STH Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Calmness

“You have all seen the events that transpired, everyone should know what is really going on.” Ye Fan’s left hand grasped the bronze lamp, his right hand gripping the damaged fish drum. Instead of backing, Ye Fan walked forward and said:”Since I have already taken his fish drum, there’s no way i can return it back to him.”

The fluorescent bronze lamp spilled forth angelic rays of light as bright as the sun yet tranquil like the moon, this resembled a converging divine rainbow that was dazzling and resplendent, simply a breathtaking sight. The rays merged with Ye Fan completely, giving him an otherworldly feel, like an immortal donning his divine armor.

On his right hand he held a damaged fish drum which was currently dull but everyone had seen the power of the thunder god erupt from it, seeing that Ye Fan was also holding this artifact in his hand made people feel fear.

“Li Chang Qing shouldn’t have spoken nonsense resulting in someone’s heart to fill with greed thus causing such an unhappy event. However Ye Fan taking the only thing that can preserve his life is too extreme.” Liu Yun Zhi came forward with his Vajra in hand, making one feel the might within.

There was a male and female classmate beside him as well, they had initially tried to stop Pang Bo and also spoke up for Li Chang Qing.

“Ye Fan, i know that you’re furious, anyone would be angry if this happened to them but we should keep an open mind and be more tolerant.” The female student spoke very calmly as though she was on the side of reason, impartial and fair.

“Taking his life-saving artifact in this current situation can only lead to one thing, you shouldn’t take this too far.”

On her finger was a damaged old bell, it looked as though it had collected dust for many years and was dull and seemingly ordinary. As she spoke the movements of her slender fingers would cause the bell to chime softly causing people’s attention to be attracted to it.

The male student beside Liu Yun Zhi also spoke up: “We should all have a forgiving heart, we’ve all known each other for four years and have gone through such an ordeal together. We should be working together and supporting one another. All the unhappiness that occurred previously should be forgotten, let’s not harp on it. Ye Fan, return his life preserving fish drum to him, I believe that you won’t want to see him die just because he doesn’t have it.”

Hanging from the male classmates right hand was a rusty censer*, it was palm sized and a portion of it had broken off and yet it seemed ancient and natural.

[T/N* incense burner]

The three people were standing together and each of them had obtained an artifact abandoned by the gods, at this moment their words carried a lot of weight.


Pang Bo strode forward in big steps and heavily planted the Great Lei Yin Temple plaque on the ground saying: “The way you guys talk is so smooth that it’s actually better than singing. The way you can obfuscate the truth and flip black to white is simply amazing. It was obviously Li Chang Qing who first provoked Ye Fan by wanting to harm him, how did it become Ye Fan’s fault for not being magnanimous enough? What sort of logic is this? How can it be Ye Fan’s fault in the end? Others wanted to kill him but he only took away the artifact they rely on, what’s the wrong in that? Judging by your words Ye Fan is the evil person and Li Chang Qing hasn’t done anything wrong. Stop being so hypocritical acting as though you guys are on the side of justice, it’s making me feel disgusted!”

At this moment, the glow surrounding Pang Bo’s body had not vanished. The four words on the bronze plaque ‘Great Lei Yin Temple’ were emitting rays of brilliance and Buddhist chants started to reverberate loudly exuding an aura of ephemeral mist. He was blazing like the sun giving him a commanding presence.

When these words were said, the male and female students who had spoken earlier grimaced.

“We didn’t say that Ye Fan was in the wrong, we’re merely persuading Ye Fan to give Li Chang Qing his fish drum based on their relationship as classmates to allow him to go on living.”

They were being very evasive, constantly repeating that Ye Fan taking away the fish drum was akin to taking away Li Chang Qing’s life while completely ignoring the fact that someone had tried to push Ye Fan off the large altar and could have been swept away by the typhoon.

After they were done speaking, Ye Fan coolly smiled and said: “You three can rest easy, I’m not gonna argue with him.”

His entire body was encompassed in divine light, one would feel hazy and natural, the surroundings would be free from dust, all would feel a sense of tranquil peace.

“What I want to fuss about is that Li Chang Qing almost killed me. It isn’t the picture that you guys painted of me wanting his life and I’m sure this is evident for everyone to see.” Ye Fan’s gaze swept over Liu Yun Zhi and the two others saying: “There are a few students here who did not manage to obtain anything from the Great Lei Yin Temple but are still living, why is that? It was because everybody shared the artifacts from god. Taking away the fish drum from Li Chang Qing is only to prevent him from committing any further evils. He could instruct others to steal my artifact and could do so for other people as well. His safety can be assured if everyone shares the artifacts in their hands to support each other. If you guys aren’t willing to share your bronze bell, bronze censer or Vajra, I’d be more than happy to allow him to follow me, I won’t reject him because of our relationship as classmates.”

Ye Fan managed to accurately pinpoint the crux of the situation and then brought out the idea of sharing Buddha’s artifacts. This made people remember that it was Ye Fan who initially came up with the idea of sharing artifacts which allowed many people to continue living. At the same time, he also smoothly attacked Liu Yun Zhi and the two classmates with his words, making it difficult for anyone to refute.

