STH Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Meeting the crazed old man again

Atop the Desolate Peak, covered with vines that extend hundreds of metres up into the sky. An immense flower patch blossoming, seemingly like a multicoloured crystal, spewing forth dazzling lights that sway gently in the wind.

Amongst the exotic flowers, a green clothed old man with hair white as snow, his countenance delicate like jade without a single wrinkle, his eyes seeming to contain unfathomable depths.

Behind him, it was inky black as though it had turned to night, it could also be imagined as an endless hole that connected the void, giving one a feeling of profoundness.


The flowers under his feet let out a soft sound as the flower petals darkened. It was like encountering snowfall, swiftly withering away, soon after the vines wilted and fell.

The elder of the Ji Family had not moved but the black void behind him began to release a black light which shrouded the upper area and descended towards the Desolate Peak.

A patch of black like dark clouds pressing down, it was extremely imposing and left one feeling stifled, as though a large black mountain were pressing downwards.

Li Ruyu silently stood there without moving, the surrounding vegetation began to flash with a green light as sprawling trees began to swiftly grow, like umbrellas which shot toward the sky, blocking the countless black lights.


Suddenly, a black trident appeared in the sky which instantly chopped away the tall trees, continuing down towards the Desolate Peak. It was over hundred metres in length and seemed as though it could rend the earth asunder.

Atop the Desolate Peak, a white waterfall seemed to be rushing towards the sky, like a silver dragon as it rose, instantly colliding with the black trident. There was no stupendous collision or brilliant display, the silver waterfall was gently winding and weaving about continuously, binding the the enormous black trident.

“The natural Great Dao really lives up to its name.” The expert of the Ji Family exclaimed as the entire sky became dark, dark clouds rumbled and pressed down with intermittent streaks of purple lightning flashing within, shrouding the entire Desolate Peak.

In the area around Li Ruyu, all the vegetation began to release a fragrance as countless green lights rushed to the sky, a rain of light seemed to fill the sky, this was a natural and gentle energy that filled the air, spreading out in all directions.

“Shua!” The great void technique appears!

The elder of the Ji Family had silently appeared behind Li Ruyu as he slapped forward.


Li Ruyu seemed as though he could see through the void, capturing traces of the great void technique as he turned to block the attack. Two comets seemed to collide as a terrifying energy fluctuation expanded outwards, the energy did not damage the Desolate Peak but rather rushed to the sky, disappearing into nothingness.

“Bang! Bang!”

The sounds of striking constantly rang out as frightening energy fluctuations continued to expand outwards, like lightning as it pierced towards the sky.

The expert of the Ji Family had used the Great Void Technique, mysterious and profound allowing him to appear randomly at different areas, it was simply impossible to predict, a top-notch technique.

However, Li Ruyu seemed to have precognition as he moved like flowing water, naturally moving as his clothes fluttered, continually blocking in various directions.


Finally, a large black hand covered the sky as it pressed down, encompassing the entire Desolate Peak as it attempted to uproot it.

Such a terrifying scene made everyone start to panic, the frightening fluctuations could be felt all the way to their bones and many people began to involuntarily tremble.

Great Palm of the Void!

Such a fearsome technique was terrifying, a normal cultivator would simply be made helpless, it was as though the sky itself were pressing down.

“Boom!” Li Ruyu rushed forward with a palm to meet it.

In an instant, the natural aura of the Desolate Peak expanded outwards as a green light and black light clashed, Li Ruyu and the large black palm were encased within it.

Oppressive sounds continued to ring out as the surrounding mountain peaks trembled, this was a stunning scene for everyone present.

Finally, there was no explosion or destruction as the lights slowly receded, the large black palm slowly faded away as Li Ruyu descended onto the Desolate Peak.

“Good, good, good!” The elder of the Ji Family also descended downwards: “The legacy of the Desolate Peak is indeed phenomenal, it isn’t an ancient scripture but it can actually match up to it, the natural Dao, you may really become the second great exponent of the Desolate Peak.” The two people had not used all their strength and had merely been testing the other party, this was enough to shock everyone who was currently witnessing this.

“What has senior come to our Desolate Peak for?” Li Ruyu asked.

Not far away, Ye Fan had a shocked expression on his face, Li Ruyu was already so old yet he still addressed the other party as a senior, this was definitely a famed person of the Ji Family.

“Wandering calmly and meditating, I’ve also come looking for one of our descendents while passing by.”

At this moment, Ji Ziyue was hiding within the small wooden house, her large eyes were moving as she swiftly went forward: “Granduncle, why have you come?”

“Naturally it’s to look for you.”

“Brother Ji Dang has come to our Tai Xuan sect, why didn’t you inform us?” A venerated elder of the Tai Xuan sect had appeared at this moment.

“Barging in like this, I’m really sorry.” Ji Dang of the Ji Family cusped his hands in an apologetic stance. Ji Dang began to rise into the sky as he went forward to meet the other party.

Atop the Desolate Peak, Ye Fan was feeling pressured and was prepared to run, however, leaving like this was really being ungrateful to Li Ruyu.

At this moment, Ji Ziyue seemed to sense something as she swiftly drifted over to block his path: “Little kid, you aren’t thinking of running away right?”

