STH Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Bronze Coffin Repels the Demon

Everyone was feeling mentally tired and their souls felt like they would leave their body at any time. The peerless crocodile ancestor’s roar held unimaginable strength and seemed to shock them to their very soul.

If it were not for the weird metallic noise emitted from the bronze coffin, the situation would have already been disastrous.

The cruel aura covered the entire area making it seem like a tsunami in the rough, although the demon that had escaped from the confines of the Great Lei Yin Temple did not continue forward, the aura it was emitting was sufficient to suffocate most people and their souls trembled.

The demonic aura was suffocating and enveloped the entire area, even the dust storm had been stopped because of it. The two lantern-like eyes continued to stare at the group.

Its main body could not been seen clearly as though there were black clouds surrounding it, covering the stars and the moon, shrouding the skies.

Although the crocodile ancestor was not by their side, the imposing pressure emanating from it was not something normal humans could endure and many people on the large altar had already fallen to the ground. Even though they held Buddha artifacts in their hands, it was not enough to mitigate the pressure from suffocating them.

This is the grand demon that Buddha personally sealed? It should have been an existence found only in legends but now they were actually seeing it in reality in front of their eyes, it simply felt like a dream.

Being a modern man living in the city, who would have seen such a frightening scene? Everybody felt as though this was too unreal, everything they saw and heard was too frightening and astonishing!

The crocodile ancestor had already escaped its confines after being sealed for untold years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields*, temples had fallen to ruin, the Great Lei Yin Temple had turned to dust, the artifacts were here but god was not, who could possibly stop it?

[T/N – Idiom: transformations of the world]


Suddenly, the crocodile ancestor let out a thunderous bellow, as though tens of thousands of lightning bolts were ringing by their ears, immediately a portion of the group fell to the ground. This was not a direct attack but rather just the vibrations from the sound waves and it was already enough to overwhelm people, a few were even bleeding from their noses and ears.

“Zaah Zaah” could be heard again and outside the five coloured stone altar it was covered in black, an unfathomable amount of crocodiles were surrounding the area and could pierce through the veil of light at any time. The crocodile ancestor could command these small crocodiles and it seemed to be frightened of the bronze coffin and thus commanded these descendants to go forth and test.

“Get up! Quick, get up!”

The few who had fallen to the ground were bleeding from their ears and noses and were too weak to move. They could barely hold on to their Buddha artifacts and it was telling how frightening the roar was.

Under the urging voices some people finally stood up but there were still two who reacted too slowly and were swallowed by wave upon wave of little crocodiles.

There were no miracles, two muted cries sounded out as their Buddha artifacts left their hands, two more had lost their lives. Blood and brain matter was flying everywhere as the crocodiles were fighting to enter their skulls first painting a very gruesome scene.

The others had no time to save the two as they found themselves surrounded by thousands of crocodiles. It would be difficult to even care for themselves.

Till now, already thirteen people had lost their lives and the remaining seventeen were in peril. Life and death was in the balance at any time another could perish.

Lights were flashing as everyone wielded their Buddha artifacts to block the surrounding cold blooded killers. They wanted to have a chance at living and even the weaker willed females when pushed to a corner forgot to cry and pressed on.

The most dangerous thing had happened, those who were sharing their Buddha artifacts were now in a perilous situation as they were shackled down by each other and their movements hindered.


In the distance, the crocodile ancestor let out a roar. Noticing that the bronze coffin had no reaction its aura expanded powerfully, swallowing clouds and blowing out fog* , as it slowly made its way over. Two blood red eyes as big as washbasins were flashing in the darkness as though there were two blood red moons in the sky.

[T/N – Idiom: to blow out smoke]

As it got closer it became harder for everyone to continue standing, the frightening pressure that emanated from it was something that could only be forged from killing millions of lives. Causing one’s three immortal souls and seven mortal forms to tremble and even wanting to escape the physical body.

It was now no further than ten metres away however it was still impossible to see its body clearly. All that could be seen were two blood red eyes that filled the group with despair.

