STH Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Precious Mysterious Technique

A cultivator of the Other Shore realm had plenty of skills within his arsenal, if it was merely to deal with a cultivator whose physical body was strong, he would have countless methods.

“Who do you think you are? Do you really believe yourself a god? Standing high above everyone else?!” At this moment, Ye Fan had suddenly rushed to the sky as he drew closer.

Li Xiaoman was shocked, she did not think that Ye Fan could actually fly, it was at this moment that she finally realised the other party could actually cultivate and was at least at the Spring of Life realm, it was not just his physical body which was strong.

“With his physique, it shouldn’t be possible……” Her emotions were stirred, it was difficult to keep calm.

Chen Feng was shocked but swiftly regained his composure, from the divine energy fluctuations, the other party was merely at the Spiritual Bridge realm.

“The light of a firefly dares to challenge the lustre of the brilliant moon!” His hand flipped as starlight descended, like a torrent of mercury , seemingly gentle yet heavy like ten thousand catties, he was trying to use endless amounts of divine energy to forcefully refine Ye Fan.

Ye Fan walked in the air, his movements were mysterious and each step gave one a feeling of the natural Dao, avoiding the starlight.

At the back, Ji Ziyue was muttering to herself: “This fellow has so many secrets on him, it’s really the movement technique of that legendary crazed old man.”

Even Chen Feng’s expression had finally changed, this movement technique was certainly threatening to him, it was simply too profound.

Ye Fan was like a floating cloud or a gentle breeze, haphazardly moving left and right making it impossible for one to catch his figure.

This movement technique was exceptionally complicated, he had practiced for over a year before merely glimpsing at the initial stages of the technique.

Back then, the crazed old man had taken a single step and countless mountain ranges had already been left behind, this was making extremely long distances into a single inch, it was countless times faster than anyone moving and flying and had left an unforgettable impression on Ye Fan.

The Dao Veins left behind by the crazed old man were simply too complicated and he had merely managed to comprehend a small superfluous portion.

“Endless Starlight!” Chen Feng exclaimed as his right hand waved, a starry river flowed out, in the beginning it was merely a thin stream, but soon the air was swiftly drowned in starlight making it such that Ye Fan would be struck by it no matter how he dodged.

Ye Fan’s palm flipped as a copper eight trigrams mirror appeared, countless amounts of divine light coalesced like a dazzling sun as it shone towards Chen Feng.

The dazzling light was exceptionally brilliant, the enormous ball instantly dissipated the starlight, this was the most powerful precious artifact of the Jiang Family elder, it was certainly a formidable spiritual weapon.

“What?!” Such a powerful treasure shocked Chen Feng as he swiftly retreated.

In the distance, Ji Ziyue lightly smiled: “I was thinking that this fellow only knew how to throw fists, if he manages to get close, there would be definitely be a nice show to watch.”

Suddenly, Ji Ziyue’s smile disappeared as her expression changed: “Void technique!”

Ye Fan’s body had nearly disappeared, transforming into a wisp of smoke as he flashed forward, his palm already striking forward.

Ji Ziyue could not help but be stunned, Ye Fan had first utilised the profound movement technique and was actually using the Void Technique recorded within the Ancient Void Scripture.

This was a mysterious technique recorded within the Void Scripture, if it was cultivated to the peak, one could traverse the void and have this unfathomable power.

“I’ve only given him a small portion of it without any powerful heart sutra to accompany it, it shouldn’t be possible to utilise it, this fellow must have cultivated a immortal’s canon that isn’t inferior to the Void Scripture!”

Chen Feng was startled and was almost struck by Ye Fan as he swiftly dodged to the side.


The air began to tremble as though it was collapsing!

Ye Fan did not chase but a large black hand suddenly appeared beside Chen Feng as it pressed down!

“Void Palm Destruction!” Ji Ziyue’s small voice exclaimed: “He must have cultivated some ancient scripture or it would be simply impossible to use the Void Palm Destruction!”


Although Chen Feng was fast, his left arm was still hit and the bones within immediately shattered as his left arm fell limply to the side.

The black palm dissipated but had already shocked all the spectators, Chen Feng’s face was pale and cold sweat covered his forehead.

In the distance, the disciples of the Star Peak were shocked, Chen Feng was so powerful yet did not manage to gain the upper hand, he had actually lost an arm to the opponent, this was simply inconceivable.

“What is his background, how could he have such techniques?”

“How could this be possible, senior brother Chen Feng isn’t his match, he actually lost an arm!”

Ji Ziyue clenched her fists, she felt that there were simply too many mysteries on Ye Fan’s body, he was definitely not as simple as he appeared on the surface.


