STH Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Opposition

Ye Fan’s left hand was holding the bronze lamp as he stepped back, “Bam” his right hand forcefully grabbed the male student’s collar, almost lifting him off the ground.

Pang Bo who was by the side finally reacted and angrily said: “You selfish little bastard, such an ungrateful person*! . Have you forgotten who shared with you the bronze lamp and preserved your life, allowing you to reach the altar safely?”

[T/N* the text used is “白眼狼” which literally means white eyed wolf; someone ungrateful]

Pang Bo stretched out his large hands and grabbed the male classmates collar, he was incensed at the scene before him and wanted to toss the student out of the large altar.

“Cough……” The male student had struggled when Ye Fan grabbed him but was unable to break free. His face was pale as he was now grabbed by Pang Bo on the neck and could pass out at any moment.

The people by the side had different expressions. Although some people had begun to have ill intentions nobody expected that someone would really act out and the target of choice would actually be Ye Fan who had helped him.

“You are simply an ungrateful person that cannot learn, do you still have any conscience? If it wasn’t for Ye Fan saving you it is likely that you would have already died outside!”

A male student at the back persuaded: “Everyone has been through four years of school together, let’s not act like this, Pang Bo let go of him!”

Pang Bo glanced at the student saying: “Should I let go just because you tell me to? Didn’t you see that previously he tried to kill Ye Fan? If it wasn’t for Ye Fan reacting quickly he would have been thrown off the altar and swept away by the typhoon. How can this vicious bastard be let off the hook?”

“We’re all in this together and should be helping each other. Anything can be resolved, let go of him first.” Another male student persuaded.

Pang Bo could clearly see that this person was in cahoots with Liu Yun Zhi. Even though they were now standing apart from each other, the two definitely had something going on. Previously the male student currently in his grip had been together with them and although there was no evidence that they were accomplices, once Pang Bo had made his mind on something he would not shrink away from the lack of evidence.

“You are making light of the situation, if someone tried to kill you could you still be so calm? How about I throw you out of the altar too!” Pang Bo became more enraged as he spoke,“Pa! Pa!” he harshly slapped the student several times.

“Let’s not cause another death, anything can be resolved just let go of him first. We can discuss how to deal with him after.” A female student chimed in and glanced towards Liu Yun Zhi.

Throughout this process Liu Yun Zhi was composed and seemed to have no intentions to step forward and intercede. He stood by the side and pretended to be a bystander as though this matter had nothing to do with him.

Ye Fan looked at the expressions of the group and realising that he had no way to make Liu Yun Zhi who was likely the mastermind confess, he stopped Pang Bo and said: “Let him go.”

“That’s right, let go of him first.”

“Yes, let go of him. There’s nothing amongst us classmates that can’t be resolved. Let’s not be excessively rigid.”

The people who had tried to persuade earlier continued to talk and as the others saw that Ye Fan had also voiced his opinion they also tried to persuade.

“Being excessively rigid….. Do you really feel that what happened hasn’t gone past the point of reconciliation?” Pang Bo stared at the male student who was in cahoots with Liu Yun Zhi and said: “He almost killed Ye Fan and you actually have the gall to speak up for him.”

As Ye Fan had already voiced his opinion Pang Bo did not continue to make a scene and finally relaxed his grip.

Nobody would have imagined that after Pang Bo had let go, Ye Fan continued to grab the student’s collar and lifted him up while walking towards the edge of the altar seemingly about to toss him out.

Everyone was in a daze, no one would have imagined that Ye Fan would act like this. While they were shocked at Ye Fan’s arm strength, they could not help remembering that while he was playing on the school team he was called the barbarian of the field. Ye Fan looked gentle and quiet on the outside but he was very robust and he had incredible strength. Ye Fan was lifting the male student with a single hand as though he were a little chick towards the edge of the altar.

“I had saved your life previously. Why did you want to harm me?” Ye Fan pressed the student towards the edge of the altar and could throw him out at any time. The hazy glow was only half an inch away.

This male classmate got cold feet as he loudly shouted: “Don’t push me, I’m an ungrateful bastard and I don’t know what possessed me earlier. I don’t know what’s good for me. Let me go, I won’t dare to do so again……”

Ye Fan laughed as the whites of his teeth could be seen and chortled: “There is always a motive before somebody does something. You don’t want to say? I really don’t want to see you get swept away into the sky by this tornado…..” Having said his piece, his hand continued to push the classmate towards the edge of the altar.

“Save me!” The male classmate was terrified and loudly shouted: “Let me go, I’ll talk, I’ll talk about anything!”

Being a person of modern society, he had never been through such a dire situation and had totally broken down. In the face of the approaching typhoon his face was ghastly and all the colour had drained from it.

“Let him go Ye Fan, it’s dangerous to do this and doesn’t speak well of you.”

“That’s right anything can be negotiated, we can’t be ignorant of the relationship between classmates. If someone really dies that would be terrible.”

The same students continued to voice out words of persuasion as they slowly walked over.


Pang Bo firmly placed the bronze plaque which was half as tall as a normal human onto the ground and stared at them, stopping the few people in their tracks.

Ye Fan looked back and gently smiled saying: “It’s alright, he’s willing to tell me the reason why he attacked me. I really want to know where I’ve done badly. There won’t be any unhappiness between us, you guys can be at ease.”

When he looked back at the classmate who was pressed to the edge of the altar, he steeled his gaze as though if the other party did not speak he would immediately hurl him off the altar.

“I……I didn’t get anything from the temple, I didn’t get any items left by the gods and felt a sense of vulnerability.So…… I got greedy, I’m really ungrateful!” Having said this, the classmate began to slap his own mouth.

Ye Fan did not say anything more and pushed him further out such that his body dangled in the air. The hazy glow was right beside him.

