STH Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Tom, Dick and Harry

Li Chang Qing walked forward with a contemplative look as he laughed: “This is between Liu Yi Yi and Wang Yan, if people are willing to exchange their goods you should let them exchange. Ye Fan don’t you think you’re interfering with other people’s business?”


Ye Fan did not respond as he immediately used his right hand to give Li Chang Qing a solid slap on his face and the sound startled many people. Li Chang Qing flew two to three metres like a straw man, one could imagine the strength behind the slap.

As he fell to the ground, the left side of his face began to swell and blood drizzled out of his mouth. His brain was scrambled and after a while he gathered his senses and angrily shouted: “You!”

Ye Fan did not even bother to look at him and with his heartfelt contempt for Li Chang Qing he ignored him and treated him like air.

“Give it!” Ye Fan used the same two words and calmly looked towards Liu Yun Zhi and Wang Yan.

Li Chang Qing was furious as he struggled to stand up before rushing towards Ye Fan wanting to tear at Ye Fan’s collar. It was unfortunate that even before he got a chance to make a grab at his clothes, Ye Fan followed up with a backhand slap on the other side of his face. He then continued to ignore Li Chang Qing and did not even bother to look at him, as though he were swatting a fly.

A firm and solid slap that was filled with strength once again caused Li Chang Qing to fly back and knock into a tree, knocking him senseless.

“Give it!” Ye Fan said the same two words again as he calmly stared at Wang Yan and Liu Yun Zhi.

This time Wang Yan started to feel fear as her eyes darted around and tried to avoid Ye Fan’s gaze. Looking towards the side she said: “I didn’t even say that I wouldn’t give it to her, it’s just that I’ve been trying to negotiate……”

It was a pity that she lacked the confidence to continue as she changed her tone and said: “Since Yi Yi regrets our previous arrangement, I can always return her the Malas right?”

Having said her piece, she prepared to return the Malas within her hand to Ye Fan. At this moment Liu Yun Zhi who had always remained silent finally spoke: “Ye Fan don’t you think you’re being too bossy? What do you treat Li Chang Qing as?”

It was only at this point that Li Chang Qing gathered his senses and started to kick up a racket, seemingly wanting to rush over at any time. Pang Bo stood by the side as he curled his lips and indifferently said: “You can only blame yourself, why don’t you rush over here and try it again?”

Hearing this, Li Chang Qing lost all courage and continued to make a din from afar but did not dare to get any closer.

“Why do you treat Li Chang Qing in this manner?” Liu Yun Zhi questioned Ye Fan.

“What right do you have to beat me up?!” Li Chang Qing angrily shouted.

“Do I need to explain or reason myself with a fly? Just swatting it will suffice.” Ye Fan’s words were directed at Liu Yun Zhi as he continued to ignore Li Chang Qing.

“What….. What did you say?!” At this moment Li Chang Qing’s face was alternating between shades of green and white as he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. He could see the contempt that Ye Fan held for Liu Yun Zhi and the indifference with which he treated himself. This was simply an affront to his self-esteem.

Ye Fan extended his right hand out and Wang Yan hurriedly placed the Malas there before backing away. All this time she did not look up at him and was looking at the ground.

“We all know that Yi Yi has been living a tough life these past few years and suffered many setbacks. As such her personality and attitude have changed and she is very weak willed and has low self-esteem. I hope that you can control yourselves and watch what you say to her. Do not bully her under such circumstances, don’t be shameless!” Ye Fan softly but firmly said to Wang Yan as a warning.

Hearing his heavy words, Wang Yan’s face visibly paled as she felt both embarrassed and angry but even more so fear. She backed away and did not say anything to refute.

“Ye Fan you are going too far!” Liu Yun Zhi had a gloomy expression.

The others had watched the proceedings without any comment and just when the group thought that Ye Fan would turn to leave he suddenly threw a punch that landed heavily onto Liu Yun Zhi’s face.

In an instant Liu Yun Zhi’s nose and mouth were bloody as he stumbled to the ground.

“You!” He never expected that Ye Fan would actually attack him.

“I haven’t been calculative with you but you keep provoking me. Do you really think I’m that much of a pushover?” Ye Fan coolly looked at him with indifference before turning to leave.

