STH Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Blood Sacrifice

The Tai Chi Eight Trigrams has always been a part of Chinese history, its origins being very ancient. Exactly who or how it was created is unknown and the uses for it are also an enigma making it one of the mysteries of Chinese culture.

It was said that the cosmic velocity of stars as well as the binary computer had been derived from it adding to the mystification surrounding it.

Even now, the mysteries surrounding the ancient Tai Chi Eight Trigrams had not been solved and people came up with many wild theories and guesses.

It was once said that it represented unknown ‘potentials’ and you could conduct deductions based on it to calculate future possibilities. The deduction had to be perfect otherwise even the slightest error would result in a total failure in prediction.

There were others who said that it underlined the fundamentals of the universe and each symbol on it represented one of the most basic things in this universe.

There were even some who made bold hypotheses that the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams was related to time and space and the eight symbols on the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams were positions of different star systems. If arranged differently it would denote the position of a different star system.

Based on this hypothesis, the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams was like a door to other star systems, akin to a wormhole connecting to any star system.

Based on these deductions the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams was a stable formation and if it were locked on to the position of another star system through complicated calculations and supplied sufficient energy, it was theoretically possible to open the portal through the stars.

However, it was difficult to imagine the ‘complexity’ involved, it even required the understanding of mysterious ‘formations’, and these ‘formations’ had yet to receive formal recognition from the scientific world and were only in the phase of deductions and hypotheses.

‘Formations’ were related to space and even today the mysteries within had not been uncovered.

It could be said that creating a portal leading to other star systems using the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams was currently impossible and within the near future it was likely to be impossible as well.

At this instant, Ye Fan and the group were fortunate enough to witness the formation of the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams again. If someone who had studied the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams for many years saw this they would go mad with excitement because this was the proof to all their years of research.

It was a pity that Ye Fan and the classmates were not in the mood for research, they were now caught in a life and death situation and merely wanted to get out of Mars as soon as possible. Every second on Mars was a second closer to death.

The ruins of the Great Lei Yin Temple situated over a thousand metres away was very peaceful but a fearsome aura was covering the area and the lantern-like eyes were staring at the large altar and seemed especially evil in the darkness which made one feel fear.

The Tai Chi Eight Trigrams had already formed in the sky, it seem to be metallic in nature, giving one a feeling of it being refined countless times before it was created.

The surrounding space in the area was being distorted while emitting misty light. Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun. The corresponding symbols began to emit mysterious light in a sequence, making it seem like a flickering ancient cryptic code.

The eight symbols continued to flash as they commenced a complex process of rearrangement but before they all lit up as before they actually started to dim and the entirety of the enormous Tai Chi Eight Trigrams began to tremble as though it would collapse at any time.

“How could it be like this……”

Many people were petrified, if there was no way to open the ancient route among the stars it would mean death for them.

The hazy glow that was shrouding the large altar was gradually turning dimmer and it had almost completely disappeared. Only small amounts of the faint glow continued to transfer to the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams in the sky, some people immediately understood what was happening.

“The creation of the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams or ancient route among the stars requires a lot of energy and it seems that the energy right now is insufficient!”

“What should we do…… are we really going to die in this place?”

Far away there was the crocodile ancestor and surrounding them were little crocodiles, a web of death was surrounding them.


There were more than ten little crocodiles which had made it through the glow and started to attack the group. The bronze censer, Vajra, bronze bell, fish drum and other Buddha artifacts let out dazzling flashes of light that blocked the attacks of the crocodiles however the strength of the collision was great, forcing the group to involuntarily back away .

“Crack! Crack!”

In the surroundings of the five coloured stone altar were countless black scales, tens of thousands of little crocodiles were smashing themselves onto the glow and the sounds of fracturing could be heard. It was only a short period of time before another hundred little crocodiles managed to break through.

Although they looked small, they were extremely ferocious and frightening. Every crocodile was like a sharp sword that could fly through the sky and their piercing power was immense.

“We can’t hold on much longer. If we continue to only defend like this, we will eventually be overwhelmed and killed here.” Pang Bo shouted while wielded his bronze plaque, countless streams of lights formed a screen that protected three to four people. Although they were temporarily safe, if they continued in this situation it would be difficult to say if they could continue to hold their defense.

“Stay there and don’t move, I’m going to try something.” Ye Fan instructed Pang Bo as he stopped staying on the defensive and took his bronze lamp to the front with him.