Zhou Yi was still standing by the side, besides the initial part where Ye Fan had taken away the fish drum, he had remained there silently listening and not voicing his opinions. It was only now that he finally spoke up: “Li Chang Qing was certainly wrong and he can’t complain however we deal with him. However, Ye Fan for you to be holding two of Buddha’s artifacts when some classmates don’t even have one is a bit wasteful.”

Zhou Yi came from a family with an influential background however he never came off as arrogant but rather amicable and cultured. When he pointed this out Pang Bo who was by the side could not refute his logic.

“I was even willing to share the bronze lamp in my hand, having obtained this fish drum I would definitely pass it to someone.” Ye Fan laughed as he gestured to another male student: “Zhang Zi Ling here’s the fish drum, remember if there’s any danger to share it with the people beside you.”

Zhang Zi Ling had always been standing behind Ye Fan and Pang Bo, back in university they had been on the soccer team and the relationships forged there were stronger than the normal classmate. Although he did not take action like Pang Bo, it was clear that he stood on Ye Fan’s side.

Ye Fan’s decision was very sudden and Zhou Yi’s mouth twitched but he remained silent.

Liu Yun Zhi’s brows were furrowed and the female student beside him immediately voiced her dissent: “Many of the male students managed to obtain something from Great Lei Yin Temple however most of the female students did not. I feel that the fish drum should be given to a female student.” Having said this she glanced at the female classmate by her side.

Pang Bo’s face was filled with ridicule as he said: “Between classmates is there a need for such a distinction? People who have obtained the Buddhist artifacts should share with others, is there any concern regarding to whom we give it to? Could it be that you aren’t willing to help some of our classmates?”

Pang Bo highlighted the issue of gender preference thus disregarding the female student’s notion of the fairer sex, Pang Bo had a teasing look as he went on. the female student was incensed and her face had turned red as she said: “Do not distort what I am trying to say!”
Zhang Zi Ling walked forward very naturally and took the fish drum from Ye Fan, no words were required between them.

Ye Fan ignored Liu Yun Zhi and spoke to Zhou YI saying: “Zhou Yi how do you feel about this arrangement?”

“I don’t have any objections, we are currently in dire straits and should help one another. Hopefully there are no further unhappy situations that arise.” Zhou Yi was composed as he said these words and spoke no further.

The rest of the classmates had seen the hidden opposition between Liu Yun Zhi and Ye Fan, although it had come to a seemingly peaceful conclusion a number of jabs had been thrown but Ye Fan had easily controlled the situation.

This led people to recall Ye Fan back in university, he had not changed, when he needed to be easy-going he was calm and indifferent, but when he needed to be aggressive he would not falter. He did not cause trouble for others but was never afraid if trouble came knocking at his door.

Pang Bo held onto his bronze plaque and looked at Liu Yun Zhi and his group: “Ye Fan may not fuss about other’s who harm him but I have some words that must be said. What humans do, the heavens are watching and i believe we can no longer deny the existence of god. We should be more righteous in our actions and stop doing those disdainful actions, who knows whether god is watching.”

Pang Bo’s actions were as though the few students were standing in front of the class and he was slapping them, however no one was saying a word because he was standing on the side of reason.
Liu Yun Zhi was level headed and did not have any change in expression, he nodded saying: “Well said! We should prevent such events from happening again in the future.”

Lin Jia and Wang Zi Wen were standing at the back and did not pick sides however at this moment they spoke up.

“To prevent such an unhappy event from occurring again, I believe we should have a discussion.”

“We should now decide of the people who obtained something from Great Lei Yin Temple, how they should help and who they should help.

Li Xiao Man was silent throughout this entire process. She had watched as Ye Fan handled this debacle and her eyes were composed showing no change in emotions and favouring neither side.

Carter who was by her side had a rough shod understanding of Mandarin and only just understood what was happening. He was speechless with admiration for Ye Fan.


Suddenly the sound of something breaking transmitted over and everyone was shocked, the hazy glow that was shrouding the large altar had been pierced by some unknown entity and everyone was staring in that direction.

A black light that was incredibly fast suddenly pierced a male student’s forehead with a “Chi!”, blood splattered out as the male students eyes were wide open and he fell as he looked towards the sky.

If it was not for the hazy glow, this scary thing basically had no sound or presence and the group would have been unable to detect it attacking them. When they thought back to how several people had died to the hidden attacks from the black light, everyone felt cold, that black light had merged with the darkness and was impossible to detect.

The appearance of the black light was a pronouncement that the god of death had arrived!

Cries of fear echoed out and the large altar was a mess of movement. Those without artifacts crazily jumped towards Liu Yun Zhi, Zhou Yi, Wang Zi Wen and the others, all were holding tightly to their Buddha artifacts.

“Roar!” Suddenly, a frightening sound was transmitted from within the typhoon that was bone chilling and earth shattering, even the thunderous sound of the dust storm was masked by the sound.

“It’s the Great Lei Yin Temple…..”

At this moment, many people became pale as they realised where the noise was coming from, the Great Lei Yin Temple!

“Great Lei Yin Temple has already been destroyed, could it be that it was actually suppressing something with it’s presence?”

Upon hearing these words from Pang Bo, people felt their scalps numb and felt waves of trepidation.

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