“That’s impossible, I’m merely going out for a walk, you’re being too sensitive.” Ye Fan denied.
“There must be several secrets on your person, otherwise, why would you be so fidgety?……” Ji Ziyue began to walk around him as she tilted her head: “Later you should go with me to our Ji Family.”

“I won’t go even if you kill me!” This was something that Ye Fan said in his heart but on the surface he smiled as he replied: “I’d really like that, being able to be married into the Ji Family would be great.”

“Little brat, what would you know?” Ji Ziyue harrumphed: “I have a cousin who is nine this year, she would be well suited for you.”

“Why would I need a daughter…….”

“What nonsense are you muttering?!” Ji Ziyue glared at him.

Finally, Ji Dang of the Ji Family returned to the Desolate Peak as he beckoned Ji Ziyue: “I have urgent matters to attend to, don’t run around and stay within the Tai Xuan Sect, matters outside are rather complicated.”

Having said this, Ji Dang swiftly left.

Towards this outcome, Ye Fan was very pleased, it seemed that he would have sufficient time to plan for his departure.

Not long after, the sect leader of the Tai Xuan sect as well as several others flew from the hundred and eight peaks into the distance.

“What’s going on?” Many disciples within the sect were in a heated discussion, the sect leader as well as venerated elders had all moved out, this was something that had not occurred in years.

It was only a day later when information was received, a crazed old man had appeared within the Wei State, it was likely that he was the peerless expert who had disappeared six thousand years ago.

This news had alarmed the ten odd countries within, the Ji Family, Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Tai Xuan sect, all the experts within had swiftly left to investigate this matter.

“It’s actually the peerless expert of ancient past, he actually managed to live for over six thousand years, this is simply unbelievable!”

“How could a person possibly live for six thousand years? This is basically a living history book, he must have been through all the glorious and dark times, this is really a miracle!”

Within the Tai Xuan sect, people were still in heated discussion. When Ye Fan heard this, his heart trembled as he thought of the crazed old man, it had to be him!

Six thousand years ago, the Celestial Rotating Jade Sacred Ground was at its peak and had sent its entire sect to invade the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, they did not return thereafter and had disappeared from the world.

The crazed old man was the only fortunate survivor, many people wanted to know what had happened six thousand years ago, what was the ‘Desolation’ that existed at the bottom of the endless abyss.

Six thousand years ago, the crazed old man had a phenomenal cultivation level, it was difficult to find an opponent worthy of him. Such a peerless expert who had managed to live for six thousand years, everyone wanted to know what realm he had attained and how far he was from becoming a deity, they wanted to listen to his teachings.

This was especially so for those superpowers like the Ji Family and the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, the venerated elders within these sects wanted to speak with such a peerless figure, this was akin to a living fossil, to the bigwigs of the current era, this was something even more enticing than the few ancient scriptures within the Eastern Badlands.

“Crazed, that peerless expert has already gone mad, no one can communicate with him, he laughs and cries, there’s simply no way to talk to him.”

“Too frightening, several famed experts have been sent flying away by a wave of his sleeve, no one can go near him. Six thousand years ago, he was already at an astonishing level, right now no one can compare with him.”

“He disappeared, he actually took a few steps and left the vast mountain range behind him, instantly leaving the Wei State. No one could keep up with his movement technique, looking high and low, no one could even catch a glimpse of his person.”

At this moment, Ji Ziyue had blocked Ye Fan from leaving: “Your movement technique, you couldn’t possibly have learnt it from the crazed old man right?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? I don’t quite get you.” Ye Fan feigned ignorance.

“There’s definitely a connection, the ancient records within our Ji Family have a detailed recording of this, that is the best movement technique within the world, only the crazed old man should know it.”

Ye Fan was beginning to feel that this lass was simply too quick witted, many of his secrets were being exposed one after another and if he was careless for a single moment, she would immediately figure something out.

“Senior, are there any immortals within this world?” Ye Fan asked Li Ruyu.

“Everyone of the world is asking, as long as we believe in it and continue along the path of immortals, there is an endless path for us to walk forward.”

“What realm has the crazed old man reached? Based on logic, living for six thousand years is already a miracle, him not becoming an immortal is simply illogical, even someone with the Eastern Badlands divine body wouldn’t be able to live for so long.”

“Not becoming an immortal but a crazed demon, he should be such an existence.” Li Ruyu lamented.

Within the Tai Xuan sect, besides the hundred and eight main peaks, there was also an endless mountain range, not all the mountains had celestial qi swirling about them, some areas were desolate, similar to the Desolate Peak.

Ye Fan had constantly been preparing to leave over the past few days, always exploring the Tai Xuan sect as he sought to understand the criterias required to open the gate to allow him to travel.

The sun was setting and the night sky was still dyed red, he had come to a barren mountain with overgrown wild grass covering the entire area.

At this moment, he was dazed as he looked towards a large green limestone to the west, there was an old man with flowing white hair seated there, facing the sunset.

His clothes were shabby and seemed rather archaic, it did not seem like the dressing of this era and he seemed to be muttering something, two droplets could be seen flowing from his eyes, this was the crazed old man, he was actually here!

Ye Fan was shocked, why would he actually meet him within the Tai Xuan sect? Why had the crazed old man come here? Didn’t he already leave the Wei State within a few steps?

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