STH Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: The Mysterious Fruit

The Roc from legends was mentioned in many ancients texts such as the <Classic of Divine Wonders> and <Commentary on the Water Classic> that has scriptures as well as articles of the ancient wilderness. Among the classics, the most well-known was Zhuang Zhou’s*
[T/N: also known as Zhuang Zi]

“There was a fish in the north unknown. The name of the fish was Kun, Kun was very big, with a length of thousands of miles. Kun had turned into a bird. The name of the bird was Peng. Peng was very long, with a body length of thousands of miles. When the bird had gained enough momentum, it flew like clouds spreading across the skies*.”

[T/N: Excerpt from Zhuang Zhou’s A Happy Excursion, take note Peng is a chinese Roc]

Zhuang Zi was like a vast body of water, free as well as unrestrained, his strokes were majestic and he sketched out the image of a divine bird that spanned ninety thousand li. People who read this were astonished.

This clearly did not fit with the common sense of living things. With the divine bird having such an enormous body it was clearly an exaggerated portrayal of the divine bird by their ancestors. What people did not understand was that many other ancient texts also had records of the Roc and there were some that wrote in a conclusive tone that the Roc actually did exist, just not as large as those written in the legends.

This made the people start to think of various things, in the distant past was there really a ‘Roc’ or divine bird that existed?

Zhou Yi and the group watched as the golden silhouette that seemed to be cast from gold disappear into a mountain. Their expressions were shocked.

“The divine bird from legends!” Many people came to their senses and exclaimed. This was an exclamation that came from the soul, easily rending a huge elephant apart and grabbing it as though it were a little critter. Its enormity was stupefying and its strength made them feel dumbstruck.
Carter looked on earnestly as he stammered: “That giant bird…… belongs to the falcon species….. This is a new species…… it’s a new discovery!”

“Go off to one side and stay there!” Pang Bo was feeling speechless at this one-track minded foreigner. They were already so far gone from civilization but he was still measuring things through scientific knowledge. Why did he not think about how they got here in the first place.

“Pang Bo please watch your attitude.” Li Xiao Man looked displeased as her eyelashes fluttered and her beautiful eyes glared at him.

“I didn’t even talk about you……” Pang Bo softly muttered.

“What sort of world are we currently in?” After calming down everyone was absorbed with this thought.

Travelling through the cold and barren universe they had arrived at the cluster of stars where the Big Dipper was located and found their way to this mysterious world. Could this really be the place where the gods resided?

How would they be able to continue living, this was the main problem that the group faced. With their future unknown everything had to be carefully thought through.

Many people held firmly onto their Buddha artifacts even though all of them had already lost their splendour. Some of the artifacts had already fractured showing multiple fracture lines and were clearly ruined.

The last vestiges of divine energy in the Buddha artifacts had been absorbed by the bronze coffin and they no longer had any divine glow. Holding it in their hands was akin to holding useless bronze. The group did not throw their artifacts away as a result and held the hope that the Buddha artifacts would regain their lost splendour to be used in the future. They even hoped that the Buddha artifacts could be restored and become their greatest reliance in the future.


It was unknown whose tummy had growled and several people felt embarrassed. People had to eat,drink and do their business. Many people moved away to find a convenient area to clear their bowels.

“Those who want to keep their face even until their death have to live and face the punishment*……” Pang Bo curled his lips in disdain and said: “I had the foresight and had left traces of my great self** on Mars within the ruins of the palace. I think that several hundred years in the future when humans explore Mars it will be a huge piece of evidence that man had once explored the area!”

[T/N* Pang Bo is being sarcastic to those who care about their face and didn’t take a shit when the feeling came; their punishment being the constipated feeling]
[T/N** Pang Bo took a dump on Mars]


Ye Fan had just drank a mouthful of water and spat it all out, even the bottle of water in his hand had nearly been thrown away.

“Brother, when I’m drinking can you not say such things, you could kill someone!”

The people by the side could not stand the two of them and moved away to settle their own intimate businesses.

Pang Bo looked at the actions of the group and laughed loudly while purposefully pretending to cough in a certain direction and making a motion as though he wanted to walk in that direction. This made the people behind the big tree in that area tremble making it difficult for them to clear their business.

Pang Bo laughed loudly and crouched down before picking up two stones and throwing them towards the vines at the back. Li Chang Qing’s angry voice could be heard as he said: “Who! Who is so inconsiderate?!” This was accompanied by the cold snort of Liu Yun Zhi.

Seeing Pang Bo picking up a stone and wanting to throw it in the direction of Li Xiao Man, Ye Fan hurriedly laughed as he held him back.

Seeing the crowd begin to gather back, Pang Bo immediately put on a facade of decency and pulled Ye Fan to explore the mountain top, seeing if there were any wild fruits to be eaten.

Although Ye Fan had kept a large number of crocodile corpses from the five coloured stone altar on Mars, if it was not absolutely critical the two of them did not want to force themselves to eat it.

“There’s a spring over there.” Pang Bo suddenly noticed.

A few tens of metres in front of them there were several vines that were as thick as a water bucket that covered the area. In that area there was a spring that was one metre in diameter, there was gurgling water that had some semblance of a sweet dew spring of the gods.

