STH Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: God descends on Earth

Besides the Vajra, several people also found incense burners , canes*, bronze bells, and fish drums**.

[T/N*戒尺 is a wooden cane like item, we can’t find the English name for it]
[T/N** Chinese percussion instrument that is elongated in shape]

Amongst the students one female student had found an exceptional artifact. She was the gaunt looking female student who Ye Fan sympathized with. She had found a malas that consisted of 6 beads, pale gold and bright as a crystal, each one as large as a longan.

[T/N* Malas is a Buddhist prayer bead]

“It couldn’t possibly be made from Śarīra can it?” The people by the side said with alarm.

[T/N*: Śarīra is the generic term of Buddhist relics that usually refers to pearl/crystal like bead objects]

The six pale gold crystal beads were like magnificent gems, easily leading one to connect them to the Śarīra that Buddha left behind after his death. This was after all an artifact found within the Great Lei Yin Temple and its composition could not be ordinary.

This string of beads was very special and the female student had inadvertently found it on the head of the stone Buddha. The six beads were strung together by a transparent thin string and each bead had blurry human images in different postures on them.

This was the only other artifact besides Ye Fan’s bronze lamp and Zhou Yi’s alms bowl that was undamaged. Ye Fan’s bronze lamp was still held in higher regard as it was the only artifact that was dust-free and lit throughout the years. Anyone could tell that it was certainly exceptional.

There were several gazes within the temple glancing over at Ye Fan’s bronze lamp and although Ye Fan noticed, he was calm regardless of their intent.

The group started to leave Great Lei Yin Temple as it had been thoroughly examined and there were no other artifacts.

Pang Bo was the most depressed, he had been the first one into the temple but people all around him had gotten artifacts and he had found nothing.

Standing in front of the temple and sizing it up once again, Pang Bo’s eyes lit up and he hurried forward. Lifting several big blocks and stacking them, he reached up and took the bronze engraving with ‘Great Lei Yin Temple’ down making many people speechless.

People then realized that the bronze plaque was certainly special as well.This bronze plaque had weathered the baptism of time and was still unscathed without any dust on it. Of all the artifacts found within the temple only the bronze lamp and plaque were free from dust. It was clear that the bronze plaque was equally exceptional.

“Wow it’s really quite heavy……” Pang Bo dragged the bronze plaque and walked back. Just as he left the temple, the temple began to shudder and the stone Buddha within started to crack with a “Crack! Crack!”

Thereafter the Buddhist six word mantra sounded again: “Om Mani Padme Hum……”

The grand sound of Buddhist chants resounded through the air, shaking the heavens and quaking the earth.

Compassionate, solemn, sublime yet profound, the Buddhist chants resounded loudly, cleansing the dirt and dust as well as enveloping the surroundings of the temple in divine light.

The sound this time was definitely not an illusion. Not only did Ye Fan and Pang Bo hear it, the rest of the group were like statues, shocked into silence.

At this moment the artifacts that everyone had gathered from the temple regardless of condition started to glow in a soft light, everyone felt astonished.

There was a loud “Boom!” and the entire temple disintegrated into dust thereafter a breeze blew by and the Great Lei Yin Temple was no more.

At the same time, the Bodhi tree accompanying also collapsed but there was no wood, only dust filled the air and slowly drifted down.

Thereafter the Buddha artifacts lost their golden radiance and everything became peaceful again.

Everybody was in a daze not knowing what happened. Could the collapse be related to the taking of the Buddha artifacts and bronze plaque?

All that was left of the temple was ash, nothing else was left. Ye Fan stared for a while before saying: “Having taken all the Buddha artifacts and the bronze plaque within the temple, the already derelict Great Lei Yin Temple had lost all meaning to go on existing and thus fell apart in the wind.”

Zhou Yi was usually cultured and composed but he was very agitated now and his eyes were gleaming as he said: “I am now more determined than ever, this world definitely has gods and if we follow in their footsteps the events of today will definitely be a big opportunity for us in the future.”

Gods, Buddha, Immortals…… These absurd legends had become a reality. Nobody would feel that it would be too ridiculous to see these individuals. The facts in front of their eyes had subverted their beliefs. God definitely existed.

“Following in the footsteps of god…… that’s easy to say but I see no hope in that.” Pang Bo glanced over at Zhou Yi: “Our utmost priority is finding a way to live. This barren land does not have any shops, no source of water and food. Another seven to eight hours and our situation would be desperate.

“There have been many indications that this planet is Mars and we know that a large majority of Mars cannot sustain life.” Li Xiao Man was elegant and moving, after the series of events she had become more unassailable and continued: “If gods really exist this would explain everything that has happened thus far. This is only a small portion of Mars that is sealed by god and can sustain life.”

Li Xiao Man had just said her piece when suddenly the reddish-brown land started to transmit a loud rumbling sound. The open land was shaken up as though an army was marching through or it was a turbulent sea in the rough.

