STH Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Ancient Engraved Copper

Night had already fallen, neon lights were flashing on both sides of the road and the nightlife in the city was bursting with energy. Skyscrapers dotted the area reaching towards the sky.

All this when viewed from space just be a speck, seemingly small and trivial.

This was a night that was destined to be special. The many monitoring rooms on Earth were all closely monitoring the sky.

In the loneliness of space, nine dragon corpses had palm sized black scales on their bodies giving off a faint metallic glint.

The dragons from ancient legends that should never exist were actually floating there in space.

The images that were captured from space painted a picture that was shocking to the soul; dragon horns that seemed to be filled with a mysterious power, bodies that were as big as mountains, scales that were metallic and sharp, cold and majestic.

Nine corpses of dragons, this was an affront to all the current knowledge of human society, this discovery shocked the very foundations of people’s beliefs.


“Ye Fan, how have you fared during these three years from graduation?” Many people asked Ye Fan filled with concern.

“I’ve done alright, my life has been rather dull, nothing interesting has happened in the past three years…….”

At this moment, Liu Yun Zhi and the classmates at his side came over to toast glasses, saying many greetings and constantly toasting glasses making the atmosphere very lively.

The classmates who first wanted to punish Ye Fan into drinking did not come to toast him and only Lin Jia and Wang Zi Wen came respectively to give a toast to him.

[T/N In chinese culture not toasting to Ye Fan can be seen as a form of disrespect]

As the night wore on, many people grew more intoxicated from the alcohol and they proceeded to sing karaoke. The songs sung caused the classmates to reminisce their university days.

“How many people used to admire the looks of your youth, who would be willing to endure the passing of time, how many people used to crowd around you, in this life I will always be by your side……”

Maybe it was due to all of them being drunk, a pair of lovers back in University, forced apart after graduation due to circumstances were silently facing each other.

As the song continued to play the girl gradually lost control of her emotions, her eyes started to tear up and she eventually broke down crying, the people around came over to console her.

Because of several different reasons, all the couples amongst the classmates had broken up even though some had put in a lot of effort to maintain those relationships.

This may be the curse of graduation, every year the graduating class would face the same tragedy of couples being forced apart.

It was unfortunate that this tragedy was likely to go on, whether it be the recklessness of youth, the pressures of work or the pressures of society….. There could be multiple other reasons as well.

Almost everybody singing chose songs they sung back in the University, some sang songs dripping with emotion, making the classmates reminisce their times back in university, each event seemingly flashing in front of their eyes.

The drunk students were hogging the microphone, their sounds were loud and boisterous, no proper melody could be found. Although their ears were aching from all the noise, everybody was still in a very jovial atmosphere as laughter filled the air.

The night dragged on till late at night before the classmates finally started to leave Sea Moon City. There were still activities planned for the next day; visiting their Alma Mater.

Those classmates that travelled a long distance to the city had chosen to stay in the same hotel and the few who drove were responsible for sending them to the hotel.

“Lin Jia let me give you a lift to the hotel.” Liu Yun Zhi stopped his Toyota beside Lin Jia.

The rest of the classmates wanted to take cabs to the hotel as there were limited seats available amongst the classmates with cars.

At this point a Mercedes stopped by the road side and Ye Fan got off the car and spoke to the haggard looking girl: “I’ll send you back.”

Ye Fan felt especially compassionate towards this female classmate. Back in university she was a happy and innocent girl who liked to cheer for the boys on the soccer field. She even occasionally bought them drinks.

But the misfortunes of life had hit her hard and she was silent the entire night, looking both pale and frail.

With Ye Fan stopping by the roadside to invite her for a lift, she felt gratitude but also shyness as she became the centre of attention with everybody staring at her.

Liu Yun Zhi saw Ye Fan stepping out of the Mercedes and his initial shocked expression gradually became even more crestfallen.

In the surrounding area, people shared different expressions ranging from curiosity to befuddlement, shock as well as a mix of all the above.

Everybody inadvertently looked towards Liu Yun Zhi, the scenario in front of their eyes was different from the picture he painted for them earlier.

Liu Yun Zhi felt that his face was burning up, as though someone had given him a solid slap on his cheek.

The classmates who previously spoke down to Ye Fan from their high horse also similarly felt embarrassed, and felt like explaining the situation but were unable to do so.

A small group of the classmates especially those who had sat on the same table as Ye Fan had amused expressions on their faces, they felt that Ye Fan had thoroughly embarrassed Liu Yun Zhi and his group of classmates.

Whilst this was happening two classmates had already climbed onto Ye Fan’s Mercedes; these classmates were best buddies with Ye Fan and did not need to seek permission.

The Mercedes quickly left after all passengers had boarded, several people were still feeling rather lost and Liu Yun Zhi’s body was rigid, he felt the glances of everybody and they felt like daggers in his back.

At this instance, in the International Space Station which was floating high above, the crew members faces were stiff and they felt extremely nervous.

In the cold and dark universe, the bronze coffin that was linked to the nine dragon corpses made people feel a sense of desolation and old age.

The top brass on Earth had already come to a consensus that should there be any adverse changes to the situation the nine dragon corpses would be immediately destroyed together with the bronze coffin.

But of course nobody wished for such a situation to come to pass.

The value of the nine dragons and the bronze coffin that came from the depths of space was immeasurable!

Suddenly, NASA’s main control room captured a signal of mysterious fluctuations. The mysterious fluctuations were actually emanating from the ancient and obscure patterns on the bronze coffin.

The signal that was sent back to Earth was being deciphered by the latest state of the art supercomputers but nothing could be understood.

It was very difficult to see the patterns on the bronze coffin clearly as the rust on it obscured the patterns.

“From our preliminary assessment, the engravings on the bronze coffin have a close relation to the legends of ancient china.” That was the conclusion of each of the state representatives. The animal patterns on the bronze coffin were similar to those recorded in China’s and the human figures on the bronze coffin seemed to be divine in nature.

Although there was guesswork on the origin of the engravings on the bronze coffins, the signal being received on earth was still undecipherable and they had no idea what was happening.

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