Chen Feng grunted as another starry river rushed out from his sea of bitterness, surging into his left arm.


His left arm began to tremble, under the nourishment of the starlight, his broken arm was actually being mended!

This was the power of a cultivator at the Other Shore realm, their injuries could actually be swiftly healed.

“What sort of mysterious technique was that?” This was the first time a solemn expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face, the black palm was simply too mysterious and he was still feeling restless.

Ye Fan was also extremely shocked, the Void Palm Destruction was really tyrannical, it contained such a powerful offensive might, it was a pity that he had only learnt a pittance of the technique and was not able to fully utilise it.

In comparison, the Wheel and Sea volume of the Dao Scripture focused on one’s foundation and did not have any powerful offensive techniques.

“Didn’t you mention that you wanted to break all the bones in my body? If you have any other methods, please feel free to utilise them.”

“Do you really believe that having a few techniques means that you are able to be my opponent? Your divine energy is sorrowfully lacking.” Chen Feng’s expression became cold as he blew out a cold wind, the starlight surrounding him began to flash as seven stars spheres began to appear.

The seven star spheres were as large as human heads, they seemed like seven suns that hung in the sky, thereafter they became lights which shot forth in all directions.

In an instant, this piece of sky immediately changed, it immediately darkened as stars began to appear, he was using his powerful divine energy to seal the space, forming a prison within heaven and earth to attempt to seal Ye Fan.

“Borrowing the might of the Big Dipper!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

In the sky, the seven spheres began to flash, that was not the real Big Dipper but rather the starlight which he had gathered from them over many years. The other shore realm’s cultivation prowess was truly great. The seven stars overhead started to gather around him: becoming an extremely formidable weapon.

“Celestial Pivot Divine Sword!” Chen Feng exclaimed once again.

Amongst the seven stars of the Big Dipper, the celestial pivot star burned the hottest, a powerful sword qi shot forward, slicing towards Ye Fan.

“Celestial Rotating Jade Divine Sword!”

The stars was abnormally dazzling, the dazzling glow descended before forming a sword, chopping towards Ye Fan.

“Heaven’s Contempt Divine Sword!”

The third sword was chopped down like a bolt of lightning.


In the sky above, celestial pivot, celestial rotating jade, celestial shining pearl, celestial balance, jade sighting-tube, opener of heat and twinkling brilliance stars of the Big Dipper released their splendour one after another, a dazzling display could be seen as seven divine swords were formed as they chopped forward.

Chen Feng had finally regarded Ye Fan as a threatening foe and did not hold back as he coldly said: “I’ve already said that I will shatter all the bones in your body, since I’ve already said it, I will do it.”

Ye Fan began to use the profound movement technique as he constantly dodged, the swords were extremely sharp and he did not wish to come in contact with any of them.


Ye Fan used the Void Palm Destruction again as an immense black hand appeared in the sky, smashing towards Chen Feng.

This time, Chen Feng was ready and immediately dodged.

The energy fluctuations caused by the large black palm was sufficient to frighten anyone as it slowly dissipated.

Although it was extremely powerful, there was a fatal weakness to it, it was simply too slow.

Also, this was merely a half-baked technique, it was not perfected yet and it was difficult to kill the other party in a single blow.

“What other methods do you have, feel free to utilise them!” Chen Feng coldly smiled.

Ye Fan flashed left and right but the seven stars of the Big Dipper continued to release sword lights above his head.

“Senior brother Chen Feng uses the Big Dipper as his fated divine star, it is truly formidable, this sword qi seems to grow and multiply without end, conquering every obstacle!”

“A normal disciple of the Star Peak will find it impossible to utilise the Big Dipper, senior brother Chen Feng’s aptitude is exceptional, able to form seven divine swords from them, it won’t be long before that fellow is destroyed.”

Ye Fan rushed to the sky as he threw out his golden fists, attempting to smash the seven stars.

Above his body, a thin layer of profound earth had emerged to protect him.

The divine energy of the other party was extremely powerful, he could really suppress him. A difference of an entire realm with Chen Feng utilising his most powerful abilities, even Ye Fan found it difficult to cope.

At this moment, Ye Fan was constantly switching between techniques, the origin qi of all living things was sent forth to defend against the pressure of the immense divine energy.

Finally, he was able to rip apart the divine energy seal as he rushed to the sky, appearing before the seven stars of the Big Dipper.

The golden fists smashed into the vault of heaven, the sky seemed to collapse as space distorted.

Fighting a close proximity, he had extreme confidence as his fist smashed forward, destroying the Celestial Pivot star as the starry lights dissipated.