“Wu Wu……” suddenly a gust of evil wind swept through the heavens and the earth. It was as if there were wailing like ghosts and to howling like wolves*. This was many times stronger than the sandstorm outside giving one an illusion of a thousand lightning bolts splitting apart the earth.

[T/N* Idiom]

Within the black fog which shrouded the area, a big black hand could be seen clawing towards the five coloured stone altar. Its shape was similar to a human hand but it was enormous, the fingers alone were seven to eight metres in length and an awe-inspiring black colour, making many people shiver in fright.

This was a peerless demon that Buddha had personally sealed!

Although it had already been sealed for countless years, it had finally been released and still contained unmatched power and influence.

At this instant the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams in the sky had finally fully formed from all the energy gathered from the fresh blood of the slain crocodiles. The eight symbols were all lit up letting off a dazzling light and the portal had reappeared.


There was a dull vibration and the dark portal on the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams had fully opened, exposing a large and mysterious pathway that led to some unknown place.

The hand that was reaching forward was blocked to the side by a mysterious force and the nine dragon corpses that were initially peacefully silent suddenly began to tremble.

The dragons which were similar existences to god had already become corpses but at this moment they were like boundless existences, giving off the mighty aura of dragons! The crocodiles on the five coloured stone altar began to tremble as they were forced to prostrate on the ground, they were in complete awe and eventually receded like the waves of the ocean and backed away.

What was left on the large altar was a ground littered with little crocodile corpses and few human corpses, it was suddenly silent all around.

“Go! Enter the bronze coffin!” Ye Fan was the first to get up as he helped to lift Pang Bo up.

The group were not incompetent but it was the peerless demon itself that was unprecedented. The pressure released by it was lethal to normal people. The overflowing demonic qi filled the skies that would shock any mortal to death.

Everyone was shaking as they forced themselves off the ground, they were of one mind, wanting to enter the bronze coffin. The portal had already been opened but relying on just the flesh to go through would undeniably be foolish. Although the bronze coffin was certainly disturbing in nature, under these circumstances it was the preferable option.

In the darkness, the crocodile ancestor’s eyes grew colder as the crimson eyes let out two dazzling streaks of blood red light that intersected to seal the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams in the sky.

Seeing this scene made everyone’s face drain of colour.

This peerless demon was unwilling to give up after coming this far and had used a divine demonic technique in an attempt to seal the ancient route among the stars to block off the only route of escape available to these people. At the same time, the large black hand was sweeping down again and easily broke through the last remaining vestiges of the veil of light and headed straight for the large altar.

Everybody was shocked as they hurried to enter the bronze coffin, “Deng Deng Deng” as they ran backwards. The large hand was falling down but its target was not the group of people but rather the bronze coffin!


The large black hand was holding onto the bronze coffin and a “Ka Clink” was emitted, everyone’s heart dropped as they imagined how powerful this peerless demon that was once sealed by Buddha was, if there was no extraordinary response from the mysterious bronze coffin nobody in the group had any other ideas.

While the group was petrified, the large black and scaly hands of the crocodile ancestor suddenly pulled back like a fleeing serpent, the palm and fingers on the hand were actually dripping with blood and a river of blood spilt onto the large altar. It seemed as though the bronze coffin had injured the demon!

Even so the ancient coffin was still silent and motionless as it lay on the large altar. Not far away there was a cold and shrill laughter, the crocodile ancestor was struggling to control its anger and hatred and the sound it let out made them feel chills.

“What should we do? The ancient route among the stars has been sealed by the demon. How are are we going to escape?” Many people were terrified, there was actually a way out of this mess but suddenly it was taken away leaving them distressed and shocked.

“Energy…… What we need is more energy to open the ancient route among the stars!”

“What’s going on? The Buddha artifacts in our hands are gradually losing their divine lustre!” Someone shouted in alarm.

At this moment whether it be Ye Fan with his bronze lamp, Pang Bo with his bronze plaque or even Zhou Yi and the rest with their alms bowl and such, the divine lustre that was inherent in the artifacts were gradually dissipating outwards and gathering together.

