STH Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Void fragments

At this moment, the sky had already turned dark as stars littered the sky. Within the valley, the sacrificial altar stood tall, completely constructed from black jade, the surface of the altar was extremely broad.

The crazed old man’s finger was like a blade as it carved swiftly, his expression was extremely focused as fragments flew out, dense and numerous profound veins were carved atop the altar, extremely mystifying and difficult to see through.

The bright moon was high in the sky as the moonlight bathed all beneath it, the domain gate was emitting rustling noises as the blade jade became translucent with mysterious drawings carved on it.

Ye Fan watched from the side as he attempted to comprehend but swiftly felt giddy, the countless spatial marks could easily make one lost within.

“Senior, where are you headed?” Ye Fan questioned, he had a strange feeling that following blindly would be extremely dangerous.

The sacrificial altar began to tremble as the black jade released a brilliant splendour, the Dao inscriptions had been fully carved into form as the crazed old man’s body stood in the centre of the altar. He did not respond and Ye Fan hesitated, should he follow or not?

“Senior, can I travel with you?” He spoke once again, such a peerless expert was akin to a living ancient scripture, with such a person to give pointers, his cultivation would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

The crazed old man did not reply but rather began to cry and laugh intermittently, seemingly ignoring Ye Fan.

“I’ll just have to go for it!” Ye Fan made the decision to follow, he had wanted to leave the Tai Xuan sect, it was no longer safe here and if he was brought to the Ji Family, the consequences would be unthinkable. Ye Fan swiftly flew up into the air, landing in the centre of the altar standing beside the old man.

Suddenly, the sacrificial altar began to absorb energy as the sources which were buried under the ground released a brilliant lustre, like a waterfall as it gushed towards the altar.

The black jade was translucent as it continued to flash, the engravings of the crazed old man seemed to have gained life as they continued to shudder, each seemed as though it had spiritual awareness as they lit up.

The void began to distort and collapse before a dark black hole was opened, the activated of the domain gate was successful but it was impossible to guess where it led to.

The deranged old man swiftly walked forward as Ye Fan followed closely behind, they swiftly appeared within the silent void, it was impossible to feel anything within, an endless darkness with eerie silence. The domain gate began to slowly close before the sacrificial altar began to absorb large amounts of source energy.

The crazed old man suddenly yelled as he grabbed his head, the immortal character on his forehead was glowing as a mysterious energy circulated, shrouding him within.

This was a frightening energy that caused the void to become unstable, a unique light was flashing within the eternal darkness.

The raised head of the crazed old man drooped down as he suddenly became unconscious, silently floating there without a single movement, a layer of filament that was released from the immortal character on his forehead covered his entire body like a cocoon.

Ye Fan was shocked, something sudden had occurred to the crazed old man that actually caused the space to tremble, they were traversing through the void and the space was extremely unstable, this could be a catastrophe.

“It’s over, how could this happen?!” Ye Fan’s face was pale as he looked on at the changes within the void, if the trembling became more violently he would be rent apart.

“Crack!, crack!” The traverse through space was a failure as large fissures began to appear one after another, the entire space was about to collapse.

Ye Fan began to wildly circulate the Dao Scripture as he struggled to control the origin qi of all living things, the void was currently breaking apart and without large amounts of divine energy to defend himself, he would definitely disintegrate.

This was a slow and painful process, it could be said to be a form of torture for Ye Fan as the void did not instantly collapse.

Finally, a stream of origin qi of all living things began to circulate as it through his body, forming a thick qi.

“I cannot control all of the origin qi of all living things……” Ye Fan grabbed the old man who was currently encased in a cocoon, it was possible that this body could block the collapsing energies contained within the void.

“Crack, crack”

Finally, the eternal darkness was unable to withstand the overflowing energies and collapsed with a loud boom.

The void had shattered, it had reached a climax before soundlessly disintegrating.

An elephant without a form*, the great tone is an admired sound**!

T/L*: Do not excessively assert, only show the needed attitude.
T/L**: The most beautiful sound is a silent sound.

The destructive energies seemed as though it would be able to disintegrate everything, it was at this moment that a powerful light was released from the cocoon covering the old man’s body, the space within this light seemed to stabilise.



The crazed old man and Ye Fan were sent flying out, reappearing once again within the real world. They had not left the Tai Xuan sect but had merely traversed ten odd Li, appearing on a barren mountain.

At this moment, a deafening sound could be heard from behind them as lights shot toward the sky, the black jade sacrificial altar had collapsed.


This was a powerful energy fluctuation with dazzling lights that rushed to the sky, causing the entire night sky to seem dim in comparison, it seemed as though ten suns had appeared at the same time and was illuminating everything within sight.

Ye Fan was still reeling in fear, traversing the void was simply too dangerous, that frightening energy was sufficient to rend his body apart several times over, it was fortunate that they had managed to get out of the space.

Within the Tai Xuan sect, the cultivators of the hundred and eight main peaks were all shocked, at the area of the domain gate, a brilliant blazing light like that of ten fiery volcanoes erupting could be seen causing the expressions of everyone to change.

“This is…… the domain gate has been activated, space has been pierced but the traversing of the void has ended in failure!”

“Could it be that some big wig within our Tai Xuan sect encountered some accident whilst traversing the void?” Many elders flew to the sky as they gazed at the location of the domain gate.