Beside the spring were several small trees that were half a metre in height with large leaves that were green and glistening. The leaves were palm shaped and it seemed as though there were many little dwarves standing there. Every little tree had a red fruit on top of it, the fruit looked like a cherry but was as big a chicken’s egg.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo brushed past the vines and swiftly walked there. Even from a distance the sweet smell of the fruits permeated the air and made their mouth water. It had already been a day and a night since any of them had eaten anything and their stomachs had been hungry long ago. If they had not found anything to eat they were already prepared to force themselves to eat the crocodile meat.

“It’s really fragrant, I’ve never smelt such a thick fragrance from a fruit before.”

Getting closer the fragrance from the fruit was even thicker and even the fragrance of wine that had been kept in a wine cellar for a millennium would have been masked over.

“The sweet smell of the fruit simply attacks a man’s senses, would it have any poison?” The two people were very uncertain. It was often the case that the more extravagant and captivating the thing was, the more poisonous it usually was.

“I don’t care anymore, such a thick fragrance being emitted from the fruit. Even if there is any poison I’d still want to try it. I don’t want to eat that disgusting thing that’s actually been in and out of people’s skulls.”

“How about you have a bite first, your body is so fit, even if there’s any poison I’m sure you’ll be able to live through it.”

“I feel that your skin is rough while your flesh is thick, a hundred poisons would not be able to enter. You would be more suited to testing for any poisons.”

The two people were very carefree and even though they were in an unknown world they did not look miserable but rather faced forwards with a positive attitude.

Ye Fan took a red fruit and held it in his hand. It was especially mesmerizing, sparkling and translucent as though it were carved from red jade.

Pang Bo also grabbed a piece of the red fruit and said: “I can’t control myself anymore, this fruit fragrance is simply too mesmerizing. I can’t control my urges anymore, I’ll go ahead and have a taste.”

“I think it’d be better for me to go first.”

The two of them gently bit into the fruit at the same time. When the translucent and sparkling red fruit was bitten into, it immediately transmitted a strong fragrance that entered into the five viscera and six bowels*, filling the entire body.

[T/N* refers to the five yin organs and six yang organs according to chinese medicine;
Five Yin organs(Viscera): Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs and Kidney
Six Yang organs(Bowels): Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Gall bladder, Urinary bladder and Pericardium with blood vessels (Triple Energiser)]

“Simply delicious!” Pang Bo wanted to swallow his fingers whole, the bright red juices of the fruit were flowing out and the aroma filled the entire area.

“I’ve never eaten such a delicious fruit before, could it be that we’re really just too hungry?” The two people had finished eating one fruit and after a while they felt their bodies became more vigorous and there were no ill side effects.

“There’s no poison.”
“Then what are we waiting for! Let’s eat!”

The two people sat by the one metre spring and began to devour the fruits, juices flying everywhere. They were ravenous from hunger and even felt like eating their own tongues, not to mention this wonderful delicacy of a fruit they had found.

They each had four fruits before they finally stopped and Ye Fan said: “Let’s give a few to Yi Yi and Zhang Zi Ling.”

“We should definitely do so, they should be starving already.”

This little tree that was half a metre in height was lushly vegetated and definitely uncommon. Each tree only bore one fruit at its top and surrounding the spring there were only thirteen of these jade like small trees. At this moment there were only five of the sparkly red fruits.

Pang Bo took a deep breath and leaned closer to the gurgling spring to take a sniff and said: “Weird, the spring water seems to have a faint fragrance as well.”

Ye Fan cupped a bit of the spring water and took a whiff and although it was very light there was indeed a fragrance: “The reason why these small trees can bear such a unique fruit is likely due to this spring.”

Pang Bo drank a few mouthfuls of the spring water and said: “It was a sweet fragrance, it’s too bad that it’s just the flavour that’s special. After drinking it I don’t feel anything.” He emptied the bottles of normal water and started to fill the bottles with the lightly scented spring water.

The two people rested for a while after eating the fruits and drinking the spring water and took the five remaining fruits. Thereafter they headed back and Pang Bo whispered: “Don’t you feel that after eating the fruits all the fatigue that was previously accumulated in the body is totally gone and I’m actually feeling full of vigor and energy now.”

Ye Fan was also marveling at the effect of the fruit and nodded his head as he said: “This red fruit seems to be quite special.”

At this moment everyone had finished their own personal business. People were either looking off into the distance checking the topography of the land or gathering to discuss what they were going to do next.
When Ye Fan and Pang Bo walked over, the smell of the fragrant fruit wafted through the air and everybody immediately looked over. Several people’s mouths started to water as many people had been starving.

“Yi Yi, this is for you. Eat it.” Pang Bo handed two red fruits over to Yi Yi which glittered under the sunlight.

Li Chang Qing stood nearby and took a whiff of the mesmerizing scent of the fruit. He could not control himself as he asked: “Pang Bo, where did you guys find the fruit, hurry and split some to the rest of us. We’re really hungry and can’t hold on much longer.”

Having said this he walked forward as though he was no stranger, completely ignoring the fact that he had been acting against Ye Fan the whole time and almost caused his death. He reached his hand towards the other three fruits within Pang Bo’s hands and attempted to grab some.

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