STH Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Ling Xu Sanctuary

At present, Ye Fan and their group had only thirteen people left and the rest had died. Besides Ye Fan with his unique physique, the other twelve were evenly split up and each immortal sanctuary could take two people.

They had no choice in the matter but Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the others did not voice any rejection. As the few elders from Ling Xu sanctuary had said, this was an opportunity for them.

Finally, Ye Fan was left alone in an embarrassing position. Initially he had been highly viewed but now nobody paid any attention to him.

“If you people don’t bring Ye Fan along, I won’t follow you.” At this moment although Pang Bo looked to be eleven or twelve years old, his words were firm as he said: “At the worst I’ll follow Ye Fan and go adventuring in the mortal world.”

An elder from the Ling Xu sanctuary explained: “There are no mortals within the immortal sanctuaries, if we let him enter it may not be a good thing for him.”

Ye Fan understood and after careful contemplation thought of the countless scenarios that could happen. There were only cultivators within the immortal sanctuary and who would bother about a normal human like him. Although Pang Bo would be there to shelter him but this would not be a long term solution. Going forward, there would certainly be many problems that would be difficult to predict.

“Pang Bo you should follow them, I won’t be joining any of the immortal sanctuaries. It may be better to live a simple, dull and ordinary human life.”

“No way, I’m definitely bring you along.” Pang Bo resolutely rejected.

“Alright, we’ll bring Ye Fan along.” The elders from Ling Xu sanctuary did not want Pang Bo to have any grudges in his heart and decided to bring Ye Fan along.

“Wait!” Ye Fan did not feel any happiness and was calm as he said: “I’ve already said that I won’t be joining any immortal sanctuary. I thank you all for your kind intentions.”

“Ye Fan, this is an opportunity……” Pang Bo frantically persuaded.

Ye Fan shook his head as he said: “You don’t have to persuade me.” He had carefully thought through earlier and understood that if he entered any of the immortal sanctuaries there would be many unforeseen problems and the elders from the Ling Xu sanctuary had also hinted at such.

“If you don’t go, I also definitely won’t go with them.” Pang Bo was very loyal and no matter what he did not wish to throw Ye Fan away to walk alone.

Ye Fan smiled and said: “In the future I’ll be depending on you, you better earnestly pursue your cultivation. In the future I’ll need your charity, be it a heroine, fairy, goddess or a saintess…. just gifting a few will do. I won’t be picky.”

Pang Bo rolled his eyes as he heard this. The cultivators from the immortal sanctuaries had expressions of shock and a few of the female cultivators stared hatefully at him.

“Ye Fan, I still think you should go with me.” Pang Bo tried to persuade once more.

“I really want to go with you however I’ll only be a guest for a short period of time and will not be joining the sanctuary. I’m not sure if the people from Ling Xu sanctuary will permit.” Ye Fan suddenly said. He was unwilling to part from cultivating in this manner and wanted to enter the Ling Xu sanctuary to understand it better without being shackled down by belonging to a sect.

“Okay, as long as you’re willing to go.” Pang Bo was delighted, as long as Ye Fan was willing to go he felt that there was surely a way to make him stay and he immediately looked towards the elders of Ling Xu sanctuary.

“Alright.” The few elders finally nodded their approval.

Ye Fan and the group were about to be separated and their futures were unknown. The group was feeling lost but at the same time anticipation. This was their final gathering and each person said their well wishes hoping that one day in the future they would meet again.

At this moment, Ye Fan was different as compared to the rest, his future path was bleak and he and his classmates seemed to belong to different worlds. Even if they met in later years, it could be imagined that that he would not be held in regard. As each person looked at him they carried different expressions.

Finally, after saying their well wishes the group split apart.

“Ye Fan, this is for you……” Before Liu Yi Yi left she handed her Malas to Ye Fan and did not wait for him to reject before speedily leaving.

“Actually it’s also fine being a normal person. Wishing you eternal happiness.” Li Xiao Man walked over and after saying this words deeply looked at him before turning and leaving.

“Ye Fan, I wish you success in whatever you do and I believe that with your abilities even in the mortal world life will be vibrant.” Lin Jia said her piece and also left.

Thereafter, Zhou Yi and Wang Zi Wen also came to say their goodbyes.

“Actually, it might be a kind of fortune being an ordinary person.” Zhou Yi coolly laughed as he lightly patted his shoulder and said: “There’s nothing to be too dispirited about.”

Ye Fan was calm like a lake and smiled: “What happens in the future is difficult for anyone to predict.”

A short while later over ten mystical rainbows could be seen flying towards the sky, piercing through the silent night like shooting stars and slowly disappearing into the horizon. The group had finally parted ways.

When the people from the other sanctuaries had left, the elders from Ling Xu sanctuary said to Pang Bo and Ye Fan: “Actually, our immortal sanctuaries aren’t that far apart. If you wish it you could meet each other.”

The people from Ling Xu sanctuary only moved off on the second day and directed the mystical rainbows, as fast as lightning, their speed was exceptional and the mountains and rivers passed by in a blur.

Finally, the group of people stopped before a faintly discernible celestial mountain. It was simply prosperous and peaceful. Lush green trees, waterfalls and springs abound, pavilions scattered about in the clearing with red-crowned cranes fluttering around in the skies, all of this painted a vivid scene. This was indeed a beautiful place.

“This is the Ling Xu sanctuary?” Pang Bo could not help but ask. His next words were like a splash of cold water as he softly muttered: “the red-crowned cranes are quite fat, we should catch one or two to roast…..”

An elder by the side stared at him with displeasure as he said: “Those are red-crowned cranes that have actually attained spiritual wisdom, don’t think of any random ideas. Based on your current skills there would be no way to even get close to them.”

This place was not the Ling Xu sanctuary but only the entryway to the mountain. The insides were misty,hazy and indiscernible, with many unique flowers littered the ground. Upon reaching an area where the clouds were incredibly dense, they saw a big green rock that was erected in front and two ancient words were engraved on it: “Ling Xu!”

Pang Bo naturally did not recognize the ancient words and only when an elder by the side educated him did he understand that they had reached the Ling Xu sanctuary.

According to legend this place was a ruin handed down from ancient times and after being tidied up by future generations it had become an immortal sanctuary. It could be said that Ling Xu sanctuary had a deep-seated history and if one actually investigated they could trace its origins back to the ancient times.

Future generations had excavated and tidied this place on a large scale in hopes of finding a few mystical artifacts within the ruins but came up empty handed.

The expert cultivators within each generation from the sanctuary all felt that this place was not that simple but had not made any groundbreaking discoveries.

Moving past the large green rock and walking into the mist, the scenery suddenly had a drastic change. It was actually an incomparably magnificent world and they seemed to have been transported to a different world altogether.

“This is Ling Xu sanctuary!”

“It can absolutely be regarded as another world!”

The few elders were very satisfied with the reactions from Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

The vegetation in the area seemed to have absorbed the radiance from the sun and moon and even the grass and trees seemed emerald green, as though they were formed from precious jade. The ancient trees covered the sky and the fragrant smell of medicinal plants filled the air. Spirit beasts were fluttering in the skies and rare beasts were roaming about. A mystical spring gushing forth as the water continued to flow.

At this moment, Ye Fan suddenly slipped into a trance as his consciousness recalled a mantra that resounded out, the very same mantra from the bronze coffin.

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