STH Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Dao Scripture

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye three months had passed. Ye Fan and Pang Bo had gradually gotten used to the lifestyle here. This change began from their personal ideologies as they slowly accepted their circumstances.

Within this period of time, the two did not practice any cultivation and were only absorbing knowledge as well as contemplating on their future paths. Elder Wu Qing Feng did not hurry them and imparted the different experiences and insights into cultivation to them.

This was especially important to Ye Fan and Pang Bo and it took another full month before they finally felt that they had integrated and understood the knowledge and could begin on the path of cultivation.

“The wheel of life and sea of bitterness coexist as one, cultivating the wheel of life one also cultivates the sea of bitterness. From here it can be construed that cultivation begins from the sea of bitterness.”

Cultivation was a difficult process especially the initial step onto the path of immortals. There had to be someone to guide otherwise one would simply have no idea where to begin and how to take that first step.

“In the coming two months I will help the both of you step onto the road of immortals, officially allowing you to become cultivators. Thereafter I will not be there to individually instruct you and you will have to go before Ling Xu cliff and listen to the mystical arts with the others.”

Although Ye Fan did not join the Ling Xu sanctuary, elder Wu Qing Feng did not bade him to leave when he was instructing and treated Pang Bo and him as one entity. The elder knew that even though Ye Fan persisted on the path of cultivation there would be no fruits. Since ancient times, Ye Fan’s physique was known as the world’s first divine body but today it was only a crippled body.

For cultivators taking their initial step onto the path of immortals, forging a solid foundation was the most important and only in this way would they be able to climb to greater heights in the future. Elder Wu Qing Feng took a part of what was said to be the world’s greatest foundation technique: <Dao Scripture>.

Dao Scripture, daring to name it as such was enough to speak volumes, it recorded the scriptures of the great Dao and was a supreme technique. The legends say that it was the classic of the immortals. In the vast and boundless Eastern badlands region, only a few ancient scriptures could be only considered similar in strength and there were none that could completely surpass it.

It was obvious that the Ling Xu sanctuary could not possibly have the real Dao Scripture , as an immortal sanctuary it simply did not have that kind of roots and what they had was merely the introductory section of it. In addition, this introductory section was not the only copy within the Yan state otherwise it would have attracted a calamity onto their sect.

There was no question that the introductory section of the Dao Scripture was the best kind of information for disciples who had exceptional talents. It allowed their foundations to be unbelievably solid and would be extremely beneficial for their future cultivation.

Although this section that held the key to success for one’s foundation was precious, since long ago it had no longer been the secret of only one family and elder Wu Qing Feng had no need to keep it from Ye Fan. This was why he decided to impart it to these two people.

The Dao Scripture was indeed a profound and deep ancient scripture, otherwise its name would not have resounded within the eastern badlands for untold years. This introductory section alone contained innumerable doctrines, it was only a few thousand words but elder Wu Qing Feng required half a month before explaining all the intricacies contained within.

Every sentence within the Dao Scripture was profound and countless insights were contained within. It expounded on cultivation to the absolute pinnacle and even experts who saw this introductory section would sigh, the foundations of cultivation could be actually be so profound.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo earnestly cultivated each day, following what was said within the Dao Scripture, they first had to get a feel of the wheel of life within their bodies and guide their qi essence to batter their sea of bitterness. During this process there were naturally mysterious methods to feel for the wheel of life and guiding techniques that stood above the masses*.

[T/N* idiom: Extraordinarily good]

This was however still insufficient and by solely depending on oneself to cultivate it would be difficult to break through the first barrier onto the path of immortals. Someone also needed to help use their ‘immortal qi’ to guide. Elder Wu Qing Feng personally did so each day and his body circulated the foundation which was the key to success written within the Dao Scripture while his hands pressed against Ye Fan and Pang Bo just below the navel.

Over ten days later Pang Bo finally felt the wheel of life within his body and in the next few days he began to slowly try to guide the qi essence hidden within the wheel of life to batter the sea of bitterness.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, made no gains and his wheel of life was undeniably silent, that region was firm like divine metal and even with the strength of elder Wu Qing Feng he was unable to use his ‘immortal qi’ to enter and obviously could not help to guide.

“It’s really difficult to imagine why there’s such a physique…..” Elder Wu Qing Feng frowned as he eventually had no choice but to give up. He had circulated all the qi essence within his body to stimulate the wheel of life within Ye Fan’s body but there was simply no reaction.

“Venerated elder you must help Ye Fan, who knows maybe in the next instant it’ll be successful.” Pang Bo saw that elder Wu Qing Feng was giving up and rushed to plead.

“Ai, it’s not that I don’t want to help but there’s simply no way. With his physique, no one would be able to help guide him and he can only depend on himself.” Elder Wu Qing Feng shook his head.

“How could it be like this, Why don’t you…… try again?” Pang Bo tried to plead once more.

