STH Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Fury

“You really are a horse that doesn’t know it’s face is long, bull that doesn’t know it’s horns are bent.* I’ve never seen such a thick skinned person like you before.” Pang Bo forcefully knocked away his hand as he glanced at him and kept the three fragrant fruits.

[T/N* Men are blind to their own cause]

“How can you say it like that?” Li Chang Qing could not maintain his facade as the expression on his face sank: “We are all classmates and have come together to an unknown world. We should be helping one another. We are all going through the throes of starvation and if there’s any food found, it should be shared with everyone. Could it be that you plan to keep all the food to yourself?”

“Pah! You still have the gall to say those kinds of words? Pang Bo laughed and said: “Who was the one who secretly ate chocolates within the bronze coffin, at that moment why didn’t you think of ‘everyone’? Now you’re acting so full of righteousness, please don’t be disgusting. Seeing you is worse than seeing those crocodiles crawling around. Go off to the side! I can’t be bothered with you!”

Li Chang Qing seemed to be choking as his face turned a pasty white, he did not want to admit but could not think of anyway to refute and just came off as pale and feeble.

Although the words Pang Bo said came out in a rushed and violent manner, he was not dumb and knew the intentions of Li Chang Qing. If Li Chang Qing was able to get some of the fruit it would be good, otherwise the words he just said would still isolate Pang Bo and Ye Fan. There were several people in the group and the few who did not receive any fruit would certainly have some resentment in their hearts.

“I’m sorry everyone, there’s more people than food available. We’ve only managed to pick five fruits and there really isn’t enough for us to split it up. Yi Yi is too gaunt and skinny, I believe that no one will complain if we give her two right?” Pang Bo looked at the group and continued: “Zhang Zi Ling take one.” Saying so, he threw a fruit over and then said: “These five fruits were picked by myself and Ye Fan, certainly we have to look after ourselves as well right?”

Pang Bo placed the fourth fruit directly into Ye Fan’s mouth and for the fifth fruit he personally took a big bite out of.

The five fruits had been divided out but Lin Yi Yi felt ill at ease as she said: “I…… I can eat half and that would be sufficient for me. Let’s share the remainder with everyone.” She wanted to return the red fruit but Ye Fan pushed it back and said: “Just relax, this area is well vegetated, we’ll definitely be able to find other wild fruits.”

Pang Bo also stared at her and urged her to eat the fruits, not letting her reject him. He knew that this fruit was not ordinary and after eating it one’s energy would be restored. All fatigue would be swept away and there were likely some unknown benefits as well.

“But……” Lin Yi Yi still felt rather embarrassed as she looked at the people all around.

“Yi Yi you’re too kind, this shouldn’t be the way.” Pang Bo softly whispered: “Among them are several people with chocolates but they didn’t share it with everyone.”

Seeing Ye Fan also nod in her direction, Lin Yi Yi did not refuse any further.

“We still have some chocolates here, everyone let’s share the food.” At this moment Liu Yun Zhi suddenly walked forward and handed a few bars of chocolate for the group to share.

“What the f***!” Pang Bo blew his top, this was akin to a slap on the face. He was filled with anger such that even his tooth ached, but he could only bear this invisible slap as he had nothing to say to refute.

“We can count on Liu Yun Zhi to be loyal!” Li Chang Qing broke off a piece of chocolate and ate while saying, at the same time making sure to look over at Ye Fan and Pang Bo as well.

“Only when going through difficult times together can you really see a person’s true nature……” The girl who always stayed by Liu Yun Zhi’s side also voiced her opinion clearly needling Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

This made Pang Bo’s expression sink even lower as he softly scolded: “He’s been circling in and out of this, why didn’t he take out those chocolates earlier. Now that the area is filled with vegetation, we’ll definitely be able to find other wild fruit. The usage of chocolates would become limited and using it at this point to make a stance, i’d say he’s an ‘immortal for sure’*”

[Sichuan catch phrase: F*** his ancestors 我日他个仙人板板]

“You will know the horse’s stamina by the distance it is able to travel and as time passes you will gradually see a person for his true self. In the future when we’re out in the world I’ll be following you Yun Zhi.” Li Chang Qing purposely put on a thoughtful posture as he sighed and said: “Hai!” without forgetting to look towards Pang Bo and Ye Fan.