Ye Fan continued to throw out his fists, the origin qi of all living things could be seen flashing above them as the other six stars were also destroyed.

“How could this be possible?!” Chen Feng was stunned, he was a cultivator of the Other Shore realm, his divine energy was extremely powerful and should have been able to supress Ye Fan when he used his full power.

Who knew that the other party would actually be able to easily destroy his fated star, this made him extremely uneasy.

“Is this fellow still a human? He actually managed to destroy senior brother Chen Feng’s fated star, how powerful is he?!”

“Even an expert of the Other Shore realm would be unable to do this.”

The disciples of the Star Peak were shocked and befuddled.

Ye Fan’s physical body was already exceptionally powerful, together with the origin qi of all living things that covered his body, it could be considered unstoppable, there was nothing it cannot overcome.

“As long as my body remains, my fated star will never be extinguished, do you think that by shattering them it will be sufficient?” Chen Feng exclaimed as the seven stars of the Big Dipper appeared once again.

“Then I will shatter you!” Ye Fan used everything he had, with a difference of a full realm, even with all his techniques it was extremely tough to cope.

“Seven Stars Form, seal space and time!” Chen Feng shouted as the seven stars of the Big Dipper became seven streaks of light which shrouded Ye Fan within.


Stars flashed and it seemed as though an entire starry ocean had descended, sealing Ye Fan within.

This time, the seven stars of the Big Dipper dispersed into countless stars, causing that area to become a starry sky.

Although it was not a real star but rather formed from starlight, it was sufficient to seal of cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge realm.

The power divine energy was akin to several large mountains smashing down, wanting to pulverize Ye Fan into nothingness.

The divine energy of an Other Shore realm cultivator was simply too powerful, it this went on he would definitely be refined into ash.

Ye Fan did not panic, he had the powerful origin qi of all living things aiding him, this was the reason why he had dared to challenge an Other Shore realm cultivator.

Although he was unable to emit out the origin qi, the endless starlights would come into contact with that thin layer surrounding his body and be instantly dissipated, causing them to be unable to harm him.

“If I can successfully reforge my cauldron or use the origin qi to baptise my body, I wouldn’t be put into such a sorry state.” Since the start of the battle, he had constantly been trying it but to no avail.

This mysterious technique of legends was exceptionally profound and mysterious but not superfluous, it could definitely be used together with the Dao Scripture and he had already circulated in several hundred times.

A long period of time passed, the disciples of the Star Peak were silent as they waited for Ye Fan to be refined into dust.

Chen Feng’s entire body was radiating light, his snow white clothes were free from dust. He truly had the appearance of a star lord, definitely not an aura of a commonplace individual as he stood in the air.

“This is the time!” Ye Fan had finally succeeded after circulating the mysterious technique several hundred times.

In this instant, he felt exceptionally strong as his combat prowess rose, he could feel that he had already reached the Other Shore realm.

“Ten times the combat power, I’ve actually achieved ten times my original combat strength!” He felt that this was simply too inconceivable, this mysterious technique was extremely difficult but it could be considered a priceless treasure.

This was a change that was simply too difficult to imagine, instantly allowing himself to become ten times stronger, this was something that defied logic, this was an incomparably powerful skill!


Ye Fan’s fist flew forward as the starry sky surrounding him shattered, he took a single step out, with his combat prowess improved by ten times combined with the crazed old man’s movement technique, his speed was phenomenal.


Chen Feng simply did not have the time to dodge as he was sent flying away by a fist, the bones in his body began to emit cracking noises as over ten of them were instantly shattered.

Starlight flashed as his divine energy dissipated, he had lost his ability to fight.

At this moment, Ye Fan felt as though his body had emptied, the powerful combat power he had gained receded like the tide, thoroughly disappearing.

This was an extremely strange feeling, he had instantly reached the peak before being hit back to his original form, it was simply too strange.

“The mysterious technique is definitely a priceless treasure!” Ye Fan could not remain calm, he knew that this technique was several times more valuable than the Void Scripture.

“How could this be?! Senior brother Chen Feng was actually defeated?!”

“What technique did he use, actually managing to shatter the starry sky and send a cultivator of the Other Shore realm flying away.”

The disciples of the Star Peak were all dazed, they found it difficult to accept this reality.

Amongst them, Li Xiaoman was the most shocked, her emotions were riled and she felt that everything which was occurring was simply like a dream.

“Killing you is like squashing an ant, although you threatened to shatter all the bones in my body, I can’t be bothered to take your life.” Ye Fan went forward as he looked down at Chen Feng who had fallen on the ground.

