STH Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Bell Sounds of Heaven


Everybody was shocked, they believed that Ye Fan was not the sort to spout nonsense and must have discovered something. Even Li Chang Qing and the girl beside Liu Yun Zhi who purposely targeted Ye Fan earlier had their faces drained of colour as they nervously looked at their surroundings.

Ye Fan was staring at the group and scrutinising their every action. Throughout this process he saw those that could remain as still as lake water and also understood who was real and who was fake. Only now did he start to speak up for himself and started to talk on a few important ambiguities.

“You guys can personally touch his throat, the adam’s apple is crushed and regardless of how strong a human is they can’t possibly do that.”

Someone stooped down and personally placed his hand on the victim’s neck to verify Ye Fan’s words while more people backed away. When faced with a corpse that had died from unknown causes, their hearts were filled with fear. If it was not a person who caused this death, then what could have done so? Everyone started to feel the chills again.

“Ye Fan, do you know what that thing is? Will it…… find us as well?” Someone shivered as he asked.

The purple bruise scarring the corpse’s neck really seemed like a vicious ghost had left its fingerprints, thinking of this many people began looking towards the coffin in the centre of the area.

“We haven’t really escaped from the crocodiles……”

Hearing Ye Fan say this, everyone was terrified and held onto the Buddha artifacts tightly as they nervously looked at their surroundings.

A female student said while sobbing: “Is it that crocodile ancestor that was sealed under the Great Lei Yin temple that managed to get in?”

That was a peerless demon and it was Buddha who personally sealed it. The group had seen its demonic magnificence and would remember it for life, the sort of power that could shake the heavens and that frightening strength was incomparable.

“It can’t be! It didn’t follow us in! It can’t be it!” Li Chang Qing was ghastly pale, he did not have any Buddha artifact on him and was nervously sticking to Liu Yun Zhi while holding tightly to the Vajra.

“I didn’t say that the crocodile ancestor follow us in. What I meant was that some small crocodiles managed to sneak into the large coffin.” Having said this he crouched down and used the dim light from his phone to shine on the corpse’s face saying: “His face is filled with terror with eyes wide open, similar to the expressions on our thirteen deceased classmates.”

“I saw a few records about it in an article from a book regarding ancient history, it mentioned about the divine crocodile.In addition to the depictions of the beast, it was known to devour humans, breaking down minds and even taking their souls.” Ye Fan still held the bronze lamp in his hand even though the fire had already extinguished as though he wanted to guard against something and said: “This isn’t a coincidence, the condition of the corpses after death is identical to the thirteen other students and same as what was recorded in the ancient text. Their expressions are stricken and locked in fear, it must be the doing of the crocodiles.”

Ye Fan was not squeamish of the corpse and pried open its mouth. Indeed there was a hole inside that entered from the roof of the mouth into the skull. The students immediately felt their hairs stand as they looked at that small hole that was identical to those found on the other dead students.

Only the frightening crocodiles could easily pierce through the human body and biting apart the adam’s apple was certainly not a problem.

A crocodile had actually managed to enter the large bronze coffin, exactly how many were there? The Buddha artifacts had lost their divine glows and it was unknown whether they could still defend against the attacks. This made the group very apprehensive.

“Does this mean that the crocodile is still within his body?”

“It’s hard to tell.” Ye Fan shook his head.

“It’s still within his body! There’s something moving within his chest!” Zhang Zi Ling suddenly shouted and pointed towards the corpse’s chest.


There was a splatter of blood and a familiar ferocious creature had shown its sharp head from the corpse’s chest. It was precisely the ten centimetre long crocodile! It transformed into a black light and headed straight for Ye Fan’s forehead.


Ye Fan was quick to react and attempted to use the bronze lamp to block. A few small fireballs shot forth and the crocodile let out a shrill cry as it was hit by one of the fireballs. It had been almost completely burnt through and was sent tumbling away.


Pang Bo also reacted quickly as he wielded his bronze plaque and heavily smashed it on the ground. Little rays of divine light shone out as the bronze plaque smashed the crocodile into meat pulp.

“Liu Yun Zhi do you still have any words you want to say?” Pang Bo held on to his bronze plaque and questioned.

“I was overly impetuous and didn’t consider the possibility of a crocodile making it into the coffin.” Liu Yun Zhi did not say anything more, neither did he apologise. Since events had already reached this stage where they were in open opposition there was no need to retain any niceties between them.


At this moment, Pang Bo suddenly acted and a big slap viciously struck onto Liu Yun Zhi’s face.

Throughout this process, the Vajra and the bronze plaque let out dim glows at the same time that seemed to collide and envelope the two of them. This was however unable to prevent the slap and Liu Yun Zhi’s face took a solid smack as blood slowly drizzled out of his mouth.

“Pardon me, I was also too rash.” Pang Bo said sarcastically.


The group hurriedly seperated the two and prevented them from going against each other. Liu Yun Zhi’s face was especially gloomy and wanted to rush over with his Vajra in hand. As he calmed down he remembered that the bronze plaque also let out bits of divine light and he decided to control himself for now.


Ye Fan suddenly motioned for everyone to keep silent and looked towards the coffin in the centre of the area as though he was listening for something. Thereafter he asked the crowd: “Did you guys hear anything?”

Everyone was alarmed as they had not heard anything. Ye Fan had a perturbed expression as he finally slowly walked towards the four metre long bronze coffin.

At this moment, the Bodhi seed by his chest started to heat up and made his solar plexus feel comfortably warm. It was also at this time that he heard an even clearer sound.

He could not control himself as his hand moved forward towards the coffin in the centre. The top was covered in rust and the engravings were of ancient ancestors and gods giving off a feeling of simplicity yet having experienced great changes.

At this moment, he could feel that the Bodhi seed had forcefully opened a door for him to allow him to hear this unique music.

Initially the sound was quite small however it became louder and louder as the Bodhi seed continued to grow hotter.

Bodhi tree also known as the Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Awakening and Tree of Contemplation. In legend Shakyamuni had attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. The Bodhi Seed that Ye Fan had in his possession had a naturally occurring Buddha portrait on it and this was certainly extraordinary.

The noise given off from the mysterious and ancient bronze coffin in front of him became louder and louder as though it was the great Dao of heaven resounding and also seem like the profound truth.

“It is the way of heaven to take from what is in excess in order to make good what is in deficit*.……”

[T/N* Excerpt from one of Laozi’s quotes.]

The mysterious heavenly sounds of the Great Dao. The first sentence actually originated from a famous saying in a Taoist classic, the rest however was something that had never been heard of before and was difficult to understand.

The loud and sonorous sound seemed as though it came from an ancient wilderness and had transcended time-space. Eventually it seem like the ‘yellow bell’s grand pitch*’, causing sound to reverberate in Ye Fan’s ears, imprinting it into his mind.

[T/N*: Idiom: one’s resonant voice rings out, clear as a bell]

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