Being slapped like this by Liu Yun Zhi and the male and female classmate by his side was unbearable for Pang Bo and he wanted to rush over to beat them up. The group was however looking at their actions and he could only bear with it.

Everyone looked into the distance as they studied the topography of the land and decided on a direction to walk in. They mainly wanted to get out of this mountainous region and into a region populated by humans.

Without wasting too much time the group followed the contours of the mountain and headed down into the forested mountain region. Everyone was especially careful and held a stick in their hands to ward off any wild beasts from attacking. Their Buddha artifacts had after all lost their splendour and they did not want to be defenseless.

They had walked for more than half a day however there was nary a bird or animal in sight and even a rat could not be seen.

“It really seems to be a forbidden ground, even birds don’t come here to take a dump…..” Li Chang Qing muttered.

Pang Bo jested: “You should be grateful, if we really do meet with a ferocious beast I’m sure that you would pray to be at a place that doesn’t even have bird feathers.”

The mountain was filled with lush vegetation and the group managed to pick many wild fruits and berries, temporarily solving their food problem.

“Could we have gone in the wrong direction? Are we currently walking deeper into the mountainous region?” A few people were suspicious but the group decided to continue moving forwards.

The sky had turned dark and everybody had to stop within the forest and continue advancing on the second day.

This was an unsettling night, people heard roars in the middle of the night and the sound was forceful and vast, it was accompanied by the sounds of metal chains being dragged.

Within this eerie forest the sounds felt like an angry ghost was struggling against its chains making it especially frightening.

“It seems like…… the sound is coming from the abyss within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land.” Many people were trembling with fear as they looked in the direction of the abyss that was formed from the nine mountains.

It was late into the night, the shadows of the trees were dancing the breeze and ancient wolf trees swayed in the wind, like many ghost shapes appearing indistinctly in the shadows.

The sound of roaring grew louder and the entire mountain gently shuddered with each roar. The trees nearby were constantly shaken up and many leaves constantly fell towards the ground.

A sinister chill could be felt from the abyss and made the group fill with shock, the abyss was so far away and yet that frightening aura could still be felt. One could only imagine what frightful thing could emit such a baleful aura.

“Klang!” “Klang!”……

The loud sounds continued to pierce the night as though a large creature was pounding metal and the entire mountain was shuddering as a result.

Everybody’s faces drained of colour as they thought of a possibility.

“The nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin fell into the abyss……”

“Could it be……”

The sounds of those dull yet forceful strikes sounded like someone was striking the large coffin and this made them feel shivers as cold sweat started to cover their backs.

“What… is that thing!”

Many people were deeply shocked in their hearts and frightened at the same time. The bronze coffin was a total mystery and till now the group had no understanding of it. Exactly what was striking it? One must know that the large coffin could easily absorb the divine energies from all their Buddha artifacts.

“Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, could it mean that since ancient times this has always been a forbidden ground?”

“Since ancient times no one has dared to step in this area…..”

“Klang!” “Klang!”……

The loud sounds were shocking to the ear and the forceful sounds of striking could be heard. The sound of metal being struck coming from the bronze coffin could be heard all around and the ground trembled. The surrounding trees also continued to shake as the leaves continued to fall and cover the ground.

It was clear that the creature roaring was furious and its roars became anguished and scary, it was difficult to imagine what exactly was within the abyss.

“We should be happy that the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin fell into the abyss and absorbed that creature’s attention. If it came out in the middle of the night and attacked us, I doubt we would be able to survive……”

This was extremely plausible as this place was after all named Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land. Even birds and animals did not dare to come close making it extremely clear how frightening this place was. It was clearly a dangerous area which held some frightening creature here.

“Something that has existed since ancient times, this truly…… makes one’s hair stand on end! I don’t even dare to imagine what it could be!”

“It seems like it has no way to deal with that mysterious bronze coffin for now, it’s fortunate that it’s currently like that.”

This was a sleepless night and many people had trouble catching any sleep.


Suddenly a forceful sound resounded from the far off mountain region and there was a violent earthquake that seemed to originate from the abyss. Black fog was spewing forth from the abyss and it covered the entire sky in that area, the stars and moon had been completed shrouded making it especially daunting.


Suddenly, all the black fog was sucked back into the abyss and the sky became clear as the stars could once again be seen. This scene was simply bewildering.