At this moment, Chen Feng’s white clothes had already been covered in dirt, his face was pale and he simply could not accept this reality, he struggled to move but his injured body simply would not budge.

“Who’s right and who’s wrong, both of us clearly know this in our hearts. The star peak has always been a dominant force that is intolerant of the strong, I hope that from now on you all would know how to behave.”

After defeating an expert of the Other Shore realm, Ye Fan’s emotions suddenly calmed down, his previous excitement had thoroughly died down.

At this moment, several people from the star peak were flying over.

“Run, there are cultivators past the Other Shore realm coming.” Ji Ziyue went forward to pull Ye Fan as they rushed to the sky.

At this moment, a rainbow spanning dozens of miles suddenly shot out from the Desolate Peak, flying past several main peaks like a bridge. Li Ruyu stood on the rainbow bridge as he received both Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue.

This made everyone suck in a breath of cold air, how powerful was he to be able to create a rainbow which allowed him to fly past tens of mountain peaks in the blink of an eye.

In the distant sky, several elders had stopped there as they cupped their hands: “Senior brother Li, we did not have any ill intentions.”

“I know.” Li Ruyu merely said these two words.

The rainbow which had shot past the ten odd mountain peaks began to recede like water, instantly bringing the three back to the apex of the Desolate Peak.

“Senior brother Li is really exceptional.”

“I’m sort of feeling that he could really be as powerful as that exponent of the ancient past.”

The few elders of the Star Peak softly discussed.

Ji Ziyue was speechless, she felt that Li Ruyu was simply too profound and mysterious, more so than even several people within the Ji Family.

“The disciples of the Star Peak are too easily defeated.” Ji Ziyue’s large eyes blinked as she forcefully made a topic.

“You haven’t met the most talented disciples of the Star Peak, although they can’t be compared to the primordial ancient divine body, they are not people who you can currently compete against.” Li Ruyu said calmly.

Finally, Ji Ziyue yawned as she delicately walked towards her little wooden house.

It was only at this moment that Ye Fan began to speak to Li Ruyu: “I’ve circulated it hundreds of times but only managed to activate the peerless mysterious technique once, does senior have any methods to increase the success rate of this technique?”

“As your realm increases, the chance of success will naturally increase. Besides this, you can look for other peerless mysterious techniques, each time you manage to successfully cultivate one, the chances of the others will increase.”

Ye Fan was shocked, based on what Li Ruyu was saying, the reason why the nine mysterious techniques were regarded as peerless techniques was because they were simply too exceptional.

If the nine mysterious techniques were combined, disregarding the other eight techniques, just the one which the Desolate Peak had was sufficient to allow one to become indomitable if they were able to use it as and when they wanted.

“This……. This is simply too unbelievable!”

“That’s right, changing something rotten into something magical.” Li Ruyu nodded: “It may be that due to its inconceivability that even the heavens will not allow one to combine all nine mysterious techniques, they have been split up and scattered in all directions.”

“Who has come to my Desolate Peak, why haven’t you shown yourself?” At this moment, Li Ruyu suddenly spoke.

The surroundings continued to remain silent without a single sound, as though there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Atop the Desolate Peak, there were no unfamiliar figures, only the ten odd new disciples that were currently building wooden houses along the mountain. They could not hear Li Ruyu’s voice and were still left in the dark.

The vast golden lake within the centre of Ye Fan’s brow began to jump as a powerful divine sense was spread out, sweeping in all directions. He was able to feel a unique aura but was unable to accurately pinpoint it, he was unable to tell if it was human or not.

Li Ruyu’s expression was calm as he stood atop the Desolate Peak, he did not move as the vegetation surrounding him suddenly began to grow swiftly outwards.

“So it’s actually an expert of the Ji Family, The Void Technique is really as its name suggests, allowing one to traverse through the void. No wonder it can be considered a peerless mysterious technique.” Li Ruyu lifted his head to gaze as though he could see past the void to the source.

Beneath his feet, a vine began to extend into the air, on top of the emerald green glistening flower bud, a sparkling light shot forth.

In this instant, the vine continued to grow longer, swiftly extending like a vigorous river dragon as it rushed to the sky. The flower bud blossomed, it’s petals were sparkling and translucent as a brilliant light dazzled. The space in this area was locked down and enclosed within the gigantic flower bud.

This was the great natural Dao, the petal represented the eternal, sealing an area of space!

“A person of the Desolate Peak is indeed exceptional, could a second exponent be appearing?” The void was unravelled as an elder walked out, standing atop the shimmering petal.

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