STH Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Thrown Into The Tiger’s Den

Wang Zi Wen was sitting not far away and heard most of what was said. He could not contain his curiosity as he asked Ye Fan: “What happened?”

Ye Fan turned to Pang Bo and instructed: “Didn’t you use your handphone to record whatever they said? Play it for everyone to listen.”

At this moment the others also noticed that something was going on and gathered around Ye Fan to watch.

Pang Bo was very clear and understood that if they wanted to act against the other group they had to be standing on the side of reason and it would be best to explain the situation in front of everyone. His face was very ugly as he said: “Liu Yun Zhi, Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan want to harm me and Ye Fan!”

Having said this he became infuriated as he said: “These three ungrateful bastards! Every time they provoke us but we were never fussy nor calculative with them. They don’t seem to know what’s good or bad and actually were actually scheming to have us killed!”

When these words were said everyone was startled as their attention was drawn to him. They were puzzled as they asked: “What happened? Exactly why have you come to this conclusion?”

Pang Bo pressed a few buttons on his phone and thereafter a recording could be heard.

“F***, I can’t bear this crap anymore! We can’t let it go like this!” Li Chang Qing’s voice could be heard.

Liu Yun Zhi’s sombre voice could then be heard: “We’ll let him live for another two days, I’ll definitely make sure he dies!”

“What? You……. You want to kill the two of them?” Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan seemed flustered.

“That’s right! If they exist I cannot exist, If I exist they cannot exist!” Although this was only a recording, it could be heard that Liu Yun Zhi was gnashing his teeth.

“We can’t deal with the seemingly quiet yet barbaric Ye Fan, not to mention the tall and sturdy eye-sore Pang Bo, we simply don’t have any way to deal with them.” Li Chang Qing’s voice was filled with anger and powerlessness.

Liu Yun Zhi coldly laughed: “It’s not a problem, my Vajra still contains some divine energy within in. I’m sure that after a night the energy will increase and if all goes according to plan, I’ll definitely be able to kill the both of them.”

Li Chang Qing’s voice was transmitted from the phone and was filled with hatred: “Good, since that’s the case what else do we have to be afraid of. We must kill them!”

“Wang Yan, at that time you will apologise to Liu Yi Yi and lure her off to the side. I feel that her Malas isn’t simple and possibly still contains some divine energy. It’s a pity that the our previous attempt to obtain the Malas was foiled and resulted in the current situation.” Liu Yun Zhi’s voice was filled with discontent.

“Alright!” Wang Yan’s voice had grown colder as she agreed to Liu Yun Zhi’s request.

Liu Yun Zhi muttered to himself in a soft raspy voice: “We can’t act in front of the others, this could be slightly troublesome. We have to carefully plan.”


Pang Bo closed the cover of his phone and loudly said:” Everyone has heard what was discussed, these three ungrateful people actually want to kill me and Ye Fan. This time please don’t blame us for not showing any care for relationship between classmates.”

At this point Ye Fan walked forward with big strides and did not say anything more. Pang Bo hastily followed behind and Zhang Zi Ling also kept up with them. The others stood up as they followed them into the forest.

When they saw Ye Fan and Pang Bo walking over with big strides, Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan had butterflies in their stomach as they had a guilty conscience. Liu Yun Zhi’s face was especially downcast.

“We’ve let you go again and again and did not fuss with you about all that you did to us. You guys actually schemed to kill the two of us, this time if we let you off the hook I’ll write my name Pang Bo backwards!”

“You…… You’re talking nonsense!” Li Chang Qing immediately started to break out in cold sweat.

Wang Yan’s face was pale as she frantically denied: “You……. What are you saying? I don’t understand.”

Pang Bo did not say anything else as he played the recording on his phone again.

At this moment Wang Yan and Li Chang Qing were panicky and Liu Yun Zhi’s face finally started to drain of colour. The facts were in front of their faces and they had no way to defend themselves.

“Those were words spoken in our moments of anger, how could it be regarded as real!” Li Chang Qing loudly shouted, it could be seen that he was terrified.

“Words said in anger? Do you believe that the classmates are only three year olds? Everyone has understood the situation.” The usually silent Zhang Zi Ling coldly spoke up.

“Liu Yun Zhi, you people shouldn’t have! How could you guys hatch such diabolical plans, such silliness!” Wang Zi Wen’s face was very stern.

Lin Jia shook her head as she sighed: “We’re all classmates in the end, why did you guys have to be so vicious?”

“This is too much! We’re classmates who’ve been through thick and thin to arrive at this strange world. Do you guys have any humanity left in you?!” The others also voiced their opinions and began to criticize and condemn the three people.

Finally Zhou Yi frowned as he said: “Do we really need to place our lives on the line, we are classmates after all, hurry and apologise to Ye Fan and Pang Bo……”

Liu Yun Zhi and his cronies were pale and at this moment they wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“We have no need for apologies, with all the duplicity they’ve demonstrated what sincerity could there possibly be in their apologies.” Ye Fan looked at Zhou Yi before turning to face the group: “They’ve already shown that they could come up with such ideas, if I could still calmly face this that would be deceiving myself and all of you. At this moment someone actually wants to find an opportunity to kill us, I can’t possibly be wary every single moment of the day right?”