Immediately over ten crocodiles pierced towards him, ten flashing black lights like lightning, fast and cruel to the extreme, like nails being nailed onto the glow let out by the ancient bronze lamp as they forcefully attempted to pierce through.


Ye Fan waited patiently for over ten crocodiles to be close to him before blowing intensely at the flame on the wick of the bronze lamp, immediately a blazing light was emitted as the area of five to six metres from him was drowned in divine flames.

A burning odour was transmitted and shrill cries filled the air. As the fire slowly receded, Ye Fan appeared unblemished as radiant lights seem to encompass him, making him look like a banished immortal that came from the moon. Littering the floor around him were countless black scales, nearly all the surrounding crocodiles had been burnt to death.

A few of the ferocious creatures managed to avoid death but they had been thoroughly burnt and their bodies were riddled with injuries, they stared hatefully at Ye Fan from far away giving off low shrieks that made ones goosebumps stand on end.

“Well burnt! Well burnt!” Pang Bo loudly shouted from the back. He felt the impulse to rush forward and kill as well, however he was held back by three others who were hugging him and the bronze plaque tightly. Without the bronze plaque they would be defenseless against the crocodiles and would certainly die.

“Crack! Crack!”

The sound of more shattering could be heard as five to six hundred crocodiles broke through the glow and rushed in. Their small bodies were filled with power, teeth razor sharp and eyes cruel. None of them were afraid of death as they rushed at Ye Fan as they alternated their attacks.

“Not good, Ye Fan probably won’t be able to handle so many ‘black nails*’ alone, I need to go help him.” Pang Bo wanted to go forward again.

[T/N*: Nickname for the small black crocodiles]

“But…… What about us?” The three people by his side were pale and begged as they looked at Pang Bo.
“I definitely won’t send you guys to your deaths.” Pang Bo turned around and said to Wang Zi Wen, Liu Yun Zhi and the others: “You guys help to protect the three of them, I’m going over to help Ye Fan. Some others should follow me as well, if we go on defending like this it will eventually be disastrous.”

“Okay, I’ll go forward with you.” Zhou Yi strode forward.

Pang Bo never felt good about Zhou Yi and felt that he was a scheming person, however when it came to crucial moments this refined man certainly was courageous.

At this moment, the gentle-looking Wang Zi Wen also walked forward and said to the people by his side: “One or two more people can come with us, the rest with Buddha artifacts should be able to protect everyone here. The ladies please stay back.”

When faced with these ferocious looking creatures, females were usually weak willed and going forward may cause more harm than good. Even if they did have Buddha artifacts they may not be helpful.


Pang Bo went forward and immediately wielded his bronze plaque, heavily smashing it on the five colour stone altar. A wave of dazzling light was created that went forth seven to eight metres and engulfed the crocodiles that were in its path.

The dying cries made their scalps numb, as though a bunch of evil ghosts were being refined. Residual white smoke hung in the air as the ground is littered with corpses and burnt smell permeated the area.

This was a large scale attack and it was not like previously where there was only one crocodile. Although Pang Bo could not match up to the speed of the creatures, but with so many of the ferocious creatures attacking, wielding the bronze plaque and casually swinging it around could smash up to tens of crocodiles.


The melodious chimes of the bell could be heard, as though it came from a temple deep in the mountains, giving one the impression that it came from far away. Wang Zi Wen’s damaged bronze bell sent forth ripples of golden light. These ripples seemed gentle and were like waves however when they came in contact with the crocodiles they transformed into butcher knives and tore right through the crocodiles with the passing of each golden light.

“Chi!Chi!Chi!” kept sounding out as more than ten crocodiles were rend apart and fresh blood dyed the floor making the scene very gruesome.

Even with all this, the number of crocodiles continued to grow and had already reached a mass of one thousand. They were fearless and kept charging forward, seemingly like the scythes of a death god.


Zhou Yi used his alms bowl to continually smash, sweeping forth a large ray of Buddhist light which crushed many, leaving black scales that littered the floor with the miserable corpses of the crocodiles, many had turned to meat pulp and it was hard to differentiate between the blood and the soil.

This was an extremely cruel scene, for survival the few people used their all and fresh blood dyed the large altar. The overwhelming smell of blood filled the air, one could see faint blood mists as if Asura had passed through.



