STH Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Secret

Under the blood red glow of the setting sun, a crazed old man sat atop a large limestone, he faced the setting sun and his eyes seemed to contain unbounded longing, there also seemed to be pain within his gaze as two droplets came trickling down his face.

This was a peerless expert who had been nearly undefeatable six thousand years ago but he was currently seated there with his frail body trembling, this made one feel compassion towards him.

“Senior…….” Ye Fan went forward and crouched down before the old man as he gazed at him, he felt sympathetic to the old man but did not know how to help him.

The old crazed man lifted his head to gaze at him before turning back to look at the setting sun, it seemed as though nothing could grab his attention, only that big blood red sun could enrapture him.

“That year, the setting sun was like blood, the celestial rotating jade dyed in blood. That day, all living things withered away, the celestial rotating jade had fallen ……” The crazed old man was already so old but tears continued to stream down from his face, his old eyes were already misty.

“Senior, things of the past cannot be changed, the dead have already moved on, maybe you should as well.” Ye Fan consoled.

Suddenly, the illumination from the sun disappeared as it fell below the horizon.

As the blood red glow of the setting sun disappeared, two dazzling lights seemed to shine from the crazed old man’s eyes, instantly piercing the void, the look of pain receded as he suddenly stood up.

He seemed to be a changed man, like an impossibly sharp sword that was showing its lustre, the entire mountain region was deathly silent, all the birds and beasts were trembling with fear.

Ye Fan could feel an immense pressure, if he did not have a physical body that was more sturdy than spiritual treasures, it was likely that he would have already been crushed by the pressure. Merely an inch away, the crazed old man was like a mountain emitting immense amounts of pressure, simply inconceivable.

“Their aura……” He gazed at Ye Fan before grabbing his arm, his eyes unfathomably deep.

Ye Fan felt cold sweat run down his back, this crazed old man was simply too frightening, this pressure caused him to be unable to move, it was far greater than any cultivator he had met.

He instantly thought back to the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land where he had met the sacred lady of the celestial rotating jade, thinking back to the nine sacred mountains, countless skeletons as well as desolate slaves, it was likely that the crazed old man was referring to ‘them’.

That had happened over a year ago and the aura should have been completely dissipated, who knew that the crazed old man would still be able to detect it, this was simply too terrifying.

The crazed old man waved and traces of the celestial rotating jade sacred lady instantly appeared, standing in the air as though she were actually there. Her bright eyes, white teeth and incomparable good looks was simply vivid and realistic.

Ye Fan was speechless, what was this divine ability? Simply waving his hand he could create such a life-like image, this was really unprecedented.

The crazed old man waved again as countless skeletons appeared atop the mountain range, the sight of the skeletons atop the nine sacred mountains presented itself once again. The crazed old man suddenly hugged his head as he bitterly howled like an injured wolf.

“Hahahaha……..” Finally, he began to laugh loudly in a crazed manner, fail to become an immortal, become a crazed demon!

He would cry for a moment then suddenly laugh, similar to when they had first met long ago, his emotions were out of control and made one feel compassion towards him. The sacred lady of the celestial rotating jade stood in the air, her perfection made the stars in the night lose their splendor in comparison to her.

Countless skeletons filled the sky releasing a sinister aura, it seemed as though they were really descending as they swirled around the crazed old man, the scene was extremely strange and made one’s hair stand on end.

By the side, Ye Fan felt as though he had returned to the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, meeting the sacred lady once again.

The crazed old man let out an oppressive groan as he lifted his head to look at the scene above him, two dazzling lights could be seen from his eyes as he carved a ‘Dao’ character in the sky.

Thereafter, his hands moved slowly but forcefully as all the figures in the sky were imprinted there like a large painting.

Inside, the white skeletons were countless, corpses piled high like mountains and blood flowed like rivers, in the centre was the sacred lady dressed in snowy white clothing, black like ink, vivid and life-like, as though they had life in them.

“This…….” At the back, Ye Fan was shocked, this life-like painting seemed carved into the sky, something like this was simply inconceivable, seeing it with his own eyes, it was simply astonishing.

The crazed old man continued to move his hands, the aura of the Dao was actually circulation and with a tremendous ‘Ding!’, a large ‘Immortal’ character was imprinted on that painting, dazzling and magnificent!

That ‘Immortal’ character seemed to have an extraordinary power causing all the figures within the painting to dim, thereafter only the ‘Immortal’ character continued to remain clear with faded figures all around it, even the sacred lady in the centre had become blurry.

The painting began to emit out endless charms of the dao from the misty wisps of aura of the ‘immortal’ character, giving one a feeling of the boundlessness of the Dao and the natural feeling of it, the crazed old man used a finger to press against his forehead.

The large painting in the sky became an imprint which swiftly rushed into his forehead, various emotions like anger, happiness, sadness began to swiftly change on his face. Ye Fan was stunned, what was this old man doing?


An imprint appeared on the forehead of the crazed old man, the figures within gradually dimmed only leaving a dazzling ‘Immortal’ character.

“Is he splitting the heavens or carving a memory?” Ye Fan was stunned, the methods of this old man were simply too inconceivable, it was a long while before the crazed old man finally became silent once more.


At this moment, he gently patted the large green limestone and bright moonlight immediately flashed, a mysterious picture began to emerge, it was without question that he had done this purposefully and was not just randomly slapping the stone.

