainly in the wrong. Apologise to these seniors and head back to the Desolate Peak.” Having said this, she gazed towards the other disciples: “Seniors, what do you think?”

The few people did not wish to step on Li Xiaoman’s face but also did not wish to let Ye Fan go as they continued: “How could we let him off so easily? We must get a good return.”

“Alright, alright!” Ji Ziyue laughed as she clapped her hands, she couldn’t wait for the world to burn.

Ye Fan turned to glance at them: “Where were these people injured?”

“Naturally it was on the Desolate Peak.”

“The Desolate Peak is a main peak, they actually dared to barge in, after being punished, who can they blame!” Ye Fan’s gaze swept past them, he did not speak any further.

“Junior sister Li, it isn’t that we don’t want to give you face, you’ve already seen his arrogant attitude, injuring our disciples yet doesn’t bow his head, we can only act.”

“Laughable.” Ye Fan chuckled: “Even if this were the mortal world, trespassing into people’s home is also a big crime, how much more the cultivating world? Barging into the sacred legacy ground of a main peak, how could there be grievances after being punished? Even if I acted to kill, your peak leaders would have nothing to say!”

“So arrogant!”

The few disciples of the Star Peak coldly laughed, however, no one dared to go forward. Amongst them, someone even swiftly retreated, they were afraid that Ye Fan carried the ancient treasure of the Desolate Peak and would use it against them, causing them to feel anxious.

“No matter what, you’re in the wrong for injuring people, you should at minimum apologise to the seniors.”Li Xiaoman went forward to persuade.

“What are you talking about?” Ye Fan lifted his head: “I’ve done nothing wrong, why should I apologise?!”

“You…….” The expression on Li Xiaoman’s face changed: “I’m just trying to help you.”

“Some ants wish to step on my head, I can just pluck them off, why would I need your help?!” Ye Fan turned as he looked towards the few disciples of the Star Peak.

“Ye Fan, you’re really too arrogant.” Li Xiaoman said in a heavy voice: “I’ve been trying you help you, yet……. I know you’re phenomenal, your physique is exceptional, but there are so many experts within the Star Peak……”

“Yeah, yeah!” Ji Ziyue continued to clap.

Half a month earlier, Ye Fan had previously taken care of a bunch of disciples from the Star Peak, now that the Desolate Peak had regained its former status, with such an expert like Li Ruyu backing it, Ye Fan did not feel any fear as he was surrounded by these cultivators of the Spring of Life realm, he merely needed to send them flying.

“Get out of my sight, the further the better, do not block my path!” Ye Fan’s gaze swept at the group before him.

“You still wish to leave today, impossible!” Although the few people said this, they did not dare to step forward, afraid that the other party would send the ancient treasure out to take care of them. At this moment, they could only delay time in order to request for help from the real experts.

Ye Fan could not be bothered with them as he turned, walking towards the Desolate Peak, hoping to leave this area.

The few people who were standing behind him immediately retreated, they did not wish to engage into a battle with him.

“Ha ha ha…….” Ye Fan laughed: “You wish to block me yet you’re so afraid, empty vessels really make the most noise.”

“That’s right, so meaningless, I actually thought that you would begin fighting, actually so cowardly.” Ji Ziyue added unhappily.

“If you didn’t have the ancient treasure, how could the few of us let you be so arrogant? We would have taken care of you long ago.”

“Do you dare to face us in fair combat?”

The disciples of the Star Peak were ashamed as they began to loudly shout.

“You bunch of little fishes and prawns, do you actually know what is an ancient treasure? All of you can rush at me, my pair of fists are sufficient to send you rushing to the clouds.” Ye Fan continued to take big strides forward.

“If you don’t use the ancient treasure, I’ll fight with you!” A cultivator stepped forward.

“I don’t have this ancient treasure that you speak of. If you aren’t afraid of broken bones, just come at me.” Ye Fan had a cold smile on his face.


Some people sent their artifacts flying forth, a blood coloured blade became a streak of light as it chopped towards Ye Fan, this was the strongest attack from a Spring of Life cultivator, Sun Seizing Splendor!


Ye Fan did not seem to mind as he casually waved, gently tapping with his finger as the golden finger came into contact with the blade, immediately releasing a shattering noise.


The artifact which the Spring of Life cultivator had forged for many years had actually been shattered by a single finger from Ye Fan, like a piece of straw, it could not withstand a single blow!

The people at the scene were all shocked, Li Xiaoman had a strange expression on her face, she knew that Ye Fan’s physique was exceptional, however, she did not know it was so strong.

“Just the few of you dare to boast shamelessly, you think you can block my path?!”

Since Ye Fan had already acted, he was not planning to stop, leaving a mirage behind as he rushed towards the other people.

The few people sent their artifacts flying forth, using all methods to attempt to attack Ye Fan, dazzling lights flashed as the entire area was ravaged. However, a frightening matter occurred, Ye Fan continued to use a single finger to shatter each and every artifact, with that golden finger, all the artifacts were like sacrifices which could not withstand even a single blow.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” After a number a blows, the few people were lying on the ground, fresh blood painting their lips as they no longer stood back up.

Ye Fan could not be bothered about these people as he began to kick them one at a time until all of them were booted out of the way. He did not look back at Li Xiaoman as he continued to walk towards the Desolate Peak. Ji Ziyue happily giggled as she followed behind.

“Where do you think you’re going! Injuring the disciples of my Star Peak, you still wish to leave?” In the distance, lights flashed as several figures flew over. A male dressed in white was leading, he had a heroic martial appearance, by his side were another five to six people, none of them looked ordinary.

“Senior brother…….” The people who had been kicked aside began to gather, their faces filled with shame.

“The cultivation of the white clothed male isn’t ordinary.” Ji Ziyue whispered to Ye Fan. The white clothed male did not walk forward, the person who had shouted earlier was not him. By the side, a person walked forward with a cold gaze as he glared at Ye Fan: “Do you dare to fight with me?”

“You’re challenging a little cultivator like me who’s merely joined the sect?” Ye Fan smiled.

“I won’t make things difficult for you, I won’t use the strength of the peak of the Spiritual Bridge realm to bully you. I’ll give you a chance, I will use the strength of my physical body to cross three fists with you, if you are able to take them, the earlier matter can be considered closed.” The male was extremely confident as he said this.

Ye Fan loudly laughed as his gaze swept past the group, looking at Li Xiaoman before staring at the male: “Alright, since you’ve already said it like that, I definitely won’t hide.”

The star energy that baptised the body, once one reached the Spiritual Bridge realm, their body would become exceptionally strong, this person had this in his arsenal and was thus extremely confident.

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