STH Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Basic Question

“The people of ages past, regardless of spring or autumn, even if temperatures reached 100 degrees, their movements did not falter.”* Ye Fan closed the <The Emperor’s Inner Canon>, the records regarding the ancient times contained within the first portion of the book <Basic Question> was truly fascinating.

[*T/N Old chinese saying from the fundamental medical text for chinese medicine book one of three]

There were not many accurate records regarding the ancient past as it remained a highly mysterious time period.

A gentle breeze swept through the courtyard, the rustling of the leaves made a “shua shua” sound as fresh air flowed in from the window.

Ye Fan loved reading the “strange” genre of books, after brewing a refreshing cup of green tea, he continued to peruse the book.

“No human can live past a hundred years without showing signs of aging. The ancient period,  just how mysterious is the ancient past …”

Being a modern man, he did not believe in the recorded dialogues of people from ages past written in the book. He was just curious why the ancient era mentioned in many of the old books were always only skimming on the subject, as though a large part of the information on the ancient era had been erased from writing in the passage of time.

Was there really a brief period of history that nobody knew about? After a brief reverie he continued to read.

<The Emperor’s Inner Canon> was a rarity among the ancient books, as a book from thousands of years ago it was one of China’s three great ancient books, although the overall contents were not really believable but it was still a valuable piece of history.

“Marshaling heaven and earth, Grasping the Yin and Yang, Breathing in Spiritual Qi, Using oneself to guard the spirit, Body as one. Thus, one can experience immortality in this world, a life without expiration, this is the way of life.”

The <Basic Question> was often mentioned in the ancient era, beings that can flip heaven and earth, refine spiritual Qi as well as immortals. The modern man cannot possibly believe in their existence.


Unknowingly the sun was already gradually setting, the lawn outside the window and trees were painted with a faint hue of red.

Ye Fan placed the <The Emperor’s Inner Canon> down and prepared to go for an important meeting with his classmates.

Having graduated from university three years ago, Ye Fan remained in the same city after graduating. Thinking back, gone were the days of the simple school life

Three years had passed in the blink of an eye, the classmates of the past had already become distant and everybody had their own life’s path to follow.

The ringtone of his cell phone interrupted his thoughts, it was his classmate Lin Jia, an extremely intelligent and beautiful woman. After graduating she had gone to the neighbouring city and with her exceptional abilities rose to the position of department manager.

Upon answering the phone call, sounds of Lin Jia’s bantering could be heard. Her exceptional social skills since the university days meant that there was never an awkward moment.

“What’s up, miss me?” Ye Fan coolly retorted.

An enchanting and mesmerizing laughter was transmitted from the other side, “I’m not sure how to go to the meeting location, let’s head there together.”

Upon confirmation of the meeting place, Ye Fan got into his car and drove off. Back in University Ye Fan had previously courted Lin Jia however was cruelly turned down after she said that the two of them were unsuited for each other.

Although Lin Jia was a beautiful and charming lady, her intelligence and reasoning abilities were ahead of her looks. As a realist, she knew what she wanted and how to get it done.

Ten minutes prior to the agreed meeting time, Ye Fan found a parking lot and got off the car to wait by the roadside for Lin Jia.

The entire city was enveloped in the rays of the moon, every building had a sheen of pale gold on it, the vehicles travelling on the road were endless and pedestrians could be seen everywhere.

Seven to eight minutes later a Toyota parked by the roadside, a beautiful and exquisite face was revealed, Lin Jia stepped out of her car.

“There’s even a chauffeur.” Yefan mentioned in a joking manner.

“Quit taking a dig at me, I don’t have a chauffeur, that would be our classmate Liu Yun Zhi.”

Although there had been some contact since graduating three years ago, Ye Fan met her only once since two years ago. The ever youthful Lin jia was dressed casually in a pair of skinny jeans with a purple top, which further accentuated her curves.

“Haven’t seen you for two years, how are you?” Lin Jia said with her shoulder length silky black hair, sparkly eyes and long eyelashes that were fluttering, making her exude a peculiar aura, extremely charming and mesmerising.

“Alright I guess.” Ye Fan smiled gingerly and said: “ Lin Jia with your natural beauty it’s such a waste that you haven’t joined any idol groups to perform.”

“Looking for a beating?” Lin Jia laughed charmingly, as her phoenix eyes shone brightly while glancing to the side. Paired with those seductive red lips, she was simply captivating.

At this moment, the windows of the Toyota parked by the roadside winded down, the person in the driver’s seat was a familiar face, it was actually Liu Yun Zhi.

Similar to Ye Fan, after graduating Liu Yun Zhi had remained in the same city. Due to connections with a relative of relatively high standing, he managed to open a decent sized company and was considered to be relatively successful amongst the classmates.

Although Ye Fan and Liu Yun Zhi lived in the same city, they almost never kept in touch. This was due to certain altercations between the two of them during their University days.

Liu Yun Zhi did not get off the car, and said with a wry smile:  “Long time no see.”

Oh yea, if there’s time we should meet up more often.” When faced with Liu Yun Zhi who did not even bother to climb out of the car, Ye Fan only answered with a generic greeting.

“Took a taxi here?”

When faced with this sudden contempt, Ye Fan did not bother to refute and grunted.

Being a smart person that could read the atmosphere, Lin Jia smiled and said to Ye Fan “After arriving here in a hurry and calling up our old classmates that are residing in the city, we should take Liu Yun Zhi’s car and go together.”

Ye Fan had not replied but Liu Yun Zhi had already apologetically said: “Really sorry, previously I’ve already arranged to pick up another two of our old classmates just down the road, it seems that there won’t be enough seats.”

“No issues, you should go ahead first, I’ll reach there shortly.” Yefan turned to Lin Jia and asked with a smiling face “Going with me or …”

Lin Jia was hesitating, Liu Zhi Yun saw this and urged: “Beautiful Miss Lin, i think you should hurry and get on my car, otherwise I’m afraid that I may drown from other people’s spittle.”

After standing on the roadside hesitating for a few moments, Lin Jia gave an apologetic expression but still climbed onto Liu Yun Zhi’s car after his incessant urging.

While the windows were winding up, Ye Fan managed to overhear Liu Yun Zhi’s condescending tone: “It’s the rush hour now, it will be impossible to get a cab !” Shortly after, the Toyota sped off in the distance.

Back in the day, Ye Fan was a notable character in the University. However, right now, he was considered to be unable to afford a car, seemingly rather pathetic.

When faced with people like Liu Yun Zhi, he could immediately ignore whatever drivel was said, however he was shocked at Lin Jia also behaving the same way.

Everybody had their own way of living. It was unavoidable for a person to have certain traits like pride, vanity, envy and e.t.c. Ye Fan did not feel disgusted because of this.


As the sun set in the horizon, the blood red sky started to darken, the city was gradually covered in a thick layer of darkness as night fell.

At this very moment, the nine gigantic dragon corpses pulling the bronze coffin were  currently motionless in the deep dark reaches of space, this shocking visage remained in perpetuum.

The personnel within the International Space Stations had already sent the groundbreaking news back to Earth and were waiting for directives.

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