Suddenly, a cold cry which sounded like the hooting of an owl in the night sounded out as a two metre tall humanoid figure appeared in front of the bronze coffin. Everyone was taken by surprise as lights emitted from the various Buddha artifacts were being channeled towards that figure.

This humanoid figure had a devilish aura and its surrounding was covered in roiling black clouds, its face could not be seen clearly however everyone knew that it was definitely the crocodile ancestor! It had actually appeared on the large altar and wanted to enter the large bronze coffin, it did not care about the group of people within and its two blood red eyes were staring directly at the smaller bronze coffin within!

This was something that had once fought against Buddha, something of legends had appeared in front of everyone’s eyes and this scenario would stick with them throughout the rest of their lives, it was simply a jolt to the soul.

When faced with the demonic pressure from the crocodile ancestor, all the Buddha artifacts seemed to be burning as they gave off dazzling lights and gathered together to cover the crocodile ancestor.

At the same time the bronze lamp, bronze plaque, alms bowl, Vajra, fish drum and other Buddha artifacts shone brighter than ever as they flew together towards the sky and finally towards the crocodile ancestor attempting to seal it!

A cold and cynical laughter that could chill the bone could be heard, the peerless crocodile ancestor gently shook his body and immediately black lights burst forth as demonic flames overflowed.

All the Buddha artifacts were stopped right before him, starting with the Futon then the ruler and a few other Buddha artifacts, sounds of disintegration could be heard. “Chi!” and the Futon had become dust, another sound and the ruler was next thereafter two other Buddha artifacts also turned to dust.

The four Buddha artifacts that had disintegrated let out a dazzling brilliance as they fell onto the five coloured stone altar and supplied the portal with a powerful and mysterious energy.

The nine dragon corpses started trembling and let out a rumbling noise before gradually lifting into the air!

The crocodile ancestor was shocked, after bypassing the bronze lamp and the few other Buddha artifacts, it leapt to the skies and its right hand suddenly became enormous as it covered the sky and swept towards the nine dragon corpses.

At this point, the bronze lamp, plaque and other artifacts seemed as though they had a mind of their own as they individually let off a blazing divine fire that was extremely glaring and swept towards the crocodile ancestor.

The sky was filled with endless flashing lights that were a sight to behold but nobody could directly stare at it and thus nobody saw that the nine dragon corpses had been halted by the crocodile ancestor.

“Dong!” “Dong!”

A clear sound resounded from the large altar as the Malas, bronze plaque, alms bowl and other artifacts all fell to the ground. They were dull once again and even the fire within the bronze lamp had finally been extinguished.

“The nine dragon corpses have been blocked, what should we do?!” Everybody was anxious.

The bronze coffin had yet to leave the ground and the nine dragon corpses were halted in mid air, it would be difficult to enter the portal.

Everybody ran out of the bronze coffin to retrieve their dull Buddha artifacts, Pang Bo was swift and also deftly took the water bottles from the few corpses on the ground.

Ye Fan on the other hand took off his top and gathered a big bag of the black scales that littered the floor.

At this moment, there was a violent trembling that came from the skies, everybody was shocked and hurriedly returned to the bronze coffin.

The large bronze coffin let out a metallic noise as the nine dragon corpses suddenly swung their enormous tails at the black hand and with a “Bang!” the hand was knocked away.


A loud noise came from the skies as the nine dragon corpses resumed their slow progress forwards toward the portal. “Klang!” The bronze coffin started to shake and flipped a little making everyone feel as though the world had been turned upside down.

The crocodile ancestors blood red glare was incomparably cold, it had wanted to enter the large bronze coffin when the lid had not shut earlier and its target was still the smaller bronze coffin within!

At this moment, on the inner walls within the bronze coffin that were covered with rust, the bronze engravings of ancient ancestors and gods as well as those of the beasts all gave off a hazy light. This stopped the crocodile ancestor in its tracks and as though it suddenly recalled something, its two eyes shot forth two streams of cold blood red light and with a “Deng Deng Deng” it took a few step back.

“Klang!” The lid of the bronze coffin shut and the nine dragon corpses pulling the bronze coffin flew through the air breaking through the blood red seal created by the crocodile ancestor and entered into the portal.

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