At the same time, the sect elder as well as several famous personnel within the Tai Xuan sect were shocked, such a tumultuous wave of energy left them feeling restless.

“Who activated the domain gate?” A venerated elder questioned.

“The void has collapsed, if there was someone caught within, it is unlikely for them to survive.” Another venerated elder had a puzzled expression on his face. Ten odd miles away, Ye Fan’s heart was still trembling, thankful that he had managed to escape from the clutches of death.

“If there wasn’t the origin qi of all living things or the cocoon of the crazed old man, I would definitely have died.” His riled emotions were slowly calming down.

At this moment, they had fallen onto a barren mountain, the crazed old man was still encased within a cocoon and unconscious.

“Such a peerless figure really cannot be easily estimated, even with the collapsing of the void he cannot be stopped!” Ye Fan was shocked, in reality, the reason why the void had collapsed was entirely due to the crazed old man.

Ye Fan did not dare to tarry as he carried the old man while rushing towards the mountains, he did not fly as he swiftly ran through the forest.

At this moment, the entire Tai Xuan sect was in an uproar, many experts of the hundred and eight main peaks were rushing towards the location of the domain gate, no one was paying any attention to the Desolate Peak. Ye Fan brought the crazed old man to the Desolate Peak before placing him within his dilapidated pavilion.

Li Ruyu silently appeared as he said in a heavy voice: “The scene earlier, did it have anything to do with the two of you?” his sense was exceptional and had immediately felt the strangeness of the situation.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with me……” Ye Fan pointed towards the crazed old man.

Li Ruyu attempted to use his divine sense to inspect but his Dao heart immediately felt uncomfortable, his physical body felt as though it would tear apart at any moment, the natural Great Dao was no longer fluid and the cocoon in front of him was like a demonic spawn, causing his heart to tremble.

“This is……” He sucked in a breath of cold air as he retreated backwards.

Ye Fan did not hide anything as he exposed the identity of the crazed old man, recounting the events that had occurred earlier.

“If one doesn’t become an immortal, one becomes a crazed demon. A peerless expert six thousand years ago…….” Li Ruyu found it difficult to remain calm.

Anyone would be stunned upon learning of this information, the crazed old man had been through countless generations, he could be considered a living ancient scripture.

“Such a person is currently atop my Desolate Peak, who knows whether it will be beneficial or detrimental to the Tai Xuan sect……” Li Ruyu frowned.

At this moment, the sect leader as well as the few famous personages were currently staring at the shattered black jade altar, they were silent for a long moment, their hearts filled with astonishment.

“These Dao inscriptions are simply too profound, its simply too difficult to understand, I’m afraid even the domain gate located within a Sacred Ground would only be so much.”

“Who was the one who carved it down?”

At this moment, the few elders who were guarding the area came to their senses as they swiftly recounted the events that had transpired.

“What, it’s definitely him!” The sect leader as well as the famous personages had expressions of shock.

Not long after, the few of them appeared on the Desolate Peak, Li Ruyu had invited them over, the crazed old man was currently located here and matters were of utmost importance, he did not dare to hide this matter.

However, Li Ruyu did not mention Ye Fan as he merely said that the crazed old man had emerged from the void, coincidentally landing on the Desolate Peak. In the days that followed, everything was peaceful, the Tai Xuan sect had locked down this piece of information preventing it from spreading.

The venerated elders of the Tai Xuan sect treated the crazed old man like a sacred relic, assigning people to protect him for fear of anyone disturbing him.

The crazed old man was in a mysterious state, he was currently encased within a cocoon with a strange energy circulating, one of the famous personages of the Tai Xuan sect wanted to investigate but suffered the consequences as he spat forth a mouthful of blood.

“Have you discovered that the Desolate Peak seems to be extremely strange, there must be some secret……” Ji Ziyue secretly spoke to Ye Fan. Ye Fan was speechless, he had already agreed with Li Ruyu not to expose the matter, otherwise, it was possible for him to be implicated.

“Hopefully the old man wakes up and no accidents occur……” Ye Fan silently hoped. As the days passed, there continued to be no changes as everything continued to remain peaceful. The status of the Desolate Peak had already risen and many talented disciples had come under their wing, it was no longer bleak and dreary.

Each day, there were disciples of other main peaks who came to visit, Ye Fan came to know many young disciples while Ji Ziyue was surrounded like a famous star.

Today, someone had come to the Desolate Peak requesting to see both Ji Ziyue and Ye Fan, upon receiving this news, Ye Fan frowned but Ji Ziyue continued to smile happily, she was not afraid if the other party was looking for trouble.

Ji Ziyue mysteriously whispered to Ye Fan: “My ancestor grandfather has come.”

Ye Fan was stunned as he replied: “That damned old man is back?”

“How could you talk like that!” Ji Ziyue glared at him with wide eyes.

“Oops, I spoke out of line, could he be here to take you back?” Ye Fan asked.

“No, the crazed old man has appeared atop the Desolate Peak, the Tai Xuan sect actually thinks that they are able to keep such a secret, however, my Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground has already found out and the few big wigs are rushing here, some amazing stuff is likely to happen soon.”

Ye Fan felt regretful, he was unable to speak to Ji Ziyue about many matters but the other party was informing him of everything without holding any information back.

In the distance, a golden ancient war carriage was passing through the air before descending down, it was covered in scars and exuded an ancient aura.

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