At this moment, two screams sounded out from the back. Two classmates were lying in a pool of blood and their foreheads had many finger sized holes. Their body was crawling with crocodiles and black scales could be seen everywhere.

Everyone was filled with sorrow, life and death were not in their control, although they had struggled so hard two classmates had still inadvertently died.

These two people had shared a single Buddha artifact but were attacked by three to four hundred crocodiles. The force from the attack was so enormous that they were knocked into the air and they lost their grips on their Buddha artifact. Thereafter they were overwhelmed by the crocodiles and died a horrible death.

“Don’t let go of the artifacts no matter what!” Lin Jia loudly shouted to remind the group.

Many people were being knocked around by the force of the attacks and because they were sharing the Buddha artifacts their movements were restricted making it especially dangerous.



Another two screams could be heard, a male and female student fell into a pool of blood, fresh blood was flowing out from the holes on their foreheads as they died in regret.

The people at the back hurriedly grouped together and while defending together they began to counterattack, using their Buddha artifacts to attack the crocodiles the situation had managed to stabilise.

“Kill!” Liu Yun Zhi’s face was void of colour, his personality was sombre and his courage was lacking but at this moment he wielded his Vajra and rushed out.

In the legends of Buddhism there was a powerful sacred object that could exterminate foes with impunity, like killing chickens and dogs. No stronghold one cannot overcome*, a matchless tool that was once used by Buddhist saints.

[T/N* idiom: Nothing one can’t do]

Streaks of white crackled with blinding incandescence as the surroundings of Liu Yun Zhi was covered with mystical and showy lights. The Vajra swept across the field and mowing down thousands, leaving behind a river of blood and countless black scales. In a large area, all the crocodiles were trampled upon.

It was evident that the Vajra was exceptionally powerful!

At this moment, Carter also dashed forward while rambling incessantly as he wielded his wooden fish and attacked haphazardly.

“God is merciful!” Although he shouted in this manner, his actions were firm. The broken wooden fish looked as though it will fall apart any moment but still contained a mystical power within.

The three Bodhisattva that were engraved on the wooden fish became images of light as they floated out and shrouded Carter, sweeping away the surrounding crocodiles

“Oh god, is this the angel you have sent from up above? Let’s hurry and kill these demons from hell!” Under this tense situation Carter was suddenly able to speak fluently in Chinese and constantly hollered out.

“You yellow skinned devil, what you’re carrying is an artifact from Buddha, don’t talk nonsense……” In this life and death struggle Pang Bo could not resist laughing at Carter’s antics.

Carter’s constant ramblings continued and he loudly shouted: “God has said that all men are made equal in his eyes. God is compassionate and Buddha must be an angel.”

“A farts ass is your god, everyone being equal. Buddha is filled with compassion, that is the teachings of Buddha……”

While they were bickering, the large altar that was once filled with the aura of death weas suddenly filled with a strange atmosphere.

The fresh blood on the large altar coagulated and flew towards the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams, causing the once nearly collapsed portal to once again light up.

It was clear that everyone noticed this and let out looks of glee.

“Kill! The more we kill the better! These crocodiles are the descendants of a great demon and their blood is filled with demon’s blood. The altar can convert this blood into energy for the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams!”

“That’s right, the five coloured stone altar was a sacrificial altar, in the distant past it must have been used for blood sacrifices as well.”

The Tai Chi Eight Trigrams was slowly becoming clearer and the lights continued to flash as the eight symbols continued to rearrange themselves as they followed a complex pattern, changing multiple times before finally lighting up and opening the ancient route among the stars.


At this moment a horrible presence could be felt from the Great Lei Yin Temple, the ground shattered and a monstrously large creature had risen into the sky.

Almost immediately everyone felt as though their souls had left their body and several people collapsed onto the altar.

Two large lantern-like eyes were travelling in the darkness from afar at a very high speed!

“That is actually the crocodile ancestor from legends that was sealed by Buddha under the Great Lei Yin Temple, If it really managed to escape its confinement, who in this world would be able to stop it?!”

Everybody felt frozen, their emotions were filled with hopelessness, even if there was a manifestation of Buddha it may not have been sufficient to stop such a matchless demon. Only if Buddha himself appeared was there a chance.

Could it be that at this crucial moment they would all be killed by the monster from legends?


At this moment, the large bronze coffin on the five coloured stone altar let out a shuddering noise and the two lantern-like eyes hesitated and no longer moved forward.

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