Having said his piece Ye Fan strode forward.

Liu Yun Zhi’s face was a ghastly white and had drained of any colour, he tightly held onto his Vajra as his eyes reflected his franticness.

Wang Yan was terrified as she shouted: “ You….. What do you want to do?!”

Li Chang Qing also had an expression of terror and he was frantic as he rushed Liu Yun Zhi: “Hurry! Use the Vajra!”

The three of them knew that this time Ye Fan would certainly act, and he would not be kind in his actions.

Pang Bo followed but Ye Fan stopped him saying: “I’ll be the evil person this time, if one wants to be evil he has to be evil to the end*!” He then proceeded to take the bronze plaque from within Pang Bo’s grasp.

[T/N* Idiom: When one decides on a line of action he should follow it to the end]

Ye Fan held the plaque in one hand as he moved closer.

“You…… Don’t come over!” Wang Yan screamed.

Ye Fan did not look at her as he moved towards Liu Yun Zhi and Li Chang Qing.

At this moment Liu Yun Zhi suddenly pushed Li Chang Qing towards Ye Fan to protect his body as he wielded the Vajra and loudly shouted: “Go to hell!”


Ye Fan wielded the bronze plaque with a single hand and seemed to be hacking at a straw man as Li Chang Qing was flung into the air and flew four to five metres away. One could imagine only the amount force that was used.

In the back the group was silently alarmed as they felt that Ye Fan really deserved his title of “Barbarian”. His strength was so tremendous that it was certainly unusual.

Pang Bo looked at Li Chang Qing who had fallen to the ground and ridiculed: “This is the Yun Zhi who you claimed was full of ‘justice’? In a critical situation using you to block a blow, such wonderful justice!”

Li Chang Qing felt as though one side of his body was going through acute pain and several bones had likely been broken. He struggled to get up but Pang Bo stepped on top of him and prevented him from moving.


At this point Ye Fan wielded the bronze plaque and smashed it onto the Vajra, Liu Yun Zhi’s hand was covered in a dim divine glow however this was simply insufficient in the face of such monstrous strength!

The bronze plaque within Ye Fan’s hand did not emit any divine light however his strength was unparalleled as he continually wielded the bronze plaque seemingly like a quaking bronze mountain.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Three successive metallic rings could be heard as Liu Yun Zhi was smashed to his knees. He knelt there and his upper limbs seemed to have been completely shattered as they spasmed, the Vajra had fallen to the side and was retrieved by Ye Fan.

Shortly, Zhang Zi Ling followed up and brought Wang Yan over.

“You…… What do you want to do?” Liu Yun Zhi’s face was a pasty white as the bronze plaque was pressing down on him keeping him knelt in front of Ye Fan.

Ye Fan laughed in a flat tone as heard this and said: “What do I want do to do? I just want to feel secure in future, no longer needing to be concerned about other people.”

“You…… What exactly do you want to do?” Liu Yun Zhi was thoroughly frantic at this point as he ran to the group nearby and shouted: “We’re all classmates, don’t let him have his way……”

“Have you heard of how they used to execute people in the past, especially those criminals who were especially vicious. They made them fall to their deaths from cliffs or onto large boulders.

“Don’t! Don’t!” Liu Yun Zhi shouted in panic, he was powerless to resist and was lifted by Ye Fan with a single hand like a little chick as he was brought out of the forest towards the stone wall that had “Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land” carved on it.

Pang Bo and Zhang Zi Ling seized Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan respectively as they followed.

“Don’t! Somebody save me!” The three people were terrified as they started to loudly shout.

“Ye Fan, doing this isn’t so good. No matter how wrong they are, we are after all classmates. You can’t be so reckless in deciding their lives and deaths.” Zhou Yi’s expression was unhappy as he tried to stop them.

“That’s right, don’t behave like this. This is after all three human lives and no matter how wrong they were, they don’t deserve to be sentenced to death. Let’s give them another chance to change for the better.” Three to four other people also tried to persuade.

Ye Fan turned around as he faced the group and said: “Actually, I also don’t want to do this. However, if I give them a way to live, it would be the same as opening a road to death for myself.”

Suddenly, the expression on Ye Fan’s face changed as he saw a cave within the cliff wall. There were two tiger cubs that were completed covered in stripes and were baring their fangs at him. Although they were currently only one Chi long, they were giving off the presence of a vicious animal.

Saber-toothed tiger!

Ye Fan was shocked, this animal had long been extinct on earth however he did not expect that he would actually encounter one today. Although the cubs were small, their teeth were long and sharp, glinting with a cold light.

This was the den of a Saber-toothed tiger! The adult tiger was out hunting for food and was not around, otherwise the group would currently be in danger.

At this moment besides Zhou Yi’s attempted persuasion the others also voiced out: “Ye Fan don’t be reckless, give them a chance. It’s easier said than done to kill our classmates……”

After closely examining the cave within the wall, Ye Fan turned to face the group and said: “I have never been calculative with them, but they were constantly malicious towards me and Pang Bo. I’m only acting in the interests of self preservation. Since everyone does not want to see killing among classmates, I’ll listen to everybody and give them a chance.”