Ye Fan was stunned as he continued to watch, divine lights were gathered within his eyes as the limestone continued to flash, it appeared to be random scribblings, totally illegible. The picture was very familiar, he had a strange feeling that he had seen it before.

“The mysterious divine movement technique!”

Ye Fan was shocked, this complicated picture filled with profound Dao inscriptions was extremely abstruse and difficult to comprehend, he had once attempted to memorise the movement technique of the crazed old man but compared to the complete Dao inscriptions, the difference was simply too immense, this was the real mysterious divine movement technique!

Ye Fan’s heart was stunned, the crazed old man had taken a painting from him and returned a picture, it seemed as though he did not wish for the two parties to owe each other anything.

At this moment, he did not consider for much longer as he gathered all his senses to remember the carved mysterious divine picture, the lights continued to pulse as they entered his vision, forming a picture which was engraved within his mind.

This mysterious picture was extremely complicated, Ye Fan had attempted it once as he felt the entire world seemed to rotate, his realm was simply too low and it was impossible to comprehend the abstruse Dao Inscriptions.

“This movement technique must be an unparalleled mysterious technique!” He was really stunned.

At this moment, the limestone shattered and turned to dust, nothing remained.

The crazed old man stood up as he began to walk into the depths of the mountain region, Ye Fan was alarmed as he swiftly followed behind, this old man seemed crazed but there were clearly moments of clarity, he must have his reasons for coming to the Tai Xuan sect.

This was a desolate piece of mountainous region, even more so than the Desolate Peak, it was not a main peak and there were no people within the Tai Xuan sect located here.

Having moved for approximately ten odd Li, the crazed old man suddenly stomped as a hundred odd metre tall mountain was split apart, it seemed as though a god had suddenly used an immense axe to rend it in two. At the back, Ye Fan was speechless, the strength of a single leg was simply unbelievable, causing one to feel dazed. The mountain was split into two, like two large doors that had been swung wide open, the crazed old man then walked straight in. The insides were misty, like that of a mirage, it actually a completely different world, as though it were a unique piece of space.

“Who goes there? You dare to barge into the sacred grounds of my Tai Xuan sect?” A voice suddenly rang out.

Ye Fan swiftly stopped, not daring to venture any closer as several figures flew out from the misty piece of space to block the crazed old man.

Dazzling lights rushed towards the old man, metal marks, large nets…….. Various powerful spiritual treasures that were emitting powerful energy fluctuations.

The crazed old man merely waved his hand as all the spiritual treasures were turned to dust, in the blink of an eye, all the lights had dimmed, this had seemed to simple as though it did not take an ounce of strength to do so.

The seven to eight figures who had rushed out of the misty space were astonished, they did not have the time to react as the crazed old man grunted, immediately causing all the people to become unconscious, descending to the ground.

These people were old elders with long flowing white hair, they were definitely the elders of the Tai Xuan sect but they seemed like ants before the crazed old man.

Ye Fan’s mind was reeling, if the crazed old man wished to kill these people, the powerful Tai Xuan sect would definitely become a river of blood, there was simply no one who could stop him.

The crazed old man continued to move forward, directly entering the misty space ahead. Ye Fan felt strange, seeing the unconscious elders, he did not hesitate as he swiftly rushed forward as well. After entering the space, the mist dissipated as a sky filled with stars appeared, he had actually come to a valley.

Inside, there was a large sacrificial altar with several Dao Inscriptions carved on it, there were also several ancient characters that indicated the various regions within the Eastern Badlands. The Domain gate!

Ye Fan was flabbergasted, he had constantly been trying to search for the domain gate, who knew that he would suddenly find it!

“If i can provide sufficient ‘source’ to ignite these Dao inscriptions, I can travel through the void!” Ye Fan swiftly moved forward, if he could travel to a different area within the Eastern Badlands, this was something extremely critical to him right now!

The Tai Xuan sect, Ji Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were situated within the southern region of the Eastern Badlands while the Jade Lake Sacred Ground was situated in the northern region, how far the north and south regions were was something that no one could clearly estimate.

Although one could traverse on a mystical rainbow to cover this distance, it would require several years of bitter effort, this was really troublesome and without the domain gate, travelling throughout the Eastern Badlands simply was not a feasible idea, it was simply too vast. Within this area, besides the Ji Family and the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, the Tai Xuan sect was definitely the next most powerful.

However, they were not a sacred ground and the Dao inscriptions which were carved down could only reach the central region of the Eastern Badlands, it could not allow him to reach the northern region.

The crazed old man went atop the sacrificial altar, he did not make use of the Dao inscriptions as his hands moved to carve complicated Dao lines causing the entire altar to emit crackling noises.

It seemed that he merely wanted to make use of the large amounts of ‘source’, he could clearly carve the Dao Inscriptions on his own, it seemed that the crazed old man actually wanted to traverse through the void as well! Where did he want to go? Ye Fan was stunned and really wanted to find out.

“It’s time I left the Tai Xuan sect, should I traverse through the void with the crazed old man?”

Ye Fan’s heart was beating fast, such a peerless individual made him want to follow him, however, who knew where the crazed old man was headed, if they appeared within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land or any of the other forbidden areas, the outcome would be catastrophic.

This sort of living fossil, wherever he chose to go would definitely be far from ordinary!

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