“Since ancient times this physique has been known as the number one divine body, naturally it isn’t something that I can understand and there must be many secrets that people don’t know about. It’s only that we don’t know the reasons and thus it is difficult for this physique to once again rise to glory. Whether a special cultivation technique is needed or some other reason is the cause, it is simply difficult to determine.”

At this moment, Ye Fan was still within quiet meditation and had not woken up yet.

Pang Bo continued: “Venerated elder I feel that you should carefully analyse again, if you do find what the reason is, maybe the prominence of the number one divine body can see the light of day again. At that time the Ling Xu sanctuary would immediately rise to fame.

Elder Wu Qing Feng had lived for a long time and clearly understood the affairs of the world, how could he be swayed by those simple words. He laughed as he shook his head and said: “Since ancient times, this unique physique has appeared multiple times and even those sacred grounds which are infinitely stronger have no way, with just our Ling Xu sanctuary and its shallow roots do you think we stand a chance?”


At this moment, elder Wu Qing Feng suddenly had a strange feeling and raised his hand to press against Ye Fan just below his navel. He gathered the qi essence within his body and began to investigate.

“How is it venerated elder, is there any hope?” Pang Bo urgently questioned.

After a long period of time, elder Wu Qing Feng seemed drained as he retrieved his hand and shook his head: “The wheel of life and sea of bitterness remain as solid as divine metal, still and quiet without any fluctuations. However, I felt something unique, the blood essence within his body seems to have become even more vigorous and because it’s hidden within, it’s very difficult to detect. Previously there were some slight fluctuations that I managed to barely detect.”

“The blood essence is becoming more vigorous?” Pang Bo was befuddled.

“That’s right, the two of you had the serendipity to find the sacred fruit within the forbidden land and also drank the water from the divine spring. You have shed your mortal bodies and exchanged your bones and gone through a major transformation, blood essence becoming incomparably vigorous.” At this point, elder Wu Qing Feng had a puzzled expression and said: ”For the past few days, he has not progressed in the cultivation of the <Dao Scripture>. He has been unable to get a response from the wheel of life but presently, his blood essence seems to be boundless and is even more vigorous than your blood essence itself.”

Pang Bo was stunned as he said: “Didn’t you say that the Dao Scripture was known as the strongest foundation technique and is an immortal classic from legends. It should have a strong focus and since the introductory section is used to cultivate the wheel of life how could it be that his cultivation has affected his blood essence?”

“This……” Elder Wu Qing Feng frowned as he could not make head or tail of the situation.

At this moment, Ye Fan opened his eyes as his gaze seemed to shine forth divine light, and he appeared to be full of strength, energy and vigor.

Seeing his expression full of vigor and vitality, elder Wu Qing Feng felt even more confused and asked: “Did you manage to feel your wheel of life?”

Ye Fan shook his head and honestly replied: “Nope.”

“Then do you feel anything special?” The elder continued to question.

Ye Fan did not want to hide anything because the elder had been really good to him and constantly tried his best to aid him. He did not hold back because of his unique physique and had not shown any form of prejudice or discrimination but rather used large amounts of spiritual qi daily to aid him.

“Although I haven’t managed to feel the wheel of life, I feel that my entire body is comfortable and relaxed and it is brimming with energy.

“Do you feel that there are any changes?” Elder Wu Qing Feng then asked.

“It feels as though there is an inexhaustible amount of strength within my body.” Having said this Ye Fan lifted a huge boulder by the side of the thatched cottage and seemed to have barely used any strength to do so.

Elder Wu Qing Feng took in a deep breath as he said: “You look so young but the strength of one arm seems to have at least several thousand jin, if both arms are used your strength would be like an elephant.”

By the side Pang Bo was shocked, he had gone through the same changes as Ye Fan in returning to their youths and thought that the difference in their strengths were minimal. It was jarring to find out that he simply could not compare to Ye Fan’s divine strength.

Elder Wu Qing Feng had a puzzled expression as he left. He simply could not understand why this was happening. Ye Fan could not feel the presence of his wheel of life but with his current state could he still be considered a normal human?

After the elder left Ye Fan suddenly began to run and seemed to be like a fierce wind blowing through the small mountain. Pang Bo had a flabbergasted expression as he said: “Not only has your strength improved by large margins, even your speed has gone up another level!”

In the following days, the elder instructed even more sincerely because he would no longer be able to continue teaching individually like this in the future. After a period of time Ye Fan and Pang Bo would have to join the others and go before the Ling Xu cliff to listen to the mystical arts.

The master would guide them through the first barrier, once they had officially stepped onto the path of immortals they would have to completely depend on themselves. The Ling Xu sanctuary would provide mystical arts and medicinal liquids, as for any questions regarding mystical arts or queries that they had, these would have to be put together and asked. The elders themselves also had to cultivate and did not have that much time and energy to individually instruct.

“It won’t be long before the two of you need to go to the Ling Xu cliff. When you’re there try to be low key, if you can bear it just bear it don’t act rashly.”

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