Upon hearing these words Pang Bo was agitated as he shouted: “We’re still giving them another chance? Could it be that we’re gonna wait until they really kill us!”

Ye Fan shook his head as he looked deeply towards Pang Bo: “We will tie the three of them up and leave them here for a period of time. We cannot let these three dangerous people follow us any longer.”

Although Pang Bo was very unwilling, he understood Ye Fan very well and seeing those eyes filled with deep thoughts he knew that Ye Fan must have something planned and did not say anything further.

Liu Yun Zhi was lifted by Ye Fan this entire time and did not see the cave behind with two tiger cubs inside. He did not know what Ye Fan was planning nor did he know why Ye Fan had a change of heart but his heart was celebrating that he had at least managed to live.

It was only a short while before Liu Yun Zhi, Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan were bound tightly and the rope was made from the belts on their body as well as portions of torn fabric from their clothes. As a final request from Ye Fan, the three people’s mouths were also gagged.

Ye Fan lifted Liu Yun Zhi to the cave and threw him in. When Pang Bo and Zhang Zi Ling got close, they stared with their mouths wide open as they saw the two Saber-tooth tiger cubs. This was actually a tiger’s den!

The expression of unwillingness on Pang Bo’s face immediately disappeared and he almost let out a shout. He now understood why Ye Fan had changed his initial plan. Throwing the three people into the tiger’s den was a fitting punishment, there would certainly be an adult saber-tooth tiger nearby and would likely return within a short period of time.

“Wu….Wu…..” Liu Yun Zhi’s face was green as he tried to shout but all that came out was a muffled “Wu”, the gag simply prevented him from shouting.

Pang Bo and Zhang Zi Ling followed suit and threw both Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan into the tiger’s den.

Under the suggestions from Ye Fan, Pang Bo and Zhang Zi Ling, the group hurried on their way. This place was certainly a dangerous place to stay for too long. Having walked for two to three Li, a horrific roar coming from a tiger could be heard coming from where they had previously been.

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  1. wtf is wrong with mc and the other two. im ok with mc killing people when they come from crazy world, but coming from normal world their actions are too farfetched. author already spend 30ch describing and dragging the story, cant he actually create a plausible reason for the bloodthirstiness? not only mc, but the friends and enemies easily want to kill people like its fucking tuesday in china.

    i mean, im even ok if the story progression is still the same but author spend more time describing the psyche of the characters instead of the inane conversations. like how the godly strength change their perception towards life and death, or how the stress of fighting for ones life slowly crumbling their sanity. nobody even cry for their mom. pang bo and mc are too happy go lucky like they are just taking a walk.

    • so in our world, no one has ever killed other people because those people wanted to kill him? are u alright in your fcking head?

    • You complain saying the author dragged the story but did you even read the story? The MC Only gave a light beating and took his buddha item when those turds tried to steal his lamp and kill him in the altar. I repeat they tried to KILL HIM. But MC figured out the altar needed blood and eventually saved evryone. when they were in the coffin they accused him of killing but the MC didnt give a sht and figured out that there was an alligator in the coffin preventing future troubles. In the previous chapter you said the MC uses violence to solve problem. The MC only hit 1 person and if he didnt hit the guy then they wouldn’t have returned the Malas. The only reason they returned that thing was cause they were afraid of him. They clearly disregard logic in their debates and wont back down if the MC didnt use force. Now the MC finally deals with them only because there was solid proof that they were scheming to kill the MC. Now you tell me. If you were in the MC’s position would you not do the same? In a situation without the police and someone constantly trying to kill you. Let them free and go on their own? What if they follow the MC? Stop being a hypocrite. Even in modern society people get death penalty just cause they get accused of trafficking drugs.

    • The motivations of Liu or whatever are childish, though, I give you that. Greediness or clique tribe ruling are too shallow for that.

    • He could be a Chinese government secret agent. Who knows? He might have to do this in a daily basis. We don’t know his backstory

    • They tried to kill him more than one time, and they’re no longer on Earth. There’s no police or anything preventing him from killing people. I don’t think it’s far fetched.

    • Your level of comprehension is slightly below a day old baby. I bet you just skim through the story because you want some action. Like a kid who looks through books to find pictures.

    • I agree with you to an extent. There’s been no explanation of why Liu Yun Zhi wants to kill the MC or why Li Chang Qing and Wang Yan are willing to cooperate in killing the MC. It’s just based on random events that happened in college, according to the author?

      But as for the MC wanting to kill them: he knows that Li Change Qing and Liu Yun Zhi have *already* tried to kill him, and has audio proof that the three of them are planning on killing him and his friends… why would he be willing to leave them around? There are no prisons around. If I were in his position, in a dangerous new world, I would kill them too. It’s just that until then he didn’t have proof that his other classmates couldn’t shrug off and say he’s making a big deal out of nothing. Now that he has it, it would be insane not to get rid of the threat once and for all.

      Just think of it this way: if it were Liu Yun Zhi and the MC alone there, and Liu Yun Zhi tried to kill the MC, would you be complaining if the MC killed him?

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