There was a blurry shadow that could not be clearly seen, it’s blurry silhouette made it hard to differentiate between man or animal and it continued to wield thick metal chains of several hundred zhang* long and was roaring at the sky, especially forceful and ferocious.The distance was so far yet it could be clearly seen, one can imagine how thick and large the metal chains were, the roars were ear-splitting. Causing the people within the forested mountain area to faint. The continuous sound waves were extremely painful to one’s eardrums.

[Zhang*: 10 Chinese feet (3.3m)]

That creature was bounded by large metal chains and shackles, although in fetters it continued to move about in the mountains as metal chains were flying about in the sky! Ferocious and it’s power unrivalled, the beast was simply flaunting its power. After giving one loud and anguished roar, it charged violently back into the depths of the abyss.

“Klang!” “Klang!”……

The sound of the bronze coffin being struck continued to resound.

“Do you guys think that it’s actually trying to open the small bronze coffin within?”

“It should be the case. The large bronze coffin is already open and it doesn’t need to purposefully destroy it.”

Everybody was filled with shock and fright and it was only late into the wee hours of the night before the sounds from the abyss finally stopped and the group fell into a deep deep slumber.

On the second day, the sun had risen high into the sky and everyone gradually woke up one by one. By the side there was a stream that they used to wash up and thereafter they picked some wild fruits to eat before continuing on their route.

Even after walking for two to three hours the group did not stop to rest as they really wanted to get out of this place. They could not feel at peace within this Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land and wanted to get out of this area before night fell again.

In the afternoon the burning sun was high in the sky and it was thankful that the foliage was thick and provided shelter. When they had reached the peak of a mountain someone heard the roaring of a beast from far away.

“It should be soon, we should be able to get out of this forbidden ground before night falls.”

“Hey, doesn’t that look like some sort of construction over on that mountain?” Wang Zi Wen suddenly pointed in front towards a very tall mountain. It was still very far from where they were and even though it was separated from them by several mountain tops it could still be clearly seen as it was tall enough.

“It really seems to be some form of construction in the distance! ”

Looks of glee appeared on the faces of everyone and they wanted to get there before the sky turned dark.

“Hey, it seems like there are still cranes flying in that area. It wouldn’t be an immortal area with actual immortals living there would it?” The people were filled with different thoughts as they linked what they were seeing to the immortals of legends.

Everybody picked up their pace as they hastily moved forward and they moved in groups of two to three people and softly discussed. Upon entering an area with signs of human life, they wanted to split up and progress on their own.

At this moment Ye Fan noticed that Liu Yi YI looked wronged and was unhappy as he asked: “Yi Yi, what’s the matter?”

“Wang Yan wanted to take a look at my Malas but hasn’t returned it to me…….” Liu Yi Yi was aggrieved and slightly angry.

“Her again! It’s definitely Liu Yun Zhi who instigated this!” Pang Bo was infuriated, Wang Yan was precisely the female student who always followed by Liu Yun Zhi’s side and openly acted against Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

Upon hearing this Ye Fan did not say anything and took big steps forward before stopping Liu Yun Zhi, Wang Yan and Li Chang Qing as he reached his hand out saying: “Give it back!”

“What are you talking about?” Li Chang Qing did not back away as he questioned.

“Enough of your nonsense, give back the Malas!” Ye Fan was not a docile person and had been controlling his temper, when he blew his top he was a frightening person.

“Oh, you’re talking about that matter.” Wang Yan explained: “I only wanted to play with it for a while but later found it interesting so I decided to exchange my bronze bell for it with Yi Yi.”

Ye Fan looked back at Liu Yi Yi, at this moment the others had stopped and were looking over.

“I…… I didn’t do any exchange with her. She took away my Malas and forcefully placed the bronze bell into my hands.” Liu Yi Yi still looked aggrieved and under the gazes of the group she looked ill at ease and very pitiful.

“Yi Yi you shouldn’t say it like that, you previously agreed to the exchange already.” Wang Yan said.

“Give it here! I don’t want to speak anymore rubbish!” At this moment, Ye Fan swept his gaze at Liu Yun Zhi, Wang Yan and Li Chang Qing as he said: “I’ve already lost all my patience with you guys! We are already going to be out of danger soon, you guys better not ??”

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