“Don’t! Save me!” The male classmate exclaimed in fear: “It was Li Chang Qing…… It was his idea!”

Ye Fan pulled him back, he did not hold this spineless coward in any regard and he certainly would not constitute as a threat. If he really threw the classmate off the altar it would definitely make the other students have a bad impression of him. They were after all classmates and doing so would cause more harm than good.

Ye Fan was very natural as he took a bottle of water from the student and patted his shoulder saying: “We’ve been classmates for four years and having experienced these traumatic events we are on the same boat and should work together.”

“Definitely…… Definitely!” The male student was trembling as he finally regained his freedom and shuddered as he backed away.

By this time Pang Bo was enraged and carrying the bronze plaque he rushed forward to smash it onto Li Chang Qing

Pang Bo was tall and robust, his strength was simply incredible, when he swung the bronze plaque at the other person, he was immediately smashed into the ground.

“No wonder you continually persuaded us to stop. You were the mastermind behind all this!” Pang Bo plunked the bronze plaque on the classmate’s body and said: “We’ve already been classmates for four years but you still scheme against us. Do you have any humanity left in you?” Pang Bo was fuming, Li Chang Qing was one of the students who had stood by Liu Yun Zhi’s side and was also one of the students who had joined in the persuasion.

Ye Fan walked over and very naturally took another bottle of water from Li Chang Qing’s body and handed it to Pang Bo.

Seeing Ye Fan obtain a second bottle of water, everyone had complex expressions on their faces. If they did not hurry to leave Mars, a few hours later water would be the most valuable resource.

Ye Fan was disappointed that he had failed to lure Liu Yun Zhi out into the open. Although he knew that Liu Yun Zhi was definitely the mastermind, he did not have any evidence and it would be detrimental to openly work against him.

Li Chang Qing was very resolute and even though Pang Bo was giving him a severe thrashing, he did not admit anything and only said that he was impulsive and had offhandedly mentioned to the student to steal from Ye Fan thus kindling the flames of desire in the student.

Pang Bo really wanted to throw Li Chang Qing off the altar however after considering the feelings of the other classmates he controlled his anger and did not do so. He felt that it would be difficult to maintain this seemingly peaceful relationship and if their lives were threatened again he would ignore any past relationships and act decisively. It was clear that some people were already harbouring ill intentions.

Ye Fan was not angry as he amicably laughed at Li Chang Qing and said: “We humans are so complicated at times. There are some things which we are forced to do however it is better to have a mind of our own and not be manipulated.”

Having said his piece he crouched down and attempted to seize the damaged fish drum which Li Chang Qing had found within the Great Lei Yin Temple.

“What are you doing? Li Chang Qing struggled violently, he did not lose his composure when Pang Bo was trouncing him but now that Ye Fan was going for his fish drum he started to become anxious. Li Chang Qing wanted to protect the fish drum by his waist but his upper body was still held down by the bronze plaque and he was defenseless.


Suddenly the fish drum by Li Chang Qing’s side let out a muffled thunderous sound as streams of green light shot out like snakes of lightning.

As though Raijin’s* drum was beating, “Boom! Boom!” muffled thunder sounded out and purple light started to converge and enveloped Li Chang Qing.

[T/N* Japanese god of lightning and thunder, beats drums to create thunder]

The purple light surrounding Li Chang Qing was like a purple cocoon, it was dazzlingly brilliant and had the splendour of God illuminated the entire five coloured stone altar.

The people all around were shocked and felt the buzzing roar in their ears. Some people even lost their footing and fell to the ground.

At the same time the bronze plaque within Pang Bo’s hand let out countless streams of light that was accompanied by endless sounds of thunder, the four words “Great Lei Yin Temple” shot into the sky with an intense light and gave off an ethereal presence.

Buddhist chants started to reverberate loudly!

The dazzling light from the Great Lei Yin Temple bronze plaque immediately suppressed the purple light and the sounds from the fish drum slowly dissipated.

At this moment the bronze lamp in Ye Fan’s hand also let out gentle drops of light that shrouded his body, a layer of sacred divine light evenly encompassed his whole body, it was as though he had put on a sacred armor of war.

The light was not glaring and was dim and gentle, it gave one the feeling of awe, as though there were a god standing there. The sacred light emanated an aura of a heavenly armor of the Gods , making Ye Fan seem otherworldly.

The purple light from the fish drum was snuffed out and the purple cocoon had disappeared. The damaged fish drum became dull and had returned to normal. Ye Fan was unflappable and his hands retrieved the fish drum. Nothing could stop him, he was like a living god, the bronze lamp continue to radiate rays of divine light making him seem transcendental.

At this instant, Liu Yun Zhi who was near the female student who had tried to persuade Ye Fan had walked over as he held a damaged bronze bell and said: “Ye Fan what you are doing is too much!”

Immediately after, a male student also walked forward and said: “We should cooperating together and not be bickering. The matters of the past have already happened, we shouldn’t be too extreme.”

These two people had been helping Liu Yun Zhi from the side all this while and it was clear where their loyalties stood. At this moment they had come out together and it was clear that they did not want Ye Fan to obtain another one of Buddha’s artifacts.

Liu Zhi Yun who had always been a bystander held his Vajra as he walked closer saying: “Ye Fan, let’s forget about the things of the past. Even though he was wrong initially, punishing him in this way is as good as sentencing him to death!”

Contrary to Ye Fan’s expectations, Zhou Yi who had always been passive and usually acted as though nothing concerned him, brought his alms bowl out and persuaded: “Ye Fan you shouldn’t take his fish drum. You already have a bronze lamp, another artifact won’t do you much good. If he loses the fish drum he might really be killed by that unknown thing in the darkness.”

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