STH Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Physical Body

Ye Fan’s voice was not loud but it caused the expressions on all the faces of the Star Peak disciples to change, Chen Feng was someone they deeply revered, he was a cultivator of the Other Shore realm and no one dared to speak to him in such a manner.

“Such big words, aren’t you afraid of retribution? You wish to break senior brother Chen’s legs? Go train for another hundred years!”

The disciples of the Star Peak had been suppressed time and again, their hearts were filled with indignation. Ye Fan’s words had reignited the fire within them as they wanted to swallow Ye Fan alive.

“What kind of figure is senior brother Chen, killing him would be as easy as crushing an ant, he isn’t even fit to be senior brother Chen’s stepping stone!”

Chen Feng’s white clothes were clean and pristine like snow, he seemed as though he were above the world, coming from a pure land yet he had the airs of a disciple that came from a major sect.

He seemed slightly cold but even more calm as he laughed: “The young really don’t know, such ignorance is bliss, a frog in the well. I’ve already given you a chance, a pity you did not grab hold of it. Since it’s like that, I’ll personally act to break all the bones within your body.”

Ye Fan kicked a thousand jin boulder towards Chen Feng as he retorted: “Would it kill you to be humble?” He really disdained the other party’s arrogance.

Chen Feng lightly brushed as his white clothes fluttered, his sleeves swept by the boulder as it instantly disintegrated before gently floating down as dust.

“Little kid, be careful.” Ji Ziyue secretly transmitted: “He is a cultivator of the Other Shore realm, if you wish to beat him, you can only rely on that powerful physical body of yours, get near him and you will have a shot.”

Competing with divine energy or mystical arts, Ye Fan’s chances of winning were slim. Only by engaging in close combat and relying on his ridiculous physical body would he have a chance to defeat the other party.

One must know that not long ago, faced with Ji Xia of the Other Shore realm, he had lost in this manner.

Ye Fan moved gently like the wind, a single step left behind a mirage which left them stunned as he instantly rushed forward.

The white clothed male glided as he retreated, he was not senior brother Yang and was wary of Ye Fan, he would not allow Ye Fan to get close as he used his powerful mystical arts to destroy him.

However, he had underestimated Ye Fan’s speed, not only him, even Ji Ziyue’s mouth was agape as she exposed an expression shock.

In this moment, she had seen a powerful movement technique, something that she had heard of before but never seen!

“This is……” Ji Ziyue’s mouth was in the form of an ‘O’, her nose was scrunched as she muttered: “Could this be the movement technique of legends of that crazed elder?”

As Ye Fan moved, he gave one a feeling of being one with nature, like flowing water, all his movements seemed to align with the natural world.

The white clothed male was already extremely fast, like a shooting star as he rapidly shot backwards leaving mirages in his wake, however, Ye Fan was actually keeping up!

He needed to cling to the other party and engage in close combat, otherwise, he would be in a dire situation. They were separated by an entire realm, he needed to constantly chase the white clothed male to create a chance for himself.

Under the current circumstances, he would not easily give up as the Dao circulated beneath his feet while he continued to chase!

The people in the surroundings were shocked, Chen Feng was so powerful, a cultivator of the Other Shore realm moved like lightning yet Ye Fan was able to keep up, Chen Feng was unable to escape showing the prowess of the movement technique he was using.

“You really think that I’m afraid of you?” Chen Feng could not get away and felt stunned, the other party was simply too fast giving him no chance to escape.

Cultivating to his realm, one could turn clouds with a single fist, create rain with a single wave, one had inconceivable mystical arts as starry lights flashed within his eyes, endless stars seemed to be disintegrating within.

“Chi! Chi!”

Within Chen Feng’s pupils, starry lights continued to circulate as two streaks of light shot forth, sharper than any sharp sword and frighteningly dazzlingly as it pierced towards Ye Fan’s forehead.

Even metal could not obstruct it, it would also disintegrate, much less the flesh of a human body. However, Ye Fan remained calm as his left hand gently tapped.

“Jiang! Jiang!”

Two loud noises rumbled forth as the two beams of incomparably sharp star light was shattered like crystals, breaking apart like fireworks in the air.


The void was gently trembling as Ye Fan’s golden fist continued to smash forward, the frightening pressure caused the people in the surroundings to feel shivers down their spine.

Chen Feng’s white clothes fluttered as brilliant starlights emitted out from his body, and pupil of his eyes were incomparably deep. Thin sheets of light rays were rapidly interweaving in front of him like a screen, serving as a wall between Ye Fan and him.


Ye Fan’s golden fist was too tyrannical, its force was immense like a mountain smashing down as the terrifying fluctuations caused the people in the surroundings to lose their footing.


The light instantly shattered, it was simply unable to block as it transformed into streaks of flowing light, disappearing in the sky.


Ye Fan’s golden fist was like a golden blazing divine fire that destroyed anything within its path, causing even the surrounding air to collapse.

Chen Feng finally felt the strength of Ye Fan’s physical body and his expression changed, his figure was like a mirage as he constantly dodged, a light could be seen flying from within his sea of bitterness.

This was a jade dish which swiftly grew bigger till it was like the dome of heaven, right above it was a bizarre looking pearl. It was like the sun, moon and stars sparkling up in the skies, covering over Ye Fan.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Mirage of a thousand sword qi, pervading nebula!

This jade case was extremely unique, it instantly caused the entire sky to turn black as night seemed to descend, each pearl seemed to release starry lights which transformed into sharp swords which pierced them.