“Sand storm…… A super typhoon on Mars!” Carter said in broken Chinese as his face paled

A good quarter of the year on Mars was shrouded in endless sand. The typhoons on Earth moved at speeds of 60 metres per second whilst those on Mars travelled at 180 metres per second. The super typhoon could sweep the whole planet.

Even tanks would be swept into the air much less humans.

In a short period of time the moon and stars had disappeared as an endless reddish-brown dust completely covered the sky. A large storm was going to sweep through Mars.

“That’s not right, we aren’t experiencing any typhoon here……”

A moment ago everybody was frightened of the disaster coming their way but at this instant they realised that the super typhoon may have been monstrous but their area was still peaceful.

With the five coloured stone altar and Great Lei Ying temple as the axis, an area of over 1000 metres was covered in a globe that shrouded the sky separating this area from the world.

Li Xiao Man’s words had come true. This really was a place that was sealed by god and supernatural forces were blocking the typhoon. This proved the existence of god and this area was likely protected by god.

“This isn’t good, that hazy shroud of light is getting dimmer and may disappear at any time!” A female student who was looking at the sky said as her face turned ghastly white.

The dim layer of light shrouding the sky was gradually dimming and it would probably disappear in no time. Seeing this scene before them everyone paled, death was so near and nobody could calm their hearts.

“What should we do? Are we really going to die in this place?” Some people trembled as they spoke.

“I don’t want to die…..” A female student uttered while tearing.

“If that shroud of light disappears we’re all going to be shredded by that super typhoon!” Even the male students were shivering with fear. The last area of land that was habitable on Mars was about to be destroyed.


The typhoon was like a thunder storm rolling in and the entire piece of land started to totter. It was misty all around and sand shrouded the area filling people with fear and trepidation.

Ye Fan’s eyes were still clear as he looked at the sand enveloping the entire sky and collectedly said: “It seems there is only one path to survival.”

“We can live? Quickly tell us the method!”

“This haven will soon cease to exist, can there possibly be a place for us to live in?!”

When faced with death everybody was flustered and could not think straight.

“Following the path that the gods walked previously and leaving this inhabitable place.” Ye Fan said coolly.

Immediately some people understood what Ye Fan was trying to say but some people were still clueless.

“That’s right, this may be the only way to live.” Zhou Yi nodded in agreement.

Based on what Ye Fan was thinking, long ago the gods had created an ancient route among the stars and travelled from Earth to Mars however this place may not have been their final destination.

Mars also had a five coloured stone altar and it was possible that it was linked to other further planets. This was the path previously trod on by the gods and since they had no other choice they would have to follow this ancient road and leave Mars for the slightest hope of living.

It was then that everyone understood and rushed towards the five coloured stone altar.

Although it was only a thousand metres everyone felt as though it was an ocean away. This distance concerned their lives and deaths and if they failed to reach the altar before the shroud disintegrated they would all die.

The vast ruins were filled with rubble and it was a difficult route to travel. As they were rushing forward several people injured their feet but chose to ignore the pain and continue.

Even if the group safely made it to the altar, whether they could travel on the route among the stars was an unknown factor and this was a shadow in everyone’s hearts. They had been forced onto this route on Mount Tai but they currently had no other alternative as this was their only lifeline and they could only rush forwards while trying to think of other ideas.

“Aaahh…..” As a female student sprinted towards the ruins, suddenly a scream was heard, “fa-thud” she fell on the floor and remained motionless.

Her face was filled with terror and there was a thumb sized hole on her forehead with blood flowing out. She looked as though she had seen something horrific before she died.

“What happened?!” Everyone felt their hair stand on end and they were filled with terror, a living and breathing person that had been with them had suddenly died, this was too sudden and bizarre.

“Do not go close to her!” Ye Fan stopped two classmates who wanted to go near the corpse. He had a bad premonition as he recalled the skull earlier with a finger sized hole in its frontal lobe.

“We raided the Great Lei Yin Temple, Could it be that the gods are punishing us?” A female student said in a trembling voice, her heart was filled with panic.

“Even if god is present, Buddha is compassionate.” Zhou Yi cut her off to prevent further emotions of panic and said: “We have no way to bring her back, we can only leave her to rest in peace here. Let’s hurry to the large altar.”

Nobody hesitated, with their lives on the line they could not be bothered about a female classmates corpse.

“Dong……” Suddenly a bell sounded, the sound was vast and solemn, it seemed like Buddhist prayer wheels were spinning all around.

An extremely bright light shone from Wang Zi Wen, His whole body was enveloped in a gorgeous golden glow as though he was wearing a thick golden armour. It was really breathtaking and seemed like a golden divine fire was burning.

The broken bronze bell in Wang Zi Wen’s palm was gently swaying, the vast and solemn sound had originated from it and the source of the golden glow was from the bell as well.

“What’s happening?” Liu Yun Zhi who was close to him nervously asked.

“Previously, there was something that tried to attack me……” Wang Zi Wen usually looked gentle however being shrouded in the golden glow that seemed like a golden armour, he was awe-inspiring as if a god descended on earth.

[T/N thoughts: think Saint Seiya]

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