“Ye Fan!” Liu Yun Zhi gnashed his teeth as he laid on the ground and wiped the blood from his face shouting: “Just you wait!”

Pang Bo immediately rushed forwards upon hearing these words and lifted his leg and started to kick while saying: “Who do you want to wait for you? What do you want to do? Tell me!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

He kicked Liu Yun Zhi several times before Liu Yun Zhi finally passed out.

The others by the side who saw all this did not say anything to stop them because several people also felt the same way about Liu Yun Zhi. They were now in a new world and did not need to bother about the status of people.

The two to three people who actually wanted to speak up for Liu Yun Zhi kept their silence as they knew that once Ye Fan revealed his fangs it was best not to provoke him.

“Everyone you’ve seen what has happened……” Li Chang Qing did not clearly understand the current situation and continued to make a fuss by the side.

Besides Pang Bo no one else bothered with him and having finished with Liu Yun Zhi, Pang Bo walked over and replied: “I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it all!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Pang Bo’s legs seemed like they were kicking sand bags as he continued to kick Li Chang Qing like a dead pig as he rolled about on the ground and squealed in pain.

The group did not tarry here and continued moving forward. Wang Yan supported Liu Yun Zhi and Li Chang Qing as the three of them trailed at the back of the group.

At this moment Liu Yun Zhi and Li Chang Qing were gnashing their teeth, they had lost all their face earlier and currently they really felt like puking blood. It seemed like the previous actions they did, Ye Fan did not care nor did he put them in his eyes as he treated their actions with indifference.

The neutral and indifferent method of loathing made them feel that their egos had been bruised and they were but clowns that he could not be bothered with. Only when he was annoyed would he swat at them like flies and never once did he treat them as equals.

This was the biggest psychological blow, being treated like a random cat or dog* and not an actual opponent.

[Idiom: tom, dick and harry]

An hour later the group had climbed past another mountain and could clearly see the construction on the tall mountain. The animal roars in the surrounding area were getting clearer but it was evident that they were almost out of this Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land.

“We just need to press forwards for a short distance more before we stop to rest.” They had already been trekking through the mountain for more than half a day and everyone was feeling fatigued.

After scaling another mountain, the ground finally saw birds in the area, it suddenly became a world filled with life! Birds were chirping and beasts were roaring, the vegetation was lush and life seemed to be abundant. There was no longer the deathly heavy silence of the earlier area.

“There’s a rabbit there!”

“There’s also a badger!”

Upon seeing the wild animals, many people started to salivate as a diet of only wild fruits was simply too plain.

“Oh, look at that stone wall! There are words on it!” At this moment someone noticed that there were some large ancient words carved into a stone wall in front of them.

The three ancient words everyone had seen before “Ancient Forbidden Desolate” and the last word on the wall “Land” affirmed their suspicions.

“Why do we see those four words again? Could it be that we haven’t left the forbidden land?”

“Wrong, this is precisely proof that we’ve finally left the forbidden ground. This is the entrance into the forbidden ancient desolate land and we’ve finally escaped danger!”

“Let’s rest here for a while. I believe that we’ll soon be able to see signs of human life.”

Within the group, two to three people gathered together to form small groups and sat down to discuss what they would do hereafter. It was clear that they were planning to break off.

“I’ll go over to look at what Liu Yun Zhi and his cronies are up to. Somehow I have a feeling that they are being very secretive.” Pang Bo then stood up and headed into the nearby forest.

Not long after Pang Bo returned and whispered a few words to Ye Fan.

“Since we’re leaving this mountain region, we will definitely go our separate ways. This mysterious world likely has gods and immortals in it. Leaving those three together, they would likely create a mess sooner or later and it would bring peril to us all. It would be better to avoid such things from happening” Ye Fan stood up as he said these words with a free and easy attitude, but he had already decided on the fates of the three people.

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  1. ooh our mc, without even training to be immortal already resort to violence and treat others like trash. blood will rain when he and his bud finally get into the immortal business!

    • Those kinds of people deserve to be treated like trash because of how they act. It doesn’t matter if Ye Fan is the MC or not. Somebody needed to set them straight, give them a slap for being such horrible humans.

      Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to change people after they’ve been a certain way for so long. With those kinds of people, even if you were to try and point our their wrongs, similar to shoving a dogs head into it’s own poop, they’d just claim that it wasn’t theirs.

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