It was like a rain of swords within the dark night sky, exceptionally dazzling as the brilliant jade dish trembled, streams of light twisted towards Ye Fan.


Like the pitch of a yellow bell, the resounding vibrations was long and drawn out causing the people in the surroundings to feel the reverberations within their ears.

Ye Fan was currently holding an enormous copper tablet, there were the four ancient words ‘Great Lei Yin Temple’ engraved on it as he waved it towards the sky, blocking the rain of swords.

The bronze plaque was like a mountain, extremely heavy as it trembled within his hands, smashing towards the jade dish.


Like a rainbow of colored glass shattering, bits and pieces of precious stones fell down. Small odd looking pearls were bouncing about on the floor, it was clear that the treasure had been destroyed.

Chen Feng was swift like lightning but was simply unable to widen the distance between them. A powerful energy fluctuation was like an enormous stove that burned behind him, completely locked onto him.

“You really believe that only your physical body is powerful?” Chen Feng was being chased by Ye Fan, he felt slightly incensed, as a cultivator of the Other Shore realm, when had he suffered such injustice?

“Twelve swords of the starry river!” Chen Feng exclaimed as twelve sword beams rushed out of his body, it was like charging down from the heavens into hell.

The twelve streaks roared as they swiftly became enormous swords, chopping towards Ye Fan’s physical body.

The cultivators of the Star Peak used star light to train their bodies, they focused heavily on the cultivation of their physical bodies, once they reached the Spiritual Bridge realm, their physiques would undergo a transformation, becoming incomparably powerful.

A cultivator of the Other Shore realm was naturally even more exceptional, allowing the heavenly starry river to enter their bodies, many years coalesced into one day, endless starry lights would appear within their bodies which could become extremely powerful swords.

“Jiang Jiang Jiang”

The sword lights trembled as twelve streams of starry rivers with large amounts of starlight converged, stirring the winds and clouds in all directions!

“Bang!” “Bang!”……

An astonishing scene occurred before them, Ye Fan kept the Great Lei Yin Temple bronze plaque as he wielded his golden fist to punch forward.

The air was twisting like an unstable piece of space, the two golden fits were like an unending flow that gave off a frightening power that left everyone stunned.

The roiling starry river was actually destroyed!

Three starry rivers were disintegrated by Ye Fan’s three fists, filling the sky with starry lights that shot out in all directions.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”……

Another nine fists flew forward, nothing seemed to be able to stop them, they were even more powerful than spiritual treasures and could be considered Ye Fan’s greatest weapon.

With the nine fists, all twelve starry rivers were thoroughly destroyed, transforming into starry lights which swiftly dissipated in the sky.

Chen Feng’s body trembled, he was feeling trepidation towards Ye Fan’s physical body, his sea of bitterness trembled as three great artifacts were sent flying forward.

Cloud Chain, forged from agate, glistening and translucent, bright like white jade. It was hovering in the sky, unblemished like a piece of pure white cloud that was sacred.

Star Aegis, carved with countless stars, like an immense wall that was pressing down, seeming like the entire dome of heaven were descending.

Moon Edge, just like a crescent moon that had a dazzling silver white sheen. It was whirling about and had an aura of death, there was no stronghold it cannot overcome.

At the back, the disciples of the Star Peak sucked in a breath of cold air, these were the killing moves of Chen Feng, with the three of them complementing each other, few people could resist.

The Cloud Chain sealed the sky, wanting to seal Ye Fan alive!

The Star Aegis and Moon Edge was like the moon and stars collapsing as the skies weighed down, it was as if a small world was being obliterated, engulfing Ye Fan within.

This was an extremely powerful offensive art!

Ye Fan was finally stopped, shrouded by endless starlight, moonlight and sealed by the pristine Cloud Chain.

Chen Feng was, after all, an expert of the Other Shore realm, there was no doubt with regards to his strength as he escaped from Ye Fan, rushing to the sky.

The disciples of the Star Peak had smiles on their faces, they were filled with confidence seeing Chen Feng’s methods.

“Even if his physical body is strong, can it possibly be more frightening than spiritual treasures? I’d like to see how he gets out of this predicament.”

“I’ve already said it, it would be as easy as killing a chicken to senior brother Chen Feng!”

“A frog in the well does not know how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is, this outcome was expected.”

Suddenly, a muffled sound rang out.

“Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!”

The star and moon lights suddenly dissipated.


Countless starry lights shot out as the Star Aegis was punched through by a single fist from Ye Fan, his black hair was whipping about, his presence imposing.


Another fist flew forward as the Moon Edge was destroyed, moonlight dissipated as the broken blade became dull without light, falling to the ground.


Ye Fan’s arms flailed as the Cloud Chain was destroyed inch by inch, its pristine light faded as the sacred cloud was thoroughly extinguished.

The disciples of the Star Peak were wide-eyed, Li Xiaoman had a look of incredulity on her face, the three powerful artifacts had actually been unable to contain Ye Fan, they were thoroughly destroyed, such a physical body was simply inconceivable.

In the sky, Chen Feng felt a stinging pain in his heart, these three artifacts had been forged by him over countless years, they had already gained spiritual awareness yet were destroyed in a single moment.

“This is a beast in human form spoken of in legends!”

“Is this still a physical body? It’s akin to a priceless treasure……”

Many people sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Everything should end now……” Chen Feng was cold like ice as he stood in the air, his body released countless starry lights, seeming like a white clothed lord of the stars.

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